M!Kamui X Oboro C-S Support

Jun 29th, 2015
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  1. Oboro x M!Kamui
  3. C rank
  4. Oboro : Kamui-sama! What are you doing,... lying around in a place like this?!
  5. Kamui : U, uwaa?! ...Oboro? What are you doing this late at night?
  6. Oboro : As you can see, I am cleaning.
  7. Kamui : C-cleaning at this late at night?
  8. Oboro : Yes. During the day, we usually have battle(or march?) or practice. So there is only this time, isn't it?
  9. Please don't grumble, Kamui-sama. Please step aside.
  10. Hey hey, if you're there, it will be a hindrance.
  11. Please put your book back properly in its place!
  12. Kamui : U, uu...
  13. And here I thought finally I got the time to relax. But I guess it can't be helped. Oboro is cleaning, so I should cooperate.
  14. Oboro, is there something I can do to help?
  15. Oboro : ...
  16. Kamui : ...? Oboro...? What's wrong?
  17. Oboro : Eh...? Ah, no... there is nothing.
  18. Kamui : Really...? You had that serious look on your face, though...
  19. Oboro : I-I told you there's nothing.
  20. Hey, I also want to clean that place, so please step aside.
  21. Kamui : Y-yes...
  23. B rank
  24. Oboro : ...
  25. Kamui : Eh? It seems there's someone at te corner of the room... Whoa!!
  26. Oboro : ...
  27. Kamui : Haa!! T-t-there is devil king!!
  28. Oboro : Oh... Kamui-sama.
  29. Kamui : Eh? A, a... you surprised me. So it's Oboro, eh... That place was so dim... When you're there... it's a bit scary, you see?
  30. Oboro : I-I'm sorry...
  31. Kamui : Oboro... What happened? You seem to keep staring to the forest of night (? Unsure of this sentence.)
  32. Oboro : No... there's nothing wrong.
  33. Kamui : You don't look like that. Before this, you also seemed a bit absent, too... You sure there is nothing wrong?
  34. Oboro : B-but, Kamui-sama... to waste your time to...
  35. Kamui : Don't worry about that. They said that speaking your problems out to someone can give you a peace of mind.If you don't mind, may I listen to your problems?
  36. Oboro : ...About what's troubling me, it's about an unpleasant memory of mine...
  37. In the past, my parents...used to run a dry-goods store near Hoshido's castle... But then, there was a clash with the Nohr kingdom. And then the Nohr kingdom did an assault, and my parents were killed. Fortunately for the young me, I was hiding in a wagon, so the assailants didn't notice me.
  38. Kamui : T-that's...
  39. Oboro : On that day, too... It was a silent night... without any moonlight. That's why, I... am always reminded of that day... during nights like these.
  40. Kamui : That's why you had an angry expression before.
  41. Sorry... Oboro. I too, am Nohrian... depending on how people look at it.I must be way too arrogant to hear your problems out... And I don't have any words to make you feel better.
  42. Oboro : N-no! Kamui-sama has done nothing bad. The one who's at fault is the person who took my parents' life. They are hypocrite demons(?)!
  43. Kamui : Oboro...
  44. Oboro : ...Ah! I-I'm sorry. You saw my ugly side, eh. I... am going now!
  45. Kamui : ...
  47. A rank
  48. Oboro : Now now, I should do today's late night cleaning! Let's do it with spirit!
  49. Kamui : Oboro... Cleaning tonight, too?
  50. Oboro : Ee. For me to be noisy at this time... I'm really sorry, please do cooperate.
  51. Kamui : Last two nights, you did weapon and armor's maintenance. Last night, you did a check on furnitures' inventory, right?
  52. Oboro : Yes, they said that if we are prepared, then there is no worry.
  53. Now now, Kamui-sama... don't stand in that place, please step aside.
  54. Kamui : ...Oboro. ...When night comes, could it be that you... behave like this on purpose?
  55. Oboro : ...!!
  56. Kamui : When you pass the night alone quietly... Are you reminded of... the night when your parents got killed?
  57. Oboro : N-no way!!I wouldn't have such a pathetic reason... to keep myself busy at night...
  58. Kamui : But, you... while doing some helpful things like that, you always have that kind of angry expression on your face.
