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  1. Anon: Life? Shit, wha you mean? Is all good, we throw parties, make that paper, hang a ...
  3. Anon: That's the good side of this neighborhood, feel me?
  5. J: And the bad side?
  7. Anon: You already know, tsk--
  9. J: I feel you, anything you wanna say to people?
  11. J: To the police, whatnot?
  13. Anon: To people out there in Vinewood, Richman?
  15. J: Yeah, those kinds of people.
  17. Anon: Man, they can fuck off, police harrassin us daily for nothing, and media is showing us like we terrorize everyone.
  19. Anon: That's some bullshit, if they don't fuck with us, we don't fuck with them.
  21. Anon: Rich people coming down here with their expensive ass whips, acting like they gonna be safe here.
  23. Anon: Niggas are starving here, of course they gonna get jacked.
  25. J: I get that, yeah.
  27. Anon: Ay, peep this.
  29. Anon: This goes out to our enemies out here, feel me?
  31. Anon: We bang that big bad Easside Hustlers, y'all ain't ready for this, motherfuckers..
  33. Anon: We gonna blast you, shank you, jack you. Period, stay outta here or get clapped.
  35. J: Cool, I guess that's all then.
  37. Anon: Yeah, thas all.
  43. The streets of Los Santos, known to house many violent and dangerous gangs.
  45. One area of the city in particular, East Los Santos, and more specifically the Crenshaw, Jefferson area is known for it's gang violence and sky-rocketing
  46. crime rate. It is claimed by many residents that even the local PD is afraid of patrolling through the areas and many claimed to have seen gang members of the local 'Crip' street gang carrying military
  47. grade weaponry in broad daylight as well as dealing large quantities of drugs to the local residents, so we decided to investigate.
  49. My approach to the group of four young males on the corner was met with the expected glances and wolf whistles, when I asked them about their lives they soon warmed to the idea of conducting
  50. an interview, as long as they remained anonymous and the younger males were soon overshadowed by a older male who spoke to me about life and their views of others, most of them very violent and based around
  51. the danger our the area for non-locals, I'd like to express that never once did I feel threatened by these men, and they showed no signs of violence or attempts to threaten me at all.
  53. During this interview, a individual pulled up on the curb in a Lexus, clearly an older member and perhaps a big player of the street gang one of the younger members immediately approached him and discussed a 'Re-Up'
  54. which often refers to the older member passing along narcotics for the younger member to sell, as I was giving the interview the duo headed into a fairly open alleyway and began to openly pass narcotics between each other,
  55. even as multiple police cruisers passed by, they soon finished up and departed from one another which goes to show that this street gang is not simply a band of hooligans but a well-oiled business with clear rank between members.
  57. After the interview was concluded, all individuals rejected the offer of a photograph, even with their faces being blurred which raises questions as to how careful they really are, are they afraid of Police backlash or perhaps that of rival members in the area?
  58. I was however, allowed to take pictures of the local area and managed to capture some of the gang 'tags' that littered the walls on camera, this gang is very clear on marking their territory and I was soon asked to leave, with a member claiming that it's not 'safe' for 'people like you' here.
  60. Overall from this experience, I see that all those living the lifestyle were all young teenagers and it goes to show how the media paints these people, I am not naive and I understand that they are not as innocent as they may seem, this is proven by the
  61. shocking amount of gang murders and other related crimes throughout the area, however it seems to me that most of the locals of the area have been sucked into this gang-banging lifestyle and with the views of the media and the police see no way out of it.
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