Scantron's 5/6/12 run

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  1. (9:09:05 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan wobbles into the sub pay, pulling the shoe onto his foot.
  2. (9:09:35 PM) Dawny: Stephi is checking her rifle over as she steps in.
  3. (9:10:15 PM) Scantron: Corbette's there, pacing back and forth. "Can't believe we missed this... /dammit/."
  4. (9:10:38 PM) NAC: Cameron walks up to the bay, lone eyebrow raised at Corbette.
  5. (9:11:01 PM) Dawny: "Missed...what now?"
  6. (9:11:41 PM) Scantron: "We should have seen this coming, but we just figured out there was an emergence event ten minutes ago."
  7. (9:12:49 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Ten minutes ago," Nolan repeats.
  8. (9:13:15 PM) Dawny: "So we should be leaving, like, twenty minutes ago then"
  9. (9:13:45 PM) padri: Renee walks in, flustered.
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  11. (9:13:53 PM) Soulless left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  12. (9:13:55 PM) Scantron: "/Exactly/. Usually we can send you in as soon as the portal's open, but it's been open for a half hour now and /fuck/."
  13. (9:14:14 PM) Dawny: "What are we expecting?"
  14. (9:15:27 PM) Scantron: "Uh, more magic-y things. Less science-y than normal. I'd be more specific but none of you would understand it."
  15. (9:15:49 PM) Scantron: He looks around. "Is this it?"
  16. (9:15:59 PM) Dawny: Stephi looks at her PDA and sighs. She texts back.
  17. (9:16:21 PM) NAC: "Fantastic. Magic." Cameron sighs. "Here we are without our robes."
  18. (9:16:29 PM) Soulless [] entered the room.
  19. (9:17:57 PM) Soulless: Stoat's here as always.
  20. (9:18:05 PM) Scantron: "Eh, this is good enough. Go, go!"
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  22. (9:18:23 PM) padri: Ren looks at Stoat funny. I can /do/ this, Stoat. Watch me.
  23. (9:18:36 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan hustles into the sub.
  24. (9:18:52 PM) Dawny: Stephi gets into the sub, sitting and checking her ammo pouches. Full...full...full...full...
  25. (9:19:27 PM) padri: Ren gets in, too, sitting with Stephi.
  26. (9:19:27 PM) NAC: Cameron follows, strapping into a chair. "Is going in late bad?" He mumbles. "Haven't done it before."
  27. (9:19:28 PM) Soulless: The scene with Stoat and Ren never happened
  28. (9:19:34 PM) Soulless: So Stoat never accused Ren of anything!
  29. (9:19:48 PM) Scantron_GMs: The sub hatch closes and the sub descends!
  30. (9:19:48 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks to Cameron oddly.
  31. (9:19:54 PM) Soulless: "..."
  32. (9:20:28 PM) padri: redact, then. more was redacted than i thought
  33. (9:21:56 PM) Scantron_GMs: Descending...
  34. (9:22:07 PM) Dawny: Stephi looks out the window.
  35. (9:22:09 PM) Soulless: She remains steadfastly watching Cameron.
  36. (9:22:10 PM) padri: Ren looks out the window.
  37. (9:22:10 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan whistles a bit, gazing out the window.
  38. (9:22:12 PM) Scantron_GMs: The pool water's starting to look like normal water.
  39. (9:22:25 PM) Soulless: She then looks out the window. Water. Maybe they'll need scuba gear.
  40. (9:22:25 PM) Dawny: "Hey...water"
  41. (9:22:29 PM) Mr_Wilt: It's kind of awkward really only knowing one person.
  42. (9:22:49 PM) NAC: Cameron is unaware of her gaze. He shrugs and looks out the window.
  43. (9:22:50 PM) padri: He knows Ren a little bit.
  44. (9:23:06 PM) Scantron_GMs: The sub is now ascending! It's too dark outside to really see anything.
  45. (9:23:23 PM) padri: Ren listens.
  46. (9:23:29 PM) Dawny: "Night time...yay" Stephi sighs.
  47. (9:23:31 PM) Soulless: Stoat absolutely silent, again.
  48. (9:24:50 PM) Scantron_GMs: The sub surfaces to a sandy beach full of moonlight.
  49. (9:25:05 PM) padri: Ren looks out. Another beach.
  50. (9:25:06 PM) padri: Huh.
  51. (9:25:38 PM) Dawny: "Can we get out now?" Stephi stands, looking kinda ridiculous as a tiny chick with a big gun.
  52. (9:25:49 PM) padri: "Yeah."
  53. (9:26:24 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan checks the monitors. Air breathable and everything?
  54. (9:26:35 PM) Soulless: "..."
  55. (9:26:39 PM) Mr_Wilt: Water isn't liquid arsenic or anything?
  56. (9:26:41 PM) Soulless: Stoat's cautious.
  57. (9:26:45 PM) padri: She stands with Stephi.
  58. (9:27:04 PM) Scantron_GMs: Yep. All systems go.
  59. (9:27:14 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Don't see why not." He looks to the hatch.
  60. (9:27:25 PM) padri: Ren opens the hatch.
  61. (9:27:30 PM) padri: She steps out.
  62. (9:28:02 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan follows up after, stretching a bit.
  63. (9:28:05 PM) Dawny: Stephi sighs and steps out after Ren. "Please...don't...let a gun go first, alright love?" She looks around, sweeping the area with her gun.
  64. (9:28:06 PM) Soulless: Stoat steps out, looking around cautiously.
  65. (9:28:07 PM) NAC: Cameron unlatches and stands up, exiting the hatch soon after nolan.
  66. (9:28:21 PM) padri: She nods to Stephi and stands behind her.
  67. (9:28:32 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Don't see what's so magic about this place."
  68. (9:28:43 PM) Mr_Wilt: He scans along the beach.
  69. (9:28:45 PM) Scantron_GMs: The beach is empty and quiet. A bit of the way up the beach, there's a concrete sidewalk. It leads up to what looks like a massive beach resort of sorts. It looks dilapidated, though.
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  71. (9:29:00 PM) Dawny: "Magical getting laid in high school powers?"
  72. (9:29:16 PM) padri: Renee looks up at it, searching for anything of note.
  73. (9:29:21 PM) Soulless: Stoat examines around. Can she see any buildings along the ath?
  74. (9:29:27 PM) Scantron_GMs is now known as Scantron
  75. (9:29:31 PM) Soulless: err
  76. (9:29:33 PM) Soulless: Any unusual building
  77. (9:30:06 PM) NAC: Cameron shrugs and looks down at the sand, kicking at it slowly.
  78. (9:30:16 PM) Scantron: Just the one really big building. Maybe seven stories high.
  79. (9:30:30 PM) padri: ". . .let's go?"
  80. (9:30:35 PM) Scantron: Renee, it's of modern construction, but it's seen a lot of wear and tear.
  81. (9:30:48 PM) Soulless: "..."
  82. (9:30:50 PM) Dawny: Stephi scans for signs of life.
  83. (9:31:00 PM) Soulless: "Who's going first."
  84. (9:31:07 PM) Scantron: None, Stephi.
  85. (9:31:11 PM) Mr_Wilt: "I'll go." Nolan offers.
  86. (9:31:42 PM) Dawny: "I'll take your four" Stephi stands behind and to the right on Nolan.
  87. (9:31:46 PM) Soulless: "...Okay."
  88. (9:32:02 PM) Soulless: Stoat stays a bit away from the group as per usual, expecting Cam and Ren to follow in behind them.
  89. (9:32:14 PM) Soulless: She scans constantly for any sign of danger or otherwise.
  90. (9:32:15 PM) padri: Ren does.
  91. (9:32:20 PM) Mr_Wilt: He shakes his arms out a bit, pulls out his sidearm, and heads down the path.
  92. (9:32:29 PM) Scantron: No signs of trouble, yet.
  93. (9:32:39 PM) NAC: Cameron nods. "I'll stick in the middle, then." He shrugs, stepping in line behind the two guns.
  94. (9:32:45 PM) Dawny: Stephi keeps her rifle at the low ready.
  95. (9:33:17 PM) Dawny: "No...Renee's the least gun of us...give her center"
  96. (9:33:23 PM) Mr_Wilt: Meanwhile, Nolan tries to get a look through the windows as they approach. Lights on?
  97. (9:33:37 PM) Scantron: There are some lights on, but not a ton.
  98. (9:33:44 PM) padri: She's following behind cameron, but when Stephi says that, she walks up in front of him.
  99. (9:33:52 PM) NAC: "Alright then. Ren get in front of me." He nods, letting her pass.
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  103. (9:34:26 PM) Scantron: The few lit rooms Nolan can see into appear typical for a fancy resort, albeit dilapidated.
  104. (9:34:30 PM) Scantron: They reach a set of glass doors!
  105. (9:34:32 PM) Dawny: "I have a scope...I can try to get a closer look before we get there"
  106. (9:34:35 PM) Dawny: redact
  107. (9:34:38 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan notes that, pulling out his flashlight, setting it in position beside his sidearm as he heads toward the front entrance.
  108. (9:34:43 PM) Mr_Wilt: He tries the doors.
  109. (9:34:56 PM) Dawny: Stephi covers Nolan while he tries the doors.
  110. (9:34:58 PM) Scantron: They're open!
  111. (9:35:00 PM) Soulless: "..."
  112. (9:35:14 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Excellent." He holds the door open. "After you all."
  113. (9:35:15 PM) padri: Ren looks in, watching for people.
  114. (9:35:26 PM) Soulless: Stoat doesn't like this. She heads in first and sweeps around.
  115. (9:35:27 PM) Dawny: Stephi steps in, sweeping the room.
  116. (9:35:36 PM) NAC: Cameron nods "Thanks." as he walks in.
  117. (9:35:52 PM) padri: Ren follows Stephi, staying right in front of Cameron.
  118. (9:36:11 PM) Scantron: The room is dark, but enough moonlight filters in to see that they're in some big, big open room. It's open up to the top floor, and apparently, all the way to the front entrance, way way in the back. It stretches out to either side of them for a ways, before it turns into hallways of rooms.
  119. (9:36:34 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan takes the lead again, scanning with his flashlight.
  120. (9:36:36 PM) NAC: Is there a front desk?
  121. (9:36:40 PM) Dawny: Is Nolan's flashlight on?
  122. (9:36:46 PM) Dawny: derp
  123. (9:36:48 PM) padri: Which floors were lights on in?
  124. (9:37:30 PM) Soulless: Stoat flicks on her flashight on.
  125. (9:37:53 PM) Soulless: She scans for any sign of people or disturbace in the area. Perception?
  126. (9:37:55 PM) Dawny: Stephi flicks her underbarrel light on, keeping Nolan's four.
  127. (9:38:13 PM) padri: Ren watches for people, too.
  128. (9:38:15 PM) NAC: "Fancy hotel." Cameron grumbles softly, eyes scanning the room left and right.
  129. (9:38:24 PM) Scantron: There were a few on on each floor, but not /too/ many. There's a front desk, over to the side. Nolan, you hit features that are, essentially, normal for a big hotel. Your light reflects off this huge, fancy chandelier near the ceiling. There's no sign of life.
  130. (9:38:35 PM) Scantron: Perception, everyone. If it helps for tagging, it's audio.
  131. (9:38:41 PM) padri: Can she remember vaguely where they were?
  132. (9:38:46 PM) padri: 6df+5 what do i hear?
  133. (9:38:47 PM) Glacon: padri: what do i hear?: 7 (6df+5=0, +, 0, +, 0, 0)
  134. (9:38:47 PM) Mr_Wilt: "I don't like this. Reminds me too much of my first mission."
  135. (9:38:49 PM) Dawny: 6df+6 maybe?
  136. (9:38:49 PM) Glacon: Dawny: maybe?: 7 (6df+6=-, +, +, +, 0, -)
  137. (9:38:50 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+4 Lul
  138. (9:38:50 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Lul: 3 (6df+4=+, -, 0, +, -, -)
  139. (9:38:52 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 perception
  140. (9:38:52 PM) Glacon: Soulless: perception: 4 (6df+8=-, -, 0, -, -, 0)
  141. (9:38:57 PM) NAC: 6df+5 Is it possible to close your ears?
  142. (9:38:57 PM) Glacon: NAC: Is it possible to close your ears?: 4 (6df+5=0, -, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  143. (9:39:48 PM) Scantron: Renee and Stephi hear muffled gasps.
  144. (9:39:54 PM) Scantron: Not loud, but nearby.
  145. (9:40:11 PM) padri: Where? Renee goes into high alert, going visibly tense.
  146. (9:40:34 PM) Dawny: "Hold" Stephi takes a knee and closes her eyes to try and determine location.
  147. (9:40:34 PM) padri: And her head shoots to looking in the appropriate direction, just like a pointer.
  148. (9:40:35 PM) Scantron: Off to your left a bit. It's hard to place.
  149. (9:40:45 PM) Mr_Wilt: "What's up?"
  150. (9:40:48 PM) NAC: Cameron looks down at the girl. "What is it?"
  151. (9:40:56 PM) padri: She wanders that way, finger on lips, quiet, listening.
  152. (9:41:01 PM) Soulless: "..." Stoat follows Ren closely.
  153. (9:41:13 PM) Dawny: " the left..." Stephi goes to follow the sound.
  154. (9:41:20 PM) padri: She's trying to figure out where it is.
  155. (9:41:38 PM) Scantron: It's from just around a table that was blocking your view.
  156. (9:41:40 PM) Soulless: Stoat also tries to figure out what they're doing, but she sticks with the people actually moving.
  157. (9:41:55 PM) Soulless: They should have someone to back them up if something happens.
  158. (9:42:00 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan takes the lead again, separating what ever it is from the rest of the group.
  159. (9:42:08 PM) padri: Ren goes and carefully peeks around it. Please don't be someone hurting, and /please/ don't be dangerous. . .
  160. (9:42:13 PM) padri: ^her thought
  161. (9:42:25 PM) Dawny: "Ren...what did I tell you about guns first"
  162. (9:42:44 PM) padri: She turns her head to Stephi, finger decidedly on ligs
  163. (9:42:46 PM) padri: *lips
  164. (9:43:06 PM) Scantron: There's a bra, apparently strapped to nothing at all and yet held up into the air like it was being worn, moving back and forth against the ground.
  165. (9:43:13 PM) Soulless: Stoat pulls Ren back a bit,
  166. (9:43:16 PM) padri: Ren freaks /out./
  167. (9:43:28 PM) Soulless: Stoat continues pulling Ren back to Cameron.
  168. (9:43:28 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan blankfaces.
  169. (9:43:29 PM) Mr_Wilt: "What."
  170. (9:43:36 PM) padri: She falls back into Stoat's arms as Stoat pulls her back without even trying.
  171. (9:43:44 PM) Soulless: She gives Cameron a 'take care of her' look and heads back to watch what's going on here.
  172. (9:43:45 PM) Dawny: "Ghosts...having sex...great"
  173. (9:43:54 PM) Soulless: "..."
  174. (9:44:05 PM) Scantron: The bra flips over, the cups not to far into the air. They just move up and down a bit once in a while.
  175. (9:44:10 PM) NAC: Cameron nods and wraps one of his arms around Renee "Stay here." he says, looking down at her protectively.
  176. (9:44:19 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan sticks his foot out, trying to nudge the invisible bra wearer.
  177. (9:44:24 PM) padri: Ren isn't comfortable in his arms. She tenses up so much.
  178. (9:44:33 PM) Scantron: His foot goes right through the air. It's like there's nothing there.
  179. (9:44:52 PM) Mr_Wilt: He nudges the bra, then.
  180. (9:44:53 PM) Dawny: Stephi bends down and tries to grab the bra.
  181. (9:44:58 PM) padri: Ren watches it so closely. Perc to notice stuff?
  182. (9:45:09 PM) NAC: Cameron looks down and loosens his grip. Fun. He's playing babysitter.
  183. (9:45:12 PM) padri: She looks around for anything that's going to molest her, too.
  184. (9:45:29 PM) Scantron: The bra is nudged, but keeps its shape. It stops moving for a second. It unlatches, is pulled up, and then is tossed over to the side, where it lays limp.
  185. (9:45:40 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks around while they're examining the bra.
  186. (9:45:41 PM) Scantron is now known as Scantron_GMs
  187. (9:45:42 PM) Salmander is now known as Salmunity
  188. (9:45:51 PM) Soulless: Can Stoat notice anything slese?
  189. (9:45:53 PM) Soulless: *else
  190. (9:46:09 PM) Scantron_GMs: Perception, Stoat.
  191. (9:46:16 PM) padri: Ren's looking, too, scan. . .
  192. (9:46:19 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Well, that's, uh, interesting."
  193. (9:46:21 PM) Scantron_GMs: And Renee.
  194. (9:46:26 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan turns around, then, looking up at the stairs.
  195. (9:46:30 PM) padri: 6df+5 What's going to molest who?
  196. (9:46:31 PM) Glacon: padri: What's going to molest who?: 6 (6df+5=0, -, +, +, -, +)
  197. (9:46:31 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 c'mon
  198. (9:46:31 PM) Glacon: Soulless: c'mon: 10 (6df+8=+, +, 0, +, -, 0)
  199. (9:46:48 PM) Dawny: Stephi picks up the bra and looks at it
  200. (9:46:52 PM) Scantron_GMs: Stoat and Renee notice a light go on up on the third floor. There are stairs, and an elevator.
  201. (9:46:56 PM) Soulless: "..."
  202. (9:46:58 PM) Soulless: "Guys."
  203. (9:47:04 PM) Scantron_GMs: Stephi, it's a fancy C-cup bra.
  204. (9:47:04 PM) padri: She points.
  205. (9:47:08 PM) Soulless: "Lights."
  206. (9:47:23 PM) NAC: Cameron looks, is the light going up or down?
  207. (9:47:31 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan looks up. "Guess that's where we're going, then?"
  208. (9:47:35 PM) Soulless: Stoat motions to the elevator and the stairs. "Third floor."
  209. (9:47:51 PM) Dawny: "Who wears a C?" Stephi chuckles and holds it up for a moment.
  210. (9:48:19 PM) NAC: "I do." Cameron grunts, slowly walking up to the stairs, making sure Renee isn't too far behind.
  211. (9:48:25 PM) Salmunity left the room (quit: Quit: ow can a robot think with his elbows in the sink?).
  212. (9:48:35 PM) Dawny: Stephi tosses Cameron the bra and follows.
  213. (9:48:41 PM) padri: She isn't. She walks to Stoat, though, and away from Cameron.
  214. (9:49:08 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan takes the lead up the stairs!
  215. (9:49:23 PM) Scantron_GMs: The stairs are kinda creaky. There are a few muffled gasps here and there, but there's nothing to connect them with.
  216. (9:49:33 PM) Soulless: Stoat is already heading up the stairs.
  217. (9:49:35 PM) Soulless: "..."
  218. (9:49:37 PM) NAC: Cameron lets it fall against his arm. Yeah he isn't going to touch a ghost bra.
  219. (9:49:38 PM) Dawny: Stephi is right behind Nolan.
  220. (9:49:54 PM) padri: What kind of gasps? What do they sound like?
  221. (9:49:55 PM) Soulless: Stoat steps as lightly as she can.
  222. (9:50:31 PM) Scantron_GMs: It's hard to tell but... maybe surprised? Happy? They're short, quiet, and muffled.
  223. (9:50:43 PM) NAC: Cameron looks up the stairs and sighs. He waits till every one else gets up first. He'll take rear guard.
  224. (9:50:53 PM) padri: Renee doesn't like them. She stays near Stoat.
  225. (9:50:55 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan feels all the awkward in this hotel.
  226. (9:51:04 PM) Mr_Wilt: He just continues up the stairs.
  227. (9:51:11 PM) Scantron_GMs: The second floor's not far up the stairs. Nolan and anyone following him should reach the second floor by now.
  228. (9:51:19 PM) Soulless: Stoat gives Ren a cautious look. She doesn't like people near her on a mission.
  229. (9:51:27 PM) Soulless: Stoat sweeps her flashlight along the second floor.
  230. (9:51:35 PM) Soulless: In case she sees any more floating things.
  231. (9:51:36 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan looks around for the next staircase.
  232. (9:51:39 PM) padri: She backs up a little when she notices the look.
  233. (9:51:41 PM) Scantron_GMs: There's movement near the end of the hall, Stoat.
  234. (9:51:52 PM) Scantron_GMs: Nolan, the next staircase up is next to you.
  235. (9:52:01 PM) padri: Ren looks around, too.
  236. (9:52:09 PM) Dawny: As does Stephi.
  237. (9:52:22 PM) padri: She doesn't want to be surprised by whyever it is that's making whatever it is gasp
  238. (9:52:23 PM) Scantron_GMs: Perception, you two. Not Stoat, she already saw shite.
  239. (9:52:23 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan looks back at the team, cocking his head toward the staircase as he heads toward it.
  240. (9:52:26 PM) NAC: Cameron turns around, is anything trying to sneak up behind the group as they ascend?
  241. (9:52:31 PM) Dawny: 6df+6 anything?
  242. (9:52:32 PM) Glacon: Dawny: anything?: 7 (6df+6=0, 0, -, 0, +, +)
  243. (9:52:34 PM) padri: 6df+5 i see bad stuff?
  244. (9:52:34 PM) Glacon: padri: i see bad stuff?: 6 (6df+5=0, +, 0, 0, +, -)
  245. (9:52:35 PM) Scantron_GMs: Not that Cameron can see.
  246. (9:52:49 PM) Scantron_GMs: Stephi and Renee also see movement near the end of the hall.
  247. (9:52:58 PM) padri: She watches it.
  248. (9:53:15 PM) Soulless: "..." Stoat follows people's gazes, seeing nothing herself.
  249. (9:53:16 PM) Dawny: Stephi nudges Nolan and points to the end of the hall.
  250. (9:53:16 PM) Scantron_GMs: The end of the hall's a way down, Renee. It's too hard to tell from here.
  251. (9:53:25 PM) Scantron_GMs: (8:51:36 PM) Scantron_GMs: There's movement near the end of the hall, Stoat.
  252. (9:53:31 PM) Soulless: oh shit >_<
  253. (9:53:38 PM) Soulless: Stoat begins making her way there.
  254. (9:53:53 PM) Soulless: She tries to sneak her way there, being as silent as she can.
  255. (9:53:54 PM) padri: Ren doesn't want to go by herself. . . She will follow Stephi if Stephi goes.
  256. (9:53:57 PM) Soulless: Can she roll sneak?
  257. (9:54:00 PM) Scantron_GMs: yeah.
  258. (9:54:07 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 I want to stalk you
  259. (9:54:09 PM) Glacon: Soulless: I want to stalk you: 5 (6df+8=-, -, 0, 0, 0, -)
  260. (9:54:12 PM) Soulless: Or not.
  261. (9:54:17 PM) Dawny: Stephi goes to cover Stoat.
  262. (9:54:20 PM) Scantron_GMs: Stoat's not as silent as she could be, but nothing seems to take notice.
  263. (9:54:26 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan is nudged. He looks down the hall, pointing his flashlight.
  264. (9:54:28 PM) padri: Ren staps close to Stephi.
