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  1.     Artists of the Flesh: Prevents you from taking a second option. -1 damage from all enemy weapons, to a minimum of 1; applies to the weapon's characteristic for the entirety of the attack, in case that comes up.
  2.     Dark Harvest: After charging, select one enemy unit within 1" for each model in the unit that charged, and roll a die; on a 5+ the targeted unit takes a mortal wound.
  3.     Dark Technomancers: When the unit shoots, you can choose to enhance any or all of their ranged weapons. Such weapons gain +1 to wound and +1 damage, but if an enhanced weapon rolls any unmodified 1s to wound (after re-rolls), the model carrying it suffers a mortal wound (note that the bearer suffers 1 mortal wound even if it rolls multiple 1s).
  4.     Experimental Creations: All models gain +1S. Additionally, Poisoned Melee Weapons get +1 to wound if the target has a lower Toughness than the user.
  5.     Hungry for Flesh: +1 to charge rolls.
  6.     Master of Mutagens: When resolving an attack with a poison weapon against a non-vehicle and non-titanic unit, an unmodified hit roll of 6 automatically hits and automatically wounds. Does not apply to artefacts of cruelty.
  7.     Mass Torturers: When the Torturer's Craft Stratagem is used, it costs 1 CP instead of 2.
  8.     Obsessive Collectors: When an enemy unit is destroyed by a melee weapon wielded by a model in a unit with this obsession, you can select one model in the unit that did the deed to regain d3 lost wounds. If the unit was a unit of wracks, you can restore d3 destroyed models to the unit.
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