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  2. substnc - Today at 12:34 PM
  3. yo man jump on our disc for some games if you like, will be playing later tonight. i was cod4 preinv and have just been mixing with a bunch of people on our disc and have started to gather a priv group of the better regulars ready for ranked / tournaments so feel free to jump in some scrims with us tonight
  4. https://discord.gg/ZmA3F3
  7. Tropical
  8. 12 Online
  9. 30 Members
  11. Join
  12. God - Today at 1:07 PM
  13. what's your cod4 name?
  14. substnc - Today at 1:08 PM
  15. was substnc still, u?
  16. God - Today at 1:09 PM
  17. where can I find stuff about you from CoD4?
  18. substnc - Today at 1:10 PM
  19. lmao u wont find much but i meen your the one looking for a team mate im just looking for good players
  20. http://www.esportsheaven.com/news/view/60076/xcite-uk-returns-to-call-of-duty-4?page=5 for your ref but its not like everyone preinv has a gaming CV
  21. Esports Heaven
  22. xcite.uk returns to Call of Duty 4
  23. just was in a few teams made up of preinv lvl guys for a year or 2 then stopped playing
  24. pretty sure esportsheaven must be tek9 idk
  25. God - Today at 1:12 PM
  26. yeah I know man, I wasn't attacking, I was asking because most people that said they were semipros/pros were lying to me and literally never heard of them in my whole life
  27. substnc - Today at 1:12 PM
  28. nah ino but still fuck knows who 90% of top tier is on compet disc haha
  29. God - Today at 1:13 PM
  30. what's ur Steam bud
  31. substnc - Today at 1:14 PM
  32. wouldnt even say semi/pro just preinv level, not even aiming for anything like that since the game has hardly established a player base yet but just tryna get some more xp'd ppl to stop mixes bieng so random
  33. my steamname is joeshorty but think my profile id thing is sbstnc
  34. God - Today at 1:15 PM
  35. :/
  36. substnc - Today at 1:15 PM
  37. ?
  38. God - Today at 1:16 PM
  39. how's the account 13 YO and you got this
  40. http://prntscr.com/ie3ir7
  41. what the fuck
  42. thumpLUL
  43. substnc - Today at 1:16 PM
  44. i have no idea tbqh
  45. i did notice that tho
  46. vcod / cod2 then i played tonnes more source than that so idk
  47. source was main game until cod4 came out
  48. then when the cod4 scene started declining timed up with me going thru college/uni so w.e
  49. God - Today at 1:17 PM
  50. so you basically bought this account the 7th of february right?
  51. substnc - Today at 1:17 PM
  52. what this year
  53. nah my names joe mate my name in games when i was like 14 was shorty lmao
  54. offit u m8 this is like an interview lmfao
  55. God - Today at 1:18 PM
  57. I meeeeeeeean
  58. substnc - Today at 1:18 PM
  59. lmfao
  60. he was from my primary school
  61. was a troll name
  62. God - Today at 1:19 PM
  63. thumpLUL
  64. it's all good dog
  65. idc if u bought the account
  66. substnc - Today at 1:19 PM
  67. we were tagged up as random guys from school 1 day lmfao
  68. God - Today at 1:19 PM
  69. if ure good we can play
  70. substnc - Today at 1:19 PM
  71. i meen i didnt anyway but depends like
  72. not tryna play with priv investigators m8
  73. lmfao
  74. just decent players for scrims/ranked
  75. God - Today at 1:19 PM
  76. but you bought it Kappa
  77. substnc - Today at 1:20 PM
  78. lmao
  79. why would i buy this account
  80. God - Today at 1:20 PM
  81. haha it's all good
  82. substnc - Today at 1:20 PM
  83. might even see if i can see emails from like
  84. 10 yrs ago
  85. God - Today at 1:20 PM
  86. hmu when u want to scrim or play
  87. substnc - Today at 1:20 PM
  88. sec lmfao
  90. zzz
  91. no idea about the hrs tbh my xfire would differ were that still a thing :wink:
  92. God - Today at 1:22 PM
  93. its all good
  94. just hmu when u wanna play :stuck_out_tongue:
  95. substnc - Today at 1:22 PM
  96. whats ur cv like
  97. ur gaming cv in terms of cod
  98. God - Today at 1:22 PM
  99. I can't talk about it :stuck_out_tongue:
  100. substnc - Today at 1:22 PM
  101. what u meen lol
  102. God - Today at 1:23 PM
  103. I mean that I can't talk about it :stuck_out_tongue:
  104. substnc - Today at 1:23 PM
  105. as in none or ur just not talking about it lol
  106. idk bit boring digging so deep to not have anything to speak of urself
  107. God - Today at 1:25 PM
  108. I can't talk about it because I had problems with a mate on my team
  109. substnc - Today at 1:26 PM
  110. idk why that rly means u cant say lmao
  111. like im going to know them for 1
  112. what was even ur name in cod
  113. God - Today at 1:26 PM
  114. that's what I can't say :stuck_out_tongue:
  115. substnc - Today at 1:27 PM
  116. but ull ask mine and query the number of hrs on my acc and whether ive bought an acc ive had since i was a child lmfao
