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Jun 15th, 2017
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  1. *Password: Sunshine
  2. *Full name: Lilianna Pham(Lily-ana fam)
  3. *Birthday: November 30,2001
  4. *Age: 16
  5. *Nationality: American
  6. *Ethnicity: Half Vietnamese, half American
  7. *Height: 149cm
  8. *Weight: 47kg
  9. *Blood Type: B-
  10. *Back Ground: She grew up with a mother, older sister, and a baby brother. She parents separated after her brother was born. There was always music playing in the house, even if it was in an other languages. When mom is working her sister would take care of the house and she would take care of her baby brother. As a hobby and as a way to put her brother to sleep she would dance, sing,and rap. At the age of 9 she moved to South Korea after her mom found a new Career choice. After about 2 years her new friends at school ask and tell her about entertainment companies and with the consent of her mother she auditioned.
  11. *Family: Mother(Vietnamese), father( American), older sister, baby brother.
  12. *Family: Anastasia( a loas girl that's straight up savage), rest of spring
  13. *Personality: Can get kinda bipolar but is mainly somewhat quite around new people, funny, nice, caring and protective, but can also be the opposite.
  14. *Likes: sweets(mainly donuts), art, books, swimming, animals(mostly dogs), dancing, and playing around.
  15. *Dislikes: bugs, mud, close minded people, dad jokes(kinda cute), too cold or too hot places, and toe
  16. *Fear: Thunder, failure, porcelain dolls, ugly shoes/cloths, and yelling(angry yelling)
  17. *Facts: can speak English, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Korean. Is good at skateboarding. Loves food and sleeping( sometimes does both). Is good a drawing. Has a crush on Manny from Varsity(boy group).
  18. *Face claim: Losa -Blackpink
  19. *Backup face claim:Rose -Blackpink
  20. *Slot: Maknae
  21. *Backup slot: Composer
  22. *Stage name: Lilia (Lily-a)
  23. *Years of training: 5
  24. *Predebut Activities: small modeling gigs, and street performances
  25. *Onstage Persona: depending on the circumstances she can be very confident and concentrated, but also very goofy and shy.
  26. * Username: @imnot_sorry
  27. *Message to fans: " Hello my name is Lilia and I hope you enjoy our music, thank you for this opportunity and please take care of me."
  28. *Message to -Vernon: I don't really have anything the ask or say but I hope I can ask questions later on if I have any.
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