Based Slut Anon

Oct 12th, 2020
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  1. >"Anon, sit down soldier. That's an order."
  2. >You blinked
  3. "I'm not a soldier. I'm a janitor. I'm also pretty sure you don't have any authority over me."
  4. >Spitfire, dressed in her royal blues scrunched her muzzle up
  5. >"Quit with your sass and get your flank in that chair," she said, pointing toward said chair
  6. >You thought about it for few seconds before shrugging
  7. >Why not?
  8. >Leaning your broom against the wall, you walked over and sat down
  9. >The chair, of course, was far too small for your giant alien body, but you made do
  10. "What can I do for you capt'n?"
  11. >"That's CAPTAIN, rookie."
  12. "Again, I'm a janitor. You're also a three foot tall horse."
  13. >"This three foot tall horse could have you thrown in the brig, stallion or not," she said, pulling her shades off and tossing them onto her desk. "Now hush and listen."
  14. >Crossing your legs, you leaned back in the chair
  15. >It creaked, somehow not exploding into pieces as you gestured her to continue
  16. >Spitfire coughed into her hoof
  17. >"Alright. I'm sure you heard of the new ordinance passed for anypony in the military, right?"
  18. "Nope."
  19. >"I--wait, really? You work on a military base!"
  20. "Again. Janitor."
  21. >"That doesn't--"
  22. >She sighed
  23. >"Well, there was a big hoopla a few weeks back. A unit of Solar Guard apparently took advantage of one of their male members. I was told it got bad. It was a huge scandal; outcry, protestors, the whole shebang. It got so bad that we got orders from on high. If a mare even LOOKS at a stallion when they set hoof on a base, there's Tartarus to pay."
  24. "That sucks."
  25. >"Oh, you have no idea. It's a logistical nightmare. It would have been easier if the princess just kicked all males out of the military. In their infinite wisdom they didn't, and we've had to improvise until cooler heads prevail. That's why I had to ship most of the male 'Bolts out. Even in the cavalry we have a reputation for corndogness."
  26. "What."
  27. >"What what?"
  28. "You're all horses. Shouldn't that mean you're all cavalr--"
  30. >"What did I tell you about that sassy, soldier?!"
  31. "Janitor."
  32. >"Shutyourbigmouthupgoshdarnit! The new rules haven't been good for my mares. Weeks and weeks of nothing but a clam show in this Celestia damned base is driving some of them bonkers. That's why I'd like to offer you job."
  33. "A job."
  34. >"Yes, you big, green parrot, a job. Its a job that technically hasn't been issued in a thousand or so years, but it was never explicitly retired or disallowed."
  35. >Spitfire put her shades back on
  36. >You don't know why
  37. >It wasn't bright in this room
  38. >"My ancestors called it nidum patriae amore. You... take care of my girls."
  39. >Your eyes narrowed
  40. "You want me to be a whore?"
  41. >Spitfire groaned
  42. >"It's not a whore, you featherhead. Think of it as..."
  43. >Her brow furrowed in thought
  44. >" not a bucking whore. Look, you'll cook, you'll clean--"
  45. "I already clean."
  46. >"HUSH! You'll keep my mares in line, you'll listen to them, rub their wings, if you want you can screw them. Just make sure they're focused on their training and in fighting shape!"
  47. "So, a whore with extra steps then?"
  48. >"It's a cultural tradition."
  49. "I don't give a good goddamn about your horse traditions. I'm a giant green asshole."
  50. >"You can fool around with some of the fittest and best looking mares in Equestria! Even for a stallion that's a good deal."
  51. "You haven't cleaned up after those weirdos. Also, I'm pretty sure Fleetfoot has never kissed a colt, and Rainbow doesn't know how babies are made."
  52. >With a groan, Spitfire flapped her wings
  53. >Papers flew everywhere as she launched herself into the air
  54. >She stopped just shy of hitting the ceiling, doing a flip before landing heavily onto her desk
  55. >Standing as she was, she was nearly eye-to-eye with you
  57. >"Look, the girls are getting bad. I keep catching them trying to sneak phallic things in their barracks," she said, a hint of desperation creeping into her voice. "One of them had a cactus, Anon. A. CACTUS. I need somepony to help, and by law, it can't actually be a PONY. You're not a pony. I'm pretty sure you're legally not supposed to be on this PLANET--"
  58. "Don't worry about it."
  59. >She smiled a paper thin smile, leaning forward until her noses were almost touching
  60. >"Look. I'm double your pay. I'll also make sure you get a nice, fat army pension. It's not had work. There's eight mares on this team, including me. You can keep track of them. I'll even listen to your feelings and rub your back at night. All you bucking need to do is nod that head and sigh some paperwork."
  61. "I get a pension for being a slut?"
