Update 5 - Help me if you can

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  1. Update 5 - Help me if you can
  3. Hi people, I know that many of you work and invest. I can't work but I can invest. If you want to invest you can invest some crypto in Bitsdaq. They are on beginning and there is more room for grow. If you want now is the best moment for that. Because I told you you can give me some crypto to invest. If you can donate me some small BTC to can send that to Bitsdaq and invest in BQQQ. You can donate me in any of this coin. Good luck
  5. Bitcoin 16oxZeUXghTt7REkZ3LhXCEkrvBPEBHV4X
  6. Ethereum 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  7. Ethereum Classic 0x53Cc84F3A25c5a5b092247469D02574d9B5E0E91
  8. Litecoin LftPZr9TyZm2qVHYTg9v83K6gxMZMHq6o5
  9. Monero 4B1gUjEYKA3aduQ8yQAeHgPxsYzebLRpNgifauVKhFg2iiU4CzSVRHLW4cBZm1UPWcYey7XYsDwW7Ud3r3Mn8KeUKbBarDC
  10. Neo AFzSFkpFPXsJk6JNjn8v3Pem7xieFb34Jj
  11. Binance bnb1jsw7w3nwrzleh2y6gp9fs7pqkm3l3ydp7ejs52
  12. Bitcoin cash qpwu90javk7fe6l2wjft6j2rnep0v06vtsuqxga2g0
  13. Bitcoin gold GTEm3VFq5k6HWaVQHg81FeFS2h3Qep5xZH
  14. Bitcoin SV qrrt87zee75myvy4zhg3njadn3fcc2zkuyddyylcw4
  15. Dash XowrPjmaPTdGZntmhYXzgmK4zpruXyF845
  17. Tezos tz1TfmCQYMqFm1KaznUbccjA2bDxRwgxaKU8
  18. Tron TJ3JWST7q37iZdV5nCoXqGuVhzxzhuHxwK
  19. XRP r9hNiVm3r4DFvs2v2wuHA4Xd4wf2M8Lwtj
  20. Zcash t1TrhxN61kxZpeHeqPN5GRFaMYLu43B8uVk
  21. Ark AbpwaNEvbTMjSEeepttV3dDGu3zL4VoK4G
  22. BitTorrent TJ3JWST7q37iZdV5nCoXqGuVhzxzhuHxwK
  23. Decred DseY5YKDohegvCjz6Y8YaVWhXeJhs6CrJMn
  24. DigiByte DDA2Q141imAzTgkYuXZZDYEUcFkE8vFQmZ
  25. Lisk 9442901412840023443L
  27. Qtum Qja6MfXZKRQPCH6LqoHGnoBRqn4gmg1THr
  28. Ravencoin RVHy113QoExdPzCudN6ngsDwDPNZU9EZNC
  29. Waves 3PGYXcphjDcWysBmxbRkty2SopFTY4t8JPX
  30. 0x 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  31. Aeron 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  32. Airswap 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  33. AppCoins 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  34. Arogan 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  35. Augur 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  36. Bancor 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  37. Basic Attention Token 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  38. Bread 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  39. ChainLink 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  40. Cindicator 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  41. Civic 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  42. 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  43. Decentraled 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  44. DigixDAO 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  45. District0X 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  46. Edgeless 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  47. Ethereum 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  48. Ethos 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  49. FunFair 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  50. Gemmini Dollar 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  51. GenesisVision 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  52. Gnosis 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  53. Golem 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  54. iExec RLC 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  55. Kyber 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  56. Loom 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  57. Loopring 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  58. Lunyr 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  59. Maker 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  60. Matchpool 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  61. Metal 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  62. Mithrill 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  63. Numeraire 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  64. OmiseGo 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  65. Paxos 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  66. 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  67. Polymath 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  68. Populous 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  69. Power ledger 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  70. Quantstamp 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  71. Raiden 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  72. Request 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  73. Ripio 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  74. SingularDTV 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  75. Status 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  76. Storj 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  77. Storm 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  78. TenX 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  79. TrueUSD 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  80. USD coin 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  81. Viberate 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  82. Wings 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  84. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  86. Update 4 - Help me if you can
  88. Hi, planet, what's up? I learn more about life and crypto. The last update sow 365 people. Please share this with your friends. Thank you.
