Jabber Work: Wednesday

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  1. Fetishes include tentacle blowjobs, footjobs, and public sex. Also booze.
  3. "Congratulations, everyone!" The six of us sat around a table in the back of the restaurant, exhausted grins on every face. I took the large pitcher of ice cold beer, beginning to pour out cups for the rest. Catrine stood at the head of the table, teeth glistening in the soft light of the bar. "It's been a hard six weeks, I know! We've been working long hours fulfilling the promises marketing made, and making the changes management demanded! All of us are fucking tired, and ready for things to calm down for a bit! And that's going to be awesome, but first... We've got to have a aprty! Blow off some steam! Call me a bitch to my face, if you think you're hard enough!" She took the pint-glass from me, and slammed back the beer. "I won't fire you! Might slug you, but won't fire you!"
  5. The whole table cheered. I even joined in, although my voice was about half as loud as the rest of the table. I waved towards a waitress. "Do you mind if I get a soda?" She nodded, smiling politely. I lifted the full beer to join the others, but didn't slam it back the way they did. I just set it down on the table, and watched the others, smiling. I wasn't much for alcohol at the best of times, but I could still enjoy the atmosphere. The other two men at the table sipped their beers delicately, while Brenda and Lexis took deep swigs. Catrine slammed her mug down onto the table in front of me, already bone-dry, a grin on her face.
  7. The food arrived quickly, appetizers passing around the circle. Brenda and the other two men in the office took turns tossing small pieces of sashimi into Lexis' mouth. The basilisk woman didn't appear to mind the fact that their aim was imperfect, the occasional chunk bouncing off of her cheeks and into her beer. She quite gamely drank it down, not seeming to mind the taste. I leaned my head on my hand, watching the small spectacle, chuckling along with the others as they played their games. That's when I felt the foot pressing against my groin. My eyes flickered across the table, but there was no question who was responsible. The slippery, warm skin gave it away. Catrine sat across from me, smiling enigmatically. Then she began to speak.
  9. "I just want everyone to know, I'm truly proud of the fine work you've done. You've all worked hard to make this happen. But most of all, I want to thank our little Princess here." She raised her glass, smiling, even as the warm, slippery sole ground against me. I swallowed hard, lifting my still-full beer, trying not to moan. "He's made a big effort since joining us, working hard to prove he can hack it with the best of us. There aren't usually a lot of rewards for going above and beyond in this business, but he's helped us all through the hard work that he's done. I'm glad to call him a subordinate."
  11. There were a few rather surprised looks from the others. Not because they disagreed- I'd always done my best to help all of them. But this was the most praise that any of us had ever heard from Catrine at one time. She grinned around the table, daring anyone to make a fuss about it. "Well, enough of me kissing ass! Let's have a bite. Food's here!" The waitress, as though on cue, set down a large tray beside the table, passing out half a dozen large dishes as the group passed into silent, contented eating and drinking, only occasionally disrupted by conversation.
  13. I was sandwiched between Brenda and Lexis, a little damp kelp getting on my side, as Catrine watched me. Nobody else was paying attention to it, but every time I looked up, her eyes were fixed on me. "So," she said, her words deliberate, a drunken grin on her face. "Brenda. Lexis. Why haven't you two gotten married yet?"
  15. Brenda tsked, frowning as she leaned back in the chair. "Oh, marriage... I don't know. It's like... All the good men are taken. You know? I don't think I'll ever fall in love." She sighed melodramatically, sinking a bit lower. The beer was not helping her gloominess. "I've almost started thinking that..." She bit her lip. "You guys can keep a secret, right?"
  17. "No, but tell us anyway," Catrine said, her foot still stroking gentle circles against my groin. Talons grazed my stomach, but the thrill of danger only made the pleasure of her feet more intense. Slippery, almost unnaturally slick to the touch. It was almost as slick as being inside of her, and it was making it hard to focus on anything except her stroking.
  19. "Well... I've been thinking of joining the Take Back The Night march this year, you know?"
  21. Lexis rubbed her chin, sipping at her beer, her face mask hanging slightly loose over her nose. "The one that goes around local city parks after dark and has their way with unaccompanied young men?"
  23. "Yeah. I heard it's a great way to meet guys." Brenda giggled softly. "It's just a bit more comfortable, you know? The natural way for men and monsters to meet up, hard and fast. See it, want it, fuck it. Oh, Catrine, are you alright?"
  25. Catrine thumped her chest, coughing. "Just some beer- went down the wrong hole. I always thought those marches were a bit stereotypical. If you just go and fuck whatever man, how can you know that they've got what it takes?" Her foot was now swaying up and down, brushing lazily against my crotch, taking her time with me. "I prefer a man who's a little bit more selective than just dating anyone who rapes him in a bush, anyway. Someone who's a little bit more... interesting." She sighed, as she leaned back.
  27. "Wait... Boss, you've never fucked?" asked Lexis, almost mockingly. "How old are you? Come on, not even a one night stand? That's... a little bit sad, really!"
  29. "I've fucked!" Catrine answered, just a little too forcefully. Her cheeks were flushed, as much with embarrassment and anger as booze. "I'll have you know, I've been fucking the brains out of-"
  31. "Ah!"
  33. Everyone turned to stare at me. My cheeks were red. Something wet had just run across my groin. "S-Sorry. I was just... Ah, Brenda, how did you start doing the marches?"