  62. >"If you say slut again I swear on Luna's moon that I'm going to have an episode."
  63. >A pen was stuck under your nose
  64. >"Just say yes please. Please."
  65. >You scratched your chin, looking up at the ceiling
  66. "I have some demands."
  67. >"Suggestions."
  68. "DEMANDS."
  69. >Spitfire sighed
  70. >Covering her face with a wing, she motioned for you to begin
  71. "I demand that you wear socks at least twice a week."
  72. >"I'll wear them for thirty minutes in the privacy of this room," she replied
  73. "I also demand oral sex. Everyday."
  74. >"I'll break you with this mouth. Next."
  75. "I'd like a room here as well. To live and have the oral sex in."
  76. >Turning around, Spitfire hopped off her desk
  77. >"I can arrange that. I can also have somepony pick your things up at your current residence."
  78. >Grabbing some papers, she pushed them toward you
  79. >The pen was tossed on top of them
  80. >"Anything else?"
  81. >You hummed
  82. "A pizza party twice a month on Fridays."
  83. >"I'll buy you a bucking pizza and we can call it a bucking pizza party. Anywhere you like too."
  84. "Deal," you said with a snap of your finger
  85. >With a flourish, you picked up the pen, scribbled on the papers where you needed, and dropped the pen on the ground
  86. >Boom
  87. Mic drop
  88. "So, when do I start?"
  89. >tfw you didn't realize until later that you didn't read any of the fine print
  90. >Spitfire didn't technically HAVE to give you anything
  91. >Thankfully, she was grateful enough to give in to most of your demands
  92. >Especially the oral sex
  94. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_
  96. >Be Spitfire
  97. >You know, when you had a good idea you had a bucking good idea
  98. >The human had been one heck of a slu--err, one heck of an army approved comfort stallion
  99. >In less than a week he had the whole base in tip top shape
  100. >The barracks were spotless, the food was leagues better, even your girls were sharp, alert, and ready for everything
  101. >Alien or not, a stallion was a stallion
  102. >Home rearing was in their DNA, and that was proved yet again
  103. >Heck, you even managed to get him to take massage and first aid classes
  104. >Meaning you wouldn't need to bother the staff doctor every ten minutes
  105. >The top brass might be trying to give you guff, but you had really nailed this one
  106. >Sure there were a few hiccups
  107. >It had been a pain in the flank trying to find him a room big enough for him
  108. >It was also a huge pain in the flank getting all of his stuff moved
  109. >You knew colts like to have a lot of stuff, but he had a load of shit
  110. >And not only did you have to bring it to the base, you needed to help him arrange everything so that it was nice and neat
  111. >Which took a whole bucking day...
  112. >He might have also been the most whimsical stallion you've ever met
  113. >To be fair though, you've heard all humans were like that, but that didn't make it easier
  114. >He had also been completely serious about the socks thing
  115. >You didn't even know where he had gotten them, or how he knew your size, but one day you just had a few sets of long, stripped socks that you had to wear everyday
  116. >Honestly?
  117. >It wasn't HORRIBLE
  118. >You'd never, ever admit it, but they were weirdly comfortable
  119. >It was also really, really fun sliding down the hallway with them on after it was waxed
  120. >This was still one of the best ideas you've ever had, which was saying something
  121. >You even got some alone time with him every morning, as he had DEMANDED
  122. "Gulp.... guk... guk... guk..."
  123. >You were lying in his bed--complete with Wonderbolt sheets and comforter on top of him, pussy in his face, his dick down your throat
  125. >He was no earth pony, but he was a heck of a mouthful
  126. >Your throat was getting one heck of a stretch
  127. >But you weren't some rookie
  128. >Wonderbolts didn't succeed, they excelled
  129. >You had your nose pressed against his pelvis, tongue swirling around his shaft
  130. >It he HAD been a colt, this trick would have emptied those nuts of his ten minutes ago
  131. >As it was, you were trying to hold back your third orgasm of that morning
  132. >And failing
  133. >Your eyes half-opened, crossing as your wings twitched
  134. >You came all over the human's face, body shaking as you groaned around his cock
  135. >Damn that tongue of his!
  136. >You frantically bopped and twisted your head, sucking so hard that your cheeks concaved
  137. >He was pulsing, and leaking his salty, pre
  138. >He was almost there...
  139. >Just a little more...