  59. Oboro : ...T-that!
  60. Kamui : Sorry... for peeking at your motive(?). But, when I see you, I get the feeling that you're forcing yourself... That's really painful for me to look at.
  61. Oboro : ...
  62. Kamui : Don't force yourself anymore, okay? Surely, your parents would never be able to come back, but... you also have Takumi, me, and the others too now.
  63. Oboro : Hahaha...
  64. I can't match Kamui-sama, eh. No matter how much I deny it... In the end, I am a weak person, eh... I'm trying to act brave as to not losing myself to my heart,... and forcing myself to make up my facial expression... After all, it's all for naught... I'm... always, being this weak...
  65. Kamui : Actually... actually, it's okay to be weak, too, right?
  66. Oboro : Eh...?
  67. Kamui : When you're weak... we will support you. Because you're no longer alone.
  68. Oboro : Kamui-sama...
  69. Kamui : If you are too afraid to fight, you can ask for reinforcements (?). When you do not want to battle at the front of war, you can do cleaning for everyone's sake. Since Oboro is such a smart and is always a helpful person, I am sure everyone would understand. That's why you don't need to hold it all in by yourself, you can also whine once in a while, right?
  70. Oboro : Kamui-sama... Even I... can rely on everyone, right?
  71. Kamui : of course. I think we're here to support one another.
  72. Oboro : ... Thank you... so much. It seems like I've been forcing myself too much. Somehow... I feel more at ease now.
  73. Kamui : Yeah, just like that... let us see Oboro's weak side, too.
  74. Oboro : Hahaha... If it's a scary face, then... I will show it no matter how many times.
  75. Kamui : Ahahaha... Since that expression is scary, I hope you can give it a little break?
  77. S rank
  78. Oboro : U-uhm... Kamui-sama.
  79. Kamui : Oboro. Could it be, you're gonna do cleaning tonight, too?
  80. Oboro : No... Uhm, recently, even if it becomes night, I don't get reminded of the past anymore... The things I'm anxious of have reduced, so... today, I'm taking a break from cleaning.
  81. Kamui : That's good. It's the proof that your heart's burden has decreased.
  82. Oboro : But I still... make that kind of expression at times. After all... I can't forgive the Nohr kingdom.
  83. Kamui : Is that so... but I want you to understand this. Not all about Nohr kingdom is bad. Aa... of course, I am not in the position to say this (?), but... do you follow me?
  84. Oboro : Yes, I understand you...
  85. Kamui : I am not one to judge, as I have been living in that country, right... And I think my heart is torn. I am a person of Nohr, but I am also a person of Hoshido. And I want to proof that both sides can get along. (? Can't really understand this part).
  86. Oboro : At the place when Kamui-sama will make it into realization... Can I look forward to it... from nearby? From now, and in the future too, always. Closer than everyone...
  87. Kamui : Yes, of course.
  88. Oboro : ...
  89. Kamui : Oboro?
  90. Oboro : My. Kamui-sama is dull, eh. Closer than anyone... how to say it, I mean I want to get closer to you more than any other girl, too...
  91. Kamui : Eh...?! Oboro... you mean...
  92. Oboro : Do you finally get it? I... love Kamui-sama. Kamui-sama who watched over me. When I finally can get over my trauma, and when I can stop making that kind of face... That time, I will watch over you... Kamui-sama.
  93. Kamui : Oboro...
  94. Oboro : It... it's no good, right? For a woman that makes such a face like me...
  95. Kamui : No, that's not it!! I... love you, too. The you who always think of the others... I love it. That is why I want to save you, too!
  96. Oboro : Kamui-sama...
  97. Kamui : Oboro, I will, for sure... show you the world where you can have a peace of mind from the bottom of your world. That's why, until that time comes... by my side,... I want you to continuously rely on me.
  98. Oboro : Yes... Kamui-sama. Please stay by my side forever. I have a specialty on taking care of others(?). So, please leave it all to me.
  99. Kamui : Yeah, I will rely on you, too.
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