Kill the gays bill reintroduced in Uganda

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  1. The "Kill the gays" bill has been reintroduced into the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in uganda. Take a look at the bill yourself in the article that im linking to this:
  6. Let them know that we will not let this bill pass. And if it does they should expect us.
  9. Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs members and emails:
  11. Name    Constituency    Party Name      Role(s) email
  12. Tashobya N. Stephen      Kajara County   NRM     Chairperson
  13. Baka Stephen Mugabi      Bukooli County North    NRM     Vice Chairperson facebook :
  14. Achia Remigio    Pian County     NRM     Member
  15. Amoding Monicah  National Female Youth Represantive      NRM     Member
  16. Ayena Krispus    Oyam County North       UPC     Member
  17. Kamateeka Jovah  Woman Representative (Mitooma)  NRM     Member
  18. Karungi Elizabeth        Woman Representative (Kanungu)  NRM     Member
  19. Katuntu Abdu     Bugweri County  FDC     Member
  20. Lubega Medard Sseggona   Busiiro County East     DP      Member
  21. Lugoloobi Amos   Ntenjeru County North   NRM     Member
  22. Mpabwa Sarah Patience    Updf Represantive               Member
  23. Mujungu Jennifer K.      Woman Representative (Ntoroko)  INDEP   Member
  24. Mutebi Joseph Balikudembe        Busiiro County South    DP      Member
  25. Ndeezi Alex      Pwd Central Region      NRM     Member
  26. Niwagaba Wilfred         Ndorwa County East      NRM     Member
  27. Obua Denis Hamson        Ajuri County    NRM     Member
  28. Odoi Oywelowo Fox        West Budama County North        INDEP   Member
  29. Odonga Otto      Aruu County     FDC     Member
  30. Otada Sam Owor Amooti    Kibanda County  INDEP   Member
  31. Timbigamba Lyndah        Woman Representative (Kyenjojo)         NRM     Member
  33. We are legion
  34. We do not forgive
  35. We do not forget
  36. Expect us
  37. #NJAnon
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