12SEP2019 11MEU AAR

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  1. 11th MEU AAR - Operation "Just the Tip"
  2. 12SEP2019 2200Z
  3. Members Involved in Event/Operation:
  4. Upchuck ; MacMerritt(RTO/SIC) ; DRTuned(JTAC) ; Durant ; Liv(IDC) ; Rushell ; Smith ; ElkMan88 ; E6D(SL/AOIC) ; Strelok ; Mopey ; Stiffy
  6. INTEL:
  7. Initial intel for the small island of Rahmadi was presented by Det-7 Operations Specialist Williams:
  8. 1. Probable SQUAD sized conventional force operating in the vicinity of the civilian occupied town of Rahmadi.
  9. 2. Possible (40% chance) of OPFOR Rotary Wing Attack operations from the N/NE
  10. 3. Possible (UNK) mixed insurgent/unconventional forces also on the island.
  11. 4. Possible (UNK) Weapons of improvised nature or conventional anti-personnell/anti-vehicle mines or devices.
  13. NATO/Friendly assets present:
  14. 3 x MH-6 Littlebirds
  15. 1 x MH-47 Chinook
  16. 1 x US Navy Nuclear Aircraft Carrier
  17. 2 x US Navy Destroyer (AA capible)
  18. 4 x 4+1 seat inflatable rigid craft
  20. Phase 1: Combined BLT Operation to Clear and Secure
  21. INT-Initial forces began mustering on the flight deck of the USS America (CVN88?) at 2200ZULU on 12SEP2019.  This MMR was ordered by OIC of Havok Elements, 11th Marine Expeditionary Forces-Pacific, DoubleA24, to establish initial chain of command with Allied NATO forces to include JTAC and Logistical operations in preperation of Forward Operation Base construction.  DRTuned assumed mission-wide JTAC and coordinated with Air Operations Commander DeGone.  E6D established joint command and control element with 108 Commander Archibald with 11th MEU operating as callsign HAVOK 1-1.  HAVOK 1-1, 6 packs total initial deployment to include an LMG and AA package, were to load in STAR 3 (MH-6) for insertion into LZ Mist along with RENEGADE and REAPER elements.  Initial movement for HAVOK 1-1 constituted reaching OP Arrow to provide SBF/Over watch for RENEGADE combined elements assault and clear on the town of Rahmadi.  HAVOK 1-1 was to then shift to the Class II airfield and support structures W/NW of OP Arrow, to establish SOFT LZs for logistical, personnell, and CASEVAC Air Operations, and establish initial FOB structures.
  23. The mission parameters above basically explains the operation and how it went.  However, after moving from OP Arrow, I decided to make contact with probable civilian population that was gathered by the airfield to the S/SW of our POS to assure we didnt have any hostile intent hiding to include possible man portable AA.  After a quick search, nothing evident was found and no civilians wished to voice any concerns at that time.  Our element then moved to the primary objective which was the HESCO walled compound to clear and secure. OS Williams and HM Liv joined our element at this time.  Williams advised us as to where the main entrance was and I decided to push the team in a stack formation north up the HESCO wall.  We observed close hostile contact on the opposite side of the HESCO wall and opened fire.  The decision to push forward was made, and ElkMan88 was struck immediately in the head and went down.  HM Liv and JTAC Tuned stayed behind to attempt rescusitation efforts while the main element entered, cleared, and secured the compound.  HM Liv reported ElkMan88 was a black tag and they joined the rest of the team.  We established securing and attempted to isolate and deny entry to ALL forces to the compound due to the incoming logistical air operations that was about to take place.  
  25. Phase 2: FOB/Supply chain establishment
  26. LZ STORK was established in the center of the compound as the equipment and supply LZ, LZ Robin (N) was established for personnell, and LZ Red Wings (NE) was established as CASEVAC pad.
  28. We had an issue constructing the FOB inside the compound due to the (Liberation) action circle of 375m.  After passing all info and images to DoubleA24, it was decided to get it down where best seen fit to continue and support the operation.  FOB Alpha was constructed 50m NORTH of the Northern most HESCO wall of the compound, along side of a small dirt road that leads to Rahmadi.  Logistical operations immediately commenced as multiple static line hard drop crates were seen over the town.  A small element was sent to secure and return all possible supplies back to FOB Alpha.  A M1024(?) flatbed was created to assist in this operation.  Additionally, a small check point was established with a M2 to the direct EAST of FOB Alpha.  LZ ROBIN and LZ REDWINGS were hardpointed with painted LZ circles and illum lights to the direct NORTH of FOB Alpha.
  30. XO Upchuck was on site and oversaw most of the FOB creation process.  Only issue I would like to report was the complete lack of supplies and vehicle on initial deployment.  Made our job very difficult to support the air elements.