  265. (9:54:33 PM) padri: Stays, that is
  266. (9:54:47 PM) Scantron_GMs: Nolan sees it as well.
  267. (9:54:52 PM) Soulless: Does Stoat reach the end of the hall?
  268. (9:55:04 PM) Scantron_GMs: Not quite yet.
  269. (9:55:16 PM) NAC: Cameron Sticks in the stairwell, looking both up and down the flights of stairs.
  270. (9:55:17 PM) Soulless: Mkay. She continues.
  271. (9:55:27 PM) Dawny: Stephi continues to follow Stoat.
  272. (9:55:31 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan keeps an eye on them as they head down the hall.
  273. (9:55:37 PM) Mr_Wilt: He sticks with Cameron, though.
  274. (9:55:47 PM) padri: Ren stays with Stephi. She pulls out her knife and holds that, making it glow softly.
  275. (9:57:42 PM) Scantron_GMs: The three of them arrive at the end of the hall. There seems to be a conglomeration of rope tied into the air, sorta looking like it's holding four limbs or similarly-shaped objects immobile. The strings jostle a bit as they're tied, tightening.
  276. (9:58:08 PM) padri: Ren does /not/ like this.
  277. (9:58:18 PM) padri: She looks around for whatever might've tied the ropes.
  278. (9:58:25 PM) Scantron_GMs: Nothing visible.
  279. (9:58:35 PM) Dawny: How high up?
  280. (9:58:47 PM) Scantron_GMs: From about a foot to two feet into the air.
  281. (9:59:06 PM) padri: She walks cautiously over to the ropes. She can't leave invisible person who may or may not be there tied up
  282. (9:59:08 PM) Dawny: Stephi takes her combat knife from her boot and cuts the ropes.
  283. (9:59:12 PM) padri: Ren would be /terrified./
  284. (9:59:13 PM) Soulless: "..."
  285. (9:59:24 PM) Scantron_GMs: A whip comes from around the corner, hovering in midair.
  286. (9:59:38 PM) padri: She backs up, away from it. This is not good.
  287. (9:59:40 PM) Soulless: Stoat gets her knives out, watching.
  288. (10:00:44 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan shouts down at them. "You might want to just come back, now."
  289. (10:00:44 PM) Scantron_GMs: The ropes appear to be tied on at four places with loops roughly limb-shaped. They stay in position aside from being cut, though. The whip pauses, then raises into the air and back a bit in an arc.
  290. (10:01:26 PM) Dawny: Stephi slowly steps back, keeping Ren behind her. "Go, run, to Nolan."
  291. (10:01:31 PM) Soulless: "..."
  292. (10:01:49 PM) Proto_Lost left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  293. (10:01:54 PM) Scantron_GMs: It comes down with a snap, whipping a spot in the air near the ropes. The ropes jitter a bit, then stop.
  294. (10:02:00 PM) Soulless: Stoat watches this curiously, figuring out what's going on.
  295. (10:02:05 PM) padri: Ren looks back towards Nolan. Is there anything in between her and him?
  296. (10:02:09 PM) padri: If there isn't, she runs.
  297. (10:02:19 PM) Scantron_GMs: Hallway's clear.
  298. (10:02:33 PM) Scantron_GMs: The whip goes up and comes down again with a *crack*.
  299. (10:02:45 PM) Scantron_GMs: A soft gasp can be heard from a spot near the ropes.
  300. (10:02:50 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Hey, you okay?" He offers Ren a smile.
  301. (10:02:51 PM) NAC: Cameron turns his head and looks at the disembodied whip. He blinks. "This... is too kinky... for my tastes."
  302. (10:03:04 PM) Soulless: "..."
  303. (10:03:08 PM) Dawny: Stephi continues down the hall, walking backwards.
  304. (10:03:08 PM) padri: "I'm. . . okay." She doesn't look back at it.
  305. (10:03:16 PM) Soulless: "Stoat watches it."
  306. (10:03:36 PM) Soulless: She slips her hand around the ropes. No feel of a body, right?
  307. (10:03:39 PM) Soulless: Errr
  308. (10:03:39 PM) padri: And doesn't actually say so, I assume?
  309. (10:03:44 PM) Scantron_GMs: No feel of a body. It continues to whip for a while, before the whip is set down. The ropes begin rustling a bit.
  310. (10:03:45 PM) Soulless: no, she doesn't say it
  311. (10:04:38 PM) Scantron_GMs: Stephi reaches Nolan, Cameron, and Renee. Perception, you four.
  312. (10:04:45 PM) Lurker is now known as Lurk_AFK
  313. (10:04:49 PM) padri: 6df+5 What's it now?
  314. (10:04:50 PM) Glacon: padri: What's it now?: 5 (6df+5=0, 0, -, +, +, -)
  315. (10:04:50 PM) Dawny: 6df+6 EYES
  316. (10:04:51 PM) Glacon: Dawny: EYES: 8 (6df+6=+, -, -, +, +, +)
  317. (10:04:52 PM) Soulless: Stoat steps back and heads back to the group. "...We should head to the third floor."
  318. (10:04:56 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+4 Lol.
  319. (10:04:56 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Lol.: 0 (6df+4=0, 0, -, -, -, -)
  320. (10:04:58 PM) NAC: 6df+5 oh shit ghost porn
  321. (10:04:58 PM) Glacon: NAC: oh shit ghost porn: 6 (6df+5=+, 0, -, +, 0, 0)
  322. (10:05:12 PM) Scantron_GMs: Stephi notices the light on the third floor go off, and then on again.
  323. (10:05:45 PM) Dawny: "Lights are flickering...let's go"
  324. (10:05:47 PM) Soulless: Stoat proceds to begin heading up the stairs, not knowing if anyone's seeing anything.
  325. (10:05:57 PM) Soulless: Oh wait. With Stephi's speak, she climbs /faster/
  326. (10:06:03 PM) padri: Ren goes with Stephi.
  327. (10:06:09 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Got it." Nolan takes the lead up the stairs!
  328. (10:06:19 PM) padri: She tries to keep herself small.
  329. (10:06:46 PM) Soulless: Stoat watches Ren as she climbs.
  330. (10:06:51 PM) Soulless: Stoat's alrady taking the lead, Nolan!
  331. (10:07:10 PM) Mr_Wilt: Why isn't Stoat keeping formation?
  332. (10:07:38 PM) NAC: Cameron takes rear guard again, on the look out for ghost dominatrixes.
  333. (10:07:41 PM) Dawny: Stephi follows Nolan.
  334. (10:08:08 PM) padri: Ren watches for any ghosts who might plan on heading for the group. Cause that would be bad.
  335. (10:08:13 PM) Scantron_GMs: They reach the third floor. A light nearby goes off, and then on.
  336. (10:08:17 PM) Scantron_GMs: Ren, you can't see any ghosts.
  337. (10:08:24 PM) padri: She watches anyway.
  338. (10:08:29 PM) padri: And will keep watching.
  339. (10:08:39 PM) Dawny: Stephi keeps her eyes open, sweeping the area.
  340. (10:09:21 PM) Soulless: Stoat's just eager.
  341. (10:09:22 PM) Scantron_GMs: That light goes off and on again.
  342. (10:09:47 PM) padri: Ren watches the light. She puts a hand on Stephi's arm and heads towards it.
  343. (10:10:10 PM) NAC: Cameron makes it up to the third floor without incident?
  344. (10:10:13 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Stoat, keep formation." Nolan heads toward the light, gun up.
  345. (10:10:14 PM) Soulless: Stoat heads over it similarly.
  346. (10:10:20 PM) Scantron_GMs: Yeah, no incident.
  347. (10:10:20 PM) Soulless: Stoat huffs at Nolan.
  348. (10:10:23 PM) Dawny: Stephi follows Nolan.
  349. (10:10:33 PM) padri: redact. She just stays with Stephi.
  350. (10:10:35 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan huffs back at Stoat, smiling at her.
  351. (10:10:43 PM) Soulless: "..." A smilar small smile.
  352. (10:10:50 PM) Soulless: Now, back to business.
  353. (10:11:08 PM) Mr_Wilt: He continues toward the light.
  354. (10:11:11 PM) Soulless: She stays a bit by Nolan.
  355. (10:11:26 PM) Dawny: Stephi keeps Nolan's four.
  356. (10:11:32 PM) Soulless: She still has her knives out in case anything happens, but she's wondering what kind of physical attacks would hurt a ghost.
  357. (10:11:55 PM) NAC: Cameron follows the group.
  358. (10:12:02 PM) Scantron_GMs: They reach the room it came from without incident just as it goes off, and then on. It opens up to a suite of sorts. There's a variety of knives, blunt objects, bondage gear, a lot of bottles, and some tarps in the corner.
  359. (10:12:20 PM) padri: She's not liking this. Any sign of a ghost?
  360. (10:12:27 PM) Scantron_GMs: Nothing that she can see or hear.
  361. (10:12:34 PM) Dawny: "Is this some kind of ghost sex joint or something?"
  362. (10:12:43 PM) padri: She steps away, not liking this.
  363. (10:12:46 PM) NAC: Cameron blinks. "Looks like it."
  364. (10:12:47 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan slowly walks into the room. "Hey, ghosts have needs too."
  365. (10:12:51 PM) padri: And it's clear in her face.
  366. (10:12:54 PM) Soulless: "..."
  367. (10:13:06 PM) Daedalize left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  368. (10:13:15 PM) padri: Ren stays out of the room.
  369. (10:13:17 PM) Scantron_GMs: Nolan, your feet make a squishy noise as they go onto the carpet. Like it was wet. But the carpet looks dry.
  370. (10:13:36 PM) Soulless: Stoat tries to make less squishy noise as she's in the room.
  371. (10:13:37 PM) padri: Blood? Ren shoves the thought from her mind.
  372. (10:13:40 PM) Dawny: Stephi frowns and puts a hand on the carpet.
  373. (10:13:50 PM) Scantron_GMs is now known as ScanAFK
  374. (10:13:51 PM) Soulless: She examines the knives, blunt objects, bondage gear and bottles.
  375. (10:13:58 PM) Soulless: Do the bottles have labels?
  376. (10:13:58 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan blinks a bit, lifting his foot up. "Gross."
  377. (10:14:01 PM) NAC: "...Do you want a glove Stephi? I have those."
  378. (10:14:07 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan's thinking it's something that isn't blood.
  379. (10:14:18 PM) Dawny: "I just want to feel if it's damp"
  380. (10:14:26 PM) padri: Ren looks up and down the hall from outside the room.
  381. (10:14:39 PM) padri: Ren doesn't want to think about that option.
  382. (10:14:59 PM) Dexanote [] entered the room.
  383. (10:15:15 PM) NAC: "Does anyone have a black light? I'm guessing this place would glow."
  384. (10:15:39 PM) Soulless: "..." Stoat looks to Cameron and shakes her head. Nope. She continues examining the bottles for any sign of what they may be.
  385. (10:15:42 PM) Mr_Wilt: "No, but that's a good thing for you to requisition when you get home. You are a medic."
  386. (10:16:25 PM) ScanAFK is now known as Scantron
  387. (10:17:20 PM) Proto_Lost [Mibbit@6D993529.BDE9800.815AE96E.IP] entered the room.
  388. (10:17:23 PM) Scantron: The bottles have labels, but the only ones Stoat would recognize would be some rohypnol and chloroform. The rest are medical jargon.
  389. (10:17:29 PM) NAC: "Good point." He nods.
  390. (10:17:48 PM) Soulless: "..."
  391. (10:17:55 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan leans down a bit, sniffing. What's the floor smell like?
  392. (10:18:02 PM) Scantron: Blood.
  393. (10:18:03 PM) Soulless: "Rohypnol and chloroform."
  394. (10:18:08 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Blood."
  395. (10:18:19 PM) Mr_Wilt: He straightens up. "It's blood."
  396. (10:18:22 PM) Dawny: Stephi's still feeling the carpet.
  397. (10:18:29 PM) Soulless: Stoat examines the knives and other utensils.
  398. (10:18:29 PM) Scantron: It feels wet, like with blood.
  399. (10:18:41 PM) Soulless: What do they look like? Freshly used?
  400. (10:18:42 PM) Dawny: Stephi lifts her hand, any blood?
  401. (10:18:46 PM) Scantron: Stoat, they're clean, and sharp.
  402. (10:19:03 PM) Scantron: Not that Stephi can see, but her hand feels and smells like there's blood on it.
  403. (10:19:10 PM) Soulless: "..."
  404. (10:19:11 PM) padri: Ren stays the hell out of that room. She looks up and down the hall instead.
  405. (10:19:22 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks to Ren outide. Is Cameron with her?
  406. (10:19:23 PM) Scantron: Is anyone else in the hall with Renee?
  407. (10:19:33 PM) padri: Cameron went in.
  408. (10:19:34 PM) NAC: Cameron's at the door.
  409. (10:19:35 PM) Dawny: "Oh that's so weird..."
  410. (10:19:37 PM) padri: i think
  411. (10:19:40 PM) padri: maybe not. . .
  412. (10:19:48 PM) Scantron: Where is Cameron looking?
  413. (10:19:50 PM) Soulless: If not, Stoat says "Cameron, stick with Ren." She says this in a concerned manner.
  414. (10:19:50 PM) padri: Ren's back is to the knifey room.
  415. (10:20:03 PM) Dawny: Stephi wipes her hand on her pants. "Cameron, do you have hand sanitizer?"
  416. (10:20:07 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan continues through the room, looking for anything else suspicious.
  417. (10:20:10 PM) NAC: Cameron's looking at Ren, because he does not want to face angry stoat.
  418. (10:20:22 PM) padri: He /was/ facing in the room, though, I thought. . .
  419. (10:20:25 PM) Scantron: Renee, perception.
  420. (10:20:25 PM) Soulless: She doesn't want Ren to handle herself alone, her mind's not very good right now.
  421. (10:20:34 PM) padri: 6df+5 What is it?
  422. (10:20:35 PM) Glacon: padri: What is it?: 5 (6df+5=+, -, +, 0, 0, -)
  423. (10:20:45 PM) Soulless: Stoat examines the bondage gear. Do they all look clean and new?
  424. (10:21:15 PM) Scantron: Something glints off to your left a few feet, Renee. But then it doesn't.
  425. (10:21:19 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nothing else of note in the room?
  426. (10:21:23 PM) Scantron: Stoat, the bondage gear looks heavily used.
  427. (10:21:24 PM) NAC: Cameron nods and turns back to the room for a moment, opening his kit. "Yeah one second." He says, pulling out some alcohol wipes.
  428. (10:21:37 PM) Scantron: Nothing, really.
  429. (10:21:41 PM) padri: Ren looks at it. No . . . She takes a few steps towards it, looking at where it glinted.
  430. (10:21:52 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan exits, then, looking at Ren. "You okay?"
  431. (10:22:07 PM) padri: She shakes her head. "I don't know."
  432. (10:22:10 PM) Dawny: Stephi takes one and wipes her hands with it. "Cameron...why don't we switch..."
  433. (10:22:12 PM) Scantron: A shard of glass about the size of Renee's palm hits the ground in front of her.
  434. (10:22:26 PM) Scantron: Looks like it fell about two feet.
  435. (10:22:27 PM) Soulless: "..."
  436. (10:22:30 PM) padri: She gasps and jumps back.
  437. (10:22:31 PM) Scantron: *three
  438. (10:22:42 PM) Soulless: "Someone's been using this a l-"
  439. (10:22:47 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks to Ren as she gasps.
  440. (10:22:51 PM) padri: "Hello?"
  441. (10:22:56 PM) Scantron: Silence.
  442. (10:23:02 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Ren, get back." Nolan walks up in front of her, sidearm up.
  443. (10:23:10 PM) padri: She holds the knife tightly, and waves a hand around in front of her.
  444. (10:23:13 PM) Dawny: Stephi turns toward Ren, then goes to her side. Her rifle's up.
  445. (10:23:18 PM) Soulless: She steps back to Ren, watching her state.
  446. (10:23:20 PM) Scantron: Renee doesn't hit anything.
  447. (10:23:25 PM) padri: Stephi was in the room. . .
  448. (10:23:36 PM) Soulless: She thinks a bit she'll have to turn Ren into Medical once they get back... If they make it alive.
  449. (10:23:40 PM) Dawny: The door's open.
  450. (10:23:48 PM) Soulless: *turn Ren to Medical
  451. (10:23:52 PM) Scantron: Is anyone standing in the doorway to the room?
  452. (10:23:55 PM) padri: Ren walked down the hall. . .
  453. (10:23:56 PM) NAC: Cameron turns his attention and walks out behind Ren. Turning behind the group to make sure nothing comes behind.
  454. (10:24:01 PM) Soulless: Stoat is standing in the doorwar.
  455. (10:24:04 PM) Soulless: *doorway
  456. (10:24:12 PM) Soulless: She hasn't stepped out with everyone else yet.
  457. (10:24:18 PM) padri: Ren looks for any sign of where that glass came from.
  458. (10:24:29 PM) Scantron: Perception.
  459. (10:24:31 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan stays in front of her, looking straight ahead.
  460. (10:24:36 PM) padri: 6df+5 What /is/ this?
  461. (10:24:36 PM) Glacon: padri: What /is/ this?: 7 (6df+5=-, +, 0, +, +, 0)
  462. (10:24:37 PM) Scantron: You too, Nolan.
  463. (10:24:39 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 perception!
  464. (10:24:39 PM) Glacon: Soulless: perception!: 8 (6df+8=+, -, -, 0, +, 0)
  465. (10:24:39 PM) Dawny: If Ren's down the hall than Stephi stays in the room.
  466. (10:24:49 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+4 HAH. Perception.
  467. (10:24:49 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: HAH. Perception.: 8 (6df+4=-, +, +, +, +, +)
  468. (10:25:21 PM) Scantron: Stoat's not in the right spot to see anything important. Renee and Nolan see that, down the hall a bit, a vending machine was smashed open. More bits of shattered glass are on the floor.
  469. (10:25:50 PM) padri: She steps back, looking worried. "Is it going to attack us with the glass?"
  470. (10:25:52 PM) Soulless: "..."
  471. (10:26:01 PM) Soulless: "Ren, get ahold of yourself."
  472. (10:26:03 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan fires at the general area in front of the vending machine.
  473. (10:26:08 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+8
  474. (10:26:08 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: 8 (6df+8=0, 0, 0, +, 0, -)
  475. (10:26:09 PM) Dawny: Stephi continues to check the room out.
  476. (10:26:24 PM) padri: She turns back to Stoat. Valid question. Who knows what it'll do.
  477. (10:26:26 PM) Scantron: The shots echo down the hall and hit the far end.
  478. (10:26:29 PM) NAC: Cameron turns and looks at Nolan. "Contact?"
  479. (10:26:37 PM) Scantron: As the shots go off... Stoat, perception.
  480. (10:26:43 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Possibly."
  481. (10:26:50 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 perception again!
  482. (10:26:50 PM) Glacon: Soulless: perception again!: 5 (6df+8=-, -, 0, +, -, -)
  483. (10:26:54 PM) Soulless: >:|
  484. (10:27:07 PM) padri: She turns to watch the vending machine, having missed seeing the shot.
  485. (10:27:25 PM) Scantron: Stoat feels some sort of pressure slide past her into the room. But not too much.
  486. (10:27:53 PM) Soulless: "...! Something went past me."
  487. (10:27:56 PM) Dawny: Stephi looks at the various items in the room.
  488. (10:28:04 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks around for anything, particularly instruments being used.
  489. (10:28:09 PM) Dawny: "What?" In or out?"
  490. (10:28:19 PM) padri: Ren looks back toward Stoat, wishing she could see these things somehow. . .
  491. (10:28:21 PM) Dawny: - second '
  492. (10:28:23 PM) Dawny: "
  493. (10:28:37 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan stays close to Ren, in anything, for her sake.
  494. (10:28:43 PM) Mr_Wilt: He continues to stare down at the vending machine.
  495. (10:28:45 PM) Soulless: "Into the roo."
  496. (10:28:48 PM) Soulless: *the room
  497. (10:29:00 PM) Scantron: There are bottles and shit with medical jargon, lots of knives, a few axes, a few face masks, rope, zip ties, handcuffs, and a b- The light fixture is smashed! The light goes out!
  498. (10:29:04 PM) NAC: Cameron stays in the hallway, deciding to stick with Ren.
  499. (10:29:16 PM) Dawny: Stephi looks around the room, ducking as the light goes out and covering her head.
  500. (10:29:29 PM) Scantron: Who has a flashlight on?
  501. (10:29:34 PM) Soulless: "..." Stoat has her flashlight on.
  502. (10:29:39 PM) Dawny: Stephi has one on her rifle.
  503. (10:29:42 PM) padri: Ren would honestly rather hang out with men then let weird invisible things roam around.
  504. (10:29:47 PM) Soulless: She's still in the doorway, now looking in with her flashlight waving around.
  505. (10:29:48 PM) padri: Ren has her knife glowing
  506. (10:30:02 PM) Scantron: Stephi, athletics.
  507. (10:30:04 PM) padri: It doesn't let off as much light as a flashlight, just a dull glow.
  508. (10:30:19 PM) Dawny: 6df+5 great
  509. (10:30:19 PM) Glacon: Dawny: great: 6 (6df+5=+, +, 0, +, -, -)
  510. (10:30:21 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan looks to Cameron. "You stay with her." He heads back down toward the room.
  511. (10:30:45 PM) Scantron: 6df+8 I am strong.
  512. (10:30:45 PM) Glacon: Scantron: I am strong.: 9 (6df+8=+, 0, +, +, -, -)
  513. (10:31:07 PM) NAC: Cameron nods and looks at Ren "Stay in sight." He warns, stepping to her side.
  514. (10:31:17 PM) Scantron: Stephi's rifle is slammed to the side, then ripped from her hands! It hovers in midair!
  515. (10:31:30 PM) padri: She looks upset at being chastized. "Sure."
  516. (10:31:34 PM) Dawny: "Fuck...." Stephi grabs for it.
  517. (10:31:49 PM) Scantron: Ath again, Stephi!
  518. (10:31:53 PM) Soulless: Stoat also grabs for it!
  519. (10:31:55 PM) Soulless: Can she toll ath?
  520. (10:31:55 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan heads down toward the room. "You guys alright?"
  521. (10:31:58 PM) Scantron: You too, Stoat!
  522. (10:32:06 PM) Dawny: 6df+5 come on now
  523. (10:32:06 PM) Glacon: Dawny: come on now: 6 (6df+5=0, -, +, 0, 0, +)
  524. (10:32:09 PM) Soulless: 6df+12 Tagging Heart, no one takes her friend's weapon from her
  525. (10:32:10 PM) Glacon: Soulless: Tagging Heart, no one takes her friend's weapon from her: 13 (6df+12=0, -, +, +, 0, 0)
  526. (10:32:25 PM) Scantron: 6df+4 I am not fast.
  527. (10:32:25 PM) Glacon: Scantron: I am not fast.: 3 (6df+4=-, +, -, +, -, 0)
  528. (10:32:31 PM) Scantron: The gun is taken away by Stoat!
  529. (10:32:46 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan peeks into the door way with his light. What's going on?
  530. (10:33:06 PM) Soulless: Stoat hands the gun back to Stephi, then sweeps around the room with her flashlight.
