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  1. <b><size=50><align="center"><color=#f4a742>Zulu Oscar November Kilo</color></align></size=50></b>
  3. <b><u><size=30><align="center"><link="discord:///invite/4BQYe9A">Click here to join the Discord</link></align></size=30></u></b>
  4. <b><u><size=10><align="center"><link="">Click here if that link didn't work</link></align></size=10></u></b>
  6. <b><color=#f4a742>Rules</color></b>
  7. <color=#f4a742>[1]</color> We're all here to have fun, so be nice. It's just a game after all
  8. <color=#f4a742>[2]</color> Don't camp the intercom, and please speak English if you're using it
  9. <color=#f4a742>[3]</color> That one shelf on entrance zone you can stand above: don't use this to to delay the round. If you use it frequently staff can and will teleport you off of it
  11. <b><color=#f4a742>Server Mods / Tips</color></b>
  12. <color=#f4a742>[1]</color> ALL teams have increased health. SCP-939 still kills in 2 bites
  13. <color=#f4a742>[2]</color> SCPs and Chaos Insurgency do NOT have to kill each other for the round to end
  14. <color=#f4a742>[3]</color> Disarmed people can't open elevators or doors. They'll turn into the opposite team once they've escaped
  15. <color=#f4a742>[4]</color> SCP-079 (computer) will die when the last SCP dies
  16. <color=#f4a742>[5]</color> SCP-049-2 (zombie) will turn any players it kills into zombies
  17. <color=#f4a742>[6]</color> D Bois have a 30% chance to spawn with a janitor key card
  18. <color=#f4a742>[7]</color> You can upgrade cards and guns in SCP-914 by holding them, and you can also upgrade/downgrade yourself
  19. <color=#f4a742>[8]</color> Players can spawn in late, up to 60 seconds after the round has started
  20. <color=#f4a742>[9]</color> Warhead starts automatically after 15 minutes
  22. <align="center"><color=#f4a742>Last updated Apr 21, 2019</color></align>
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