  90. What do you think about electric cars? Some new research tells us that they are not better than old technology. They work on a battery but we charge that with electricity. That's why they are not so healthy. Do you drive? Do you think that everyone needs to drive if we know that we ruin the planet with that? I don't think so. But how to stop? You can use public transport and car sharing.
  92. Many of us don't have self confidences and think if I drive a better car, people will love me more. That's not true. People love you because of you not because of your material things. If someone loves you just because of money you don't need that person in your life.
  94. I learn more about crypto and make new wallets. So if you want to help me with these updates you can do that very easy. One coin but I am happy because I belong to the new crypto wave.
  96. Bitcoin 16oxZeUXghTt7REkZ3LhXCEkrvBPEBHV4X
  97. Ethereum 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  98. Ethereum Classic 0x53Cc84F3A25c5a5b092247469D02574d9B5E0E91
  99. Litecoin LftPZr9TyZm2qVHYTg9v83K6gxMZMHq6o5
  100. Monero 4B1gUjEYKA3aduQ8yQAeHgPxsYzebLRpNgifauVKhFg2iiU4CzSVRHLW4cBZm1UPWcYey7XYsDwW7Ud3r3Mn8KeUKbBarDC
  101. Neo AFzSFkpFPXsJk6JNjn8v3Pem7xieFb34Jj
  102. Binance bnb1jsw7w3nwrzleh2y6gp9fs7pqkm3l3ydp7ejs52
  103. Bitcoin cash qpwu90javk7fe6l2wjft6j2rnep0v06vtsuqxga2g0
  104. Bitcoin gold GTEm3VFq5k6HWaVQHg81FeFS2h3Qep5xZH
  105. Bitcoin SV qrrt87zee75myvy4zhg3njadn3fcc2zkuyddyylcw4
  106. Dash XowrPjmaPTdGZntmhYXzgmK4zpruXyF845
  108. Tezos tz1TfmCQYMqFm1KaznUbccjA2bDxRwgxaKU8
  109. Tron TJ3JWST7q37iZdV5nCoXqGuVhzxzhuHxwK
  110. XRP r9hNiVm3r4DFvs2v2wuHA4Xd4wf2M8Lwtj
  111. Zcash t1TrhxN61kxZpeHeqPN5GRFaMYLu43B8uVk
  112. Ark AbpwaNEvbTMjSEeepttV3dDGu3zL4VoK4G
  113. BitTorrent TJ3JWST7q37iZdV5nCoXqGuVhzxzhuHxwK
  114. Decred DseY5YKDohegvCjz6Y8YaVWhXeJhs6CrJMn
  115. DigiByte DDA2Q141imAzTgkYuXZZDYEUcFkE8vFQmZ
  116. Lisk 9442901412840023443L
  118. Qtum Qja6MfXZKRQPCH6LqoHGnoBRqn4gmg1THr
  119. Ravencoin RVHy113QoExdPzCudN6ngsDwDPNZU9EZNC
  120. Waves 3PGYXcphjDcWysBmxbRkty2SopFTY4t8JPX
  121. 0x 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  122. Aeron 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  123. Airswap 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  124. AppCoins 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  125. Arogan 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  126. Augur 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  127. Bancor 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  128. Basic Attention Token 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  129. Bread 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  130. ChainLink 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  131. Cindicator 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  132. Civic 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  133. 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  134. Decentraled 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  135. DigixDAO 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  136. District0X 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  137. Edgeless 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  138. Ethereum 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  139. Ethos 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  140. FunFair 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  141. Gemmini Dollar 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  142. GenesisVision 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  143. Gnosis 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  144. Golem 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  145. iExec RLC 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  146. Kyber 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  147. Loom 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  148. Loopring 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  149. Lunyr 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  150. Maker 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  151. Matchpool 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  152. Metal 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  153. Mithrill 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  154. Numeraire 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  155. OmiseGo 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  156. Paxos 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  157. 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  158. Polymath 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  159. Populous 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  160. Power ledger 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  161. Quantstamp 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  162. Raiden 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  163. Request 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  164. Ripio 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  165. SingularDTV 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  166. Status 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  167. Storj 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  168. Storm 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  169. TenX 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  170. TrueUSD 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  171. USD coin 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  172. Viberate 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  173. Wings 0xB0C4205527Cc2a5bAFD42CF7A47c21F63b71b59C
  175. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  177. Update 3 - Help me if you can
  179. Hi, people, we will have a serious problem with fake videos or deepfakes. We can't believe anything we see. We must change the way how we look at politics and how we choose our representatives. I am really scared to leave in a world where you can fake everything including live videos. I want to help the planet but I don't know how. If you can you can help me with some Bitcoin. You can read my story in my previous update 16oxZeUXghTt7REkZ3LhXCEkrvBPEBHV4X
  181. We all really have a scary future. Climate change and deepfakes are just one of them. Now Google shows limiting search results from the same site and that is not good because new sites can't grow naturally without big money. Soon we all will lose the opportunity to tell something to other people from the world.