  531. (10:33:10 PM) Soulless: "..."
  532. (10:33:15 PM) padri: Ren looks around in the dull glow of her knife.
  533. (10:33:19 PM) Soulless: She's waiting for something else to happen.
  534. (10:33:22 PM) Dawny: Stephi takes it and sighs. "Thanks"
  535. (10:33:23 PM) NAC: Cameron pulls out his pen light and turns it on, doing the same.
  536. (10:33:44 PM) Soulless: "I don't know how to deal with your gratitude. Don't lose it again."
  537. (10:33:53 PM) Soulless: Typical Stoat.
  538. (10:33:57 PM) Scantron: A fire extinguisher is lifted up from the corner and pointed at the team. It is activated right in your faces, obscuring your vision.
  539. (10:34:12 PM) padri: The team inside the room, right?
  540. (10:34:16 PM) Mr_Wilt: Is Nolan's vision obscured, seeing as how he's out in the doorway?
  541. (10:34:18 PM) Soulless: Stoat moves to get away from the fire extinguisher's blowing.
  542. (10:34:19 PM) Dawny: "Fuck" Stephi takes a knee, trying to clear her vision.
  543. (10:34:23 PM) Soulless: Can she?
  544. (10:34:27 PM) NAC: Ren and Cameron are in the hallway
  545. (10:34:41 PM) Scantron: Oh. Well. Stoat and Stephi are blinded for the moment.
  546. (10:34:45 PM) Scantron: Everyone else can see.
  547. (10:35:00 PM) Mr_Wilt: Can Nolan get a shot at the fire extinguisher without hitting the girls?
  548. (10:35:12 PM) Scantron: Maybe.
  549. (10:35:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: HE GOES FOR IT.
  550. (10:35:20 PM) padri: Ren hears the noises and tentatively peaks in the door.
  551. (10:35:34 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+8 Shootin' for the general area behind the fire extinguisher.
  552. (10:35:34 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Shootin' for the general area behind the fire extinguisher.: 9 (6df+8=+, +, 0, -, 0, 0)
  553. (10:35:46 PM) Scantron: Not at the fire extinguisher itself?
  554. (10:35:51 PM) Soulless: Stoat rubs her eyes and maneuvers away from the fire extinguisher.
  555. (10:35:53 PM) Mr_Wilt: No, that's silly.
  556. (10:36:06 PM) Scantron: Aight then. His shots hit the wall behind the fire extinguisher.
  557. (10:36:09 PM) Soulless: Can she move away?
  558. (10:36:28 PM) NAC: Cameron grabs onto Ren and pulls her back "Do you want to get shot?" He grunts, keeping her out of the room.
  559. (10:36:41 PM) Scantron: She manages to do so, just in time for the fire extinguisher to stop spraying, and get swung at Stephi. Pdef.
  560. (10:37:04 PM) Dawny: 6df+6 Headache time
  561. (10:37:04 PM) Glacon: Dawny: Headache time: 4 (6df+6=-, -, +, 0, 0, -)
  562. (10:37:12 PM) Scantron: 6df+8 I am strong.
  563. (10:37:13 PM) Glacon: Scantron: I am strong.: 8 (6df+8=-, -, +, 0, +, 0)
  564. (10:37:16 PM) padri: "No. I just don't want to keep two of us who could help away." She yanks away from him almost involuntarily
  565. (10:37:34 PM) Scantron: Stephi gets hit on the side of the head with the fire extinguisher. Clang! -1 body.
  566. (10:37:57 PM) Soulless: HAs Stoat's vision cleared?
  567. (10:38:04 PM) Scantron: Yeah. So has Stephi's.
  568. (10:38:09 PM) Dawny: Stephi falls to her side, holding her head. Does she feel blood?
  569. (10:38:09 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Alright, everybody out!" Nolan shoots at the general area behind the extinguisher, making room from the doorway so as not to block it.
  570. (10:38:15 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+8 PCHOO PCHOO
  571. (10:38:16 PM) Scantron: There's a little blood, Stephi.
  572. (10:38:16 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: PCHOO PCHOO: 5 (6df+8=0, -, -, -, +, -)
  573. (10:38:18 PM) padri: She didn't erally want to look in, anyway.
  574. (10:38:25 PM) Soulless: Stoat moves to remove the fire extinguisher from... whatever it is.
  575. (10:38:27 PM) Soulless: Ath?
  576. (10:38:46 PM) Scantron: Ath, yeah. Nolan, your shots are a bit off and hit a windowpane, shattering it.
  577. (10:39:01 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 No, don't hit my friends
  578. (10:39:01 PM) Glacon: Soulless: No, don't hit my friends: 7 (6df+8=-, 0, 0, +, -, 0)
  579. (10:39:09 PM) padri: And she's glad for the excuse not to. She looks up at Cameron, wanting him to follow as she takes a few steps toward the vending machine.
  580. (10:39:17 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Goddammmit I am so out of fucking practice. Ladies, let's /go/.
  581. (10:39:17 PM) Dawny: Stephi heads toward the door. "Why am I always getting hit in the head with things?" She's moving a bit slow due to being hit with a fire extinguisher.
  582. (10:39:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: "
  583. (10:39:21 PM) Scantron: 6df+4 I am not fast.
  584. (10:39:22 PM) Glacon: Scantron: I am not fast.: 5 (6df+4=0, -, 0, +, 0, +)
  585. (10:39:32 PM) Scantron: The fire extinguisher is ripped from its grasp.
  586. (10:39:45 PM) NAC: Cameron nods and gets in front of her. "Let me lead." He grunts, walking up to the machine.
  587. (10:39:55 PM) Scantron: As in, the vending machine?
  588. (10:40:01 PM) NAC: yeah.
  589. (10:40:04 PM) padri: She nods. When they get there, she searches for signs of . . . well, anything.
  590. (10:40:17 PM) padri: Especially those ghost things.
  591. (10:40:39 PM) Dawny: Stephi stays in the door, waiting for Nolan and Stoat.
  592. (10:40:42 PM) Scantron: There's silence, except for a pair of high heels and a pair of panties being tossed out of the open doorway of another room.
  593. (10:40:44 PM) padri: Maybe signs of what broke the glass or something.
  594. (10:41:09 PM) Scantron: Perception, Renee.
  595. (10:41:11 PM) padri: She glances back at the heels. She doesn't like being here.
  596. (10:41:11 PM) NAC: << I'm hearing gunfire, what's going on? >> He radios, looking down at the thrown garments with distate.
  597. (10:41:13 PM) Soulless: Stoat puts the fire extinguisher down, away from whatever it was, before following.
  598. (10:41:24 PM) padri: 6df+5 what's up with this machine? And these ghosts?
  599. (10:41:24 PM) Glacon: padri: what's up with this machine? And these ghosts?: 3 (6df+5=+, -, 0, -, 0, -)
  600. (10:41:25 PM) Soulless: <<Something hit Stephi with a fire extinguisher.>>
  601. (10:41:32 PM) Dawny: <<Can I get a medic to glance an my head?>>
  602. (10:41:39 PM) mode (+m ) by Scantron
  603. (10:41:41 PM) Scantron is now known as ScanAFK
  604. (10:44:25 PM) Feierbird [] entered the room.
  605. (10:44:30 PM) mode (+o Feierbird) by ChanServ
  606. (10:44:44 PM) mode (-m ) by Feierbird
  607. (10:44:45 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan urges the ladies out of the room and out of the doorway, before closing the door behind them and urging them toward the rest of the team.
  608. (10:44:58 PM) Feierbird: The door opens behind him.
  609. (10:45:02 PM) padri: Ren can't see shit. . .
  610. (10:45:08 PM) NAC: <<Acknowledged. Come over the vending machine.>> Cameron responds.
  611. (10:45:31 PM) Dawny: Stephi heads toward the vending machine, still holding her head.
  612. (10:45:33 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks around.
  613. (10:45:45 PM) Feierbird: Did I mention that Renee sees a rock near the vending machine? It looks like some of the ones on the beach.
  614. (10:45:51 PM) Soulless: She's even more cautious now.
  615. (10:45:54 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan makes sure to keep the distance between everybody and the invisible whatever.
  616. (10:45:54 PM) padri: No, you didn't.
  617. (10:46:00 PM) Mr_Wilt: Have they reached the vending machine?
  618. (10:46:00 PM) Soulless: Does she notice the thrown panties?
  619. (10:46:01 PM) padri: Ren goes to it and picks it up.
  620. (10:46:18 PM) Feierbird: Stoat, the hallway's empty, except for the sound of bouncing bedsprings from the room the panties and heels came from.
  621. (10:46:23 PM) Soulless: "..."
  622. (10:46:24 PM) Feierbird: They have reached it.
  623. (10:46:28 PM) Feierbird: Stoat sees the thrown panties.
  624. (10:46:29 PM) Soulless: "I'm going to check the sounds out."
  625. (10:46:37 PM) padri: She looks around. Why would they have wanted to break the vending machine?
  626. (10:46:40 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan tries to tip the vending machine over.
  627. (10:46:40 PM) Soulless: Stoat carefully sneaks over to the room.
  628. (10:46:54 PM) Soulless: Can she do so without having things notice her?
  629. (10:46:54 PM) Dawny: "Don't touch, just look" Stephi walks up to Cameron.
  630. (10:47:30 PM) Feierbird: Stoat can roll to be sneaky.
  631. (10:47:39 PM) padri: Anything inside the vending machine look disturbed?
  632. (10:47:54 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 sneaky
  633. (10:47:55 PM) Glacon: Soulless: sneaky: 7 (6df+8=+, -, 0, -, 0, 0)
  634. (10:47:58 PM) Feierbird: Half a candy bar was eaten and tossed back in there.
  635. (10:48:01 PM) NAC: Cameron moves over to Stephi and looks over the wound, angling the light at her head. "Yeah. Doesn't look like a fracture. It's might smart though."
  636. (10:48:14 PM) NAC: It*
  637. (10:48:22 PM) Dawny: "Hurts like a bitch"
  638. (10:48:24 PM) Feierbird: Stoat's sneaky. Nolan tips the vending machine over and shit falls out of it.
  639. (10:48:39 PM) Soulless: Stoat sneaks to the room. Is the door open or closed? Open, right?
  640. (10:48:49 PM) Soulless: (since it was said before it was an open doorway)
  641. (10:48:57 PM) Mr_Wilt: He pushes it into the middle of the hall, to act as a barricade. "Okay, medic guy." He turns to Cameron. "Got any rubbing alcohol?"
  642. (10:49:04 PM) Feierbird: Open, and the light's on. The bed's bouncing up and down a bit regularly. Imprints on the bed show someone laying on it, with more pressure towards their midsection.
  643. (10:49:54 PM) Soulless: "..."
  644. (10:50:07 PM) Feierbird: For reference, they've gone a good ways down the hall by now.
  645. (10:50:09 PM) Dawny: "Can we just burn this place down and call it a day?"
  646. (10:50:17 PM) NAC: "Like I said. Might smart." Cameron retorts, opening up his medbag and holding out a small plastic bottle of rubbing alcohol. "Here you go."
  647. (10:50:19 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks for any signs of BDS< anything.
  648. (10:50:23 PM) Soulless: *BDSM
  649. (10:50:40 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Okay, thank you." Nolan checks the floor and wall of the hall. They aren't flammable, are they?
  650. (10:51:30 PM) Sequence [] entered the room.
  651. (10:51:30 PM) mode (+h Sequence) by ChanServ
  652. (10:51:31 PM) Feierbird: In that room? Nothing. But, a blue-and-purple striped dildo moves from under the bed up the side to be parallel to the middle of the bed, maybe eight inches above it, near the center.
  653. (10:51:44 PM) Feierbird: Walls and floors don't really look flammable, no.
  654. (10:52:13 PM) NAC: "What are you planning on doing with that?" Cameron grunts, looking over at Nolan.
  655. (10:52:20 PM) Soulless: "..."
  656. (10:52:26 PM) Mr_Wilt: Good. Nolan pours a line of rubbing alcohol over the vending machine and any exposed floor left, if there is any, and hands the bottle back to Cameron.
  657. (10:52:27 PM) Feierbird: The dildo goes back and forth.
  658. (10:52:38 PM) Soulless: Stoat sneaks close to see if she can interrupt this and see what would happen.
  659. (10:52:49 PM) Soulless: Can she grab said dildo?
  660. (10:52:54 PM) Feierbird: She can try.
  661. (10:53:00 PM) Soulless: Actually, not yet
  662. (10:53:02 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Hopefully stopping whatever was in that room from getting to us." Nolan pulls out a match and flicks it onto the line.
  663. (10:53:08 PM) Mr_Wilt: After lighting it, of course.
  664. (10:53:16 PM) padri: "And how do we get out?"
  665. (10:53:17 PM) Soulless: <<I see a ghost playing with a dildo. Thiking of interrupting to see reaction.>>
  666. (10:53:19 PM) padri: "And Stoat?"
  667. (10:53:27 PM) Soulless: << Should I just come back.>>
  668. (10:53:30 PM) padri: Ren winces at that radio.
  669. (10:53:31 PM) Feierbird: The alcohol lights up, illuminating the hallway.
  670. (10:53:42 PM) Mr_Wilt: Alright, they have a border between them.
  671. (10:53:50 PM) Mr_Wilt: "That I didn't think about." He turns around. Is there any exit?
  672. (10:54:03 PM) Soulless: Stoat waits for an answer from the team.
  673. (10:54:04 PM) NAC: <<I'm out of rubbing alchohal. I'd use a glove.>>
  674. (10:54:11 PM) NAC: alcohol*
  675. (10:54:22 PM) Soulless: Can Stoat find a glove anywhere?
  676. (10:54:25 PM) Feierbird: A fire extinguisher floats out of a nearby room.
  677. (10:54:31 PM) Feierbird: No gloves, Stoat.
  678. (10:54:33 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Fuck."
  679. (10:54:34 PM) NAC: Cameron has latex gloves
  680. (10:54:37 PM) Soulless: Can Stoat see the fire exinguisher?
  681. (10:54:42 PM) padri: On which side of the fire?
  682. (10:54:50 PM) Soulless: <<No gloves here. Anyone have?>>
  683. (10:55:00 PM) Dawny: <<Cameron does>>
  684. (10:55:02 PM) NAC: <<I have a couple pairs.>>
  685. (10:55:08 PM) Feierbird: On the side they came from but are not on.
  686. (10:55:11 PM) Soulless: Stoat heads back. Can she see the fire extinguisher on her way back?
  687. (10:55:16 PM) Feierbird: She can.
  688. (10:55:18 PM) padri: "But the fire." She says it in a 'duh' tone.
  689. (10:55:26 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Fuck fuck fuck." Nolan points his pistol at it and tries to shoot whatever is holding it.
  690. (10:55:27 PM) Soulless: <<Floating fire extinguisher.>>
  691. (10:55:31 PM) Feierbird: The fire extinguisher stops about ten feet back from the fire.
  692. (10:55:36 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+8 NO YOU DON'T.
  693. (10:55:36 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: NO YOU DON'T.: 3 (6df+8=-, -, -, 0, -, -)
  694. (10:55:46 PM) Soulless: Stoat moves to try and grab it, but wants to avoid Nolan's boolets.
  695. (10:55:49 PM) Soulless: Can she do so?
  696. (10:55:51 PM) Feierbird: Nolan's shots go wild, hitting the area around it.
  697. (10:55:55 PM) padri: Ren backs away from the fire
  698. (10:55:58 PM) Feierbird: Stoat'd have to jump over the fire.
  699. (10:56:09 PM) Feierbird: This fire extinguisher is on the other side of the fire from y'all.
  700. (10:56:09 PM) Soulless: Can Stoat jump over said fire?
  701. (10:56:10 PM) padri: Grab the extinguisher.
  702. (10:56:22 PM) padri: Stoat's on the other side of the fire from us.
  703. (10:56:24 PM) Feierbird: She can try.
  704. (10:56:25 PM) padri: Isn't she?
  705. (10:56:31 PM) Mr_Wilt: The fire is on the side of a vending machine. It's not a good idea.
  706. (10:56:49 PM) Soulless: Uh, then Stoat should be on the other side of the fire, with the extinguisher.
  707. (10:56:54 PM) Feierbird: No, the room with the dildo in it was past the vending machine from the bdsm room.
  708. (10:57:01 PM) padri: oh
  709. (10:57:03 PM) Soulless: Oh okay.
  710. (10:57:13 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Okay, okay, okay. Look for an exit."
  711. (10:57:35 PM) padri: Can't they just go farther down the hall away, Nolan?"
  712. (10:57:37 PM) padri: -"
  713. (10:57:52 PM) Mr_Wilt: Depends on if there's that much hall left.
  714. (10:57:56 PM) Feierbird: The fire extinguisher activates, slowly spraying out the fire. It's taking its time.
  715. (10:58:09 PM) Feierbird: There's not a ton of hall left, but it splits to the left and right at the end of it.
  716. (10:58:11 PM) padri: Ren watches it. She didn't see it attacking.
  717. (10:58:22 PM) Dawny: "Left or right?"
  718. (10:58:27 PM) Soulless: When it sprays out a small part, can Stoat leap over th extinguished parts and make for a grab?
  719. (10:58:28 PM) NAC: "Left."
  720. (10:58:28 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Okay, let's go." He heads down the hall then.
  721. (10:58:31 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Left."
  722. (10:58:46 PM) padri: She follows Stephi, Nolan, and Cameron.
  723. (10:58:48 PM) Feierbird: She can try, yeah.
  724. (10:59:03 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 nnrgh, grabby
  725. (10:59:03 PM) Glacon: Soulless: nnrgh, grabby: 6 (6df+8=-, 0, 0, -, 0, 0)
  726. (10:59:04 PM) Dawny: "We can't leave Stoat"
  727. (10:59:12 PM) NAC: <<Moving on Stoat.>> The man radios, beginning down the hall.
  728. (10:59:15 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Stoat! Let's go!"
  729. (10:59:28 PM) Dawny: Stephi stays behind to cover Stoat. "We'll catch up, go"
  730. (10:59:32 PM) Feierbird: 6df+4 Can't move out of your way :(
  731. (10:59:32 PM) Glacon: Feierbird: Can't move out of your way :(: 7 (6df+4=+, 0, +, +, +, -)
  732. (11:00:00 PM) Mr_Wilt: "No, we're not splitting up."
  733. (11:00:02 PM) Feierbird: The fire extinguisher moves out of Stoat's grasp as she leaps for it!
  734. (11:00:20 PM) Soulless: Stoat huffs, then hears the radio and proceeds to turn and move with the rest of the group.
  735. (11:00:51 PM) Dawny: Stephi lets Stoat pass her and keeps her gun on fire extinguisher guy as she walks backwards.
  736. (11:01:06 PM) Feierbird: The fire extinguisher is set down and doesn't move.
  737. (11:01:16 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan heads down the left hall, tugging Stephi along with him.
  738. (11:01:23 PM) padri: Ren goes with them.
  739. (11:01:40 PM) padri: She's still got the rock.
  740. (11:01:57 PM) NAC: Cameron follows, looking around, are there any more open doors with ghost sex?
  741. (11:02:19 PM) Dawny: Stephi's going, she's just keeping their back covered Nolan!
  742. (11:02:36 PM) Mr_Wilt: Obviously shooting it isn't doing anything, so Nolan keeps tugging her along.
  743. (11:02:41 PM) Feierbird: This, but empty and with eye zippers, comes out of the BDSM room, about six off the ground. It heads quickly down the hall.
  744. (11:03:08 PM) Soulless: "..."
  745. (11:03:21 PM) padri: Renee shies away from it.
  746. (11:03:24 PM) Soulless: The same hall they're heading down?
  747. (11:03:31 PM) NAC: "... I'd let it past." Cameron suggests, backing up against a wall.
  748. (11:03:36 PM) Feierbird: No, the one with the vending machine.
  749. (11:03:37 PM) Mr_Wilt: The BDSM room would be in the hall they just exited.
  750. (11:03:42 PM) Soulless: Okay.
  751. (11:03:51 PM) Soulless: Stoat nods to Cameron. Let's not fuck with ghosts.
  752. (11:03:52 PM) Feierbird: There are some flip flops, a watch a few feet off the ground, and a shirt on the floor in the left hallway. They form a ring about five feet in diameter.
  753. (11:04:12 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan continues tugging Stephi along. "Come on."
  754. (11:04:17 PM) padri: Anything in them?
  755. (11:04:26 PM) Feierbird: The mask stops for a moment, and the fire extinguisher and a large shard of glass go up into the air. It continues, going up a bit as it goes over the vending machine.
  756. (11:04:28 PM) padri: the shirt, at least?
  757. (11:04:29 PM) Dawny: "Stop touching me" Stephi jerks away from Nolan.
  758. (11:04:31 PM) Feierbird: Nothing, Renee.
  759. (11:04:53 PM) padri: Is the shirt flat and empty, i mean. not visibly
  760. (11:05:15 PM) Feierbird: Yeah.
  761. (11:05:33 PM) Feierbird: The flips flops turn towards the group, then they and the watch move aside, making an opening in the center of the ring.
  762. (11:05:47 PM) Mr_Wilt: "I'm not going to let you get your shit wrecked. I will carry you if I have to."
  763. (11:06:17 PM) NAC: "I think ... they're letting us through." Cameron guesses, nodding his head in the direction of the watch person.
  764. (11:06:18 PM) padri: Ren watches the things moving.
  765. (11:06:31 PM) Feierbird: The shirt's still on the ground.
  766. (11:06:40 PM) Dawny: Stephi keeps up with the group, glancing behind. "Don't touch me. How hard is that to understand?"
  767. (11:06:52 PM) Feierbird: The mask, extinguisher, and glass shard are slowly making their way down the hall with the vending machine.
  768. (11:07:06 PM) padri: So there's a ghost wearing flip flops and a watch and a shirt on the ground, yes?
  769. (11:07:11 PM) Soulless: "...Let's keep moving."
  770. (11:07:14 PM) padri: I'm not understanding what we're seeing.
  771. (11:07:14 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Keep up and I won't have to, princess." Nolan goes for a door and tries to rip it off its hinges.
  772. (11:07:21 PM) NAC: "Lets."
  773. (11:07:24 PM) Feierbird: The flip flops and watch are too far apart to be the same entity.
  774. (11:07:32 PM) padri: k.
  775. (11:07:35 PM) Feierbird: They form a triangle with the shirt.
  776. (11:07:41 PM) padri: Okay.
  777. (11:07:45 PM) NAC: Cameron moves through the flip flops and the Watch, avoiding stepping on the shirt.
  778. (11:07:53 PM) Feierbird: Nolan, just a door to one of the rooms?
  779. (11:07:54 PM) Soulless: Stoat goes with Cameron.
  780. (11:08:04 PM) Mr_Wilt: Yes.
  781. (11:08:09 PM) Feierbird: Ath, Nolan.
  782. (11:08:11 PM) Dawny: Stephi keeps with Nolan.
  783. (11:08:15 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+15 HUUUURGH
  784. (11:08:15 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: HUUUURGH: 17 (6df+15=0, +, +, 0, 0, 0)
  785. (11:08:19 PM) Feierbird: Success!
