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Greetings, citizens of the world. #OpGoodbyeKy

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  1. Greetings citizens of the world.
  3. We are Anonymous.
  4.        Over the past few years, we have observed the actions of a certain Anonymous member, and are greatly horrified by his behavior.
  6. The Anonymous Collective has witnessed these grievances perpetrated by one KYAnonymous, also known as @DericLosutter who has already been identified as Deric James Lostutter of Winchester, Kentucky.
  7. The  manner in which he has conducted himself against fellow Anonymous members and innocent members of the public will not go unnoticed.
  9. Anonymous, this is a call to action. We have stood by for far too long, watching Deric Lostutter lie and manipulate members of the Anonymous collective  and innocent members of the public.
  10. Deric Lostutter, you have lied and lied time and time again, and we will accept this no longer.
  12. From the lies, the scamming, the d0xing of innocent people and now this new claim that has come forward about you raping a minor, it is clear that you are not capable of behaving yourself in a manner acceptable to the hive. Because of this, it is now that we must not only ask you to remove all association with Anonymous as a whole, but it is time for us to strike back against you.
  14. Anonymous, this is a call to action. On Friday, July 12th at 6pm CST, #OpGoodbyeKy goes into effect. Over the course of the following weeks, it will be the goal of the collective to compromise the accounts of Deric Lostutter, compromise his hardware, and cause a retreat the likes of which never before seen on the web.
  16. We will be sending emails to Deric's employers showing them how he is not only taking advantage of their services, but sullying their name with his atrocious outbursts.
  18. We will show everyone your true colors, Your lies to gain money and fame will no longer work. You're not who you say you are, Deric. You're not an IT Professional. In fact you have no computer knowledge whatsoever. You joined Anonymous after watching a documentary.  You're just another Anon that wants fame for doing no work at all. The bandwagon has been good to you, but your ride stops here. Your lies, your drama, your manipulation on innocent people will no longer work.
  20. The money that has been donated to you, upwards of $50,000, has not gone to what you said it would. In fact, there are records of you claiming that was part of your income last year. You defrauded thousands of good people who believed in you, and for that you must pay.
  22. Give the good people who donated to your bullshit cause their money back, or donate it to the FreeAnonsFund. Instead of pursuing things like this, you have, instead, used it to live on. Your inability to keep a job has caused you to spend this money, which you did nothing to earn, on yourself, as well as your walrus of a girlfriend. You have begged and begged for people to pay your way in life. You claim you have no money, but yet you buy highly expensive music equipment. You have a job Deric, but yet you still beg for more. We're saying no more.
  24. You're losing everything around you. And this will keep happening until you leave.
  25. The threats towards innocent people and the d0xing of innocents will stop from today.
  27. You're not Anonymous, Deric, and the collective agrees that we will put a stop to your drama. We will do whatever it takes for you to stop. You run around like you're a god, when you're just another cry baby.
  28. If you would like to read the threats of revenge porn and the latest on the rape story on Deric, then read here.
  30. http://www.dailydot.com/crime/kyanonymous-deric-lostutter-miss-piper/
  32. http://imgur.com/TviMkdA,s0vWrvr,wgr4NUI,Cqp0Ms9,z1rvIJH
  34. You're finished, Deric.
  36. We Are Anonymous
  37. We Are Legion
  38. We Don't Forgive
  39. We Don't Forget
  40. Expect us
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