Anon - Dash and Twi's Project

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  1. >"The hell Rainbow! You didn't do ANY of it?!"
  2. >Twilight stood in her room staring angrily at the blue girl standing across from her
  3. >"Sorry, Twilight. I've just been really busy with the teams and you normally do most of the work so I just... sorta... put it off..."
  4. >Rainbow Dash sheepishly rubbed the back of her neck
  5. >She wasn't one to cower away from anything, but Twilight's justified wrath had her pretty nervous
  6. >"'Put it off'! 'Put it off'! The project is due TOMORROW and you were supposed to do HALF OF IT!"
  7. >Dash looked down in shame as the purple student approached her
  8. >"We've still got tonight, right? You already arranged to have the house to yourself so we could work on this. If we buckle down we can probably finish it. At least enough for a passing grade."
  9. >Twilight's hands were gripped into tight fist
  10. >Her athletic friend had always spent more time practicing than she had studying, but Twilight had always respected her dedication
  11. >Sometimes she even found herself envying the fruits of Dash's labor
  12. >Her finely toned body and the confidence it gave her
  13. >And she had always proved a loyal friend
  14. >But this was a new low
  15. >"Oh good, a 'passing grade'! That may be good enough for YOU, but I'm trying to be valedictorian AND get through Principle Celestia's special honors course! Passing doesn't cut it!"
  16. >With every sentence Twilight came even closer and her volume increased
  17. >Dash was having a hard time looking her friend in the eye
  18. >Every time they'd had a group project the two had paired up and Twilight had ended up doing most of the work
  19. >Granted, part of it was her obsessive need to go over all of Dash's work to make sure it met her standards
  20. >But without her help Dash would have long since lost a high enough grade to keep her sports eligibility
  21. >She let out a deep, heavy sigh
  22. >"Look, I'm really sorry about this Twilight. It's my fault. I'll just tell Ms. Cheerilee that it's my fault we couldn't finish and that she shouldn't hold it against you. If we're lucky they'll just fail me and let you finish on your own."
  23. >Twilight's expression softened a little at Dash's display of selflessness
  24. >*sigh* "Even IF she would let it go like that, you know I can't do that. I can't just abandon my friends because it benefits me, especially when I know how much your eligibility means to you."
  25. >Dash was finally able to raise her head and tentatively meet Twilight's eyes
  26. >"So does this mean... Work through the night to get it done?"
  27. >Twilight smiled a little
  28. >"Work through the night. But you better work hard and pull your weight. And I'm still angry at you!"
  29. >Rainbow returned her smile
  30. >"Awesome. Tell you what, I'll give you one free shot before we start for putting you through this."
  31. >Twilight's eyes lit up
  32. >What a perfect way to release her anger
  33. >She eyed Dash up and down, looking for the best way to hurt the girl
  34. >She could go for the face, but that seemed a little mean-spirited and she might leave a mark
  35. >Twilight much preferred looking at her face the way it was
  36. >She could go for a sucker-punch, but she doubted she could even scratch Dash's six pack
  37. >A cheap tit-punch obviously wouldn't work here
  38. >Hmm...
  39. >Maybe around back...
  40. >Twilight began giggling a little as she picked her target
  41. >"Bend over, Dashie. You've been a bad girl. I think you need a spanking."
  42. >Rainbow rolled her eyes but complied with the request, placing her hands on Twilight's bed and bending down
  43. >"This isn't a porno Twi, you don't need to say it like that."
  44. >Twilight was barely listening as she lined up her hand with Dash's outstretched buttocks
  45. >She reached back her arm as far as it would go
  46. >And then she swung forward
  47. >Full speed
  48. >Right into Rainbow Dash's firm ass cheek
  49. >Dash just stood there
  50. >Didn't make a move
  51. >"Um... Was that it Twilight? Didn't really feel anything..."
  52. >"What?! Seriously?! I hit you as hard as I could."
  53. >"Heh, sorry Twi, but I've had worse than that just foolin' arou-*ahem*- Maybe if you tried a paddle or something?"