  35. "Oh, well, it turns out that my neighbor, the cute guy, he wound up getting caught in one of those marches-" I stopped focusing, and looked down in my lap. Catrine's two tentacles lay their heads there, lapping at my groin affectionately. I peeked up, trying not to look suspicious. Catrine was leaning forward, her head in one hand, seemingly disinterested as she kept drinking her beer. She curled a lock of hair around one claw, as one of the tentacles bit the zipper, and tugged it down. I bit my lip, and did my best not to show how good it felt as the tentacles worked together.
  37. They fished my manhood out with gentle use of their tongues. Long, slick, and pink, the two tentacles seemed to work together as a team, one tugging my underpants down gently with its teeth, the other using its tongue to gently slip my shaft out, teasing it up and down. The two tentacles wrapped themselves gently around my manhood,  kissing and licking at it affectionately. My eyes drifted up again to Catrine. Her mouth was slightly open, her tongue slowly running across her lips. She seemed entirely unaware of the action, making her own lips shine beautifully in the light of the bar, one of her hands resting on her chest. Small hearts were drifting up around her head, although nobody mentioned them.
  39. The tentacles demanded my attention again. One of them wrapped its maw around my shaft, and took it in entirely. The other did the same with my balls. Despite the sharp white teeth, they didn't even graze me. They did, however, make very effective use of their tongues. I was amazed nobody else could hear the slurping, suckling noises they made as they worked up and down the length of my shaft. I was sure that at any moment, Brenda or Lexis would yank the tablecloth aside and begin laughing uproariously. The thought momentarily made me soften, which only seemed to encourage the tentacles. Their tongues lapped at me, licking faster, sending me into a happy little trance, all fear and uncertainty erased with their affectionate teasing. Just for a little while, I could trust, absolutely, that Catrine wouldn't do this if it would end with me embarrassed.
  41. "What kind of man do you like, Catrine?" Lexis asked, tilting her head against her hand, grinning. "Wait, let me guess- Tall, powerful executive, the kind of guy who'd pay you every cent he has and make sure you never have to work another day in your life." I frowned a bit, before the tentacle engulfed my shaft, deep-throating it easily. That managed to calm me again. In one sense, anyway.
  43. "I suppose that I like... a nice boy. One who will care about me, even though I'm a little hard around the edges. One who doesn't mind the fact that I can be harsh or talk down, and who will keep loving me in spite of it all. One who's dependable, but is comfortable being under me. You know... All of those ridiculous things." She sighed softly, her mouth framing into an O, as the tentacle shoved up and down.
  45. "Gosh, the way you're talking, it sounds like your ideal screw is Princess," Lexis said, smiling slightly. It was at that very unfortunate moment that I came, finally overwhelmed by the stimulation.
  47. "A-Ah!" I bit my lip, face going red, as the tentacle gulped down the semen, cheeks bulging from the sticky wash. Catrine's tongue was running obscenely across lips and teeth, her eyes glowing a faint golden as she breathed heavily, leaning forward. Then I realized that Lexis and Brenda were both leering at me. "I... Ah... I-"
  49. "Hah! Maybe we should all pitch in to send the two of you to a love hotel, huh?" Brenda grinned toothily, as I flushed.
  51. "That doesn't sound like such a bad idea," Catrine purred. "I wouldn't mind a little time to unwind and relax." She tossed back another beer. Half a dozen empty glasses sat in front of her, as she tugged at the top button of her top. "We could be off right now, if you've got the money on you, Brenda."
  53. "Ah, if you want to have sex with your subordinates, I'm not going to be subsidizing it!" Brenda giggled. "Besides, that'd be kind of too embarrassing even for you. Could you imagine the hard-ass Jabberwock, all lovey dovey for Princess?" She gave me a polite grin. "No offense to you. It's just kind of a cute image to think that she'd melt for your dick."
  55. "Ah... Yeah, that would be... kind of silly," I managed, flushing a bit. The tentacles pulled off my shaft. Delicately, lovingly, they licked my manhood clean, taking the last opportunity to slurp up every drop of semen they could find. Then, without much fuss, they carefully slid me back into my pants, the hem pulled back up gently. They slipped back over towards Catrine, who was staring wistfully out the window, an eighth beer in her hands.
  57. As the bar closed up, Brenda and Lexis gave me a concerned look. "Are you sure you can handle her? We've taken her back from the bar more than a couple of times."
  59. Catrine lay draped over me, her arms around me. "'m noddrunk," she slurred, and then giggled, her hand running across my stomach. "Seksy boy." She began nuzzling and kissing at my ear, and I gave the two other women an apologetic smile.
  61. "I'm sure. Thank you for the offer, but I actually live fairly close to her. Have a good night, I'll make sure she gets home safe." I smiled at the two of them, and stumbled out with the Jabberwock slumped against me.
  63. "'d I tell them all I love you?" she asked, slurred, as we sat together on the subway. She was practically in my lap, a thigh draped casually over my legs, her arms wrapped tightly around my shoulders.
  65. "No, you managed to avoid that, although you were a little obvious." I smiled softly.
  67. "awww, no... I wanted to tell ev'rone... how much I love you." She nuzzled into my ear tenderly. "wanted to prove that I wasn't a cold-hearted cold-blooded bitch... that I really can love a guy like you..."
  69. I smiled softly, and took one of her great claws, resting it over my heart. "You don't have to prove that, Catrine. I already know it." I leaned against her as the subway rattled on towards home.
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