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  1. You nod, agreeing to answer her questions.
  3. "Good! I won't ask much, I promise!" Aya pats your shoulder, which makes you wince because of the pain. Why do people here love to pat your shoulder? She gives her pencil and notebook to you, then produces another notebook and pencil from her pocket.
  5. "Hey...It's really okay with you?" The shrine maiden asks. You nod at her. She then takes a deep breath and sits beside you. "I'll help you, at least that much I can do now."
  7. "Okay, first question! What is your name?" Aya asks. Great, the first question, and you can't answer it. You write your answer and show it to her.
  9. "I don't know...You don't know your own name?" She's looking at you, disbelieving your answer. You scribe in the notebook that you don't remember anything before you ended up in this place.
  11. "Huh? You don't remember anything, like where you lived, your job, what happened to you, really anything?" You nod. She puts her hand on her face, very dissatisfied with your answer, but then goes back to her cheery attitude.
  13. "Well, I can improvise! Next, how numerous are your wounds, and how bad were they?" Well, you can answer this. But before you can start to write, Sanae is already giving the details to Aya.
  15. "When I checked him, his condition was pretty bad; His left arm and right leg were broken, one of his eyes bleeding, half of his face burned, and in his mouth there was some shards of glass...Really horrifying." The shrine maiden explained. That explains why your mouth was full of blood before.
  17. "And you're treating all his wounds? Isn't it hard?" Aya's asking again.
  19. "Of course it is, but thankfully Kanako and Suwako help me, so the work is not really hard. But still, removing all the shards in his mouth..." Sanae says. Aya quickly writes all the information into her notebook.
  21. "Okay, I'm done." Aya says as she finishes writing, and stands up.
  23. "That was really quick compared to when you first interviewed me years ago!" The shrine maiden says.
  25. "Since he doesn't remember anything I can't ask much...Oh well, a promise is a promise, keep that notebook and pencil." Aya says, before jumping out the window. "See you later!" She says, before she releases her wings and flies away. Leaving you and the shrine maiden.
  27. "I wonder what she'll write later..." She mumbles. You ask why with your notebook.
  29. "Remember that she said she'd improvise later? Sometimes she twists the reporting really badly! Imagine, not long ago she wrote about my u-" She stops in the middle of her sentence. You tug her shirt.
  31. "Uhm, no, sorry I can't tell you, it's really embarassing..." Her face reddens. This is bad. You sigh, hoping whatever the news she writes later won't be that bad...
  33. But you wonder about that girl, she has wings. What [i]exactly[/i] is she? Maybe this shrine maiden knows more about her, she seems close to that reporter. You scribe your question and tug her sleeve.
  35. "Hum? Uh...Well, she's a crow tengu, of course she has wings." She says casually. Wait, a tengu? The same tengu with a long nose and red face that you've seen in some old dramas? Maybe she is a different kind of tengu, but- wait, that's not the point...Tengu actually exist? How-
  37. Sanae notices your expression and quickly speaks again. "Uhm, this may be hard to believe, but she is. You are no longer in the normal world, this is Gensokyo!"
  39. What does she mean you're no longer in the normal world? Does she mean this is the spirit world? Maybe you got killed and ended up here? No, if you were already dead, she wouldn't be worried about you and your wounds. Maybe this is an imaginary world, where imagined things exist? No... she is normal, you are normal, how- You really want to bang your head against the nearest wall now.
  41. "This may be mind-breaking for you, so don't think about it too much, you will understand later!" She says, to calm you down. You sigh. Now you really want to know how you ended up here.
  43. "Sanae, are you there?" A voice can be heard, then the door slides open, revealing a young girl; she has short blonde hair, and a weird hat with eyes. "Checking on him again?" she asks.
  45. "Uh, yes... Aya came earlier..."
  47. "She must be checking on our new guest..." she says while looking at you, then she looks back at the shrine maiden. "Anyway, will you be going to the village today?" she asks.
  49. "Yes, I will."
  51. "Good!" The girl then looks at you. "Do you want to go with her, outsider?" she asks. The shrine maiden looks surprised.
  53. "Eh?! But Suwako, he is-" The shrine maiden says, but is cut off by the girl.
  55. "There is an old stick in the warehouse that he can use to walk, remember?" The girl answers her, as if she can read her mind.
  57. "But still, the road is uneven, he'll have a hard time walking through with his condition..." The shrine maiden's reasoning again.
  59. "It won't be that hard! Besides, there must be some kind of doctor there. The faster he recovers, the better, right?" She says, then turns to you with a smile. "Of course if you feel like it, that is. So will you go or not?"
  61. []Go
  62. []Stay
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