  140. >Humming, still midway through an orgasm, you pulled back until just his cockhead was in your mouth
  141. >That was when you pulled out all the stops
  142. >Licking, kissing, sucking, doing things with your tongue that would make your dad go blind
  143. >You also began to jerk him off with your hooves, as quickly as you could
  144. >Even then, it took another minute or so before you heard Anon groaning between your legs
  145. >If there hadn't been a dick in your mouth, you'd had let out a sigh as you felt the first rope cum hitting your tongue
  146. >You continued to jerk and suck as your mouth was filled
  147. >You tried to swallow as quickly as you could, but eventually your muzzle was coated in cum and the stuff was coming out of your nose
  148. >Eventually, you had to pull completely out to get a lungful of air
  149. >A rope of cum shot into your mouth, and another hit you square in the muzzle, making you shudder
  150. >The last spurt of cum hit your throat, and with that all the tension left Anon's body
  151. >Bucking horndog of a stallion...
  152. >One eye shut, you slowly rolled off him onto the bed
  153. "A little *cough* warning next time," you said, picking your head up to glare at him
  155. >You wanted to be made, really, you did, but seeing his face coated in your cum made it real hard to
  156. >Anon, as usual, had a dumb grin on his face
  157. >"Sorry, won't happen again," he said, giving your rump a pat
  158. >Bucking liar...
  159. >You laid your head down, closing your eyes
  160. >Just trying to catch your breath
  161. >You were able to do so for about a minute, before you felt a hand cupping your teat
  162. >Oh no
  163. >Not today
  164. >Your one eye not covered in cum snapped open, and you quickly rolled out of bed
  165. "Not today soldier! It's chow at 0600!"
  166. >You quickly wobbled to the bathroom as Anon let out a disappointed groan, quickly pulling your socks off
  167. >If any of the girls would have seen you turn down free sex, you'd have heard it until the end of time
  168. >But you had shit to do
  169. >Besides, you wanted to be able to WALK today, thank you very much
  170. >You were old enough to realize your bucking limits
  171. >Anon helped clean you
  172. >Gave you a good scrubbing, brushing, and even trimmed your coat
  173. >In less than ten minutes, he had you parade ready
  174. >You had him putting on his uniform--something much like yours but bigger and with an apron--and you were both out the door
  175. >It looked like the other girls were already up
  176. >Many grinned as you both walked by
  177. >Shower or not, it wasn't easy to get the scent of sex off you
  178. >The human's scent was one of the most potent you or any of the other girls had smelled
  179. >It knocked poor Vapor Trail off her hooves the first time he had come into the barracks in just his underwear
  180. >The mare had just had a bad break up with her coltfriend
  181. >Apparently bucking Judy got him
  182. >Broke her heart
  183. >After he was done with her, Vapor forgot all about him
  184. >And basically everything else
  185. >Anon waved and greeted each of the girls
  186. >He smacked some rumps
  187. >Picked up Fleetfoot and gave her kisses, which she seemed to enjoy
  188. >Eventually you made it into the mess hall
  189. >Anon went back here to belonged
  190. >The kitchens
  191. >"Alright. We're having pancakes today!" he called
  192. >You groaned
  193. >Again?
  194. >Buck
  196. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  198. >Be Anon
  199. >Once upon janitor, now Wonderbolt base's "comfort stallion"
  200. >Or so Spitfire things
  201. >You didn't sleep with any of the other little horses
  202. >Or even fingerbanged them
  203. >A lot of the mares were raised better than Spitfire thought
  204. >They might fuck a groupie, but not you
  205. >They knew you
  206. >You've been cleaning up their base for months
  207. >A few liked to think of you as the "base dad"
  208. >Sure, you practiced kissing with Fleetfoot, but that was sorta it
  209. >Most of what Spitfire thought you were doing was just you and the girls fucking with her
  210. >She didn't want you "doing it"
  211. >Something about not wanting to gawk at her teammates like some sort of dyke
  212. >It was her own fault really
  213. >All you needed to do was fake moan for a few minutes while everyone tried not to laugh
  214. >That didn't mean you didn't partake in your other duties
  215. >Fleetfoot got her kissing practice
  216. >Most of the girls got massages and their hooves looked at
  217. >You cooked, cleaned
  218. >Vapor Trail had been having a rough go with her coltfriend which you helped out
  219. >Dash still didn't know where babies came from, so she wasn't an issue
  220. >The girls seemed to really appreciate everything you did
  221. >Which was nice
  222. >You also got to fuck the captain's throat and eat that horsepuss every single morning
  223. >Which was even better
  224. >You were getting so good at eating her out that sometimes she'd just lay in your bed with you, dead to the world
  225. >That was when you'd kiss her all over, which she seemed to both enjoy and be embarrassed by
  226. >She had started sleeping with you at night
  227. >Said that it was easier than having to walk all the way from her room to yours in the morning
  228. >Sometimes, when she thought you were asleep, she'd just kiss and hug you
  229. >If she kept that up she'd be a mother
  230. >The girls were taking bets already how quick it'd be, and how many Spitfire would pop out
  231. >You have a hundred bits down on twins
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