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Taking Care of Vinyl Scratch 18+

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May 29th, 2016
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  1. >You are Neon Lights, formerly the DJ known as MC W1SH, before you quit, becoming the manager for your up-and-coming partner Vinyl Scratch.
  2. >Sitting backstage with Vinyl, you help her get ready to start the set. She still gets nervous, despite being a DJ for a while, but she never lets it show when she’s out there.
  3. >After a few strokes with a hairbrush in her vanity mirror, she asks you,
  4. >”Neon, do I look ok?”
  5. >Hugging her from behind, you kiss the top of her head.
  6. >”You look great, I want you to just have fun out there, that’s what I used to do, makes everything easy.”
  7. >”Thank you, Neon.”
  8. >Her intro music you’ve set begins playing, it’s time for her to go on stage.
  9. >You walk downstairs into a VIP section of the audience to get a better view of the set.
  10. >The fog effects come on, and Vinyl confidently emerges onto the stage.
  11. >The crowd is cheering for her, she is the ultimate in cool.
  12. >She high fives everyone in the front row, you’re so proud, your girl is a star.
  13. >As Vinyl continues towards the table, she trips on a speaker wire, and falls head first off the stage.
  14. >The entire audience gaps.
  15. >”Oh my god! V!”
  16. >You run as fast as you can to the front of the stage.
  17. >When you get there, you see Vinyl lying on her side, somehow showing no emotion, she can’t let people see her like this.
  18. >Don’t move her! Someone call an ambulance!
  19. >You realize both of her arms are broken, Vinyl doesn’t say a word.
  20. >The ambulance comes within a few minutes and loads her in on a stretcher, the paramedics want you to ride with Vinyl to the hospital and give them information.
  21. >On the way to the hospital, you can see tears run down Vinyl’s face.
  22. >”It hurts, Neon.” *sniff*
  23. >Wiping it with your finger, “I know baby, I know. I’m so sorry”
  24. >At the hospital the doctors X-ray her harms, they’re both severely fractured.
  25. >The doctor even tells you that her arms breaking the fall prevented a head injury, and that she is very lucky.
  26. >Vinyl winces in pain as doctors set the bones in her arms back into place, and wrap them in casts.
  27. >”Hey Vinyl, I don’t want to leave you, but I need to take care of the show being canceled, and I’ll bring your car back so we can get home.”
  28. >”Ahh *inhales through teeth* okay, thanks Neon.”
  29. >You exit the hospital to find a group of concerned fans, you tell them what happened, and that Vinyl will be fine.
  30. >After a taxi ride back to the show location, you get back to work, refunding admission for everyone who bought tickets for the show.
  33. >It’s close to 9 P.M. You’ve finished refunding the tickets, now would be a good time to take a break.
  34. >Your mobile phone rings, you answer, thinking it’s another person asking where Vinyl is,
  35. >”This is Canterlot City Hospital, can I speak to Neon Lights?”
  36. >”Speaking.”
  37. >”Hello Neon, I just wanted to let you know that Vinyl Scratch is currently being discharged, and is available for pickup.”
  38. >”Great, I’ll be right over, thank you very much.”
  39. >Taking Vinyl’s car, you head to the hospital to pick her up.
  40. >Arriving at the hospital, you see Vinyl being wheeled outside, she has two, large casts on her arms with all sorts of writing on them, clearly she’s been visited, which is good.
  41. >”Well well, if it isn’t the most popular girl in the hospital”, trying to cheer her up.
  42. >*sigh* “Hi Neon.”
  43. >The nurse tells you that she can walk around, but to supervise her.
  44. >Vinyl slowly rises to her feet, and carefully walks over to her car and gets in the open passenger side.
  45. >”Hey, thanks for taking care of her, I really appreciate it”, you tell the nurse.
  46. >”It’s not a problem at all sir”
  48. >Driving home on a cool, crisp night
  49. >”So, how did it go? What’d the doctor say?”
  50. >”Eight weeks, Neon.”
  51. >”That’s not so bad”, you tell her, trying to turn her frown upside down. It didn’t work.
  52. >You point at all the writings on her casts, wishing her well.
  53. >“I see you’ve had some visitors in there, nice. What’ve we got here? Get well? We love you V? I m not even mad at this gentleman here for writing his phone number”
  54. >You actually managed to make her chuckle.
  55. >You’re both finally home. You and Vinyl carefully walk into the house.
  56. >She sits on the couch to relax, you remove her shoes, you both watch TV for a few hours.
  57. >It’s 1 AM now.
  58. >*yawn* ”Hey Neon, can you make sure I get to the bathroom?”
  59. >”Sure thing, honey”, You walk her over to the bathroom, pull down her leggings, and panties, and sit her on the toilet, you return to your seat on the couch while Vinyl does her business.