  786. (11:08:19 PM) padri: Ren follows Cameron, watching where the ghosts are carefully.
  787. (11:08:33 PM) padri: *where she thinks the ghosts
  788. (11:08:52 PM) Feierbird: The mask, extinguisher, and shard turn the corner.
  789. (11:09:08 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck." Nolan tries to punch a hole into the wall.
  790. (11:09:16 PM) Feierbird: While holding the door?
  791. (11:09:19 PM) Soulless: Stoat pauses as Stephi and Nolan wait with the door.
  792. (11:09:28 PM) Soulless: "We shouldn't be separated from those two."
  793. (11:09:44 PM) Mr_Wilt: He lets go with one hand.
  794. (11:09:49 PM) Mr_Wilt: And uses said hand.
  795. (11:09:50 PM) Feierbird: Melee, Nolan.
  796. (11:09:54 PM) NAC: <<What are you two doing?>> Cameron radios, looking at them with his head tilted.
  797. (11:09:59 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14
  798. (11:09:59 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: 15 (6df+14=0, 0, 0, 0, 0, +)
  799. (11:10:02 PM) padri: Ren's going to stick close to someone, and as Cameron's the only one consistantly letting her. . .
  800. (11:10:05 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Tell them I'm trying to stop it."
  801. (11:10:06 PM) Feierbird: Nolan punches a hole in the wall.
  802. (11:10:13 PM) padri: She'll stick to him like glue for a while.
  803. (11:10:17 PM) Dawny: <<Trying to stop it>>
  804. (11:10:51 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan then turns the door on its side, face set vertically, and tries to ram it through the wall with the hole in it, hoping the surrounding plaster was weakened by the punch.
  805. (11:11:14 PM) Feierbird: Melee.
  806. (11:11:32 PM) Mr_Wilt: Should I lower it since he isn't punching?
  807. (11:11:38 PM) Feierbird: Sure.
  808. (11:12:07 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+12 Well, tagging Bad Habits, then.
  809. (11:12:07 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Well, tagging Bad Habits, then.: 9 (6df+12=-, -, -, +, 0, -)
  810. (11:12:17 PM) NAC: But he's using his arms to do the ramming
  811. (11:12:38 PM) Feierbird: They're not in a position that takes full advantage of the arms.
  812. (11:13:07 PM) Feierbird: Nolan, you manage to make a door-sized hole in the wall. Some pipes and wires are back there.
  813. (11:13:22 PM) Feierbird: The mask, extinguisher, and shard approach. Who's gone the least distance down the hall?
  814. (11:13:31 PM) Mr_Wilt: That'd be Nolan.
  815. (11:13:33 PM) padri: Nolan and stephi?
  816. (11:13:35 PM) Dawny: ^
  817. (11:13:36 PM) Mr_Wilt: Does he not have time to push it into the hole?
  818. (11:13:47 PM) Feierbird: He does.
  819. (11:13:53 PM) padri: i think he meant horizontally
  820. (11:13:54 PM) Feierbird: But then it'll be right on him.
  821. (11:13:59 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan does, then.
  822. (11:14:00 PM) Salmunity [] entered the room.
  823. (11:14:00 PM) padri: not vertically.
  824. (11:14:08 PM) padri: like as a barrier
  825. (11:14:29 PM) Mr_Wilt: Yes.
  826. (11:16:10 PM) Feierbird: Okay. The door's in the wall. The mask (and just assume that the extinguisher and shard travel with the glass) reach Nolan and Stephi. What do?
  827. (11:16:59 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan proceeds to try to run like a motherfucker.
  828. (11:17:18 PM) Dawny: Stephi does the same?
  829. (11:17:18 PM) Feierbird: Roll your non-arm ath, Nolan.
  830. (11:17:25 PM) Feierbird: You too, Stephi.
  831. (11:17:28 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+7 SEVEN
  832. (11:17:29 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: SEVEN: 9 (6df+7=0, +, +, +, 0, -)
  833. (11:17:45 PM) Dawny: 6df+5 watch Stephi get hit...again
  834. (11:17:46 PM) Glacon: Dawny: watch Stephi get hit...again: 6 (6df+5=-, +, 0, -, +, +)
  835. (11:17:48 PM) Feierbird: 6df+4 I am not fast.
  836. (11:17:48 PM) Glacon: Feierbird: I am not fast.: 1 (6df+4=0, 0, -, -, 0, -)
  837. (11:18:01 PM) Feierbird: They easily lose the mask.
  838. (11:18:19 PM) Mr_Wilt: Is the mask behind the door?
  839. (11:19:27 PM) ScanAFK left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  840. (11:19:33 PM) Salmunity is now known as Salmander
  841. (11:19:35 PM) Scantron [] entered the room.
  842. (11:19:36 PM) mode (+o Scantron) by ChanServ
  843. (11:19:43 PM) mode (+qo Salmander Salmander) by ChanServ
  844. (11:20:09 PM) Soulless: Once the other guys catch up Stoat turns to continue going.
  845. (11:20:19 PM) NAC: Cameron does the same
  846. (11:20:23 PM) padri: Ren sticks with Cameron.
  847. (11:20:56 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan continues on!
  848. (11:21:10 PM) Feierbird: Yeah, but... there's room to go around it, or over it, or whatever. The mask pauses, then goes around/under/over/whatever needs to be accomplished.
  849. (11:21:13 PM) Feierbird: It ducks into a room.
  850. (11:21:16 PM) Feierbird: The hallway is silent.
  851. (11:21:53 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Okay, keep going, keep going. Find something big enough to block off the hallway."
  852. (11:22:17 PM) Dawny: Stephi looks for something that would work!
  853. (11:22:31 PM) NAC: "More vending machines?"
  854. (11:22:42 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Anything."
  855. (11:22:47 PM) NAC: Cameron shrugs, continuing down the rows of rooms. What does he see?
  856. (11:22:48 PM) Feierbird: There's an intersection in the hallway. There seems to be a glass-walled exercise room nearby, with treadmills and ellipticals and shit. There are vending machines, as well.
  857. (11:23:03 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan goes for a vending machine.
  858. (11:23:25 PM) NAC: Is any of the exercise equipment in use?
  859. (11:23:26 PM) Soulless: "Can't we just lock yourselves in a room to plan."
  860. (11:23:27 PM) Feierbird: One of the treadmills is rocking back and forth rhythmically.
  861. (11:23:39 PM) Soulless: *ourselves
  862. (11:23:42 PM) Tox|Laptop [] entered the room.
  863. (11:23:43 PM) mode (+o Tox|Laptop) by ChanServ
  864. (11:23:57 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Then we have to get around it."
  865. (11:24:30 PM) NAC: "Going into the exercise room. Cover me." Cameron starts, heading up to the entrance.
  866. (11:24:36 PM) Feierbird: Is anyone still in the same hallway the doorblock was put in?
  867. (11:24:42 PM) NAC: No
  868. (11:24:57 PM) padri: She doesn't look into the exercise room. She stays out of it.
  869. (11:25:03 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan heads over for a vending machine, tipping it over.
  870. (11:25:04 PM) Dawny: Stephi's with Nolan.
  871. (11:25:09 PM) Feierbird: It's tipped over.
  872. (11:25:24 PM) Soulless: Stoat covers Cameron.
  873. (11:25:28 PM) Mr_Wilt: He pushes it out into the intersection to block off the hall as best as it can.
  874. (11:25:31 PM) Dawny: Stephi covers Nolan.
  875. (11:25:35 PM) Mr_Wilt: The doorblock hall, that is.
  876. (11:25:35 PM) padri: Ren's by herself, then.
  877. (11:25:45 PM) Feierbird: There's room to slip past it, but it would take effort.
  878. (11:25:51 PM) Soulless: Stoat tries to cover both Ren and Cameron.
  879. (11:25:51 PM) padri: Not with either pair.
  880. (11:25:53 PM) Soulless: Fuuuuck.
  881. (11:26:05 PM) Mr_Wilt: Is there another vending machine?
  882. (11:26:09 PM) Soulless: "Come on Ren."
  883. (11:26:11 PM) NAC: Cameron goes into the exercise room, are there any barbels visible?
  884. (11:26:13 PM) Feierbird: Another, yeah.
  885. (11:26:17 PM) padri: "Not in there."
  886. (11:26:18 PM) Soulless: "Stick with us and don't go alone."
  887. (11:26:21 PM) Soulless: "Why not."
  888. (11:26:22 PM) Feierbird: Barbels of all weights are available.
  889. (11:26:28 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan heads over to that one, tips it over, and drags it off toward the first vending machine barricade.
  890. (11:26:32 PM) Soulless: "Then go with Nolan."
  891. (11:26:34 PM) padri: "There's more ghosts in there."
  892. (11:26:38 PM) Soulless: "..."
  893. (11:26:48 PM) Soulless: "Then go withNolan."
  894. (11:27:02 PM) padri: She goes, following Nolan around uselessly.
  895. (11:27:08 PM) Mr_Wilt: He tries to pick it up to put it on top of the other one.
  896. (11:27:19 PM) Feierbird: Ath, Nolan.
  897. (11:27:28 PM) Soulless: Stoat huffs and continues to stay with Cameron.
  898. (11:27:31 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+15 HRRRRGH
  899. (11:27:31 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: HRRRRGH: 14 (6df+15=-, +, 0, 0, -, 0)
  900. (11:27:33 PM) Soulless: "Let me know if you want to move anything."
  901. (11:27:42 PM) Dawny: "Need help Nolan?" Stephi tries to help.
  902. (11:27:48 PM) Feierbird: Nolan lifts it himself.
  903. (11:28:00 PM) Feierbird: It buckles a bit under the pressure of just resting on his two hands, though.
  904. (11:28:25 PM) NAC: Cameron nods and heads over to one, taking a hold of barbell. "... thinking about something." He grunts, taking the weights off of one end of the metal pole.
  905. (11:28:25 PM) Mr_Wilt: "S-sure." He grunts.
  906. (11:29:00 PM) Dawny: Stephi helps!
  907. (11:29:08 PM) Dawny: 6df+5 maybe?
  908. (11:29:08 PM) padri: Ren is impressed and a tiny bit frightened by that. She stays out of the way.
  909. (11:29:08 PM) Glacon: Dawny: maybe?: 5 (6df+5=0, +, -, -, 0, +)
  910. (11:29:10 PM) NAC: "Can you put 20 pounds on the other end?" Cameron asks, turning to stoat.
  911. (11:29:23 PM) Feierbird: It's not buckling any more.
  912. (11:29:37 PM) Mr_Wilt: With Stephi's help, he sets it on top of the first vending machine, pushing it over so it blocks the room in the hall.
  913. (11:29:58 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Okay, what else is there?"
  914. (11:30:10 PM) Dawny: Stephi looks around for more blocking stuff.
  915. (11:30:15 PM) padri: She looks around. Any more ghosts around or stuff?
  916. (11:30:23 PM) Feierbird: None that she can see.
  917. (11:30:32 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan looks around as well. Any doors further down the other three halls?
  918. (11:30:33 PM) padri: Which she?
  919. (11:30:52 PM) Dawny: ^
  920. (11:30:54 PM) Soulless: "..." Stoat watches Cameron and puts 20 pounds on the other end as instructed.
  921. (11:31:01 PM) Soulless: She's carefully watching. around.
  922. (11:31:11 PM) Feierbird: Renee. There are exercise machines in the hall, and lots of doors to rooms.
  923. (11:31:29 PM) Feierbird: To clarify, Renee sees no ghosts.
  924. (11:31:34 PM) padri: Yup.
  925. (11:31:44 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan will settle with an exercise machine. He heads into the room full of it, and looks for the biggest thing he figures he can pull.
  926. (11:31:48 PM) padri: Good. Ren avoids getting too upset by this so far.
  927. (11:32:09 PM) NAC: Cameron nods and takes a hold of the metal pole "Thanks." he nods, taking this makeshift weapon out with him, heavy end in the air.
  928. (11:32:18 PM) padri: Ren stays out of the exercise room.
  929. (11:32:23 PM) Dawny: Stephi takes the momentary pause to hug Ren. "You're doing great"
  930. (11:32:26 PM) Feierbird: A metallic knocking can be heard on the side of the barricade that they're not on.
  931. (11:32:30 PM) Soulless: "..."
  932. (11:32:36 PM) Feierbird: Tap tap tap.
  933. (11:32:40 PM) padri: She hugs Stephi back. ~Thanks.~
  934. (11:32:46 PM) Feierbird: tappa
  935. (11:32:47 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Fuck, okay, it's out."
  936. (11:32:51 PM) padri: She turns around. Tapping?
  937. (11:32:56 PM) Dawny: "This is bad"
  938. (11:32:58 PM) Feierbird: It doesn't sound like it's crossed the barricade yet.
  939. (11:33:00 PM) padri: She watches closely.
  940. (11:33:02 PM) Feierbird: tap tap tap tap
  941. (11:33:10 PM) Mr_Wilt: He continues looking for the biggest piece of equipment he figures he can drag.
  942. (11:33:20 PM) Soulless: "I don't know how to deal with your gratitude. Shall we head back."
  943. (11:33:24 PM) Feierbird: There's a big treadmill.
  944. (11:33:34 PM) Soulless: oh wait
  945. (11:33:36 PM) padri: what does it sound like it's doing? Getting past?
  946. (11:33:40 PM) Soulless: redact the 'shall we head back' part
  947. (11:33:41 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan grabs the treadmill and pulls it out into the hall, toward the barricade.
  948. (11:33:52 PM) Feierbird: Just tapping repeatedly on the metal vending machine.
  949. (11:34:00 PM) Soulless: "What now."
  950. (11:34:10 PM) Mr_Wilt: "We keep barricading while we plan.""
  951. (11:34:23 PM) Dawny: "Well, that means we need to plan""
  952. (11:34:26 PM) Soulless: "..."
  953. (11:34:26 PM) Dawny: -"
  954. (11:34:29 PM) NAC: "Accept it." He grunts, looking over the barricade.
  955. (11:34:38 PM) Feierbird: Cameron, pdef.
  956. (11:34:48 PM) Soulless: Stoat heads to Stephi and Ren. "So let's plan."
  957. (11:34:51 PM) padri: She's watching the barricade.
  958. (11:34:57 PM) NAC: 6df+8 My polearm will protect me!
  959. (11:34:57 PM) Glacon: NAC: My polearm will protect me!: 8 (6df+8=+, +, 0, -, 0, -)
  960. (11:35:09 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Right, so, obviously we can't kill this thing, right?"
  961. (11:35:17 PM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+15 Ath for dragging the treadmill
  962. (11:35:18 PM) Feierbird: 6df+12 I know how to use tools.
  963. (11:35:18 PM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Ath for dragging the treadmill: 15 (6df+15=0, 0, -, 0, 0, +)
  964. (11:35:18 PM) Glacon: Feierbird: I know how to use tools.: 8 (6df+12=-, 0, -, 0, -, -)
  965. (11:35:37 PM) padri: She just wants to leave here. This wasn't what she bargained for.
  966. (11:35:45 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks to Ren.
  967. (11:35:55 PM) Soulless: "Keep focus and don't lose it."
  968. (11:36:00 PM) Dawny: "Ghost sex thing wants to kill us...shooting doesn't help...Light? It smashed the light before. Maybe it can't function in light."
  969. (11:36:08 PM) padri: Ren is jittery and on edge, but she hasn't lost it quite yet.
  970. (11:36:12 PM) Mr_Wilt: "It's functioning in light right now."
  971. (11:36:15 PM) Soulless: Stoat's warning her not to.
  972. (11:36:20 PM) Feierbird: Nolan drags the treadmill.
  973. (11:36:26 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Our flashlights aren't exactly stopping it."
  974. (11:36:43 PM) Feierbird: Cameron, you just avoid being hit with a small jet of fire. You can't quite tell what's causing it, though, as you have to duck away.
  975. (11:36:47 PM) Dawny: "Well I don't hear any ideas coming from you"
  976. (11:36:48 PM) padri: ~But it has zippers. . .~
  977. (11:36:55 PM) padri: She can't say it, though.
  978. (11:37:08 PM) NAC: "Fuck! OUT NOW."
  979. (11:37:24 PM) Soulless: "Out where, the hall?"
  980. (11:37:25 PM) padri: She screams just a bit, backing away.
  981. (11:37:35 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Here's one." Nolan waits for Cameron to move, then pushes the treadmill up against the barricade.
  982. (11:37:56 PM) Mr_Wilt: "This dimension has an anchor, right? They all do. We just need to find it and break it."
  983. (11:38:04 PM) Dawny: "Fuck" Stephi steps between whatever it is and Ren.
  984. (11:38:19 PM) Feierbird: There's a sound of breaking glass, and something wet flows over the edge of the barricade and seeps onto the ground and treadmill.
  985. (11:38:24 PM) padri: She doesn't lose it, she's just surprised.
  986. (11:38:24 PM) NAC: Cameron ducks out of nolan's way as that fire burns through the vending machine
  987. (11:38:25 PM) Soulless: "..."
  988. (11:38:36 PM) Dawny: "More blood?"
  989. (11:38:36 PM) Soulless: "Okay let's keep going down, let's go."
  990. (11:38:45 PM) Soulless: Stoat keeps heading down the hallway. Nope nope nope.
  991. (11:38:52 PM) Soulless: "Keep moving from the fire."
  992. (11:38:54 PM) padri: Ren stays with Stoat.
  993. (11:39:17 PM) Feierbird: The sound of a match being struck is heard, and then a match is seen tossed over the barricade. The treadmill is set on fire.
  994. (11:39:26 PM) Mr_Wilt: "I think I'm for the 'let's light the entire place on fire' idea. It ensures we- fuck!"
  995. (11:39:30 PM) Feierbird: Whatever was dropped over there was flammable.
  996. (11:39:30 PM) Soulless: "Leep going let's go."
  997. (11:39:35 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Goddamn that thing is ten steps ahead of us, move!"
  998. (11:39:42 PM) Soulless: Stoat's already moving!
  999. (11:39:46 PM) Soulless: *Keep
  1000. (11:39:50 PM) padri: Ren's with her.
  1001. (11:39:53 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan heads down the hall. Fuck that thing.
  1002. (11:39:55 PM) Dawny: "Run" Stephi keeps Ren ahead of her.
  1003. (11:39:57 PM) NAC: Cameron doesn't wait along and lumbers on behind Stoat.
  1004. (11:40:25 PM) Mr_Wilt: "We just have to find the anchor and keep this thing away from us."
  1005. (11:40:26 PM) Feierbird: A metal cannister of some sort is dropped over the edge of the barricade. It heats up.
  1006. (11:40:27 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks for a place. "We need to find where that anchor is."
  1007. (11:40:41 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks for stairs or something to head up.
  1008. (11:41:03 PM) padri: Ren just keeps moving. She's all for getting out of this place. She's so on edge right now.
  1009. (11:41:30 PM) Soulless: Stoat notes Ren's on edgeness.
  1010. (11:42:00 PM) Feierbird: The metal cannister explodes, knocking the vending machines out of the way. Pdef, whoever's at the back of the group.
  1011. (11:42:07 PM) NAC: What's in the halls infront of us.
  1012. (11:42:16 PM) Mr_Wilt: I think they're far enough from the barricade by now.
  1013. (11:42:23 PM) Feierbird: Oh. Well, Never mind, then.
  1014. (11:42:28 PM) Dawny: ...that's probably Stephi, she's the shortest
  1015. (11:42:35 PM) Dawny: oh, never mind then
  1016. (11:42:37 PM) Lurk_AFK is now known as Lurker
  1017. (11:43:07 PM) Feierbird: The hall in front of you is pretty nondescript. You can see the massive main area at one end of it.
  1018. (11:43:44 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan looks for anything to push over as they head down the hall.
  1019. (11:43:57 PM) padri: Ren's keeping vigilant for more ghosts to avoid and not see.
  1020. (11:44:09 PM) Feierbird: Anyone looking in that direction, the mask extinguishes part of the fire, enough to move through. It moves forward slowly.
  1021. (11:44:17 PM) Feierbird: Nolan, there's nothing in this hallway.
  1022. (11:44:31 PM) Dawny: "It's following us...again...past the barricade."
  1023. (11:44:50 PM) NAC: "Suggest we go to the big room. Everyone agree?"
  1024. (11:44:53 PM) padri: No, don't do that, don't follow us. . .
  1025. (11:45:02 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Just keep going. I'm all for the big room."
  1026. (11:45:15 PM) Feierbird: It steps into the exercise room, out of view.
  1027. (11:45:42 PM) Dawny: "It went into another room" Stephi keeps running.
  1028. (11:45:53 PM) padri: Ren, too.
  1029. (11:46:00 PM) NAC: Are there doors in the main area?
  1030. (11:46:02 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Good, that buys us some time." Nolan heads toward the main area!
  1031. (11:46:07 PM) Soulless: "Okay let's keep going."
  1032. (11:46:17 PM) Feierbird: There's a stairway that goes down to the ground floor of the big open space.
  1033. (11:46:19 PM) Soulless: "Maybe the big room will have hints of what the anchor is."
  1034. (11:46:56 PM) Mr_Wilt: Any lights in any halls higher up?
  1035. (11:47:20 PM) Feierbird: A few here and there. Bedsprings are bouncing in two of the rooms.
  1036. (11:47:35 PM) padri: Ren pointedly ignores those rooms, wincing when she hears it.
  1037. (11:47:41 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Okay. Maybe it's another room with a light on."
  1038. (11:48:10 PM) padri: ~Those aren't good rooms. . .~
  1039. (11:48:43 PM) Dawny: "If we just burn the place down...obviously it can get hurt by fire"
  1040. (11:49:02 PM) NAC: "Why can it get hurt by fire?" Cameron grunts, looking down at Stephi.
  1041. (11:49:05 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Well, the rest of the halls aren't lighting on fire. How do we know the whole building will?"
  1042. (11:49:21 PM) Scantron left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  1043. (11:49:26 PM) Dawny: "It keeps putting the fire out before passing through it"
  1044. (11:50:06 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Besides, I used all of the rubbing alcohol."
  1045. (11:50:48 PM) NAC: "Doesn't mean it's harmed by it... Force of habit from a dead ghost who doesn't know he's dead."
  1046. (11:50:51 PM) Dawny: "There has to be paper somewhere...and dry foliage outside maybe..."
  1047. (11:51:21 PM) padri: "It would be easier to just find it and destroy it and get out.!
  1048. (11:51:27 PM) padri: -! +"
  1049. (11:51:36 PM) Feierbird: To be clear, where are people? They could have gone down into the big room, or stayed in the halls on the third floor, or gone somewhere else
  1050. (11:51:44 PM) Mr_Wilt: Big room.
  1051. (11:51:47 PM) Soulless: Pretty sure they went to the big room
  1052. (11:51:48 PM) NAC: Big room I thought.
  1053. (11:52:05 PM) padri: Big room
  1054. (11:52:06 PM) Feierbird: Awesome. The bra from before is up against a wall, moving up and down.
  1055. (11:52:14 PM) Soulless: "..."
  1056. (11:52:27 PM) Soulless: "Let's explore other rooms." Where else is there to go now?