  54. >Her trying to be helpful was not helping Twilight's mood
  55. >A fiendish look entered her eye as she decided to try again
  56. >But this time she had a different target, a weak spot
  57. >She lifter her arm up so that when she let it drop it fell in an arc
  58. >And when it went up it went right between Dash's legs and into her exposed crotch
  59. >The slap reverberated through the room
  60. >Dash let out a yelp of pain and surprise, totally caught off guard
  61. >She jumped in the air as her legs clenched around Twilight's arm in an attempt to guard herself from any further attacks
  62. >"Jesus, Twilight!"
  63. >Twilight burst into laughter, pleased at her success
  64. >"How'd you like that, Rainbow? Guess you haven't been working THAT out."
  65. >Dash's legs started to grind back and forth against Twilight's stuck hand
  66. >It was as if they were trying to work her hand out, but were actually achieving the opposite effect
  67. >Dash seemed to realize that she was pressing Twilight's hand further into her crotch and she loosened their grip and stood up
  68. >"Yeah, well maybe it's time for a little payback..."
  69. >Twilight's giggling stopped and she took a step back
  70. >Something about the way Dash had said that unnerved her
  71. >She was completely calm, eyes half lidded as she backed Twilight against a wall
  72. >"H-hey, Rainbow! You said I got a free shot!"
  73. >Dash just smiled at this
  74. >"And you got it. Then you took another. That one wasn't."
  75. >Twilight tried to guard herself by placing her hands over her skirt, but it was to no avail
  76. >Dash easily grabbed both of Twilight's wrist with her left hand and pinned them above Twilight's head
  77. >Her right hand then lined up a perfect revenge slap
  78. >Twilight winced, her eyes closing and muscles tightening in anticipation
  79. >But instead of a painful punch she felt a soft pressure on the outside of her panties
  80. >From underneath her skirt
  81. >Her eyes shot open
  82. >"Dash! Wh-what are you doing?!"
  83. >Rainbow was wearing her most seductive face
  84. >"Just giving you a little payback."
  85. >Twilight just stared as Dash lined her finger up parallel with Twilight's slit and began to slowly press in
  86. >She couldn't help but eject a high-pitched squeak as she felt her soft cotton panties being slowly pushed between her lips
  87. >The pressure of Dash's strong finger was just enough to stimulate her
  88. >The soft texture of the panties only made her more aware of what it separated her from
  89. >"Heh, you like that don't you Twilight? Who would have thought. Ready for some more?"
  90. >Twilight's body shuddered at the thought of Dash going further
  91. >"Noooooooo! Stooooop!"
  92. >Dash immediately jumped back and started frantically waving her hands in front of her
  93. >"Shit! I'm so, so sorry Twilight! I musta read something wrong. I didn't mean to-"
  94. >As quickly as Dash moved away Twilight lunged forward and clutched one of her hands
  95. >"Ah! Why did you stop?!"
  96. >Rainbow stared at her incredulously
  97. >"Because you told me to!"
  98. >Twilight's voice was pleading
  99. >"I didn't mean it like that! I wanted you to keep going!"
  100. >"Then why did you make me think I was raping you!"
  101. >At this Twilight's desire turned to shyness
  102. >"Well... that's what all the girls say in my hentai, so I thought..."
  103. >Dash's face was frozen in stone
  104. >An eye started to twitch
  105. >"Seriously, Twi?! SERIOUSLY?!"
  106. >Twilight went on the defensive, an indignant look on her face
  107. >"What? Like you don't look at porn."
  108. >"Of course, but I know that's not what it's like in real life! Jesus, you scared me half to death with that."
  109. >Twilight's defenses melted, leaving only shame
  110. >Her head tilted down and her eyes were fixed firmly on the floor
  111. >"S-sorry, Rainbow Dash. I just don't have a lot of experience at this, so I..."
  112. >Dash reached out a hand and lifted Twilight's chin
  113. >Her voice was soft when she tried to comfort the purple girl
  114. >"Hey, it's okay. Beginners mistake. So... do you still want to keep going?"
  115. >Twilight smiled a little, glad her error was being overlooked so easily
  116. >"Yeah, I'd like that."