  32. Phase 3: QRF/Extraction of friendly forces on mainland AO
  33. We observed via 30.8 that RECCE elements on the mainland were going to begin an assault operation.  I discussed with Upchuck and Mac and it was agreed we would make sure we were ready in case they needed a QRF.  At that time it was transmitted that we would be available for QRF.  VERY SHORTLY after, Pilot Hetz advised he was going off, and there were no additional pilots available.
  35. Upchuck decided to bring the 4 RHIBs to the northern dock to utilize.  After this was completed (and Upchuck DCed?), we spoke with Reaper Actual about possible plans of extraction, etc.  He decided "F That, they are stuck now", and "Im not going on an hour long boat ride".  Being as it may, we collectively decided as a MEU that we were not leaving them out there to die.  It was transmitted they needed QRF, and there was 2 mobile AA vehicles in close proximity to friendly forces. I made the decision, after suggested, to bring heavy AT to possibly interupt enemy AA operations in cse we re-establish air ops.  I had also transmitted HAVOK 1-1 was IB to LZ GOMEZ with 6 packs including a HM and carrying AT, for the purpose of extraction and possible CCP on the beach head.  They understood we were traveling in 4 RHIBs and I gave them an approx ETA of 10mikes.  Half way through our voyage, Falcon advised of a new landing position, LZ SANCHEZ, which was S/SW of Armandi.  Falcon also advised they were TIC.
  37. We arrived on the beach not under distress, and established security.  Falcon rallied with us and requested our HM treat a few civilians in visual range in obvious need of medical attention.  Falcon also requested we push east and clear the buildings south of the religious structure, on the east side of the road.  Falcon explained they had casulties and were stretched thin.  After picking up HM Liv, we pushed and cleared requested sectors.  I advised Falcon we had an Engineer on our team (ElkMan88) to possibly remove marked IEDs inside the town.  Falcon gave the green light.  ElkMan88, acting with no reguard for possible loss of limb or even his life, heroicly disarmed TWO 105mm artillery round, remote detonated IEDs, with only a leatherman, toothpick, and highspeed tape.
  39. We at that point met with Falcon and Viking at their CCP/LZ, and they had requested we push with Viking elements to assist with the removal of enemy AA capibilities N/NW of the town.  I had agreed, and we had moved out.
  41. I'll keep this part short.  No AA vehicles were found.  We came in contact twice.  Once, we had 11 EKIA,  and minimal friendly injuries (except for my ear drums).  The second contact was after Viking requested we "Move to that hill over there to clear and see if you can see enemy vehicles".  Not observing the route and area prior to moving was my fault.  We went directly into a skyline position and had a guantlet style ambush from the enemy.  I was immediately KIA.
  43. Operational observations for unfucking:
  45. We as a MEU were fucking awesome.  Everyone was on point with movements, commands, callouts, and weapon proficency.  Everyone was uniform, had all of their equipment, and communicated well.
  47. I have a few things that I feel went wrong.  
  48. 1. Communication.  We had recieved callouts and orders from Viking that were confusing.  Directional "Left, Right, Up Down" terms were used.  We were a split element with minimal LOS.  We also recieved "Over there" remarks and just blatant "CONACT!!" callouts.  This made it very hard for us to determine what, where, when, and wtf.
  50. 2. Logistics.  I dont really think we did what we COULD have done logistically, and quite frankly for the sake on immersion.  We should have had a few trucks and crates/CONEX boxes to, at the very least, simulate an actual MEU landing and deployment of a FOB/FCA.  
  52. 3. Joint Unified Command.  I swear to god.  I'm going to teach ICS to every single one of these commanders so they understand.  We needed a boss, and everyone wanted to be the boss.  Barney did what he could but wasnt on for long.  There was MASS confusion on what to do, what people are doing, etc.  I understand that Viking or Timberwolf do not "Report to us", however it would be fucking nice to know youre going into the AO for RECCE and then youre going to ENGAGE OPFOR.  It was just a complete cluster fuck command wise.\
  54. 4. Radio.  There were a few lenghty transmissions and discussions that should have been moved to a different NET.  I heard a few times people discussing things while someone else was trying to transmit a TIC urgent message.  very very dumb in my opinion.
  57. IN CONCLUSION, I would like to give a few atta boys, BZs!
  59. First, Liv. You need a freaking Bronze star.  Not only are you on point with medical, your heads on a swivel, and youre freaking where you need to be before you need to be there.  BZ!
  60. Mopey/Stiffy.  You guys are probably the best MG team ive experienced in Arma.  Good shit.
  61. Mac.  Marry me.  I felt like alot of times you were the glue.  Just dont eat it
  62. words.  Amazing job.
  63. Elk.  Silver Star.  Always on point dude!
  64. Smith.  LOL  I love you.  You obviously know wtf youre doing.  Its refreshing not to have to babysit people.
  65. Russ.  Nice work with the 249.  You can keep your job.
  66. Strel, I think that Stinger is your calling.
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