  1057. (11:52:34 PM) padri: Ren winces and /doesn't/ look at the bra.
  1058. (11:52:42 PM) Soulless: Stoat regards Ren's reaction.
  1059. (11:52:49 PM) Feierbird: A lot of places. It's a big hotel.
  1060. (11:53:00 PM) NAC: Cameron grunts and walks to the front desk. Is there anything on it about revealing thins about the hotel, name or anything?
  1061. (11:53:15 PM) NAC: Maybe a map of fire-exits?
  1062. (11:53:19 PM) Feierbird: Sunshineset Beach Resort
  1063. (11:53:20 PM) Soulless: Are there any flyers or anything anywehre near the front desk about anything?
  1064. (11:53:31 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan looks up, looking for new lights.
  1065. (11:53:31 PM) Dawny: Stephi keeps watching down the hall while everyone makes plans.
  1066. (11:53:42 PM) Feierbird: There are some fire exit pathways on some signs behind the desk.
  1067. (11:54:54 PM) NAC: Are they bolted to the wall?
  1068. (11:55:12 PM) padri: Anything strange on the maps with the paths?
  1069. (11:55:35 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan's still looking for dem lights.
  1070. (11:55:38 PM) Feierbird: Strange? Nah. They're just taped on and laminated.
  1071. (11:55:41 PM) padri: anything off? that shouldn't be there?
  1072. (11:55:46 PM) padri: in the building, i mean
  1073. (11:55:54 PM) Feierbird: Nolan, there are odd lights here and there on pretty much any floor you look up at. The ceiling extends all the way to the roof.
  1074. (11:56:01 PM) padri: . . . ~other than all these ghosts~
  1075. (11:56:24 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Goddammit, that's way too many rooms."
  1076. (11:56:36 PM) NAC: What are the largest rooms on the map?
  1077. (11:56:46 PM) Dawny: Stephi just keeps an eye on the hallway for the masked man ghost thingy.
  1078. (11:56:47 PM) padri: Any rooms that are out of place?
  1079. (11:57:48 PM) Feierbird: This huge room that they're in now is the biggest, although there's a lap pool on the fourth floor that's the second biggest.
  1080. (11:57:58 PM) Feierbird: None of the rooms seem really out of place, but there's no map of the basement.
  1081. (11:58:37 PM) padri: There should be one. . . weird.
  1082. (11:58:49 PM) padri: Are there steps going down?
  1083. (11:58:56 PM) Dawny: Does Stephi see him coming at all?
  1084. (11:59:02 PM) NAC: Cameron pulls away from the hotel map. "Fourth floor, there's a pool there. Want to check it out?"
  1085. (11:59:06 PM) Feierbird: Nope. Where is everyone, exactly?
  1086. (11:59:18 PM) NAC: Cameron and Ren are by the front desk
  1087. (11:59:27 PM) padri: "Where's the basement?"
  1088. (12:00:20 AM) Soulless: "Pool might be an idea."
  1089. (12:00:31 AM) Mr_Wilt: "What would be at the pool?
  1090. (12:00:32 AM) Mr_Wilt: "
  1091. (12:00:42 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan is lingering by the stairs.
  1092. (12:00:51 AM) Dawny: "Basement sounds promising..." Stephi is by the steps, watching for mask guy.
  1093. (12:01:01 AM) Feierbird: Where's Stoat, then?
  1094. (12:01:16 AM) Soulless: Stoat's with Cameron.
  1095. (12:01:20 AM) padri: "There isn't one. There's always a basement. Where's the one from here?"
  1096. (12:01:27 AM) padri: Is there an elevator?
  1097. (12:01:50 AM) padri: Or is there a room marked for where they keep the stuff that belongs in the basement?
  1098. (12:02:12 AM) Feierbird: There are a few elevators here and there.
  1099. (12:02:13 AM) NAC: "Big room. Big rooms generally have things going on." Cameron shrugs "It's the largest room beyond this one. Could fit something important in it."
  1100. (12:02:40 AM) Mr_Wilt: "I'm more inclined to believe in the basement."
  1101. (12:02:49 AM) Soulless: "..."
  1102. (12:03:02 AM) Dawny: "What do you mean there's nose basement?"
  1103. (12:03:06 AM) padri: She goes and peeks in an elevator, hoping to find nothing in it.
  1104. (12:03:07 AM) Dawny: no, derp
  1105. (12:03:12 AM) padri: "It's not on the map."
  1106. (12:03:20 AM) Soulless: "Which one's closer then."
  1107. (12:03:22 AM) padri: She doesn't step in it yet.
  1108. (12:03:28 AM) Feierbird: The elevator's empty, Renee.
  1109. (12:03:41 AM) padri: She looks at the buttons.
  1110. (12:04:13 AM) Feierbird: There are buttons for floors one through seven, and one marked B.
  1111. (12:04:54 AM) padri: "But here's a basement. I think I found what we're looking for, guys." She doesn't sound happy about it.
  1112. (12:05:09 AM) Dawny: "To the basement then"
  1113. (12:05:14 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Then let's find some stairs leading down."
  1114. (12:05:17 AM) Soulless: "..."
  1115. (12:05:19 AM) Feierbird: Cameron, perception.
  1116. (12:05:27 AM) padri: There are no stairs leading down.
  1117. (12:05:30 AM) NAC: 6df+5 SORRY TO LET YOU DOWN GUYS
  1118. (12:05:30 AM) Glacon: NAC: SORRY TO LET YOU DOWN GUYS: 6 (6df+5=0, 0, 0, -, +, +)
  1119. (12:07:20 AM) Feierbird: Cameron, you don't notice in time to prevent a shard of glass being pressed against your neck. A little blood is drawn, but not much. A voice near your ear: "Ssshhh..." Just loud enough for him to hear.
  1120. (12:10:11 AM) padri: Ren looks at the people. "To the basement, then?"
  1121. (12:10:30 AM) NAC: Cameron grunts some and blinks, he remains quiet. He winces as he looks down at the blade of glass. ~Wait a second. You can walk through ghosts.~ he thinks, before attempting to jump backwards.
  1122. (12:10:33 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Sure. It'd be down one of these basement."
  1123. (12:10:40 AM) Soulless: "..."
  1124. (12:10:45 AM) Mr_Wilt: halls*
  1125. (12:10:55 AM) Soulless: Stoat perks up at the grunt, looking around.
  1126. (12:11:00 AM) Dawny: "Yeah...I think basement is our best bet"
  1127. (12:11:17 AM) NAC: Do you want me to roll Athletics?
  1128. (12:11:24 AM) padri: Ren notices him jump back, right?
  1129. (12:11:25 AM) Feierbird: Cameron, you hit something a bit smaller than you. The shard of glass goes at your throat. Ath to shove the something behind you, and then pdef.
  1130. (12:11:30 AM) Feierbird: Yeah, she'll notice.
  1131. (12:11:38 AM) Soulless: "Guys. Cameron."
  1132. (12:11:39 AM) padri: "Cameron!"
  1133. (12:11:44 AM) padri: She shrieks.
  1134. (12:11:49 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan turns!
  1135. (12:11:52 AM) Soulless: Stoat looks to Ren. "Calm down."
  1136. (12:11:53 AM) Dawny: Stephi turns to look at Cameron!
  1137. (12:11:56 AM) padri: (that is, she shrieks the word cameron)
  1138. (12:12:01 AM) NAC: 6df+8 Ath I AINT YOUR BITCH BRO
  1139. (12:12:01 AM) Glacon: NAC: Ath I AINT YOUR BITCH BRO: 10 (6df+8=+, 0, 0, +, -, +)
  1140. (12:12:23 AM) NAC: 6df+8 IDGAF
  1141. (12:12:24 AM) Glacon: NAC: IDGAF: 6 (6df+8=-, 0, 0, 0, -, 0)
  1142. (12:12:27 AM) Feierbird: Now pdef.
  1143. (12:12:27 AM) NAC: Pdf
  1144. (12:12:37 AM) padri: Ren isn't calm. She's on edge, in a place that is /this/ close to making her panic, and something happened.
  1145. (12:13:03 AM) Feierbird: 6df+6 I'm hard to push around.
  1146. (12:13:04 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I'm hard to push around.: 4 (6df+6=0, -, 0, +, -, -)
  1147. (12:13:05 AM) Soulless: Stoat knows this.
  1148. (12:13:12 AM) Feierbird: 6df+12 I can get up close without being seen.
  1149. (12:13:12 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I can get up close without being seen.: 14 (6df+12=+, 0, +, -, +, 0)
  1150. (12:14:06 AM) Feierbird: The shard of glass just barely misses anything vital as it cuts a good gash along Cameron's throat and down his chest. He feels whatever was behind him get pushed away. -2 Body, and the glass falls to the ground.
  1151. (12:14:18 AM) PresidentEvil|elsewhere is now known as PresidentEvil
  1152. (12:14:27 AM) padri: She just barely manages to not shriek again when she sees that.
  1153. (12:14:29 AM) Soulless: Stoat heads to Cameron. "Come on let's go. Quickly."
  1154. (12:14:52 AM) Soulless: She grabs the shard of glass and chucks it away, so the ghost will have to go get it.
  1155. (12:14:53 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Alright, everybody! Down a hall!" Nolan waves everybody toward the nearest hall on the ground floor.
  1156. (12:15:26 AM) padri: Ren just wants to back into the elevator and get away.
  1157. (12:15:27 AM) Dawny: Stephi lets the injured and the Ren go ahead of her.
  1158. (12:15:36 AM) NAC: Cameron Swings his makeshift weapon in a wide ark behind him as he's cut, free hand going to his throat and clamping down at the wound.
  1159. (12:15:42 AM) NAC: And the He runs
  1160. (12:15:49 AM) Soulless: Stoat runs with him.
  1161. (12:15:58 AM) Soulless: She also grabs Ren, bcause she's terrified.
  1162. (12:16:01 AM) Soulless: *Ren is
  1163. (12:16:09 AM) padri: Ren is grabbed! She comes along!
  1164. (12:16:10 AM) Soulless: 6df+8 ath drag this way
  1165. (12:16:10 AM) Glacon: Soulless: ath drag this way: 6 (6df+8=-, -, -, -, +, +)
  1166. (12:16:11 AM) NAC: Should I roll melee incase he hit anything?
  1167. (12:16:16 AM) Soulless: Oh, nevermind
  1168. (12:16:20 AM) Feierbird: He doesn't hit anything.
  1169. (12:16:22 AM) Soulless: She just grabs Ren along.
  1170. (12:16:37 AM) Mr_Wilt: Meanwhile, Nolan tries to pick up the entire reception desk.
  1171. (12:16:44 AM) Feierbird: Go for it.
  1172. (12:17:03 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+15 Just the whole goddamn thing.
  1173. (12:17:03 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Just the whole goddamn thing.: 15 (6df+15=0, -, +, -, 0, +)
  1174. (12:17:32 AM) Feierbird: He lifts it up, but that desk was meant to rest on the ground, not in a man's arms. Papers and phones and stuff fall and spill everywher.e
  1175. (12:17:41 AM) Feierbird: It groans under its own weight.
  1176. (12:18:41 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan tries to reach the hall as quick as he can!
  1177. (12:19:03 AM) Feierbird: Non-arm ath, Nolan!
  1178. (12:19:27 AM) Dawny: Stephi covers Nolan as best as she can.
  1179. (12:19:29 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+11 WORTH THE TAGGING, BAD HABITS
  1180. (12:19:29 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: WORTH THE TAGGING, BAD HABITS: 8 (6df+11=0, 0, 0, -, -, -)
  1181. (12:19:48 AM) Feierbird: 6df+6 I can push people over.
  1182. (12:19:48 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I can push people over.: 8 (6df+6=+, 0, +, +, -, 0)
  1183. (12:20:04 AM) Feierbird: Nolan, something just tried to push you over! You have to pause not to be pushed over!
  1184. (12:20:24 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Goddammit!"
  1185. (12:20:37 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan tries to swing the entire reception desk.
  1186. (12:20:40 AM) Dawny: Stephi goes to help Nolan with the desk!
  1187. (12:20:51 AM) Feierbird: Ath not to drop it in the process. Arm Ath, that is.
  1188. (12:21:02 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+15 I AM SO MAD I'M SWINGING A RECEPTION DESK AT YOU.
  1189. (12:21:02 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: I AM SO MAD I'M SWINGING A RECEPTION DESK AT YOU.: 18 (6df+15=+, +, +, -, +, 0)
  1190. (12:21:09 AM) Feierbird: 6df+8
  1191. (12:21:09 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: 5 (6df+8=-, -, -, -, 0, +)
  1192. (12:21:39 AM) Feierbird: It whiffs through the air. You could swear you could hear the wind getting knocked out of someone.
  1193. (12:22:17 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan then continues to limp off toward the hall with the desk, now with the apparent help of Stephi!
  1194. (12:22:17 AM) NAC: Cameron backs up in a corner and grips at his throat, wincing. "S-stoat. Medical bag. Gauze." He sputters out, coughing up a small red mist as his shirt slowly stains.
  1195. (12:22:50 AM) Dawny: Stephi helps!
  1196. (12:23:03 AM) Soulless: Stoat grabs the medical bag and gauze, handing it to him.
  1197. (12:23:17 AM) Soulless: She cannot into medical-ness but she can do that.
  1198. (12:23:19 AM) padri: Ren helps Cameron. She can do /something./
  1199. (12:23:37 AM) padri: You want Ren medical you or you swat her 'way?
  1200. (12:23:40 AM) Soulless: Stoat's had just about enough of Ren and her flipping her shit.
  1201. (12:23:45 AM) Feierbird: The bra goes up to Cameron!
  1202. (12:23:51 AM) NAC: Ren can medic, mind if she spends the AP?
  1203. (12:24:08 AM) Mr_Wilt: Does Nolan reach the hall?
  1204. (12:24:09 AM) padri: She will.
  1205. (12:24:10 AM) Feierbird: It rubs against his arm.
  1206. (12:24:11 AM) Soulless: Stoat gets up and stands in the way.
  1207. (12:24:13 AM) Soulless: "No."
  1208. (12:24:13 AM) Feierbird: Nolan reaches the hall.
  1209. (12:24:19 AM) Soulless: She grabs the bra and pulls it back.
  1210. (12:24:20 AM) padri: 6df+5 Medicaling Cameron!
  1211. (12:24:20 AM) Glacon: padri: Medicaling Cameron!: 8 (6df+5=0, +, 0, +, 0, +)
  1212. (12:24:21 AM) Soulless: Ath?
  1213. (12:24:30 AM) NAC: 6df+2 MY THROAT IS BLOOD
  1214. (12:24:31 AM) Glacon: NAC: MY THROAT IS BLOOD: 2 (6df+2=0, 0, 0, +, 0, -)
  1215. (12:24:38 AM) Feierbird: Yeah, ath.
  1216. (12:24:49 AM) padri: Oh! No! Shit! She notices the bra as she finishes and /falls/ away from him.
  1217. (12:24:57 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan waits for Stephi to enter the hall, then sets the reception desk down vertically, pulling it up against the entrance into the hall.
  1218. (12:25:11 AM) Soulless: 6df+8 get the fuck away, ghost
  1219. (12:25:11 AM) Glacon: Soulless: get the fuck away, ghost: 9 (6df+8=-, +, 0, -, +, +)
  1220. (12:25:16 AM) Feierbird: 6df+4 I just want to have sex.
  1221. (12:25:16 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I just want to have sex.: 4 (6df+4=+, 0, -, 0, -, +)
  1222. (12:25:18 AM) Dawny: Stephi pants, that was a lot of work. "Let's...go..."
  1223. (12:25:19 AM) NAC: Cameron just looks at the bra with distain and pulls out his wedding win necklace, throat now nicely bandaged, but blood still seeping through. "Sorry. Taken."
  1224. (12:25:29 AM) Feierbird: The bra is pulled away. It goes limp in Stoat's hands.
  1225. (12:25:36 AM) Soulless: "No."
  1226. (12:25:41 AM) Soulless: She lets it go.
  1227. (12:25:58 AM) padri: She stays /away/ from weird bra ghost
  1228. (12:26:04 AM) Mr_Wilt: Does it sit steady against the entrance?
  1229. (12:26:06 AM) NAC: "Keep moving. Please." Cameron begins, walking down the hall.
  1230. (12:26:13 AM) Feierbird: It does indeed.
  1231. (12:26:15 AM) Soulless: Stoat nods and heads on down.
  1232. (12:26:38 AM) Feierbird: There is silence. I assume everyone's on the same side of the desk barricade?
  1233. (12:26:44 AM) Dawny: yes
  1234. (12:26:52 AM) NAC: Yeah
  1235. (12:27:04 AM) Mr_Wilt: Yep.
  1236. (12:27:10 AM) Feierbird: Aight.
  1237. (12:27:16 AM) Soulless: "Stephi, Nolan, let's keep moving. Don't need to see if they can break through."
  1238. (12:27:26 AM) padri: Ren follows Stoat.
  1239. (12:27:58 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Sounds-" He pants. "Like a plan."
  1240. (12:28:07 AM) Mr_Wilt: He heads off down the hall.
  1241. (12:28:15 AM) Dawny: Stephi wipes her forehead and takes the rear.
  1242. (12:28:22 AM) Feierbird: An elevator dings as they go past it.
  1243. (12:28:30 AM) Feierbird: The doors start to open.
  1244. (12:28:41 AM) padri: Ren shies away from it.
  1245. (12:28:55 AM) Soulless: Stoat grabs Ren and /forces/ her not to shy away from it, dragging her along.
  1246. (12:29:02 AM) Soulless: She has had enough of Ren now.
  1247. (12:29:03 AM) NAC: "No." cameron grunts, swining his makeshift weapon at the thin metal doors, hoping to dent them too much for opening
  1248. (12:29:13 AM) Feierbird: What's his makeshift weapon again?
  1249. (12:29:31 AM) NAC: Barbell with weight on one end.
  1250. (12:29:37 AM) Feierbird: Ah. Melee.
  1251. (12:29:37 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan helps Cameron with that, but with his /fists/.
  1252. (12:29:48 AM) Mr_Wilt: Roll Melee as well?
  1253. (12:29:56 AM) Feierbird: Yep.
  1254. (12:30:02 AM) padri: Ren is dragged on by stoat
  1255. (12:30:03 AM) NAC: 6df+11 Tagging Hulk of a Nurse BECAUSE FUCK YOU GHOST
  1256. (12:30:04 AM) Glacon: NAC: Tagging Hulk of a Nurse BECAUSE FUCK YOU GHOST: 9 (6df+11=-, -, +, -, -, +)
  1257. (12:30:06 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 INTERCEPTED.
  1258. (12:30:06 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: INTERCEPTED.: 17 (6df+14=-, +, 0, +, +, +)
  1259. (12:30:11 AM) Dawny: Stephi covers the two men.
  1260. (12:30:29 AM) Feierbird: Nolan punches through the goddamn door. Cameron dents it enough so that it stops with the doors halfway open.
  1261. (12:30:45 AM) Mr_Wilt: "...fuck."
  1262. (12:31:07 AM) Soulless: "Keep going /faster/"
  1263. (12:31:12 AM) Feierbird: Inside, there's a piece of charred metal with a note on it. You can't see what's written on it, though, since you're not in the elevator.
  1264. (12:31:40 AM) Dawny: Can Stephi fit in, she's p. small
  1265. (12:31:40 AM) padri: Ren is trying to keep up with stoat. Are they still running?
  1266. (12:31:46 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan pulls his fist out of the door, peering in. Can he see what it says through the hole?
  1267. (12:32:06 AM) Feierbird: Perception.
  1268. (12:32:10 AM) Feierbird: And Stephi could fit in.
  1269. (12:32:14 AM) Soulless: Stoat stops once she sees everyone else stopped.
  1270. (12:32:20 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+4 Fuck you Feierbird.
  1271. (12:32:20 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Fuck you Feierbird.: 2 (6df+4=0, +, -, -, -, 0)
  1272. (12:32:36 AM) Soulless: She keeps Ren with her and comes on back, peering in to see what they're looking at. Perception?
  1273. (12:32:41 AM) Dawny: "I can get in" Stephi squeezes into the elevator to look at the metal.
  1274. (12:32:41 AM) Feierbird: Nolan can't see shit, lol.
  1275. (12:32:55 AM) Soulless: Oh okay. "Careful Stephi."
  1276. (12:33:17 AM) padri: Ren whimpers. She's feeling useless and lost and really really awful and stuff.
  1277. (12:33:22 AM) Feierbird: The note says, in scrawled cursive: give me two and ill stop
  1278. (12:33:25 AM) padri: Maybe she can't do this, after all.
  1279. (12:33:40 AM) Dawny: "Give me two and I'll stop"
  1280. (12:33:45 AM) padri: "Two?"
  1281. (12:33:49 AM) NAC: "No."
  1282. (12:33:52 AM) Soulless: "No."
  1283. (12:33:52 AM) Dawny: "That's what it says"
  1284. (12:33:55 AM) Soulless: "Let's go."
  1285. (12:33:58 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Okay, get out now."
  1286. (12:34:00 AM) padri: "No, no, no, no, no."
  1287. (12:34:09 AM) padri: She's going into panic mode.
  1288. (12:34:13 AM) Feierbird: The scrap metal goes up into the air, uppercutting Stephi! Pdef.
  1289. (12:34:19 AM) Soulless: Stoat hugs Ren. "Stop it. Let's go."
  1290. (12:34:23 AM) padri: Not there yet, but going there.
  1291. (12:34:23 AM) Dawny: 6df+6 great
  1292. (12:34:24 AM) Glacon: Dawny: great: 4 (6df+6=0, 0, 0, -, -, 0)
  1293. (12:34:25 AM) Proto_Lost left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1294. (12:34:29 AM) Feierbird: 6df+8 BOOM
  1295. (12:34:29 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: BOOM: 8 (6df+8=-, 0, +, 0, 0, 0)
  1296. (12:34:36 AM) padri: She pushes against stoat. "No, no no."
  1297. (12:34:47 AM) Feierbird: Stephi's hit in the jaw, breaking a tooth or two. -1 Body.
  1298. (12:35:04 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan reaches through the door, grabbing Stephi by the back of the shirt and yanking her out.
  1299. (12:35:32 AM) NAC: Cameron uses the opportunity to thrust his weapon into the door, directly at the metal.
  1300. (12:35:37 AM) Proto_Lost [Mibbit@6D993529.BDE9800.815AE96E.IP] entered the room.
  1301. (12:35:39 AM) Dawny: Stephi allows herself to be dragged if it's GM acceptable.
  1302. (12:35:40 AM) Feierbird: Melee, Cameron.
  1303. (12:35:46 AM) Feierbird: Yeah, Stephi can be dragged out
  1304. (12:36:00 AM) NAC: 6df+7 EAT IT FATTY
  1305. (12:36:00 AM) Glacon: NAC: EAT IT FATTY: 9 (6df+7=0, +, 0, -, +, +)
  1306. (12:36:07 AM) Mr_Wilt: "C'mon, you can yell at me for touching you later." He urges her down the hall.
  1307. (12:36:10 AM) Feierbird: The metal is hit and drops to the floor.
  1308. (12:36:22 AM) NAC: Cameron swings at the metal again.
