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  1. midas.Yesterday at 10:02 AM
  2. My plans are broadly in line:
  4. I want to create a server where players can enjoy what I can / can offer without any restrictions.
  6. First and foremost, I want to create a progressive server where new content opens up from time to time in terms of PVE and PVP.
  7. New dungeons, Raids.
  8. PVP is constantly new seasons.
  10. Month by month.
  12. Of course, these are basic requirements for a progressive server.
  14. I want to completely abolish Pay-to-win, and the following services will NEVER be available:
  15. - Level, Gear, Profession Boost or Gold purchase
  17. That's why I created a unique feature in the game that allows players to play to get items. All these items will be found in the store (cosmetics, vanity mount).
  19. The business concept will be simple:
  20. - Voting to get points to buy Heirlooms (basic only, no guild)
  21. - And with real money support, they get credit to buy mounts, pete's, toys, tabards and other cosmetics.
  23. Any support received will be used to:
  24. - Server rental time,
  25. - Top Charts Highlights
  27. Improvements will continue to occur with 2-day updates, but major updates will be applied to the server on a weekly basis.
  28. For GMs, CM, Devs, in the beginning, as long as there is no stable source of income I can't provide payment, I can only spend Credit in the Store.
  29. But I hope this will be possible in the future.
  31. There will be restrictions on even GMs, Devs and CM to avoid throwing water into their own mills.
  33. Here I am thinking that the Gold or Item addition option will be withdrawn at first (during their trial period).
  34. They will only have ingame options that can help players if needed (for GMs).
  35. After you have a stable 2-3k average pop on the server, I would like to open more realms, even with additional plugins.
  37. There is also a Legion 7.3.5 core on the design table (which I tried early in the year) and I would like to open this in 2020.
  38. I am also thinking of creating a possible highscore that could provide a new interface for server deployment (where we would automatically be permanently ranked first)
  39. Opening PVE content (dungeon, raid) would depend on how active the players are, how quickly they can clear that content, and how much they are doing.
  41. Therefore, I want to make sure that players are constantly engaged with the server and the content on it, so that they spend as much time as possible on it.
  42. Opening Dungeons and Raids would make it patchy (official), so initially a couple of basics are available at 85, then 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.4 as they appeared, added a little slower.
  44. I would also like to create ingame events where they can upgrade with double XP on weekends and get a higher percentage of other times on other occasions.
  45. These are my plans for next year.
  47. If you are curious about something, please post it or if you disagree with it, please share it with me.
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