  60. >5 minutes later, “Hey Neon, can you help me? I’m so sorry”
  61. >”Yeah, what do you need?”
  62. >”Can you… uh… wipe-“
  63. >”Oh that’s fine Vinyl, what am I gonna do? Make you do it?”
  64. >You proceed to wipe Vinyl’s bottom, she feels so mortified, even if it is you doing it.
  65. >*sniffling* I... hate this!”
  66. >She cries into your chest, you try to comfort her, knowing her passion and livelihood will be taken from her for the next 8 weeks.
  67. >”Shh shh, It’s okay Vinyl, you’ve been having a rough night, let’s get you bed, alright?
  68. >”Okay.” *sniff*
  69. >You take off her glasses, place them on the counter, put some toothpaste on her toothbrush, and brush her teeth for her.
  70. >”Neon, what are we going to do? How am I gonna play now?”
  71. >”I’ll figure something out Vinyl, I always do.” You tell her, staring at her in the eyes through the mirror, her beautiful eyes that only you get to see.
  72. >Vinyl walks to bed with you, and sits on it, you remove all of her clothes but a bra and panty to make her comfortable. You then walk back to the bathroom to brush your teeth and get ready for bed as well.
  73. >You climb into bed with Vinyl, carefully putting your arms around her, holding her close.
  74. >”Good night, V”
  75. >”I love you, Neon”
  77. >The next day.
  78. >You awake, Vinyl is still sleeping next to you, and it’s a good time to cook some breakfast.
  79. >In the kitchen, you find a can of corned beef and some a bag of potatoes.
  80. >It’s not often you cook around here, usually Vinyl makes herself something, and you’ll just share it with her.
  81. >After a few minutes of meat frying, and potato smashing, you’re done, it looks good, you try it, and it tastes good with the two ingredients mixed together.
  82. >You bring the bowl of food to the bedroom with a glass of orange juice
  83. >Vinyl is waking from her slumber now.
  84. >”Hey pretty girl, how ya feeling?”
  85. >”Sore, but I think I’ll be okay”
  86. >”I’m sorry Vinyl, I made some breakfast, here.” Feeding her a spoonful of corned beef and potato.
  87. >”Wow Neon, that’s actually really good, I didn’t know you could cook”
  88. >”Well, when grow up the way I did, you learn to cook, or else you don’t eat.”
  89. >”Oh yeah, sorry I forgot. By the way, have you figured how we’re going to earn money while I’m laid up like this? We took a big loss last night.”
  90. >”Yes, I’ve been thinking about it all morning, I might have to go back to work, many of asked about it, it’s something the fans would like to see, so I’m making a comeback.
  91. >”I’ll play a new set every week while you’re gone, that’ll take care of us.”
  92. >”Great, Neon, can we go out today? I just don’t want to feel stuck in here.”
  93. >Sure thing V, I wanted to take you out every once in a while, nothing worse than cabin fever.”
  94. > “Can you help me clean up? I didn’t shower last night, and I feel so dirty.”
  95. >Grabbing a bucket of soapy water and a rag, and begin by cleaning Vinyl’s face, washing off her old makeup.
  96. >She sits up, so you can remove her bra and scrub her torso.
  97. >You lay her partially nude body down on the bed.
  98. >After scrubbing her feet and legs, you gladly remove her panty to clean what lies beneath
  99. >There’s a pad underneath there that she keeps in her underwear, it’s stuck to her vagina with menstrual blood, and it smells a little.
  100. >You gag a little, “Phew, eight weeks Neon, eight weeks”, you say to yourself.
  101. >It peels off, and you stick the rag in her vagina to clean it.
  102. >Sitting Vinyl on a rolling office chair, you wash her hair in the sink, you gave her a little scalp massage, and she seemed to liked it.
  103. >After getting Vinyl dressed, you walk her to the car, and drive her to the beach to sit and relax, it makes her feel free.
  104. >And so the recovery begins.
  106. >2 weeks later
  107. >You played your two shows in the MC W1SH comeback at the Sugarcube Corner, they went well, many of your old fans came to see, as well some of Vinyl’s fans.
  108. >When you get home, Vinyl is lying in bed watching TV, she looks depressed
  109. >”Hey Neon, how did it go?”
  110. >”Great, a lot of people came, I’m kinda glad to be back in the game, actually.”
  111. >”Oh? Well that’s nice to hear” *sighs*
  112. >”What’s wrong, V?”
  113. >”Oh nothing, just sitting here all day, watching TV, while getting overshadowed by you.”
  114. >”Aw c’mon V, you know I’m not THAT great, do you even know how hard it is to make a new set that is fresh and original every week? This shit doesn’t come easy to me like it does for you.”
  115. >”I’m sorry Neon, I’ll try to stay positive.”
  116. >She tries to smile, but you feel sad inside.