  1309. (12:36:29 AM) NAC: 6df+7
  1310. (12:36:29 AM) Glacon: NAC: 6 (6df+7=0, -, 0, -, 0, +)
  1311. (12:36:33 AM) NAC: Oh wait
  1312. (12:36:37 AM) NAC: I think it's your turn
  1313. (12:36:39 AM) padri: Ren backs up to the wall, staying /away./
  1314. (12:36:58 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan tries to grab Cameron by the collar and pull him away from the elevator. "Let's /go/, people!"
  1315. (12:37:07 AM) Feierbird: The doors force themselves open a bit. Nothing else happens.
  1316. (12:37:19 AM) Soulless: Stoat grabs Ren.
  1317. (12:37:23 AM) Soulless: "Cameron let's go."
  1318. (12:37:34 AM) padri: "No, no." She does not want to be touched right now.
  1319. (12:37:36 AM) NAC: Cameron huffs and goes with Nolan, nodding. He drags his barbell behind him.
  1320. (12:37:39 AM) Dawny: Stephi spits out blood and goes with the group. ~Always my fucking head...always~
  1321. (12:37:41 AM) Soulless: Stoat gives no fucks,
  1322. (12:37:49 AM) Soulless: Stoat drags Ren with them.
  1323. (12:37:57 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan runs down the hall with the group, staying at the back
  1324. (12:37:57 AM) padri: Ren is dragged, but she's not happy.
  1325. (12:38:56 AM) NAC: "Came from elevator. Go to basement?" He lets out, fingers gripping tighter on his weapon.
  1326. (12:38:57 AM) Feierbird: Stephi, as you run, something caresses your shoulder.
  1327. (12:39:16 AM) padri: "Please, let's get out of here. . ."
  1328. (12:39:23 AM) Dawny: "Somfing ouching ee" Stephi spits out more blood.
  1329. (12:39:45 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Just ignore it and keep going."
  1330. (12:39:46 AM) NAC: Cameron looks up. Are there sprinkler systems installed?
  1331. (12:39:48 AM) padri: Ren eeps when Stephi says that, almost like it happened to Ren instead.
  1332. (12:39:54 AM) padri: She doesn't like that idea much. . .
  1333. (12:39:59 AM) Soulless: Stoat looks to Ren and just keeps going.
  1334. (12:40:05 AM) Feierbird: There do seem to be sprinkler systems.
  1335. (12:40:50 AM) NAC: Cameron takes a swing at them with his barbel, hoping that knocking it open would cause water to fall, and since he felt him push something, the water would bounce off the invisible fucks.
  1336. (12:41:07 AM) NAC: 6df+7 melee at the sprinkler system
  1337. (12:41:08 AM) Glacon: NAC: melee at the sprinkler system: 5 (6df+7=0, -, +, -, 0, -)
  1338. (12:41:12 AM) Feierbird: He misses.
  1339. (12:41:23 AM) NAC: Can he try again?
  1340. (12:41:44 AM) Feierbird: Yeah, but he's just standing there now
  1341. (12:41:57 AM) Soulless: "Cameron let's go."
  1342. (12:42:14 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan tugs Cameron along, pulling out his sidearm.
  1343. (12:42:21 AM) NAC: Cameron doesn't want to be found by glassy again, so he moves with the group.
  1344. (12:42:26 AM) Mr_Wilt: He takes a shot at one of the sprinklers for him.
  1345. (12:42:27 AM) NAC: "Shoot. Sprinklers."
  1346. (12:42:29 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+8 Doin' it wrong bro.
  1347. (12:42:29 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Doin' it wrong bro.: 11 (6df+8=+, 0, -, +, +, +)
  1348. (12:42:38 AM) Dawny: Stephi tries to shoot a sprinkler.
  1349. (12:42:42 AM) Feierbird: The shot hits the sprinklers and water comes out. The hall gets wet.
  1350. (12:42:50 AM) Dawny: nevermind
  1351. (12:43:01 AM) Feierbird left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1352. (12:43:12 AM) Feierbird [] entered the room.
  1353. (12:43:32 AM) Feierbird: A pair of tightie whities moves out of a room nearby and faces the sprinklers.
  1354. (12:43:50 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan flashes a quick smile at Cameron, continuing down the hall with him.
  1355. (12:43:56 AM) Mr_Wilt: He doesn't stop pulling him, though.
  1356. (12:44:04 AM) padri: Ren would shy away from that if Stoat didn't have a tight grip on her.
  1357. (12:44:16 AM) Dawny: Stephi glances behind them, spitting again.
  1358. (12:44:19 AM) Soulless: HAve they hit the basement yet?
  1359. (12:44:31 AM) Feierbird: Have they gone down any stairs or elevators?
  1360. (12:44:31 AM) NAC: They need to get into an elevator to go to the basement
  1361. (12:44:33 AM) Soulless: Or wherever they were going?
  1362. (12:44:37 AM) padri: They need to go down stairs to do that.
  1363. (12:44:39 AM) Feierbird: Depends where they were going.
  1364. (12:44:42 AM) Soulless: Stoat looks for stairs to go down.
  1365. (12:44:44 AM) NAC: They're just running in halls right now
  1366. (12:44:46 AM) padri: Head downstairs.
  1367. (12:44:46 AM) Dawny: Fuck an elevator, then need steps.
  1368. (12:44:59 AM) Feierbird: There are stairs, but they only go up.
  1369. (12:45:05 AM) Feierbird: Elevators are visible too.
  1370. (12:45:12 AM) NAC: Cameron turns his head and looks behind him, does tighty whitey get wet?
  1371. (12:45:14 AM) padri: Then we must use elevators. . .
  1372. (12:45:17 AM) Dawny: "Nolan...can you punch through the floor?"
  1373. (12:45:22 AM) Feierbird: Yep. It then falls to the ground.
  1374. (12:45:27 AM) NAC: Anything else?
  1375. (12:45:31 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Uh, I could try."
  1376. (12:45:38 AM) Feierbird: Nope. Just the hall.
  1377. (12:45:44 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan blinks, stopping. Eh, what the hell?
  1378. (12:45:46 AM) Dawny: Any rooms?
  1379. (12:45:49 AM) Soulless: "Let's just go down an elevator."
  1380. (12:45:50 AM) Feierbird: Lots of rooms
  1381. (12:45:52 AM) Mr_Wilt: He punches the goddamn floor, because really, why the fuck not?
  1382. (12:46:00 AM) Feierbird: Melee.
  1383. (12:46:03 AM) Dawny: "In a room first...or not"
  1384. (12:46:08 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 Proudest moment of my life.
  1385. (12:46:08 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Proudest moment of my life.: 11 (6df+14=-, -, 0, -, +, -)
  1386. (12:46:33 AM) Dawny: Stephi stays to warn Nolan about ghosties.
  1387. (12:46:35 AM) Feierbird: The floor cracks a bit and there's a dent the size of Nolan's hand.
  1388. (12:46:43 AM) Lurker is now known as Lurk_Sleeps
  1389. (12:46:51 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Hey, a crack." Can he try again?
  1390. (12:47:02 AM) Feierbird: Perception, everyone.
  1391. (12:47:07 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+4 Oh.
  1392. (12:47:08 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Oh.: 3 (6df+4=-, +, -, +, 0, -)
  1393. (12:47:11 AM) Soulless: 6df+8 perception
  1394. (12:47:12 AM) Glacon: Soulless: perception: 11 (6df+8=-, +, 0, +, +, +)
  1395. (12:47:13 AM) Dawny: 6df+6 Glacon hates me, so...
  1396. (12:47:14 AM) Glacon: Dawny: Glacon hates me, so...: 5 (6df+6=-, -, +, 0, 0, 0)
  1397. (12:47:15 AM) NAC: 6df+5 Fuck gon get dicked in the butt.
  1398. (12:47:15 AM) Glacon: NAC: Fuck gon get dicked in the butt.: 6 (6df+5=+, -, 0, 0, +, 0)
  1399. (12:47:21 AM) padri: 6df+5 ~Nonono~
  1400. (12:47:21 AM) Glacon: padri: ~Nonono~: 6 (6df+5=0, +, 0, -, +, 0)
  1401. (12:47:51 AM) Feierbird: Stoat sees some item peeking out from around a nearby intersection.
  1402. (12:47:58 AM) Feierbird: It's at about waist-height.
  1403. (12:48:06 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan punches the floor again!
  1404. (12:48:10 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 BREAK, FLOOR.
  1405. (12:48:10 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: BREAK, FLOOR.: 15 (6df+14=+, -, +, -, +, 0)
  1406. (12:48:12 AM) derelict_phone [] entered the room.
  1407. (12:48:14 AM) Soulless: "Oveer there!" Stoat points over to the... whatever it is!
  1408. (12:48:22 AM) Soulless: Can Stoat see what the item is?
  1409. (12:48:32 AM) padri: Ren looks, frightened.
  1410. (12:48:32 AM) Soulless: It better not be a strap-on.
  1411. (12:48:36 AM) Feierbird: Well, judging by the wires that are being shot out at you, a tazer.
  1412. (12:48:39 AM) Feierbird: Pdef, Stoa.
  1413. (12:48:41 AM) Feierbird: *Stoat.
  1414. (12:48:59 AM) padri: And Stoat's holding Ren! She jerks back.
  1415. (12:49:26 AM) Feierbird: Ath to get out of Stoat's grip in time, Renee.
  1416. (12:49:38 AM) padri: 6df+4 Uh oh
  1417. (12:49:39 AM) Glacon: padri: Uh oh: 3 (6df+4=-, -, +, 0, 0, 0)
  1418. (12:49:47 AM) Soulless: 6df+10 PSED
  1419. (12:49:47 AM) Glacon: Soulless: PSED: 9 (6df+10=0, 0, -, +, 0, -)
  1420. (12:49:49 AM) Soulless: *PDEF
  1421. (12:49:51 AM) Soulless: lol
  1422. (12:50:29 AM) Feierbird: 6df+8 I can use a taser.
  1423. (12:50:29 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I can use a taser.: 9 (6df+8=+, -, 0, +, +, -)
  1424. (12:50:39 AM) Feierbird: Stoat just barely manages to get away!
  1425. (12:50:50 AM) Soulless: "Taser!"
  1426. (12:50:58 AM) Soulless: Stoat shoves Ren to Cameron.
  1427. (12:51:02 AM) Mr_Wilt: Status on the second floor punch?
  1428. (12:51:19 AM) padri: Ren is shoved! She shrieks again! ~No!~ She falls to the ground.
  1429. (12:51:19 AM) Soulless: "Just target me, then."
  1430. (12:51:21 AM) Feierbird: It's a bit more than the first. There's a hole now! It's dark inside.
  1431. (12:51:22 AM) NAC: Cameron slips reaches into his medical bag and throws stoat some latex gloves, a couple of them. "Rubber. Block current. Grab tazer."
  1432. (12:51:36 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Hey! We got a hole!" Nolan shines a light down it.
  1433. (12:51:41 AM) Soulless: Stoat grabs the latex gloves.
  1434. (12:51:43 AM) NAC: Cameron throws himself forward, grabbing ren.
  1435. (12:51:49 AM) Soulless: She runs to grab the taser. Ath?
  1436. (12:51:49 AM) Dawny: Can Stephi fit?
  1437. (12:51:56 AM) Feierbird: He sees some pipes. And no, it's the size of Nolan's fist.
  1438. (12:52:05 AM) padri: Ren doesn't want to be grabbed!
  1439. (12:52:13 AM) Feierbird: Stoat, to get close enough to grab the taser, you risk being tased again. CONTINUE Y/N
  1440. (12:52:16 AM) padri: If he succeeds, she shrieks again and jerks away.
  1441. (12:52:23 AM) NAC: 6df+8 Too bad it's good for you
  1442. (12:52:23 AM) Glacon: NAC: Too bad it's good for you: 7 (6df+8=-, 0, -, +, -, +)
  1443. (12:52:23 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Guys! Hold off the taser!"
  1444. (12:52:30 AM) NAC: Athletics on grabbing ren
  1445. (12:52:39 AM) Dawny: "If you can make it just a bit bigger...I can slip through, find steps, and lead you guys to them."
  1446. (12:52:40 AM) padri: 6df+4 No it's not I don't wanna be grabbed!
  1447. (12:52:40 AM) Glacon: padri: No it's not I don't wanna be grabbed!: 6 (6df+4=0, 0, +, 0, +, 0)
  1448. (12:52:45 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan tries to pull away bigger sections. If he can't pull, he just tries to punch.
  1449. (12:52:50 AM) Soulless: Y, if they're targetting her then they're not targetting her teammates
  1450. (12:53:06 AM) Feierbird: Alright. Stoat, pdef. Nolan, arm ath.
  1451. (12:53:13 AM) Soulless: 6df+10 "Just target me."
  1452. (12:53:14 AM) Glacon: Soulless: "Just target me.": 10 (6df+10=-, 0, 0, 0, 0, +)
  1453. (12:53:20 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+15 HUUUURGH
  1454. (12:53:21 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: HUUUURGH: 14 (6df+15=-, 0, 0, +, 0, -)
  1455. (12:53:34 AM) padri: Ren is grabbed by Cameron. She flails against him, not even realizing it's cameron. "Let go!"
  1456. (12:53:49 AM) Feierbird: Nolan rips away some pipes, sending high-pressured water in his face!
  1457. (12:53:52 AM) Feierbird: 6df+8 pingchow
  1458. (12:53:53 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: pingchow: 11 (6df+8=0, +, +, 0, 0, +)
  1459. (12:53:58 AM) Soulless: Oh my.
  1460. (12:54:02 AM) Feierbird: Stoat's tased! She can't move because of being tased!
  1461. (12:54:27 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Ffffuck!"
  1462. (12:54:46 AM) Soulless: Stoat is indeed rendered immobile. She tries to keep her cool as she collapses, struggling to remove the barbs and get back to the taser.
  1463. (12:54:49 AM) Mr_Wilt: Is the hole still too small?
  1464. (12:54:59 AM) Feierbird: Stoat's lifted up by her shirt collar! A needle appears! ((medical to recognize it))
  1465. (12:55:02 AM) padri: She struggles and kicks and flails and all sortsa stuff. ~Let go. . .~
  1466. (12:55:17 AM) Dawny: "Fuck!"
  1467. (12:55:30 AM) Feierbird: The hole's still too small for Stephi, yeah, but a little bit more punching should do it.
  1468. (12:55:42 AM) NAC: "Ren. It's Cameron. Remember me?" he huffs, loosening his grip. "You're gonna be fine."
  1469. (12:56:00 AM) NAC: Loosening some, not all the way, just so he doesn't crush her rib cage.
  1470. (12:56:17 AM) Dawny: Can Stephi get a shot to the needle that won't hit Stoat?
  1471. (12:56:23 AM) padri: She tries to yank herself outta his grasp. ~Daddy, don't.~
  1472. (12:56:31 AM) Feierbird: Yeah, but... it's a damn needle. Good luck shooting it right.
  1473. (12:56:37 AM) Mr_Wilt: Does Nolan have time to, say, tackle both Stoat and the ghost?
  1474. (12:56:46 AM) Mr_Wilt: Or would she get stabbed before them?
  1475. (12:56:48 AM) Mr_Wilt: then*
  1476. (12:57:03 AM) Feierbird: She'd probably get stabbed before then. He could try and move Stoat out of the way, at least.
  1477. (12:57:12 AM) NAC: Oh one sec
  1478. (12:57:17 AM) NAC: medical to recognize
  1479. (12:57:31 AM) padri: Ren would, but she's busy having a Moment.
  1480. (12:57:32 AM) NAC: 6df+8 Does Cameron recognize?
  1481. (12:57:33 AM) Glacon: NAC: Does Cameron recognize?: 6 (6df+8=-, 0, -, 0, 0, 0)
  1482. (12:57:35 AM) Soulless: 6df dstoat has no medical
  1483. (12:57:36 AM) Glacon: Soulless: dstoat has no medical: 2 (6df=0, +, 0, -, +, +)
  1484. (12:58:04 AM) padri: She tries to slump down out of his arms, going limp.
  1485. (12:58:15 AM) Feierbird: Cameron, it's what you'd use to deliver ketamine, or horse tranquilizer
  1486. (12:58:28 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan tries to move Stoat out of the way, then!
  1487. (12:58:39 AM) Feierbird: non-arm ath to get there in time
  1488. (12:58:52 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+7 Nolan suddenly runs in slow-motion
  1489. (12:58:52 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Nolan suddenly runs in slow-motion: 9 (6df+7=+, +, -, +, -, +)
  1490. (12:59:25 AM) Feierbird: 6df+4 countering this
  1491. (12:59:25 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: countering this: 8 (6df+4=+, +, 0, 0, +, +)
  1492. (12:59:26 AM) NAC: "Horse Tranquilizer!" Cameron warns out, glaring at stoat's captor. He can't help with this useless thing in his arms.
  1493. (12:59:53 AM) padri: Ren would be better if you just let her /go. . ./
  1494. (1:00:20 AM) padri: "Please. . ." She notices Stoat in a bad sitch and feels even worse.
  1495. (1:00:32 AM) NAC: He's not a mind reader, he's Cameron. "Ren, look up at me, It's Cameron, I've got you." he sighs.
  1496. (1:00:48 AM) NAC: You know what, Persuasion to make ren less terrified.
  1497. (1:00:55 AM) padri: "No, let go. . ."
  1498. (1:01:01 AM) NAC: 6df+4 BITCH I WON'T HURT YOU
  1499. (1:01:02 AM) Glacon: NAC: BITCH I WON'T HURT YOU: 6 (6df+4=-, +, 0, 0, +, +)
  1500. (1:01:18 AM) Dawny: Stephi goes up to Ren. "Cameron...let me..."
  1501. (1:01:21 AM) padri: 6df+6 SOB I'M TRAUMATIZED
  1502. (1:01:22 AM) Glacon: padri: SOB I'M TRAUMATIZED: 9 (6df+6=+, +, +, 0, -, +)
  1503. (1:01:26 AM) Feierbird: Stoat regains control of her body, but she's really fucking fatigued. Can move, but not really.
  1504. (1:01:42 AM) Feierbird: Stoat is also /almost/ dragged out of Nolan's reach, but he manages to grab an ankle.
  1505. (1:01:48 AM) NAC: Cameron nods and passes the girl to Stephi
  1506. (1:02:09 AM) Soulless: "...Guh." Is Stoat needle'd?
  1507. (1:02:12 AM) Dawny: Stephi holds Ren gently. "Shhh...It's alright love...I'm here"
  1508. (1:02:17 AM) padri: Ren is /slightly/ more calm with Stephi, but still pushes to get out.
  1509. (1:02:17 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan pulls out his pistol, trying to shoot the invisible entity while he pulls Stoat with the other hand.
  1510. (1:02:20 AM) Feierbird: Let's find out.
  1511. (1:02:27 AM) Feierbird: 6df+5 I had medical training
  1512. (1:02:27 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I had medical training: 6 (6df+5=+, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  1513. (1:02:29 AM) Mr_Wilt: Or, pause that for now.
  1514. (1:02:32 AM) Soulless: What is stoat rolling
  1515. (1:02:40 AM) Feierbird: Nothing, she can't do shit.
  1516. (1:02:44 AM) Soulless: Okay.
  1517. (1:03:38 AM) Dawny: "Renee Ryan, look at me." Stephi tries to get eye contact.
  1518. (1:04:14 AM) padri: "No, don't. . ." She looks up and makes eye contact, settling down a little bit more.
  1519. (1:04:21 AM) padri: It's Stephi, not her father.
  1520. (1:05:02 AM) Feierbird: The needle goes into a vein. Stoat, roll mdef at +1 to stay alert.
  1521. (1:05:11 AM) Dawny: Stephi kisses her forehead. "You're fine, I'm going to keep you safe. I promise. Do you believe me?"
  1522. (1:05:16 AM) Soulless: 6df+8 MDEF
  1523. (1:05:17 AM) Glacon: Soulless: MDEF: 7 (6df+8=-, +, -, 0, 0, 0)
  1524. (1:05:32 AM) padri: She nods, calming down. It's just Stephi. Just Stephi.
  1525. (1:05:46 AM) Feierbird: 6df+10
  1526. (1:05:47 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: 11 (6df+10=+, +, -, +, -, 0)
  1527. (1:05:49 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Can you guys fucking help here?!"
  1528. (1:06:12 AM) Feierbird: Stoat feels incredibly sleepy and dizzy, maybe a bit delirious.
  1529. (1:06:15 AM) NAC: Cameron grunts and runs up to stoat, can he roll medical to counteract the drug?
  1530. (1:06:35 AM) NAC: Tie off the arm where she got dosed or whatnot?
  1531. (1:06:40 AM) Dawny: "You good? I need to help Nolan" Stephi lets Ren go and tries to tackle ghost.
  1532. (1:06:46 AM) Feierbird: It was her neck... he can tie off her neck if he wants.
  1533. (1:06:57 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan pulls out his pistol, trying to shoot the invisible entity while he pulls Stoat with the other hand.
  1534. (1:06:58 AM) padri: Ren feels even better now that she's /finally/ been let go.
  1535. (1:07:11 AM) padri: She starts calming herself down.
  1536. (1:07:41 AM) Dawny: ath?
  1537. (1:07:53 AM) Soulless: "...Tired... spinning. Keep going... the collapse.. the mission..." Stoat mutters, barely comprehensible as she passes out.
  1538. (1:07:58 AM) Feierbird: Stoat's dropped. Ath to leap in the general direction of the needle and taser.
  1539. (1:08:12 AM) Mr_Wilt: Oh, okay.
  1540. (1:08:17 AM) Dawny: 6df+5 Don't fuck me
  1541. (1:08:17 AM) Glacon: Dawny: Don't fuck me: 6 (6df+5=+, +, 0, 0, -, 0)
  1542. (1:08:25 AM) Mr_Wilt: Disregard that. Nolan just gets back to punching the hole bigger.
  1543. (1:08:40 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+18 Last AP, Bad Habits. GET BIGGER, HOLE.
  1544. (1:08:40 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Last AP, Bad Habits. GET BIGGER, HOLE.: 19 (6df+18=0, +, 0, +, 0, -)
  1545. (1:09:43 AM) NAC: Cameron grunts and grabs the incapacitated stoat, dropping his makeshift weapon and lifting her onto his shoulder.
  1546. (1:09:45 AM) Feierbird: Roll pdef against that, Stephi. Nolan, the hole's big enough for Stephi to get down, and maybe Renee.
  1547. (1:09:59 AM) padri: Renee's little too, like Stephi.
  1548. (1:10:03 AM) Feierbird: The needle drops to the ground, as does the taser.
  1549. (1:10:10 AM) Dawny: 6df+6 why not lose more body while I'm at it
  1550. (1:10:11 AM) Glacon: Dawny: why not lose more body while I'm at it: 6 (6df+6=+, 0, 0, +, -, -)
  1551. (1:10:19 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Ren! I need you to crawl through here!
  1552. (1:10:25 AM) Soulless: Stoat flops around like a corpse.
  1553. (1:10:27 AM) Feierbird: Stephi, you tackle a fucking wall.
  1554. (1:10:30 AM) padri: She looks to Nolan and does as told.