  117. >With that affirmation Rainbow grabbed Twilight by the waist and hoisted her over her shoulder
  118. >She then walked her the few steps over to the bed and deposited her on top of it
  119. >With Twilight lying prone on the bed Rainbow Dash got on her hands and knees and crawled over her
  120. >Looking her in the eyes the whole time
  121. >Dash's eyes were full of confidence, knowing exactly what she wanted and how to take it
  122. >She slipped her right hand under Twilight's skirt, returning it to its previous play place
  123. >The excitement Twilight felt was palpable
  124. >The idea of Rainbow going back to work on her was already moistening her legs
  125. >But this time Rainbow flicked the skirt up, revealing Twilight's thighs and panties
  126. >They were a standard cut, plain white with a sun patterned over the front
  127. >"Are-Are those Canterlot High panties?"
  128. >Twilight paused for a second to figure out why Dash had stopped
  129. >"Huh, oh, yeah. Principle Celestia gives us lots of free stuff for the honors program. So?"
  130. >"Why would they even make those?!"
  131. >Twilight was getting frustrated by the lack of stroking Dash was doing
  132. >"It's not a big deal. Sunset and Trixie wear theirs all the time too. It's no different than those matching jumpsuits you and Lightning make the track team wear."
  133. >Dash started to tell her exactly what the difference was before she decided she didn't need to know where this particular rabbit hole led
  134. >Instead she pulled the white fabric to the side
  135. >Twilight felt a rush of cool air as her slightly sticky panties were pulled aside and her moist pussy was liberated
  136. >She grabbed her legs and pulled them as far apart as she could so Dash could have full access
  137. >She shuddered as Dash's cold fingers brushed against her
  138. >They were strong and exerted a constant pressure as they slid over her deep purple folds
  139. >Twilight was still looking straight at her lover, but Dash had let her eyes wander down Twilight's thin body
  140. >Small moans of pleasure would occasionally leak out of Twilight as she basked in Rainbow's attention
  141. >"Damn, Twi. You're actually really cute like this."
  142. >Her eyes moved up
  143. >"Buuut, I bet you'd look even better like this."
  144. >She removed her hand from Twilight's nethers and propped herself up on just her knees
  145. >Twilight's hands immediately shot to where Dash's had left
  146. >Desperate for the sensations to continue
  147. >Dash grabbed Twilight's shirt with both hands
  148. >Twilight quickly realized that there was no way she could match what Dash had done to her
  149. >Then Dash ripped Twilight's shirt open, tearing a few buttons off as she did
  150. >The destruction of her clothes was enough to break Twilight out of her trance
  151. >"Rainbow Dash! That was my school uniform!"
  152. >Dash just waved it off as she lifted Twilight off the bed with one arm and undid her bra with the other
  153. >"Not like it matters. We don't have a dress code anymore. Just wear something else, Rarity will probably throw you a party."
  154. >Any response Twilight would have had was lost when Rainbow began to grope her newly exposed breast
  155. >Twilight knew they weren't anything special, a small B-cup
  156. >She'd never really bothered much with them
  157. >But the way Dash enthusiastically rolled her hands over them felt sensational
  158. >Especially when she would tug on the sensitive nipple
  159. >Soon Rainbow let her right hand slide back down between Twilight's legs
  160. >Twilight's hands made way and began to clutch at the bed sheets
  161. >Not content to let a perky young breast stay exposed Dash lowered her head and began flicking it with her tongue
  162. >Loud gasps followed each hit on Twilight's nipple
  163. >Dash's warm breath and saliva on her breast made Twilight's peaks rock hard
  164. >Then Dash made her move, she lowered her head the final inch and took a mouthful of Twilight's breast in her mouth
  165. >Twilight could only moan and tear at the sheets as Dash suckled her tit
  166. >Slowly releasing parts of it until only the nipple was left
  167. >Held in place by the soft pressure of her teeth
  168. >Finally she pulled back enough for the last of it to pop out
  169. >The loud smacking sound it made only edged Twilight further on
  170. >Down below Rainbow had begun to press two fingers into Twilight's pussy
  171. >Twilight tried to relax her muscles as the fingers fought to go deeper, but she couldn't help but squeeze them tightly every time they progressed
  172. >But Dash's strength still let them travel further with each thrust
  173. >Soon she was thrusting there entire length in and ramping up her trademark speed
  174. >Despite there relatively small size, Dash's fingers were bringing Twilight greater joy than any of her toys ever had
  175. >The warmth of flesh pressing up against her
  176. >The dexterity of the fingers, able to wiggle in different directions; spreading her out even more
  177. >And the fact that it was Rainbow Dash, one of her closest friends, that was doing this to her
  178. >She couldn't hold herself back anymore
  179. >"Ah! Rainbow Dash!"
