Giantree finally gets to do a oneshot writeup again

Bigwood Apr 29th, 2017 99 Never
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  1. A downpour.
  3. And then, nothing.
  5. You awaken in what appears to be a ruined cityscape with only the knowledge of the basic necessities: Your name, your combat/piloting skills, and the fact that your memory has just been 'formatted,' whatever that means.  You can vividly hear the voice of a man telling you this fact, but you can't make out what his face looked, or even the specifics of how his voice sounded, even if you strain yourself.
  7. Luckily you're not alone: Somewhere nearby you is the Unit you've been trained to pilot, and even though you don't remember the specifics of your training, you can still handle its controls like it's second nature.
  8. It might be a giant robot, it might be a tiny robot with barely enough room for you in the cockpit- it might even be YOU (but that would mean you technically are alone I guess).
  9. After a small effort of exploring, it turns out you're not the only one who woke up in this strange place without all your memories intact- there are others, probably just as strange as you are.  Maybe you're all lolis.  Maybe one of you is a talking shark piloting a giant fist that transforms into a cannon.  I don't know man, you guys are the players here, not me.
  11. Regardless, before you can start making any progress toward figuring out what happened or why you're here, you all hear a voice at the same time: The same voice that told you your memory was formatted.  And, strangely enough, you still can't make out the specific intonations of it even while hearing it.
  13. "Head east," it says, "To the Promised Land."
  14. And just like that, it ends, and any attempts to return communication seem to fall on deaf ears.
  15. Are you a bad enough dude to find out what the fuck just happened?
  17. ------
  19. sup guys if that synopsis convinces you i'm going to take this seriously you really need to reevaluate the life choices that sent you on the path toward making that connection, because i'm me and you're going on a wild ride pretty much no matter what
  22. 1) Open
  23. 2) Do what it says
  24. 3) If it doesn't make sense, yell at Flamy because it's his fault it's worded badly
  25. 4) ???
  26. 5) PROFIT!!
  28. After that you should have spent 200 credits and have a few weapons/attacks at your disposal, as well as maybe figuring out the type of Unit you have, if it's even a giant robot or a hardsuit or whatever at all
  29. When you're done with that,
  31. Open and do what's underlined
  32. That's for you, your character, the pilot, and not combat- or robot-related at all (unless you're playing as just a robot without a pilot, which is strange and I'm going to call you a weirdo, but even if you are you can still use this stuff), just so you have ways of doing things that aren't pure combat because there will be a lot of fighting (big surprise huh, fights in a playtest) but also ~investivation~ and ~intrigue~
  33. It's also an excuse to use FATE dice because I fuckin' love FATE dice; it's easy to use, I promise, I'll make a macro for it or something
  35. SPEAKING of which
  36. What I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna repurpose one of the roll20 campaigns I won't use for a while and I'll do maps in there, of course I'm using 16-bit sprites like I always do
  37. I'll probably make a fucking normiecord or something UGH because i want to do the V+T style we're so accustomed to
  38. My reasoning is this: I could run a full voice campaign, but then it would be difficult to understand the context of playtest data
  39. I could run a full text campaign, but it would be UNFATHOMABLY slow and also be uncomfortable when discussing strategy and how to play the game, which will obviously happen because it's a playtest for a system nobody has actually played before, and is pretty much also for the purpose of telling the creator that he wrote shit wrong and needs to do fixes, like a FOCUS GROUP
  40. So therefore, the middle-ground would be the easiest to go with, and I'll be yelling and barking orders so that better understanding can be had
  41. as usual, it's not mandatory to have your own mics on or anything, just "I'd prefer it to doing ooc in parentheses all the time, jesus"
  43. Also I wanna run it Monday night so if something comes up and any of you absolutely can't make it then, PLEASE tell me sooner rather than at the last second
  44. I'm not gonna make a huge deal if somebody doesn't show up, but come on guys, is it really that hard to say "hey giantree something came up?"
  45. fuck dude
  46. I mean worst-case I can reschedule because it's not like this is for a holiday or anything but still
  48. ... Oh and if you have assets or references for your characters hit me up with those, now that I'm not as sub-deviantart-tier as I used to be maybe I'll draw quickie tiny portraits for everybody
  49. optional though
  51. uhh is that it?
  53. yeah i think so
  54. godspeed
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