  1555. (1:10:32 AM) Feierbird: No damage, but that hurts.
  1556. (1:10:49 AM) padri: She crawls through that hole, dammit!
  1557. (1:11:13 AM) Feierbird: It's dark in the hole.
  1558. (1:11:23 AM) padri: She can handle dark.
  1559. (1:11:30 AM) padri: As long as nothing touches her.
  1560. (1:11:32 AM) Dawny: "I hate this job" Stephi brushes herself off. "I'm going with Ren" She goes to follow down the hole.
  1561. (1:11:34 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan tosses her his flashlight, then gets back to hitting the hole, trying to make it bigger.
  1562. (1:11:37 AM) SkyAshton left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  1563. (1:11:59 AM) padri: Just don't touch her, Stephi. She'll flip out.
  1564. (1:12:09 AM) NAC: "This is going to suck." Cameron grunts, looking down at the hole.
  1565. (1:12:36 AM) Dawny: Stephi turns on her light.
  1566. (1:12:43 AM) Mr_Wilt: Can Nolan roll again, or no?
  1567. (1:12:58 AM) Mr_Wilt: Actually, disregard that.
  1568. (1:13:02 AM) padri: Ren's holding her knife still.
  1569. (1:13:07 AM) padri: It glows dully.
  1570. (1:13:18 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan straightens up, walking in front of the hole. "Come at me, bro."
  1571. (1:13:23 AM) Feierbird: It's not enough to illuminate. Is Renee going in blind, or does she use the flashlight?
  1572. (1:13:29 AM) NAC: "Shoot out more sprinklers. Underwear dropped when touched, weapons maybe."
  1573. (1:13:51 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan tossed her his flashlight, yes.
  1574. (1:13:52 AM) padri: Stephi's following with the flashlight, I thought.
  1575. (1:14:11 AM) Feierbird: Alright then. She sees that the floor below's about ten feet down
  1576. (1:14:17 AM) Dawny: Stephi has a flashlight on, right behind Renee.
  1577. (1:14:29 AM) padri: Ren picked up the flashlight!
  1578. (1:14:35 AM) padri: Her player just missed that!
  1579. (1:14:39 AM) Dawny: "Let me drop first Ren, then I'll catch you."
  1580. (1:14:55 AM) Mr_Wilt: Ren already went down.
  1581. (1:15:00 AM) padri: She shakes her head. "Don't catch me. Don't touch me."
  1582. (1:15:43 AM) Dawny: Stephi drops to the floor.
  1583. (1:15:53 AM) NAC: How wide's the hole?
  1584. (1:16:00 AM) Mr_Wilt: "The water didn't make the taser drop."
  1585. (1:16:03 AM) Feierbird: Just wide enough for Stephi or Renee.
  1586. (1:16:06 AM) Mr_Wilt: Not wide enough for either Cameron or Nolan.
  1587. (1:16:22 AM) padri: Renee drops through and looks around with that flashlight of nolan's!
  1588. (1:16:23 AM) Feierbird: Stephi can't drop down to the floor until Renee does.
  1589. (1:16:52 AM) Feierbird: Stephi, there aren't lights down here. Water drips here and there. The walls are bare concrete. There are closets here and there, closed and locked.
  1590. (1:16:57 AM) padri: She moves out of Stephi's way once she's out.
  1591. (1:17:08 AM) padri: You mean Renee?
  1592. (1:17:26 AM) Feierbird: w/e
  1593. (1:17:35 AM) Dawny: Stephi dropped too, so w/e.
  1594. (1:17:48 AM) padri: w/e
  1595. (1:17:57 AM) Dawny: Stephi starts to shoot locks to open doors and find steps going up.
  1596. (1:18:12 AM) padri: Ren sticks with Stephi.
  1597. (1:18:22 AM) Feierbird: Stephi, ranged.
  1598. (1:18:23 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan puts his arms together in front of him, standing over the hole.
  1599. (1:18:33 AM) Mr_Wilt: He's prepared for whatever douchebag ghost that comes his way.
  1600. (1:18:43 AM) NullAshton [] entered the room.
  1601. (1:18:46 AM) Dawny: 6df+7 bam
  1602. (1:18:46 AM) Glacon: Dawny: bam: 10 (6df+7=+, +, 0, +, 0, 0)
  1603. (1:19:26 AM) NAC: Cameron looks over at Nolan. "Names Cameron." He grunts, before facing the other end of the hall.
  1604. (1:20:20 AM) Feierbird: Locks are shot off of two doors.
  1605. (1:20:39 AM) padri: Ren looks over Stephi's shoulder.
  1606. (1:21:11 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan grins a bit. "Nolan."
  1607. (1:21:25 AM) Dawny: Stephi opens the doors.
  1608. (1:21:29 AM) Feierbird: Bits of the hole around the edge start to get dents in them, or get torn off, or whatever.
  1609. (1:21:34 AM) Salmander left the room (quit: Quit: ow can a robot think with his elbows in the sink?).
  1610. (1:21:44 AM) Feierbird: Stephi, the first one is empty, except for a piece of paper on the floor of it.
  1611. (1:22:10 AM) Dawny: Stephi picks up the paper to read!
  1612. (1:22:12 AM) NAC: "Nice to know you." He chuckles, a wet, bloody sound.
  1613. (1:22:46 AM) Feierbird: It says: He started out as the maintenance guy. Everybody liked him.
  1614. (1:23:03 AM) padri: Ren reads over her shoulder.
  1615. (1:23:16 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Don't worry, we're getting out of this."
  1616. (1:23:18 AM) Feierbird: The hole is slowly getting widened.
  1617. (1:23:55 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan looks down. "Uh."
  1618. (1:24:09 AM) NAC: "Problem?"
  1619. (1:24:57 AM) Dawny: Stephi frowns and opens the second door.
  1620. (1:24:58 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Lookd own."
  1621. (1:25:24 AM) NAC: Cameron looks at the hole. "'Course."
  1622. (1:25:27 AM) Feierbird: There's another note in there.
  1623. (1:25:41 AM) Dawny: Stephi reads it too.
  1624. (1:25:57 AM) Feierbird: It reads: Nobody wanted to be with him, though. He was lonely. It made him angry.
  1625. (1:26:47 AM) padri: Ren keeps reading over her shoulder.
  1626. (1:28:00 AM) Feierbird: The hole stops widening.
  1627. (1:28:09 AM) Dawny: Stephi shoots the next locks. ranged again?
  1628. (1:28:26 AM) Mr_Wilt: Is it big enough for either of them to fit through?
  1629. (1:29:02 AM) Feierbird: Not quite. Ranged, yeah.
  1630. (1:29:25 AM) Dawny: 6sd+7 shooting again
  1631. (1:29:31 AM) Dawny: 6df+7
  1632. (1:29:32 AM) Feierbird: And then perception, Renee and Stephi.
  1633. (1:29:32 AM) Glacon: Dawny: 6 (6df+7=0, 0, 0, -, 0, 0)
  1634. (1:29:38 AM) Dawny: 6sd+6
  1635. (1:29:40 AM) Dawny: 6df+6
  1636. (1:29:41 AM) Glacon: Dawny: 6 (6df+6=+, +, +, -, -, -)
  1637. (1:29:49 AM) padri: 6df+5
  1638. (1:29:49 AM) Glacon: padri: 6 (6df+5=-, +, +, +, 0, -)
  1639. (1:30:49 AM) Feierbird: They can hear a low growling... not animal. Human.
  1640. (1:31:48 AM) Dawny: Stephi looks for a source.
  1641. (1:32:05 AM) Feierbird: Near the hole.
  1642. (1:32:18 AM) Feierbird: Oh, and she shot one of the locks, but missed another.
  1643. (1:32:42 AM) Dawny: The hole she shot, or the one Nolan punched?
  1644. (1:33:12 AM) Feierbird: The hole Nolan punched.
  1645. (1:33:30 AM) Dawny: "You guys alright up there?" Stephi looks up.
  1646. (1:33:31 AM) NAC: "Back away?" Cameron grunts.
  1647. (1:33:32 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan looks up. Is there a sprinkler above them, or something?
  1648. (1:33:37 AM) Feierbird: Yep.
  1649. (1:33:38 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Yeah, we're good." He calls back down.
  1650. (1:33:46 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan looks up and shoots the sprinkler. Worth a shot.
  1651. (1:33:47 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+8
  1652. (1:33:47 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: 4 (6df+8=-, -, -, -, 0, 0)
  1653. (1:33:56 AM) Dawny: "Alright" Stephi opens the next door.
  1654. (1:34:21 AM) Feierbird: The sprinkler's shot. Water comes down.
  1655. (1:34:58 AM) Feierbird: Stephi, there's a note in there that reads: He thought maybe if he got his degree, became a doctor, someone would want him. But no-one did.
  1656. (1:35:22 AM) Feierbird: The note's ripped out of Stephi's hands and held steady in the beam of her flashlight.
  1657. (1:35:40 AM) Mr_Wilt: Does it do anything significant?
  1658. (1:35:49 AM) Feierbird: It gets shit wet.
  1659. (1:35:52 AM) Dawny: "Ren, behind me"
  1660. (1:36:02 AM) padri: Ren gets behind Stephi.
  1661. (1:36:29 AM) Mr_Wilt: Well, that isn't much.
  1662. (1:37:01 AM) Feierbird: A roar of rage comes from right near Stephi, echoing up into the hallway above. The paper is thrown and tossed to the ground. Pdef, Renee.
  1663. (1:37:18 AM) padri: 6df+6 pdef
  1664. (1:37:19 AM) Glacon: padri: pdef: 5 (6df+6=0, -, 0, 0, -, +)
  1665. (1:37:52 AM) Feierbird: 6df+8 I am angry.
  1666. (1:37:52 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I am angry.: 11 (6df+8=0, +, +, +, 0, 0)
  1667. (1:38:09 AM) Feierbird: Renee's socked right in the chest. Oof. -2 body.
  1668. (1:39:06 AM) Mr_Wilt: "You guys alright down there?" Nolan shouts down to them.
  1669. (1:39:34 AM) Dawny: "Ren just got hit!"
  1670. (1:39:42 AM) padri: She backs away or something.
  1671. (1:39:59 AM) Pyrok [] entered the room.
  1672. (1:40:14 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Shit." Nolan looks down at the hole.
  1673. (1:40:15 AM) Dawny: Stephi tries to get between Ren and whatever
  1674. (1:40:17 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Guess we're hopping in."
  1675. (1:40:27 AM) Mr_Wilt: He punches it further, trying to make some room for either of them.
  1676. (1:40:31 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 Kablam
  1677. (1:40:31 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Kablam: 16 (6df+14=0, +, 0, -, +, +)
  1678. (1:41:21 AM) Feierbird: There'll be room for Nolan with another hit 14 or above, or two more 10 or above.
  1679. (1:41:22 AM) NAC: "Girl shouldn't of gone on mission." He grunts, leaning against the wall.
  1680. (1:41:48 AM) Feierbird: Alright then. Stephi, pdef.
  1681. (1:42:03 AM) Dawny: 6df+6 I can take it better than her, back off.
  1682. (1:42:03 AM) Glacon: Dawny: I can take it better than her, back off.: 7 (6df+6=+, +, +, -, -, 0)
  1683. (1:42:18 AM) Feierbird: 6df+8 I am angry.
  1684. (1:42:19 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I am angry.: 8 (6df+8=-, +, +, +, -, -)
  1685. (1:42:29 AM) Feierbird: Stephi gets hit in the gut. -1 body.
  1686. (1:42:41 AM) Feierbird: Y'all can move.
  1687. (1:43:22 AM) Dawny: Stephi oofs and tries to keep Ren in a corner and safe. She promised Cecil she's keep Ren safe.
  1688. (1:43:57 AM) padri: Ren stays in a corner.
  1689. (1:44:00 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 COME OOON
  1690. (1:44:00 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: COME OOON: 15 (6df+14=-, +, -, +, +, 0)
  1691. (1:44:32 AM) Dawny: 6df+6 percep maneuver to figure out where the next hit may come from.
  1692. (1:44:32 AM) Glacon: Dawny: percep maneuver to figure out where the next hit may come from.: 7 (6df+6=+, -, 0, +, 0, 0)
  1693. (1:44:57 AM) Feierbird: Nolan, there's room for you now. Stephi, given where the last two hits came from, you can get into a position to block hits from that direction.
  1694. (1:45:16 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Alright, guess we're goin' in." Nolan hops into the hole!
  1695. (1:45:32 AM) NAC: Cameron can't fit through the hole.
  1696. (1:45:38 AM) NAC: Can he?
  1697. (1:45:42 AM) Feierbird: It'd take another hit 10 or above to get Cam through.
  1698. (1:46:47 AM) mode (+o Feierbird) by ChanServ
  1699. (1:47:14 AM) Feierbird: Nolan sees what Stephi and Renee see!
  1700. (1:47:32 AM) Feierbird: The wad of paper from before is kicked off to the side. A door that wasn't opened yet is banged on.
  1701. (1:48:35 AM) NAC: Cameron sighs and begins swinging his damn weapon at the damn hole. Because Nolan can't get back up.
  1702. (1:48:50 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan shouts an apology up at Cameron, then goes to find the girls.
  1703. (1:48:52 AM) NAC: 6df+7 This probably won't work.
  1704. (1:48:53 AM) Glacon: NAC: This probably won't work.: 6 (6df+7=+, -, -, -, +, 0)
  1705. (1:49:22 AM) Feierbird: Not quite enough. Cameron could probably get it with another hit at 6, thoug.
  1706. (1:49:36 AM) Feierbird: The girls wouldn't have gone too far. The door being banged upon is just down the hall.
  1707. (1:51:12 AM) NAC: Is there enough room for the Stoat on his shoulder with another 6?
  1708. (1:51:26 AM) NAC: 6df+7 Lets hope so.
  1709. (1:51:27 AM) Glacon: NAC: Lets hope so.: 7 (6df+7=+, 0, -, 0, +, -)
  1710. (1:51:42 AM) Feierbird: There's room for Cameron, but to get down with Stoat on his shoulder, that's another 10.
  1711. (1:52:03 AM) NAC: Cameron resumes hitting then.
  1712. (1:52:18 AM) Feierbird: Uh... is anyone other than Cameron going to do anything?
  1713. (1:52:43 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan heads for the door, then!
  1714. (1:52:46 AM) Dawny: Stephi did a maneuver...I'm just waiting for next round.
  1715. (1:53:00 AM) Feierbird: The next round didn't happen. The door's being banged on.
  1716. (1:53:06 AM) Feierbird: 6df+8 I am angry.
  1717. (1:53:06 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I am angry.: 10 (6df+8=0, 0, 0, 0, +, +)
  1718. (1:53:26 AM) Feierbird: The doorknob's broken, and the door slams inward. A note's pulled up off the floor and held up at eye level.
  1719. (1:53:30 AM) Dawny: Stephi shoots the last door again.
  1720. (1:54:01 AM) Dawny: pdef?
  1721. (1:54:15 AM) NAC: 6df+7 Mining at a hotel lobby floor with a piece of exercise equipment with ghost bdsm fanatics and a passed out girl on his shoulder.
  1722. (1:54:15 AM) Glacon: NAC: Mining at a hotel lobby floor with a piece of exercise equipment with ghost bdsm fanatics and a passed out girl on his shoulder.: 5 (6df+7=0, -, 0, -, 0, 0)
  1723. (1:54:18 AM) Feierbird: Nah, that roll was for the door.
  1724. (1:54:31 AM) Dawny: 6df+7 last door
  1725. (1:54:32 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan reads the note, putting his arms up.
  1726. (1:54:32 AM) Feierbird: Cam's attack doesn't do much.
  1727. (1:54:32 AM) Glacon: Dawny: last door: 10 (6df+7=+, 0, +, +, 0, 0)
  1728. (1:55:31 AM) NAC: Feierbird: Just tell me when I can swing again.
  1729. (1:56:05 AM) Feierbird: The note reads: He got even angrier. Yelled at a girl for not going on a date with him. Hit a guy who got a girl he had a crush on. They fired him after that.
  1730. (1:56:21 AM) Feierbird: That note too is crumpled, and a roar of rage goes out. Pdef Nolan, and you can attack, Cam.
  1731. (1:56:33 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+12 PDef
  1732. (1:56:33 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: PDef: 14 (6df+12=+, 0, +, 0, 0, 0)
  1733. (1:56:41 AM) NAC: 6df+7 Nice guys finish last.
  1734. (1:56:42 AM) Glacon: NAC: Nice guys finish last.: 10 (6df+7=+, +, -, +, 0, +)
  1735. (1:56:56 AM) Feierbird: Cameron makes a hole big enough for him and Stoat to go down.
  1736. (1:57:04 AM) Feierbird: 6df+8 I AM SO FUCKING ANGRY.
  1737. (1:57:05 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I AM SO FUCKING ANGRY.: 7 (6df+8=-, +, 0, -, +, -)
  1738. (1:57:18 AM) Feierbird: Nolan's hit, but it doesn't do much.
  1739. (1:57:47 AM) Feierbird: Oh, and the lock Stephi shot at is shot out. That door's unlocked.
  1740. (1:57:47 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan punches for the air!
  1741. (1:57:56 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 AIR PAUNCH
  1742. (1:57:56 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: AIR PAUNCH: 11 (6df+14=0, +, -, -, -, -)
  1743. (1:58:04 AM) Dawny: Stephi opens the damn door.
  1744. (1:58:05 AM) Soulless: Stoat's body would cling to him like a baby lemur on its mom. If it could clink.
  1745. (1:58:07 AM) Soulless: *cling
  1746. (1:58:19 AM) Feierbird: Nolan hears the wind getting blown out of someone as he punches the air.
  1747. (1:58:31 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Fuck you, ghost."
  1748. (2:00:55 AM) NAC: Cameron wraps both his arms around Stoats body and jumps down the hole then.
  1749. (2:01:25 AM) Pyrok left the room (quit: Quit: ).
  1750. (2:01:40 AM) Feierbird: Cameron's down there as well!
  1751. (2:01:53 AM) Dawny: Stephi opened the door!
  1752. (2:02:32 AM) NAC: "So what's going on down here?" He grunts, lifting the sedated Stoat back to her shoulder perch.
  1753. (2:02:47 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Uh, the ghost's down here, trying to get into this door. I'm assuming the girls are behind it."
  1754. (2:02:52 AM) Mr_Wilt: "I just punched it."
  1755. (2:03:00 AM) Feierbird: Oh, sorry. The note in there reads: He came back some time later and tried to torch the place. It didn't take. The police arrested him, but he got away somehow. Strange things kept happening.
  1756. (2:03:13 AM) Feierbird: Nolan, the girls aren't behind the door, they're right there in the hall.
  1757. (2:03:21 AM) Dawny: Any more doors?
  1758. (2:03:26 AM) Feierbird: Plenty.
  1759. (2:03:45 AM) Mr_Wilt: Oh, huh.
  1760. (2:03:47 AM) Dawny: Stephi shoots more doors.
  1761. (2:04:05 AM) Dawny: 6df+7 just fucking open
  1762. (2:04:05 AM) Glacon: Dawny: just fucking open: 9 (6df+7=0, +, -, 0, +, +)
  1763. (2:04:14 AM) Mr_Wilt: Redact that, then.
  1764. (2:04:26 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Girls are opening doors, I punched the ghost. Help 'em with the doors."
  1765. (2:04:46 AM) Feierbird: The door lock is shot open.
  1766. (2:05:15 AM) NAC: Cameron nods and swallows a healthy portion of his blood. He walks to the nearest unopened door and...
  1767. (2:05:21 AM) NAC: 6df+7 KICK
  1768. (2:05:22 AM) Dawny: Stephi opens it and looks for a note.
  1769. (2:05:22 AM) Glacon: NAC: KICK: 10 (6df+7=0, 0, +, +, 0, +)
  1770. (2:05:39 AM) Feierbird: Before it can be opened, is shoved aside and the door opens by itself. The note is picked up and held to the light.
  1771. (2:05:52 AM) Feierbird: Cameron's door is kicked open.
  1772. (2:06:36 AM) Dawny: what does it say?
  1773. (2:07:02 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan runs down to the farthest part of the hall he can reach.
  1774. (2:07:18 AM) Feierbird: It reads: People started getting killed. Brutal, awful ways. But people swarmed here, never left their rooms.
  1775. (2:07:38 AM) NAC: Is there anything in Cameron's door?
  1776. (2:07:50 AM) Feierbird: Yeah, a note.
  1777. (2:08:34 AM) padri left the room.
  1778. (2:08:52 AM) NAC: Cameron picks it up and reads it outloud in his course, blood filled monotone. "Insert Feierbird Text Here."
  1779. (2:08:53 AM) Dawny: Stephi goes to the next door, keeping Ren safe.
  1780. (2:09:14 AM) Feierbird: Give me a moment.
  1781. (2:09:34 AM) Feierbird: The note held midair is tossed aside, and something between a cry and a scream is issue. Pdef, Stephi.
  1782. (2:09:57 AM) Dawny: can I use the maneuver still, or no?
  1783. (2:10:34 AM) Feierbird: Yeah, sure.
  1784. (2:11:01 AM) Dawny: 6df+10 Watch me still fail!
  1785. (2:11:02 AM) Glacon: Dawny: Watch me still fail!: 9 (6df+10=0, +, 0, -, 0, -)
  1786. (2:11:12 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan's still running for the end of the hall!
  1787. (2:11:22 AM) Feierbird: 6df+8 I'm watching!
  1788. (2:11:23 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I'm watching!: 9 (6df+8=-, +, 0, 0, +, 0)
  1789. (2:11:35 AM) Feierbird: Stephi feels something whiff past her face.
  1790. (2:11:54 AM) Feierbird: Cameron, you read out: We placed these notes here so that someone would understand what we did. We were his first.
  1791. (2:12:00 AM) Dawny: "Fuck you you discusting fuck!" Stephi tries to get the note.
  1792. (2:13:33 AM) Feierbird: Nolan, you find yourself in a really dark hallway really soon.
  1793. (2:14:37 AM) NAC: Cameron looks at Stephi and grunts, he braces himself for the ghost to come up again.
  1794. (2:15:12 AM) NAC: 6df+8 Athletics to Pdef, he's going to take the pain.
  1795. (2:15:13 AM) Glacon: NAC: Athletics to Pdef, he's going to take the pain.: 10 (6df+8=-, 0, 0, +, +, +)
  1796. (2:15:13 AM) Mr_Wilt: Shit, that's right. He doesn't have his flashlight.
  1797. (2:15:26 AM) Mr_Wilt: He heads back up with the girls, then, putting his fists up. Might as well make himself useful somehow.
  1798. (2:15:45 AM) Feierbird: An unopened door starts rattling at the doorknob.
  1799. (2:16:00 AM) Dawny: Stephi's still wanting the note from her room.
  1800. (2:16:11 AM) NAC: Who's the door in front of?
  1801. (2:16:46 AM) Feierbird: Nobody right now.
  1802. (2:17:16 AM) Mr_Wilt: Who's closest to it?
  1803. (2:17:43 AM) Feierbird: Stephi, it reads: Nobody tried to stop him but us. We did. But nobody appreciated us for it. They looked down on us, like he was our fault.
