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  1. Antioch: Baobabs start small.
  2. Benicia: With all recordings erased, you are left with a large pie.
  3. Conchord: Do you know how to make nitroglycerin without tools? The castaways did.
  4. Davis: Going out with some buddies for milk, hoping for a horrorshow of a night.
  5. Fairfield: Not much company, just a parrot and my man Friday.
  6. Napa: In case of fire, call firemen. Remember to hide the books.
  7. Novato: This arithmetic is questionable, but even thinking that is illegal.
  8. Petaluma: A hideous creature, and lonely. If only he had a bride.
  9. Pinole: If you remember going on vacation, does it matter whether you went or not?
  10. Pittsburg: Better replace that com unit. I'm pretty sure it's going to fail.
  11. Sacramento: Nothing to read except Shakespeare? Thank Ford!
  12. Santa Rosa: Don't hurt humans, do what they tell you to, and try not to get yourself killed.
  13. Sonoma: If I went back to the middle ages, I'd start industrial revolution a bit early.
  14. Vacaville: Sure, the storm was improbable, but what a great modern Robinson story!
  15. Vallejo: It's no Delorean, but it'll make for a great Futurama episode a century later.
  16. Woodland: When the royal palace is on fire, and you are a giant, there is only one solution.
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