G2A Many GEOs


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  1. <align="center"><size=200%>[FF-<color=#ff0000ff>Off</color>] | <color=#00ffffff><u>Sellout Zone</u></color></size>
  3. <align="center"><size=200%> Server Rules</size> <size=100%><align="left">
  4. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Playing music down your mic or using a soundboard is allowed, as long as it is not consistent.
  5. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Team Killing is not allowed
  6. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Hacking is never allowed on any SCP server
  7. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Being Annoying and Generally Toxic To The Community
  8.     <color=#0094ff>-</color> Causing arguments
  9.     <color=#0094ff>-</color> Being continuously horrible/insulting to someone
  10.     <color=#0094ff>-</color> Targetting a certain player(s)
  11.     <color=#0094ff>-</color> Ruining the game constantly for others
  12. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Do not harass staff
  13. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Don't break TOS
  14. <color=#0094ff>•</color> No Political Views, Racism, homophobia, etc.
  15. <color=#0094ff>•</color> English only
  16. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Delaying the game for no strategic reason is not allowed
  17. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Advertising/Self-Promotion
  18. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Don't ask for a staff role
  19. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Don't break SCP:SL TOS
  21. <align="center"><size=200%>Other Notes</size><size=100%><align="left">
  23. <color=#B93227>ServerMod</color> is enabled, and will stay like that unless posted on discord.
  24. <color=#0094ff>-</color> There is a tutorial (#announcements, and pinged) on how to play the server even when the versions don't match.
  25. <color=#00ff14>[Friendly fire is Off]</color>
  26. <color=#7289da><link=“https://discord.gg/efkFdaW">[Discord Link]</link> for support and general info.</color>
  27. <color=#ff9f7f><link="https://zap-hosting.com/en/shop/donation/d0a8b76fd40fac80c5fa2527b21571c">[Donation Link]</link></color>
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