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  1.  $NavicatHost='localhost'; //I am the only controller in NavicatHost.
  2.   $NavicatUser='root'; //This is the name NavicatUser.
  3.   $NavicatPassword='123456';//This is the Password NavicatPassword.
  4.   $NavicatNameSQL='cqa';//This is the SQL NavicatNameSQL.
  5.   $Administrator='82';  //This is the server's input controller only to change the com by changing the number "82".
  6.   $ConquerIP='';//This is the IP Server Windwalker.
  7.   $ConquerPort='5816';//This is The Port Server Windwalker.
  8.   $ServerName='Windwalker';//This is The ServerName number 1.
  9.   $MySQL=mysql_connect($NavicatHost,$NavicatUser,$NavicatPassword);//No change here
  10.   mysql_select_db($NavicatNameSQL);//No change here.
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