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  1. <align="center"><color=#00ff63><size=100%>-=+ This is the name of a server +=-</color></size><size=60%>
  2. 1. Do not teamkill purposely.
  3. 2. No discrimination.
  4. 3. Do not harass people.
  5. 4. Avoid over the top toxicity, it is allowed, as I get how people can get mad, just try to keep it to a minimum.
  6. 5. Don't ask for staff.
  7. 6. No mic spamming, intercom is excluded here.
  8. 7. Do not attempt to exploit the map.
  9. Staff are pretty chill and lenient, so no worries if you break a rule accidentally.</size>
  11. <size=100%>-=+Other Things+=-</size><size=60%>
  12. <color=#09bdff><link="">[Discord]</link></color> (Click)
  13. <color=#00ff14>[FF Off]</color>
  14. Door changes for <color=#ff0000>106</color>
  15. <color=#fffa00>Events</color> with <color=#ff00dc>Admins!</color></size>
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