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Jul 29th, 2017
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  1. [18:37:17] &kamikaze: hey do you mind if we potentially play tomorrow instead
  2. [18:37:38] &kamikaze: i should be free from 4pm edt onward until whenever at night
  3. [18:38:45] +Misaka Mikoto: Whenever you're free we can play!
  4. [18:39:15] &kamikaze: ok so 5pm edt (gmt -4) tomorrow sound good?
  5. [18:39:21] +Misaka Mikoto: Wouldn't mind an extension either if we're able to do that if you can't make it tomorrow either
  6. [18:39:24] +Misaka Mikoto: Absolutely
  7. [18:39:29] &kamikaze: alright sounds good
  8. [18:39:35] &kamikaze: i dont think there are extensions
  9. [18:39:37] &kamikaze: since subs exist
  10. [18:39:48] &kamikaze: but yea i can def play tomorrow for sure
  11. [18:39:49] &kamikaze: thanks
  12. [18:40:09] +Misaka Mikoto: You're welcome I should be good during that time
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