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  1. # What is the story of the MAIN CHARACTER that you plan to play? (Be detailed as possible)
  2. #### If you really wanna go into some deep tragic backstory of how an orphan boy was separated from his elder brother (his only remaining family), into the slums and promptly thrown into life with the mafia, then Q is your man. I mean, he probably won't tell you much, but since running away from the orphanage, life's never been too sweet to him. He found himself on the streets, sure, but he was able to pick up a couple of skills along the way -- and trinkets, and wallets, and other precious little things that fetch a pretty penny.
  4. It was enough to get him noticed by the big boys in the mafia, and although it took him some convincing, for sure, Q and his friends eventually became part of the famiglia. Mafia boys, baby. Sounds neat, right? Yeah, totally, and you'll never hear him admit, it but it felt good to be part of a family again. What wasn't neat though was having to be reminded how easily you can lose said family all over again. All it took was one screw up that got his friend killed and Q was traumatized from ever being involved in taking a life ever again.
  6. That fortunately didn't stop him from still working in the mafia. He had other skills, and the blokes up top absolutely adored him (100% factual he isn't making this up) and to be honest everything seemed fine and dandy in his life.
  8. ... okay, so that's a lie. He was actually on his way for the ass-whooping of the century when some maniac decided to attack and completely obliterate every single man in the room. Her name was N. She belonged to specialized unit of hitmen and for some reason, in the midst of the massacre, she decided to spare Q -- and not only that, she'd even took it upon herself to ABDUCT him. What for, he had no idea. That didn't leave the best impression with the mafia. All those dead mafia guys... and no Q?
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