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  1. (beat: mf doom type beat "CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON")
  3. (Verse 1)
  4. I aint had much in life, aint been prone to take advice, i dont really wanna fight, in the night, under the city lights,
  5. my hope starts to fade, my motivation fadin away, i dont know what to say anymore, sometimes i get sore, i cant write any bars,
  6. thinkin to myself as im lookin at the stars, am i the only one, the only one with some shit to say,
  8. this worlds fucked up,
  9. lotta people gettin fucked,
  10. yeah this world really be fucked,
  12. fuck, the governments on me again, tryna say theyll bring the military just to disassemble me and my friends, cuz we been moving through the ends, sellin ketamine, heroin, anything you need, pack after pack of that weed, pack of that gas, movin that product it gotta go fast, gotta get it out, to the customers of that, make me a few racks then i blow it on a louie, oh, damn, you wanna talk some shit boy? come and fist fight my clique boi, nah i know you dont want that, so you finna rock a top hat, tip it til you real fat, finna sip some sizzurp on a bitch in the club, maybe all my bitches be jus fallin in love,
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