  117. >It’s late, so you brush Vinyl’s teeth and yours, and get ready for bed.
  118. >”Goodnight Vinyl.”
  119. >”Night, Neon.”
  121. >You are Vinyl Scratch.
  122. >Shaking from the bed has woken you up in the middle of the night.
  123. >”Ugghh yeah… mmmm” can be heard from the other side of the bed.
  124. >Yep, he’s jacking himself off right next to you.
  125. >”Neon, is that you?”
  126. >”Shit, I’m sorry babe, I didn’t want to wake you up, I couldn’t sleep.
  127. >”It’s okay Neon, I know it’s been a while”
  128. >Maybe this is your chance to show a little appreciation for his work, and taking care of you when you when you needed his help.
  129. >”You want me to finish that off for you?”
  130. >”Sure! If it’s okay with you and all…”
  131. >”Bring it over here.” You say, wriggling your torso upright against the headboard
  132. >You’ve only given Neon oral a few times, it’s not your favorite, but he likes it.
  133. >Neon kneels down to where your head is, and you take in a mouthful of cock.
  134. >He shudders when you lick the tip of his penis, you like it when he makes his cute noises when you pleasure him.
  135. >”Oh god, Vinyl… Uhhnn.”
  136. >Neon erupts, oozing his warmth into your mouth.
  137. >He tastes so awful, but you’d gladly swallow his babies for the things he’s done for you, so you do it.
  138. >With a big yawn, Neon lies next to you
  139. >”Thank you, *kiss* you’re the best.” He says, right before falling asleep.
  141. >6 weeks later
  142. >You are Neon lights
  143. >Vinyl is at the end of her recovery time, you’ve fed and cleaned her for the past 8 weeks, and is due to have her casts removed tomorrow, She is anxious to be able to bend her arms again, and wants you to clean her up for the bg day.
  144. >”Neon can you do something for me? It’s ok if you don’t want to..”
  145. >”What’s up?”
  146. >”Can you shave my legs and stuff? I don’t want to look like a troll woman tomorrow.”
  147. >Sure, I’ll give the little hairy troll a buzz.”
  148. >You rub shaving cream on her legs, and use a razor to get them perfectly smooth.
  149. >”How about that? Clean as a whistle.”
  150. >”Can you shave under my arms too?
  151. >”Sure thing.”
  152. >After a quick trim and shave, she’s looking real clean, but you notice a patch of blue hair protruding out of her panty, you run your fingers through it.
  153. >”Let me guess, you want to shave that too?”
  154. >”Hehe, can I?” you say giddily.
  155. >”Fine, go ahaead”
  156. >You go to work, cutting down her blue forest, and using a buzzer to get the closest shave possible.
  157. >Running your finger around her bare vulva, Vinyl looks flustered.
  158. >”How’s that?
  159. >”Good, it’s… good.”
  160. >”That’s nice, Vinyl.”
  161. >”Neon, fuck me... please, my arms don’t hurt anymore.
  162. > Straddling her little body, it feels like forever since you’ve been with her like this.
  163. >You give it all you’ve got, not caring how rough you are with her, shoving youself as deep into her as you can.
  164. >You can’t take it anymore, it feels like you’re gonna explode any second.
  165. >You pull out, exploding all over Vinyl’s abdomen.
  166. >”Aw shit babe, I’m sorry about that”
  167. >”It’s… fine” she says, trembling from an orgasm.
  168. >After cleaning her again, you chill with her in bed.
  169. >”I want to show you something I’ve been working on”
  170. >You hand her a flyer.
  171. >”Tell me what you think of this”
  172. >She reads it.
  173. >”DJ-PON3 comeback tour… featuring MC W1SH! Oh my god!”
  174. >”That’s awesome Neon, I can’t wait to get these off so we can work together.”
  175. >”Me too, V, me too.”
  177. >The next day
  178. >You and vinyl drive to the hospital in the morning to remove the casts.
  179. >The doctor scans her arms, telling you that they have healed properly and that they can remove her casts.
  180. >He gets out a little circular saw, and starts cutting the casts, kinda cool to watch.
  181. >After cutting through the layers, the casts come off, Vinyl’s arms are a bit greasy, but she’s free, she washes the grime off in the hospital sink.
  182. >”Lookin good there, Vinyl”
  183. >”Thanks, Neon”
  184. >The doctor makes sure Vinyl can bend her arm like she could before, he then sends you both home.
  185. >You and vinyl walk out to the parking lot.
  186. >”I’ll drive”
  187. >”Sure Vinyl, go right ahead”
  188. >*Car starts*
  189. >”Now let’s get to work on this tour! Partner!”
  190. >She punches it leaving the parking lot, doing a huge burnout.
  191. >Her driving always scares you, but she’s back, and you couldn’t be any happier.
  193. END.
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