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  1. Ridiculous ban excuse. I have not been spamming and even if I was I got no reason or evidence of me "spamming". I believe I was banned because for some retarded reason #NEWS' founder believed I logged every !loli trigger user and passed it on to another user (slock) for them to "spam" that user.
  3. I once triggered it and all I got was some 1-line copypasta. Not only is this a poor definition of spam, but the reason "you both have Touhou hosts" is just making me quite annoyed -- there's many other users in #NEWS who this applies to.
  5. Personally, I find that djahandarie telling me to stop spamming without elaboration counts as spam more than one silly line from a bot.
  7. This is the second time I've been banned unfairly. If you're not going to unban me earlier, could you please give me evidence that I am this "slock" person? I would love to see it and prove you wrong.
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