  1804. (2:18:18 AM) Dawny: Stephi shoots the last door
  1805. (2:18:22 AM) Dawny: 6df+7
  1806. (2:18:22 AM) Glacon: Dawny: 9 (6df+7=-, -, +, +, +, +)
  1807. (2:18:33 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan punches that door open.
  1808. (2:18:49 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 HRRRNGH FUCK YOU RATTLY DOORKNOB
  1809. (2:18:49 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: HRRRNGH FUCK YOU RATTLY DOORKNOB: 11 (6df+14=+, -, -, 0, -, -)
  1810. (2:18:54 AM) NAC: Cameron notes that there's apparently no more doors to kick.
  1811. (2:18:55 AM) Feierbird: It's unlocked by the gunshot, and Nolan punches it off its hinges.
  1812. (2:19:05 AM) Dawny: Stephi looks into the room for the gd note
  1813. (2:20:29 AM) Feierbird: It's there. If she reads it, she finds: Fuck them. Fuck all of them. We found a way to keep him away, and we knew how to let him back out.
  1814. (2:20:56 AM) Dawny: Next door?
  1815. (2:21:16 AM) Feierbird: There aren't any. Just the dark hallway ahead.
  1816. (2:21:20 AM) Dawny: Stephi's collecting all the notes BTW
  1817. (2:21:32 AM) NAC: Cameron passes his note to her then
  1818. (2:21:34 AM) Dawny: Stephi heads down the hallway, light on.
  1819. (2:21:57 AM) NAC: Cameron clicks on his penlight and places it in his ear.
  1820. (2:22:26 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan takes point, arms up.
  1821. (2:22:34 AM) Feierbird: The hallway starts to have bloodstains on it as they go down. And then puddles of blood. Sploshing signifies a second pair of feet alongside them.
  1822. (2:23:09 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan punches toward the sloshing.
  1823. (2:23:16 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR GODDAMN SHIT GHOST
  1824. (2:23:16 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR GODDAMN SHIT GHOST: 14 (6df+14=-, +, -, 0, 0, +)
  1825. (2:23:35 AM) Feierbird: The footsteps stop moving for a few seconds.
  1826. (2:24:18 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Alright, just keep going." Nolan turns toward where he last heard the footsteps as he walks ahead.
  1827. (2:24:28 AM) Dawny: "Stop might not be the bad guy...Listen." Stephi pauses to read the notes. "He started out as the maintenance guy. Everybody liked him.Nobody wanted to be with him, though. He was lonely. It made him angry. He thought maybe if he got his degree, became a doctor, someone would want him. But no-one did. He got even angrier. Yelled at a girl for not going on a date with him. Hit a...
  1828. (2:24:30 AM) Dawny: ...guy who got a girl he had a crush on. They fired him after that. People started getting killed. Brutal, awful ways. But people swarmed here, never left their rooms. We placed these notes here so that someone would understand what we did. We were his first. Nobody tried to stop him but us. We did. But nobody appreciated us for it. They looked down on us, like he was our fault. Fuck them....
  1829. (2:24:31 AM) Dawny: ...Fuck all of them. We found a way to keep him away, and we knew how to let him back out. "
  1830. (2:25:14 AM) Feierbird: As Stephi reads the notes in order, a cry goes out. Pdef, Stephi.
  1831. (2:25:22 AM) NAC: Cameron nods and continues on, rasping through his throat wound.
  1832. (2:25:30 AM) Dawny: 6df+6 Just trying to help, jeez.
  1833. (2:25:31 AM) Glacon: Dawny: Just trying to help, jeez.: 7 (6df+6=0, +, 0, +, 0, -)
  1834. (2:25:50 AM) Feierbird: 6df+8 I am being used!
  1835. (2:25:51 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: I am being used!: 8 (6df+8=-, 0, -, +, 0, +)
  1836. (2:26:14 AM) Feierbird: Stephi takes one to the nose, smashing the cartillage and knocking her back. -1 body.
  1837. (2:26:32 AM) NAC: How much health is she at?
  1838. (2:26:41 AM) Dawny: jam son...She's at one...
  1839. (2:26:46 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Some fucking good guy, then." Nolan punches in the general direction of what hit Stephi.
  1840. (2:26:56 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 YOU'RE NOT A VERY GOOD GUY.
  1841. (2:26:56 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: YOU'RE NOT A VERY GOOD GUY.: 15 (6df+14=-, +, -, 0, +, +)
  1842. (2:27:19 AM) Feierbird: The steps take a few back, wobbly in the puddles of blood. They stand still for quite a while.
  1843. (2:27:35 AM) Dawny: Stephi falls back against a wall, spitting out more blood. ""
  1844. (2:28:25 AM) NAC: Cameron hurries over to Stephi, pulling open his bag. "Congratulations, you get good stuff." He rasps, pulling out a few pill bottles and medical wraps. "Nolan! Keep him off us!"
  1845. (2:28:51 AM) Dawny: "Please...don't touch me..." Stephi can't really put up a fight though.
  1846. (2:29:10 AM) Feierbird: Perception, everyone.
  1847. (2:29:14 AM) NAC: "Shut up. You're getting fixed." He rasps.
  1848. (2:29:17 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+4 >Nolan >Perception
  1849. (2:29:17 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: >Nolan >Perception: 4 (6df+4=+, -, 0, -, +, 0)
  1850. (2:29:18 AM) NAC: 6df+5
  1851. (2:29:18 AM) Dawny: 6df+6
  1852. (2:29:18 AM) Glacon: NAC: 3 (6df+5=-, 0, 0, -, -, +)
  1853. (2:29:22 AM) Dawny: 6df+63
  1854. (2:29:23 AM) Glacon: Dawny: 67 (6df+63=+, +, 0, +, +, 0)
  1855. (2:29:31 AM) Dawny: 6df+6 for real though
  1856. (2:29:32 AM) Glacon: Dawny: for real though: 9 (6df+6=+, 0, +, -, +, +)
  1857. (2:29:51 AM) NAC: Also medicing
  1858. (2:30:02 AM) NAC: 6df+8 I'M TOUCHING YOU
  1859. (2:30:03 AM) Glacon: NAC: I'M TOUCHING YOU: 8 (6df+8=0, 0, 0, +, 0, -)
  1860. (2:30:03 AM) Feierbird: Stephi hears breathing down in the darker parts of the hall.
  1861. (2:30:15 AM) Dawny: "Breathing"
  1862. (2:30:32 AM) Dawny: 6df+5 watch me get a high number this time because Glacon hates me
  1863. (2:30:33 AM) Glacon: Dawny: watch me get a high number this time because Glacon hates me: 4 (6df+5=0, 0, -, -, +, 0)
  1864. (2:30:50 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan approaches where the footsteps stopped, swinging again.
  1865. (2:31:00 AM) Feierbird: What's Stephi rolling for?
  1866. (2:31:06 AM) Dawny: her wounds
  1867. (2:31:17 AM) NAC: I
  1868. (2:31:18 AM) Feierbird: Ah. She heals 1!
  1869. (2:31:21 AM) NAC: I'll take the AP*
  1870. (2:31:22 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 KABLAMO MOTHERFUCKER.
  1871. (2:31:22 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: KABLAMO MOTHERFUCKER.: 12 (6df+14=0, -, 0, 0, -, 0)
  1872. (2:31:30 AM) Dawny: "Nolan...breathing...dark"
  1873. (2:31:46 AM) NAC: "Shut up, you're bleeding more."
  1874. (2:31:59 AM) NAC: Can Cameron roll medical again?
  1875. (2:32:15 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Give me your flashlight, then."
  1876. (2:32:20 AM) Dawny: Stephi spits out another mouthful of blood.
  1877. (2:32:27 AM) Feierbird: Eh, sure, but you'll have to spend another AP.
  1878. (2:32:28 AM) Dawny: "I'm fine"
  1879. (2:32:38 AM) Feierbird: And Stephi will have to cooperate.
  1880. (2:32:47 AM) Dawny: Stephi stands and pops the light off her rifle. "Here"
  1881. (2:33:45 AM) NAC: "And I'm Mrs.Buttersworth. Let me help you." Cameron groans.
  1882. (2:34:12 AM) Dawny: "When we're done" Stephi spits out more blood and heads down the hall.
  1883. (2:34:14 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan takes the light from her, heading further down the hall.
  1884. (2:35:36 AM) NAC: Cameron sighs, following the two. "Fucking patients." He mutters.
  1885. (2:36:26 AM) Mr_Wilt: "You sound like Alissa."
  1886. (2:37:16 AM) Feierbird: They walk into a concrete chamber. There are unlit candles on the walls. Three concentric circles are painted on the floor, but the concreted's been chipped away at a few spots, breaking the circles. There are a few matchbooks, a bucket of paint, and oh, the mutilated corpses of three women in the corner. They stare at the group as they enter.
  1887. (2:37:33 AM) NAC: "She's rubbing off on me." He rasps.
  1888. (2:37:56 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan blinks, slightly. "Are those... corpse?"
  1889. (2:37:58 AM) Mr_Wilt: +s
  1890. (2:38:00 AM) Dawny: "Now what?"
  1891. (2:38:34 AM) Feierbird: Visible corpses, even. One speaks. "Having all of them fuck was his idea, not ours."
  1892. (2:38:54 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan blinks. "What."
  1893. (2:39:06 AM) NAC: Cameron almost drops Stoat right then and there.
  1894. (2:39:21 AM) Dawny: "How do we stop him?"
  1895. (2:39:37 AM) Feierbird: Perception, all.
  1896. (2:39:47 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+4 Fffff
  1897. (2:39:47 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Fffff: 4 (6df+4=+, 0, 0, -, 0, 0)
  1898. (2:39:52 AM) Dawny: 6df+6 I've had enough of this shit god damn it
  1899. (2:39:53 AM) Glacon: Dawny: I've had enough of this shit god damn it: 3 (6df+6=-, -, +, 0, -, -)
  1900. (2:39:53 AM) Soulless: 6df+8 percep! (joking) :P
  1901. (2:39:54 AM) Glacon: Soulless: percep! (joking) :P: 8 (6df+8=0, 0, 0, +, 0, -)
  1902. (2:39:54 AM) NAC: 6df+5 Just hit stoat.
  1903. (2:39:54 AM) Glacon: NAC: Just hit stoat.: 4 (6df+5=+, -, 0, +, -, -)
  1904. (2:40:06 AM) Feierbird: 6df+5 liars
  1905. (2:40:07 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: liars: 5 (6df+5=+, 0, +, -, 0, -)
  1906. (2:40:24 AM) Feierbird: "We're not telling you." Another one speaks.
  1907. (2:40:36 AM) Mr_Wilt: "And why not?"
  1908. (2:40:46 AM) NAC: "Light the candles. Fix the circles." Simple enough. "Cameron rasps.
  1909. (2:40:52 AM) NAC: -"
  1910. (2:41:03 AM) Feierbird: "If we wanted him kept in place, we wouldn't have let him out."
  1911. (2:41:33 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan twitches. He's had enough of these goddamn people in this goddamn beachside resort.
  1912. (2:41:52 AM) Feierbird: For reference, the chamber's maybe 20 feet square.
  1913. (2:41:54 AM) Mr_Wilt: "I swear to god I will punch the fuck out of all three of you if you don't fucking tell me right the fuck now what I'm suppose to motherfucking do."
  1914. (2:42:01 AM) Dawny: can I roll an ath maneuver for then next time Stephi might get attacked?
  1915. (2:42:05 AM) padri [~chatzilla@F63D510B.5F06FCD3.F8713986.IP] entered the room.
  1916. (2:42:08 AM) Feierbird: "We're DEAD!" They yell in unison.
  1917. (2:42:11 AM) Feierbird: And yeah, Stephi can.
  1918. (2:42:15 AM) Mr_Wilt: "I'LL MAKE YOU DEADER!"
  1919. (2:42:23 AM) Dawny: 6df+5 come on now ath to pdef
  1920. (2:42:23 AM) Glacon: Dawny: come on now ath to pdef: 7 (6df+5=-, +, 0, +, 0, +)
  1921. (2:42:29 AM) Feierbird: Stephi gets the maneuver!
  1922. (2:42:30 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+5 PERSUASION (INTIMIDATE)
  1923. (2:42:30 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: PERSUASION (INTIMIDATE): 5 (6df+5=0, 0, 0, -, +, 0)
  1924. (2:42:58 AM) Feierbird: One laughs a short, angry laugh. Her dead eyes look back at Nolan. One of them's rotting.
  1925. (2:43:16 AM) Feierbird: "There's nothing you can do to us that he didn't do."
  1926. (2:43:28 AM) NAC: Cameron sighs and walks up to the corpses. "What are your names?" he starts.
  1927. (2:43:39 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan twitches some more.
  1928. (2:44:05 AM) Feierbird: "What do /you/ care?" One sneers. "You'll be dead when he catches up anyways."
  1929. (2:44:16 AM) Dawny: "Except..." Stephi walks toward them as well.
  1930. (2:44:35 AM) Feierbird: The sound of footsteps comes from the hall.
  1931. (2:44:44 AM) Mr_Wilt: "I've punched the shit out of him, I'll do it to you, too."
  1932. (2:45:00 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan walks back out of the hall, toward the footsteps, and straight up tries to backhand the invisible motherfucker.
  1933. (2:45:01 AM) Dawny: 6df+9 Tagging 'Hello, how are you' Persuasion "Do you see what he's done to me? Please don't let me end like you."
  1934. (2:45:02 AM) Glacon: Dawny: Tagging 'Hello, how are you' Persuasion "Do you see what he's done to me? Please don't let me end like you.": 5 (6df+9=0, -, -, -, 0, -)
  1935. (2:45:03 AM) Mr_Wilt: Can melee?
  1936. (2:45:15 AM) Feierbird: Pdef, first.
  1937. (2:45:25 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+12 HRRRGH
  1938. (2:45:25 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: HRRRGH: 15 (6df+12=0, +, +, -, +, +)
  1939. (2:46:08 AM) Feierbird: 6df+12 Did I mention I had AP? tagging Morbid Curiosity
  1940. (2:46:08 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: Did I mention I had AP? tagging Morbid Curiosity: 7 (6df+12=-, -, 0, -, -, -)
  1941. (2:46:18 AM) Feierbird: Nolan gets to attack now.
  1942. (2:46:30 AM) NAC: "Because we're trying to stop him." He rasps. "Just like you did. You helped people." he rubs his throat bandages, they're soaked in blood. He winces.
  1943. (2:46:30 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 "STAY DOWN GODDAMMIT."
  1944. (2:46:30 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: "STAY DOWN GODDAMMIT.": 13 (6df+14=0, 0, 0, 0, 0, -)
  1945. (2:46:39 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan delivers the swift backhand of justice.
  1946. (2:46:50 AM) Feierbird: The footsteps stop.
  1947. (2:47:07 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan stomps back into the room.
  1948. (2:47:11 AM) Feierbird: "And they didn't care!"
  1949. (2:47:41 AM) Feierbird: One spits up something brownish.
  1950. (2:48:16 AM) NAC: "We aren't they. We do." He continues, grimacing "You were right, we need your help."
  1951. (2:48:17 AM) Dawny: "We do care...please...I want to go my boyfriend, and my snake...please..."
  1952. (2:49:02 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Okay, Cameron. We're trying that candle-lighting, circle-fixing idea."
  1953. (2:49:04 AM) Feierbird: One says bitterly. "We're not exactly in a position to stop you."
  1954. (2:49:13 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan pulls out his own matchbox and strikes a match, lighting a candle.
  1955. (2:49:55 AM) Feierbird: It lights!
  1956. (2:50:04 AM) Dawny: Stephi tries to fix the circles.
  1957. (2:50:21 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan lights another candle.
  1958. (2:50:23 AM) NAC: Cameron shrugs. He pulls on a latex glove. "Alright then." he grunts, grabbing onto the nearest corpse and dragging it to the center of the circle.
  1959. (2:50:34 AM) NAC: Center of the nearest circle.
  1960. (2:50:54 AM) Feierbird: What does Stephi do, exactly?
  1961. (2:51:06 AM) Feierbird: The circles are concentric.
  1962. (2:51:12 AM) Feierbird: As in, one inside another.
  1963. (2:51:18 AM) NAC: Oh
  1964. (2:51:29 AM) Dawny: I was picturing wrong then
  1965. (2:51:56 AM) Feierbird: >Three concentric circles are painted on the floor, but the concreted's been chipped away at a few spots, breaking the circles.
  1966. (2:52:17 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan just continues lighting those candles.
  1967. (2:52:22 AM) Dawny: Stephi usues her blood to fix the chipped parts of the circles, where the paint has worn off.
  1968. (2:52:41 AM) Feierbird: Um. Okay. There is also a bucket of paint.
  1969. (2:52:44 AM) NAC: Cameron looks at Stephi "You know there's paint over there"
  1970. (2:52:57 AM) Dawny: "Too far away"
  1971. (2:53:51 AM) NAC: Cameron's shrugs some and continues dragging the corpse into the circle. Are the corpses saying anything as he does this?
  1972. (2:53:55 AM) Feierbird: It's gonna take her a while to complete the circles if she's just using her blood
  1973. (2:54:05 AM) Feierbird: One giggles, but otherwise, no.
  1974. (2:54:15 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan finishes lighting the candles and goes for the paint can. Any brushes?
  1975. (2:55:12 AM) Feierbird: Nope.
  1976. (2:55:34 AM) Feierbird: But, then again, the circles themselves don't look brushed on either. They're pretty sloppy.
  1977. (2:55:53 AM) Mr_Wilt: Is the can at least open?
  1978. (2:55:54 AM) NAC: "Now, lovely ladies, is there anything we should know before we try and trap this man?" Cameron asks, trying to flatter the corpses.
  1979. (2:56:03 AM) Feierbird: Yep.
  1980. (2:56:21 AM) Feierbird: "Good luck! He won't go back in easy."
  1981. (2:56:29 AM) Mr_Wilt: He heads over to the circles. "Uh, you may want to move." He looks at Stephi.
  1982. (2:56:44 AM) NAC: "Any magic words or anything?" Cameron grunts
  1983. (2:57:10 AM) Dawny: Stephi crawls off the circle. "Fuck this job right in the ass"
  1984. (2:57:19 AM) Feierbird: "Not telling~" One croaks this out in an attempt to be singsong.
  1985. (2:57:23 AM) padri left the room.
  1986. (2:57:49 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan tips the can over, filling in the spots.
  1987. (2:57:59 AM) NAC: Cameron bends over and leans over to the one that spoke "Come on now, what'll take for you to tell?"
  1988. (2:58:31 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+5 Persuasion (Int) "I could hit 'er."
  1989. (2:58:31 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: Persuasion (Int) "I could hit 'er.": 5 (6df+5=+, 0, 0, -, -, +)
  1990. (2:58:38 AM) Feierbird: The circles are complete and the candles are lit. The room is suffused with a dim red glow, aside from the candles.
  1991. (2:58:47 AM) Feierbird: The footsteps in the hall pick up again.
  1992. (2:58:58 AM) Feierbird: 6df+6 eep
  1993. (2:58:59 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: eep: 4 (6df+6=0, 0, 0, -, -, 0)
  1994. (2:59:36 AM) Dawny: "Please help us...please"
  1995. (2:59:45 AM) Feierbird: " traps whatever's in this circle once he gets back in."
  1996. (3:00:04 AM) NAC: Cameron gets the fuck out of the circle.
  1997. (3:00:14 AM) Mr_Wilt: "You know the fuck what?"
  1998. (3:00:21 AM) Feierbird: The other two glare at this one.
  1999. (3:00:34 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan walks outside, moving the can quickly in the air, throwing the paint out in the direction of the footsteps.
  2000. (3:01:16 AM) Feierbird: It splatters, catching midair on, apparently, nothing. The splatter's consistent with it hitting a humanoid figure.
  2001. (3:01:48 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Now I can fucking see you!" He runs at it, swinging for its face.
  2002. (3:01:58 AM) NAC: "So you guys don't need to be in the circle for it to work?"
  2003. (3:02:28 AM) Mr_Wilt: Oh okay redact.
  2004. (3:02:31 AM) Feierbird: "It was made for him. Why would we contain ourselves?"
  2005. (3:02:51 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan just moves back into the room. He's a bit upset he can't hit it now that he can finally see it.
  2006. (3:03:05 AM) Feierbird: It walks forward and stands at the entrance.
  2007. (3:03:46 AM) Feierbird: It looks at the girls and snarls. It takes a few steps forward, but stops just short of the edge of the circle.
  2008. (3:03:47 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Either of you remind me to bring paint and something flammable next time."
  2009. (3:04:30 AM) Dawny: Stephi spits out some blood. "Will do"
  2010. (3:05:45 AM) NAC: Cameron looks down at the corpses "What circle does he have to enter for it to work?" He asks, looking at the mangled women.
  2011. (3:06:24 AM) Feierbird: They don't respond. They just stare at the figure, apparently frightened. They're still in the common center of the circles, correct?
  2012. (3:06:31 AM) Mr_Wilt: "Can I just fucking push him in?"
  2013. (3:06:33 AM) NAC: Yeah
  2014. (3:07:00 AM) Dawny: "I don't want to hurt them..." Stephi looks sad for the women.
  2015. (3:07:32 AM) NAC: "I don't either" Cameron winces... looking back and forth between them.
  2016. (3:07:49 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan sighs. "Hang on.
  2017. (3:08:07 AM) Mr_Wilt: He goes up to the red figure and gives him a quick knock on the head, away from the circle.
  2018. (3:08:14 AM) Mr_Wilt: 6df+14 The shit I do for you people.
  2019. (3:08:14 AM) Glacon: Mr_Wilt: The shit I do for you people.: 16 (6df+14=+, +, 0, -, +, 0)
  2020. (3:08:19 AM) Feierbird: 6df+8 :(
  2021. (3:08:20 AM) Glacon: Feierbird: :(: 5 (6df+8=-, -, -, 0, -, +)
  2022. (3:08:43 AM) Dawny: Stephi goes in to move one woman, Cameron can get the other two.
  2023. (3:08:49 AM) Feierbird: While before it was animatedly staring around the room, snarling, now it just stands there, apparently stupefied.
  2024. (3:08:49 AM) NAC: Cameron runs up and grabs on of the corpses from the center, dragging it back out. "Sorry bout that."
  2025. (3:09:02 AM) NAC: Cameron has stoat in one arm, can't grab the other.
  2026. (3:09:09 AM) Mr_Wilt: He waits for somebody to get the third one.
  2027. (3:09:20 AM) Dawny: Stephi goes back for the third.
  2028. (3:09:50 AM) Feierbird: The corpses are dragged out of the circle.
  2029. (3:10:09 AM) Mr_Wilt: Nolan gets behind the red figure, giving him a light shove forward.
  2030. (3:11:22 AM) Feierbird: It gets shoved forward into the circle. Suddenly, half of the outer circle glows. It pivots at either end of the arc to form a hemisphere of concrete around the figure.
  2031. (3:11:34 AM) Feierbird: It ends with a dome taking up most of the space in the room.
  2032. (3:11:55 AM) Feierbird: Your vision goes white, and you find yourselves back in the sub at #farrecon
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