  180. >She reached her hands behind Dash's head, each grabbing a handful of her prismatic hair
  181. >Then she tugged upwards, causing Dash to let out a deep grunt
  182. >She couldn't tell if it was from pain or frustration at being ripped away from Twilight's boob
  183. >But she didn't care
  184. >She lifted her face right into Dash's
  185. >Meeting her in a deep kiss
  186. >Rainbow was surprised at first, this was the first time Twilight had taken control
  187. >But that didn't last long
  188. >Dash meet the passion of Twilight's kiss with the ferocity of her own
  189. >Soon she had battled Twilight's tongue back to its own mouth and proceeded to dominate the area
  190. >All the while Dash's fingers rubbed the deepest parts of Twilight's being
  191. >She moaned into Dash's mouth
  192. >Desperate for her friend's touch
  193. >And Dash could feel it
  194. >She knew how close Twilight was to the end
  195. >Rainbow took her left hand off Twilight's breast and used it to push herself higher off the bed and out of the kiss
  196. >She wanted to look Twilight in the eye when she made her cum
  197. >But Twilight had other ideas
  198. >Her arms wrapped around Dash's back and pulled as hard as she could
  199. >It lifted her up to Dash's height and brought them into a deep embrace
  200. >Dash's thrusting fingers finally finished their work
  201. >Twilight's entire body tightened up as she reached her climax
  202. >She held on to Rainbow as if she was the only thing holding her shaking body together
  203. >Her pussy began to spasm, desperately grasping at Dash's fingers in an attempt to keep them where they belonged
  204. >But Dash's strength let her continue to thrust in and out
  205. >Barely even slowing down
  206. >Twilight could feel each thrust more than the last
  207. >Her sensitivity increasing exponentially as her orgasm wore on
  208. >Repeatedly yelling Rainbow Dash's name in between the moans of pleasure
  209. >Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Twilight's muscle's began to loosen
  210. >She collapsed under Rainbow Dash
  211. >Still suffering from small bouts of shakiness as Dash slowly began to stop her fingering
  212. >By the time she had stopped completely Twilight was blissfully catching her breath in the afterglow
  213. >Dash pulled her fingers out and brought them up to Twilight's face
  214. >"Wanna taste?"
  215. >She grinned
  216. >Twilight tiredly licked at one
  217. >The taste was reminiscent of grape juice, with extra sugar and a hint of sweat
  218. >She decided she liked it and continued until the finger was clean
  219. >She reached for the second finger, but Dash pulled it away
  220. >"Uh uh, this one is mine."
  221. >Dash then put the whole thing into her mouth and made a loud slurping sound as she slowly pulled it out clean
  222. >Twilight was entranced by the vision of her friend sucking her juices off of her finger
  223. >When she had finished Dash lowered herself on top of Twilight
  224. >"Well, that was certainly fun wasn't it?"
  225. >Twilight giggled and nodded
  226. >"Yeah! I guess I should do you next, but I don't think I've got the energy to do much of anything right now."
  227. >Dash gave her a small kiss
  228. >"Don't worry about it. Just consider it a 'thank you' for your help on the project."
  229. >Twilight's eyes shot open in horror
  230. >"Fuck!"
  231. >Her latent superpowers kicked in as she literally THREW Dash out of the bed and onto the floor
  232. >"I completely forgot! Ohnoohnoohnoohno, we're not going to finish in time and we're going to fail!"
  233. >Dash groaned and began to lift herself up
  234. >"Well, maybe later then."
  235. >But Twilight didn't hear her, she was too busy looking through the massive stack of reference books in the corner
  236. >Rainbow propped herself up on an elbow and lifted her head just in time for it to be hit by a ridiculously thick textbook
  237. >"Don't just lay there Rainbow! Start looking for sources!"
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