SuccubusRP Rules and FAQ 20170831

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  5. ~Participation in any SuccubusRP forum or channel implies consent to this Acceptable Use Policy. Willful ignorance of the rules is never an acceptable excuse for violation. It is your (the actor’s) responsibility to know these rules and to adhere to this policy. Failure to do so may result in a ban from the channels.
  6. ~From time to time, this document may change, we will make our best efforts to broadcast this to you, but in the end it is the responsibility of each actor to be familiar with these rules.
  8. 1. Behavior and Content
  9. 1.1. Civility / Respect / Consideration
  10. ~Towards the goal of fostering a welcoming, and enjoyable atmosphere, it is a requirement of all actors to be Considerate of others, to maintain Civility, and to show Respect in their interactions with each other and the operating staff. To this ends, the following actions will not be tolerated.
  12. 1.1.1. Personal Attacks - Badgering / Insulting / Hurling Invectives / Belittling
  13. 1.1.2. Harassment - Stalk / Ridicule / Threaten / Scorn / Disparage / Defraud
  14. 1.1.3. Use, conspiracy to use, or encouraging others to use the channels or forums for any illegal purpose.
  15. 1.1.4. Interference with the operation of the channel or any actor’s enjoyment of it, including intentionally posting inflammatory statements to get a reaction ("Trolling")
  17. 1.2. Age Restrictions 18+
  18. ~As an 18+ Erotic Role Play channel; many adult themes are permitted and even encouraged for play, all actors must be of eighteen years of age or older. Ageplay is strictly forbidden from association with SuccubusRP it's channels, or the SorceryNet IRC network. Therefore all characters must be and appear to be of the age of maturity, eighteen for humans. Characters who are described as appearing underage or of questionable maturity will not be permitted. Furthermore, links to art which depict characters of questionable maturity will not be permitted. If you are unsure of the acceptability of a piece of art please contact a member of operations staff for review before posting. Operations staff has final say on which links are acceptable. These rules come down from the network administration staff and are non-flexible.
  20. 1.3. Free / Open / Inclusive
  21. ~All actors are free to play characters of any configuration of; gender, sexual orientation, sexuality, nationality, culture, and / or ethnicity.
  23. 1.4. Restricted Themes
  24. ~Because the nature of some adult themes may be upsetting or uncomfortable for some of our members, we have compiled a list of themes that are not permitted for play or discussion in the main channels [#succubus] and [#succubusooc]. To maintain openness and fairness however, these themes may still be played in [#succubusextra]. If you object to observing such content do not join [#succubusextra]. Dear sweet Enker is too innocent to compile a comprehensive list on a whim, so If you are unsure of the content of the scene you wish you play, please contact an operator for assistance. Operatives reserve the right to request actors to move any scenes to [#succubusextra].
  26. Vore
  27. Snuff
  28. Mutilation
  29. Necrophilia
  30. Heavy Gore
  31. Non-Consensual
  32. Graphic Depictions of Violence
  33. (If you think it might be offensive to someone, consider discussing / playing it in [#succubusextra])
  35. 1.5. UNACCEPTABLE Themes
  36. ~Some themes are outright forbidden from discussion or association with SuccubusRP. Operatives reserve the right to request actors to move any scene to PM that, in their best judgment, should not be associated with SuccubusRP. Violation of this section may result in an effectively permanent ban from the channel.
  38. 1.5.1. Scat / Urine: Just don't.
  39. 1.5.2. Graphically grotesque or 'gross' depictions.
  40. 1.5.3. Bestiality - This isn't including anthropomorphic, intelligent characters.
  41. 1.5.4. No Child Abuse: Discussion, depiction or promotion of child sexuality, abuse, exploitation and/or related topics that may be harmful to or threaten the security of a child or minor is not allowed. Submitting any content or utilizing language or terms meant to imply or insinuate these situations is strictly forbidden, and may result in a permanent ban.
  43. 2. Characters and Etiquette
  44. 2.1. Character Death
  45. ~Character death, or other permanent or long term effects (impregnation, poison, disease, similar) requires OOC consent. This should already be expected by section '1.1 Consideration', but is included here for clarity.xx
  47. 2.2. Upper Bounds on Power
  48. ~For simplicity, we use the tv tropes Super Weight scale for limitation on character power. Characters of weight 4-6 require approval from the operations staff before they may be played. Weight 6 characters can only be played as a weight 5 through suppression by the Manor.
  49. [ ]
  51. 2.3. Character Guidelines ~ [ LINK ] (To be added later)
  52. 2.4. Etiquette Guide ~ [ LINK ] (To be added later)
  55. 3. Bans
  56. 3.1. Bans are applied to an actor by a member of operations staff when that actor has been found to be in violation of these rules. The decision to deliver a ban comes from the best judgment of the currently available operations staff. These bans are then reviewed by the full staff for finalization.
  57. ~Bans are to be delivered with an explanation of the rules that was violated.
  59. 3.2. Appeals
  60. ~Bans can be appealed no sooner than two weeks after they have been delivered. All appeals will be heard and addressed by the operations staff.
  64. -----------------------------------
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  68. Since it's not mentioned anywhere here, I've decided to put in a little blurb about the general setting of the Manor. Complete oversight on my part, and this will probably be added to over time, but for now, this is a good place to get your bearings. I suppose this acts as a bit of a FAQ of sorts too. Make sure you read the rules too!
  70. What is the Manor?
  71. The Manor is a cosmic being. It harbors and controls it's own inter-dimensional plane that acts as a hub world for some, and a prison for others. It can connect to other dimensions rather seamlessly at will, and disconnect as if nothing happened. It has a soul, and on occasion has even spoken to some people directly through it's own means, though it has never manifested physically beyond the dimension and physical Manor that it controls.
  73. Where is the Manor?
  74. A strange question to answer, because it can be anywhere it wants. To be less specific, the surrounding area about the actual Manor building has grassy fields, forests, a lake, a beach.. It's never really the same, as it changes to what is currently needed or desired by the ones there.
  75. Some common bits that seem to be about regardless of where it's connected or not:
  76. Hedge Maze in back
  77. Hostile/Restricted Garden on the roof
  78. Fountain in back
  79. Front porch
  80. A gate and walkway from the gate to the porch
  82. How do I enter the Manor?
  83. How do you want to enter the Manor? We've had people stumble in, wander in, be sent here purposefully, crash into the lawn from their mech/jet, teleport in... There's really no limit. Some people have knowledge of the Manor's existence, others do not.
  85. What can I be in the Manor?
  86. Anything, as long as it coincides with our rules. As Kichi puts it:
  87. We have or have had: elves, casters of all sorts, cyborgs, mech pilots, gardener neko, half demons, demon queens, vampires, former vampires, superheroes, demon hunters, kitsune, steampunk folk, werebeasts, dragons, angels, fallen angels, trolls (Homestuck and other), Cthulhu's cousin, necromancers, shapeshifters, bartenders, ordinary people, psychics and fey.
  88. That list is far from exhaustive.
  91. What time period is the Manor in?
  92. Since it's a dimensional nexus, it transcends time and reality. A general rule of thumb is that it has an old school style architecture, with all of the modern amenities. It constantly replenishes it's stock of food and drink of all kinds, and somehow is able to contain everything - literally everything. That moonshine your grandpa made in 1930? It has a bottle of it in the cellar. Romulan ale? Two aisles to the right.
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