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Mar 13th, 2020
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  1. Rorschach> I'm sure you can see what I'm trying to do here lol
  2. <portsidepete> of course
  3. <portsidepete> im just being in the peanut gallery
  4. <Rorschach> Mark my words.
  5. <portsidepete> marked
  6. <Rorschach> In the meantime, it's coming back on another IP.
  7. <portsidepete> just stop flooding
  8. <portsidepete> its fucking foolish
  9. <Rorschach> Get him to stop being a criminal
  10. <portsidepete> no
  11. <portsidepete> you can say whatever
  12. <portsidepete> just stop flooding
  13. <Rorschach> LOL
  14. <Rorschach> banned half the channel
  15. <Rorschach> nice going numbnuts
  16. <portsidepete> yup
  17. <Rorschach> it's going out to all of my servers in an ansible playbook
  18. <portsidepete> dude
  19. <portsidepete> i dont care
  20. <portsidepete> just stop flooding
  21. <portsidepete> its really simple
  22. <Rorschach> You will be de-opped as a result of this when the HNIC gets back.
  23. <portsidepete> maybe
  24. <portsidepete> i dont care
  25. <portsidepete> you are being a cunt
  26. <portsidepete> and i dont want to look at a fucking flood
  27. <Rorschach> Then use ignore you dumb cunt
  28. <portsidepete> you were banned for flooding last night by maiden
  29. <portsidepete> so
  30. <portsidepete> im keeping it consistant
  31. <portsidepete> :-)
  32. <Rorschach> I was timed out for a few seconds
  33. <portsidepete> yeah
  34. <portsidepete> just chill out
  35. <Rorschach> At this point, it's out of my hands
  36. <Rorschach> script is running
  37. <portsidepete> then it will just remain banned
  38. <portsidepete> im logging this so i will just forward the convo to the other oppers
  39. <Rorschach> getting a friend to run my playbook on his servers too
  40. <portsidepete> thats cool man
  41. <portsidepete> im really impressed
  42. <portsidepete> stop the flooding
  43. <Rorschach> script waits for the last one to die and for me to send a name on the control server
  44. <portsidepete> so you are doing it
  45. <portsidepete> and you can stop it
  46. <portsidepete> so stop
  47. <Rorschach> coming in on IPv6 now
  48. <portsidepete> ok
  49. <portsidepete> ill just keep banning
  50. <Rorschach> johnmh isn't going to be running them anymore, his are too easy to kill
  51. <Rorschach> they all end in >.>
  52. <portsidepete> ok
  53. <portsidepete> just drop it
  54. <portsidepete> why do you have to do this?
  55. <Rorschach> I will drop it when the criminal stops
  56. <Rorschach> being a criminal
  57. <portsidepete> you are censoring him
  58. <Rorschach> He is a criminal
  59. <Rorschach> He has no rights
  60. <portsidepete> you are not an officer
  61. <portsidepete> you have no right
  62. <Rorschach> He has no right.
  63. <Rorschach> I have all the right.
  64. <portsidepete> no you dont
  65. <Rorschach> I did not violate the law. He did.
  66. <portsidepete> you dont get to appoint yourself judge
  67. <portsidepete> thats not how anything workd
  68. <portsidepete> at this point i am going to get a server op involved
  69. <Rorschach> You would be in the wrong. He is a criminal.
  70. <portsidepete> ok
  71. <Rorschach> He admitted to it.
  72. <portsidepete> well im not a cop
  73. <portsidepete> so i dont care
  74. <portsidepete> if you think he is a criminal
  75. <portsidepete> call the police
  76. <portsidepete> all these logs will be posted
  77. <Rorschach> And?
  78. <Rorschach> These logs only prove one thing
  79. <Rorschach> You're covering up for a crminal
  80. <portsidepete> that you are being a cunt
  81. <Rorschach> You're just as bad as he is
  82. <Rorschach> modifying the event script to include you, as accessory to his crimes
  83. <portsidepete> dude you are being self rightous
  84. <Rorschach> No shit
  85. <portsidepete> get off your horse and call the police
  86. <portsidepete> or stfu
  87. <Rorschach> I don't have his address
  88. <portsidepete> well
  89. <portsidepete> sounds like a you problem
  90. <portsidepete> report him to server ops
  91. <Rorschach> lol
  92. <Rorschach> slowest +m ever
  93. <Rorschach> anyway
  94. <Rorschach> insomnia won't be happy with +m
  95. <Rorschach> I do not recommend it
  96. <portsidepete> then inmonia can deal with me
  97. <portsidepete> you are being a cunt
  98. <Rorschach> She will.
  99. <portsidepete> and im dealing with it
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