  117. need to sort your crack out m8
  118. God - Today at 1:27 PM
  119. I meeeeeean, I can ask right?
  120. substnc - Today at 1:27 PM
  121. u can but its boring af
  122. unless ur gna come at me with like
  123. a list of credentials
  124. in which case that would be boring af anyway
  125. cos this game isnt even ready yet
  126. God - Today at 1:28 PM
  127. If you didn't want to reply, you could have just said that you don't wanna talk about it :stuck_out_tongue:
  128. substnc - Today at 1:28 PM
  129. i was more just interested in the point of the convo tbh lol
  130. just pointless querying peoples prev xp when as far as anyone else is concerned you have nothing to show for urself
  131. whats the point in asking questions u cant answer urself
  132. ive played with ppl i remember playing cod4 with that have since played for infused / tcm etc etc so on so forth, who are playing med af, and similarly people who as far as im aware only have cs xp, who are rekking
  133. im as tired as any1 of searching high mixers / scrims and getting med lmao
  134. God - Today at 1:31 PM
  135. Because if you say you're an inv player, I want to know who you are, maybe watch some matches :stuck_out_tongue:
  136. substnc - Today at 1:31 PM
  137. easier to just jump in a game m8 obviously
  138. God - Today at 1:32 PM
  139. yeah, the reason why I kept asking is because you have 26 hours on CSGO and 15 on CSS
  140. substnc - Today at 1:32 PM
  141. yeah for some mad reason
  142. not that hours played means anything at all tbqh
  143. every saying 4k hrs on cs etc yeah but u could be garbage still
  144. God - Today at 1:33 PM
  145. yeah that's true, but if you were good in cod4 it would be interesting to see your hours in another game
  146. substnc - Today at 1:33 PM
  147. idk if u can reset ur hrs or something tbh but my dad used my account for the years between me playing to farm cards n shit idk
  148. i didnt even play since cod4 died m8
  149. it was only mid last year i started playing pubg / ow caj
  150. God - Today at 1:33 PM
  151. you can't reset hours
  152. substnc - Today at 1:33 PM
  153. fair enuf fuck knows why its so low then
  154. cos i nolifed source before cod4 came about
  155. not with any1 notable but yeah hours wise lmao
  156. lol so yeah a quick google
  157. the time played feature is like a couple of years old m8 lmao
  158. maybe 2 - 4 yrs old
  159. im 25 now i havent played much since i was like 16
  160. ah na 2009 apparently started, 07/08 were spent on cod4
  161. 09 onwards was spent having a life
  162. anyway m8 tip is it was just boring af to query xp when u have none. and even more boring to query steam hrs, u shud already know steam only tracked hrs from a certain date anyway, march 2009 fyi. if ur posting lf ppl to play w and i say hop on for some games just take it or leave it m8, if u feel some keen need to query xp then u better be able to present ur own or whats even the point. im not applying for a job with u m8 i cant even believe u had the time/willingness to research me tbf. no hate mate just dumb af tbh
  163. i have no idea of the guys we're playing withs history tbh and i dont care all i know is theyre playing well and we're getting some good games out of it against good level people, the game / community is in no state for it to even be worth asking the xp Q because 99% of people are shit and the other 1% of med and upwards are all searching high
  164. again no hate and gl finding a team etc, especially if ur going to need confirmation of preinv / inv xp and offer none of your own lol
  165. God - Today at 2:26 PM
  166. chill brother lol
  167. ClydeBOT - Today at 2:26 PM
  168. Your message could not be delivered because you don't share a server with the recipient or you disabled direct messages on your shared server, recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient.
  169. Only you can see this — delete this message.
  170. substnc - Today at 2:43 PM
  171. not mad bro ur just a time wasting nerd lmao
  172. with no xp / clout
  173. why id buy an old account to play b44 i do not know how are u that retarded that u dont know steam doesnt track pre-2009 lmfao
  174. why u coming in the chan to beef smh
  175. God - Today at 2:44 PM
  176. Stop it buddy. You have had enough, block me please
  177. Because I was blocked and had to tell you that :smiley:
  178. substnc - Today at 2:44 PM
  179. block u so ull join the chan lmfao
  180. how old are u smh
  181. God - Today at 2:44 PM
  182. I left your Discord after I left my messages :smiley:
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