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  1. Red-Blue Blur
  2. This story I am about to tell you about was my life, and about the lives that ended before they could have started. This is where it all begins—I was walking to school while I was walking on the sidewalk, then something caught my eye. It was a ring. I picked it up, then I was looking all over it. It was pretty big, and had red and blue stones on it, and inside the band, it said “The power of the ring is for the right of mankind”. I then was about to put it on, then the bell rang. Then I put it in my pocket, then I was walking in the hallway. Then Cody, the school bully, he took one look at me, and then threw me at a locker. Then he said to stay away from his girlfriend, Lizzy. She and me studied and were best friends, once. Then I told him I wouldn’t stay away, then he punched my stomach and then threw another at my cheek. Then I groaned, and he punched me again in the ribs. I fell to my knees, and he walked off to people and laughed. Then I went to the bathroom, and I pulled out the ring. I slid it on my finger, and then something happened. It somehow became the size of my finger, and at that moment I felt an odd feeling , that I was stronger than I have been. I tried to pull it off, but it wouldn’t budge. I didn’t think much about it, and walked out of the bathroom. When I came out, Lizzy was there, and I asked how her day was. She said it was good, then Cody’s friends walked out of a class, and pointed at me and said “James, leave!” I laughed and said “Make me.” Izzy ran off, and then they ran at me. I just stood there and they both threw a punch. I grabbed both of their fists and shoved them to the ground. They got up and pushed me, and then I ran faster than anything in the world. Once I stopped,  I was in downtown traffic, and I ran there in less than a second. Usually that would take me twenty to thirty minutes. I thought to myself, ‘This must be the ring.’  As I finished my thought, a truck was going straight to me, then I jumped out of the way, just in time. I jumped over the truck that was about to hit me, I cleared it, and landed on the other side. I started to feel a bit creeped out, and then I walked home. Once I was there, my Mom asked me how my day was. I laughed, and said that it was different, and then I went to take a shower, and my mom yelled “Door!” I went downstairs to answer it, and Cody was there. He said, “I don’t know how you did that to my friends, but I’ll find out.” Then he swung at me. I dodged, then I hit his jaw, and he fell back a few feet. His friends jumped out of his truck, and then they ran at me. I jumped up and kicked them in the chest, and I said “Leave.” Then they left. I walked back into my house, and then I fell down. My Mom had a silver looking rock, she knelt down and said, “Son, the power of your ring is control of you judgment.” I then said, “I don’t understand, I feel weak…” She slid the ring off, and the pain was gone. Then she put the rock in a lead box, and I got back up and said “So what were you talking about?” She said, “The ring gives you power, but I need for you to learn to use it properly. Here is your ring.” I slid it on, and then I felt powerful again. Then she said, “I am going to teach you how to control it.” I said, “How?” She said, “It’s now how, it’s will. You try.” Then she said, “First, I am going to teach you how to lift. Let’s go in the back, and lift the van.” I said, “That’s impossible.” “Try. I’ll lift it some. Now, breath out.” I did, and then I tossed the van, flipping it over. She told me to pick it up, and I did. I lifted it over my head. It started to slide, and she froze it and I said, “How did you do that!?” “I just did. You aren’t the only one who has the power. You have super strenght, you will get stronger and stronger with time.” “How do you know what I am going to become, do you just know?” She said, “The next skill I want you to learn is dodging.” I said, “I already know how to dodge.” She then threw a knife right by my side. She then threw it at my face, but she caught it with that ice power thing. She yelled, dodge it, then she threw another and I caught it and then she threw another. and iI caught it then threw another at my neck I didged it then she swung at me with her fist and almost stabbed me with another.and I then stopped the fist and made her drop the knife. She said your becoming more powerful and then she pulled out a gun and I said mom why do you have a gun. She then told me Son, I want you to grab teh bullet once I shoot it. I said, how, she said grab it early, then she said this time you try harder. She shoot but I couldn’t go fast like her early then she said this time you try hard, she shoot again. I ran faster than the bullet I seen it but I past it and ended up at the park then I ran back home and then m mom said did you catch it I said no she shoot it againg I catch the bullet and then she said now dug I dug she said can you control it I said yes then she said more powers will come in time then she said let me make dinner and I wnt to do hw then I called my friend matt in NY he left to ny for collage he and i were best friends until he left then i ask him whats up an whats new  he said I got off an just home for a bit i said can I come over for a bit he laugh and said James you all the way in oakdale thats cuple thousans miles I said k I see ou in a second I then said oh ya whats our adders 1452 D street he said then I got ther and I stayed on the phone and said thanks and I knocked on his door he said hold on someone at the door he look one look at me an said how in the world I said can I come in he invite me in an then he said were you already in ny I laugh and said nope then he said how I said you see the ring its some how giveing me powes so far I am super fast ans have super streth an super dodge. then he said can I were it I said I can’t take it off then he said I don’t believe you have those powers then I said I will provie it then I grab ran back to oakdale to pull out his ould mail box an I rush back to ny and shown him he said that was plain then I said thrtvow a knife I was slow but when it hit me it broke the blade I then look at him I did not know that could happen I grab another it did agin then all the blades that broke an put it in the trash then he said james you freking me out I said I know that he said what’s on the ring and he said nice stones you should save lifes an be c alled the red blue blure I laugh haha oh ya and put on a cape on no thanks maybe I an use them for I can get money and I can become a god he said james stop it ou need to be a heroe an not let it get to your head then I ran to him and said make me he said leave now James I then look at him then ran out faster than I ever did I got hom my mome said where did you I said for a run she laugh and said sone control it I said I am then I called matt and said sorry I am lerning to control it he said I understand then I said talk to you later then I went to school like another normal day an Izzy said cane we sudie tonight I said sure then she said okay talkt to you later she said  wait did you really brake cody jaw I said I got to leave I left then cody walk up to me an push me I span him at the locker dont toch me I yelled then he said I can’t explain it you got powers I laugh an said what he said I seen you pull out the mailbox and I seen you run faster than anything then I said nope he said and i bet you went to see matt I said no then I was walking away then he said I will kill Izzy I then ran at him at super speed and I grab his trote and I said if you toch her I will kill you then the bell rang I ran before anyone could see me then I got home and then I seen a cop in my house talking to my mom I said what happen the cop said cody limestone said you brook his jaw an you put bruise oround his neck I said no  how can I posibal do that he look at me look at him your right your too small he said ok by he left then my mom said did you i said yes an said Izzy she coming over to studie she said son you need to lern to use your powers for the right of mankide I said I am trying she said not hard enough then she pulled out the rock  an I said put it away then she slid the ring off an said you get it back when you lern to use it then Izzy we went to my room she said she didt blame me for brking cody jaw then she kiss me I said what was that she said I like you then she smile I like you too then I kisst her and I couldn’t stop an then we stop we herd my mom coming upstairs an she walk in she said James someone's on the phone she said I don't know who this is then I said uh hi then he laugh and said bro it's me Cody. I killed your friend matt then he said great power is waist and then he hang up. I told Izzie I need to go out I need some air I be back soon. then I ran straight to ny and then I seen matt on the ground an everything was trash up an mat was bleeding bad an he said James an died an I went looking around an I went in the bathroom an on the mirrow it said we are going fin izzy then cop sirens went off an I ran back to oakdale an then izzi said what took me wo long an then I kiss her then I said would you go out with me she said yes then she left an I went up to my room and thought I need to use this powers for the right of the ones who need my saving then I had to make a suit I got ky dads old leather jacket.
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