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  1. selling cocaine to children
  2. getting AIDS and spreading it to as many people as possible before your inevitable death
  3. getting a blood transfusion in a gay neighbourhood
  4. Dobby no longer being a free elf after being locked in my sex dungeon
  5. walking a blind girl to my dungeon instead of her front door
  6. getting an STD at Disneyland
  7. putting kittens in a smoothie maker
  8. becoming a cop to shoot black people for sport
  9. "hanging" out with Logan Paul
  10. the ritual that sacrifices everyone in this very game to the demon lord, Baal
  12. murdering babies and claiming God told you to. We're looking at you, Moses.
  13. IN. THE. VAN. NOW
  14. treating others with respect
  15. breaking your penis in the middle of sex
  16. getting fingered by Edward Scissorhands
  17. crying myself to sleep at night
  18. secretly wishing slavery was legal again
  19. eating a hotdog made out of humans
  20. confusing a birthday party with a funeral
  21. doing the splits and splitting in half
  22. putting the fun into fun-eral
  23. actually being raped, for real
  24. literally eating a lampshade
  25. finding out KFC is out of chicken
  26. showing One Direction a second direction
  27. being completely and totally unloved by your family
  28. using "the force" on Jedi girls who refuse to sleep with you
  29. a meowtain of kittens
  30. drinking hand sanitizer to cure your cold
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