  183. India has 50+ degrees and people died because of heat. UV radiation is ho high. I don't know how to deal with all this.
  185. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  188. Update 2 - Help me if you can
  190. Hi to all, I want to give you one more update. I get support from someone on Jun 04, 2019. They give me 0.002526 BTC on this address 16oxZeUXghTt7REkZ3LhXCEkrvBPEBHV4X
  192. I wanted today to speak with you on the climate change problem.
  194. This planet is not ours, we can't destroy it just because someone wants to drive cars, eat meat, use plastic, etc. We are just guest here on the planet. We use the planet to live here and we need to protect it from us.
  196. How we can do that? For the start, we need to start to listen one to another. I learn whole my life just about an ordinary thing.
  198. And yes because of my autism someone will say that I am just loser and that I don't deserve to have my opinion. But I think I have the right to have an opinion but it's correct that you don't need to agree with me.
  200. I don't need some special climate change proof, just look the weather all around the world. And yes the man caused it. We must learn more and do better. For the start try to plant some tree today. Or tomorrow.
  202. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  204. Update 1 - Help me if you can
  206. Hi, again people of Earth, I just wanted to update you. Yesterday 06/04/2019 5:41 PM I got my first Bitcoin ever. Someone sent me 0.002526 BTC. I was so happy that I can't explain to you that with words. Thank you very much for this.
  208. You can also see yourself 16oxZeUXghTt7REkZ3LhXCEkrvBPEBHV4X
  210. I am very inspired with this help and I want to help someone to with free advice.
  212. We can't be all real heroes but in ordinary life, you can help someone from your community and you'll start to feel better.
  214. What you can do good for your community? For the start be nice towards people because we all love when someone is nice towards us. If you see someone old that can't cross the street, be helpful and help that person to cross the street. Maybe you can not believe it but at that moment that person doesn't have confidence that can cross the street alone. And they need help to do that. If you help them and they don't say you, thank you, that is OK too, because maybe at that moment he did not manage to say thank you. But in the depth of his heart, he feels gratitude
  216. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  218. Hi people, I have to share something with you. I started to work online in 2006. Before that, I didn't have an internet option and learn in my house how to make websites, graphic design, etc. When I get online I started to help humanity in various ways. I thought that all people do similar to me. But that is not the case. People just think about their needs.
  220. I am from a small country where we didn't have PayPal until 2012. I can't make money online so I just work for the public good. I do that 10 years. I always love decentralization and I tried to buy Bitcoin 2011 with Linden Dollars but I couldn't buy Linden Dollars. Simple my card refuse payment.
  222. I am just a good guy who makes good to other people and I lived from Google Adsense. But 2016 Google without any reason killed my account.
  224. I don't know what to do. I see what people do with crypto but I don't have money to invest. All my money goes on food. If someone wants to help me I will put my BTC address here.
  226. I am born autistic and learn stuff very slow. If you learn something for 3 days I need for that 45 days. I learn 2 years how to make BTC address and how to secure it. I admit I live very hard in this new world. Just in case that you buy on time BTC before 2011 you can send me some. If you buy after 2011 please don't send me.
  228. If you see this and don't have BTC to help me please share with someone others. I appreciate your help in both ways.
  230. English is not my native language. I don't believe in god. I believe in humanity. We have a big problem with climate changes but we can solve that if we work together. Don't be rude towards others.
  232. 16oxZeUXghTt7REkZ3LhXCEkrvBPEBHV4X
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