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  1. [18:41:02] <Tielle> For Claire, you come out of the wooded hellscape
  2. [18:41:20] <Tielle> and are bumped into by a pleasant surprise.
  3. [18:41:44] <Tielle> It's Tielle, red-faced, half-clothed, and tripping over herself as she looks like she's heading to the village and started drinking as soon as she felt safe because you weren't there.
  4. [18:42:01] <Claire-chan> wew
  5. [18:42:51] <Claire-chan> Then I actually help her get home safely because I know to get consent
  6. [18:43:29] <Tielle> "g-get movin i'm gonna find my kraussy" She ignores the attempt and brushing you aside, continuing to stumble.  And her home is definitely nowhere NEAR here.
  7. [18:43:37] <Tielle> er
  8. [18:43:37] <Tielle> brushes
  9. [18:44:31] <Claire-chan> "Don't worry Tielle chan, your onee-chan is here"
  10. [18:44:51] <Claire-chan> "I'll be for you what my sister was too intimidated by my chest to be for me"
  11. [18:44:59] <Claire-chan> that was quite a sentence
  12. [18:46:39] <Tielle> "What" Tielle spins around, eyes half-closed and face so red it could turn into an enemy unit and attack at any second, and pokes you in the chest.  It goes 'boing' and she doesn't even react to it.  "you think your boobies are so greaT?  i'm gonna get my man an' you ain't gonna stop me"
  13. [18:46:47] <Tielle> She starts walking and falls flat on her face.
  14. [18:47:43] <Claire-chan> Sounds like it's time for a piggyback ride
  15. [18:48:16] <Tielle> Yeah she's fucking FLOPPED and is trying to crawl in the snow now.  Which goes about as well as you'd expect (read: not).
  16. [18:56:00] <Claire-chan> "Ok Tielle, I'm gonna help you whether you like it or not"
  17. [18:56:03] <Claire-chan> and then picks her up
  18. [18:56:05] <Tielle> "k"
  19. [18:56:07] <Tielle> "I MEAN NO"
  20. [18:56:39] <Tielle> "HANDS OFF I WANNA GO I WANNA GO" she screams like a spoiled child and comically punches at you, which bounce off like one would expect of a battle-hardened warrior with 28 defense.
  21. [18:56:50] <Claire-chan> "it's fine it's fine~"
  22. [18:56:58] <Tielle> Or maybe that DEF is just like, a representation of having boobs so big that weapons bounce off them, it's not like this setting was ever very realistic
  23. [18:57:14] <Claire-chan> "tielle chan is so cute when she's being precocious" did I spell that right?
  24. [18:57:24] <Tielle> yeah you did actually
  25. [18:57:51] <Tielle> "hmph, i only started drinkin cause everyone else was doin it" she says with a hiccup.
  26. [18:57:59] <Tielle> "BUT IM NOT DRUNK" what is volume control "im just TIPSY"
  27. [19:00:12] <Tielle> "Now either put me down or uhhhhhhhhhhhh get moving thattaway, you big dummy," she tries to point in a direction but just kind of ends up lazily raising an arm and doing nothing with it.
  28. [19:01:42] <Claire-chan> "Ok ok~" ok we're moving now
  29. [19:02:18] <Tielle> After a minute or so, instead of continuing to bark out drunken commands and other out-of-character crap, she starts snoring in your arms.
  30. [19:02:26] <Claire-chan> nice
  31. [19:02:35] <Claire-chan> unfortunately I don't know where her room/ house is
  32. [19:02:45] <Claire-chan> so I'll just take her to mine ~
  33. [19:02:57] <Tielle> Yeah, you're mostly all traveling together so- OH WAIT NO
  34. [19:03:17] <Tielle> you helped the storm vanguards out and the townspeople know they're the dudes helping their town not get captured, so they probably let you have a night on the house at some lodge or something
  35. [19:03:27] <Claire-chan> cool
  36. [19:04:12] <Tielle> As a bonus: Most people don't know what the God-Generals look like so nobody makes weird remarks about you looking like the violent psychopath among them... UNLESS you go into the CK's guild but that's a whole different story
  37. [19:04:21] <Tielle> now
  38. [19:04:26] <Tielle> CHOICE MENU APPEARS
  39. [19:04:27] <Tielle> >rape route
  40. [19:04:29] <Tielle> >pure route
  41. [19:04:33] <Tielle> THE CLOCK IS TICKING
  42. [19:04:34] <Tielle> 5
  43. [19:04:37] <Tielle> WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE
  44. [19:04:37] <Tielle> 4
  45. [19:04:40] <Tielle> HURRY UP!!
  46. [19:04:41] <Tielle> 3
  47. [19:04:43] <Tielle> HURRY UP!!
  48. [19:04:45] <Tielle> 2
  49. [19:04:50] <Tielle> WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE?
  50. [19:04:52] <Tielle> 1
  51. [19:04:54] <Claire-chan> pure
  52. [19:05:02] <Tielle> zzzzzzzzzzz
  53. [19:05:05] <Claire-chan> whew
  54. [19:05:12] <Claire-chan> stepped away from the computer for a secon
  55. [19:05:19] <Tielle> yeah i could sense that
  56. [19:05:26] <Tielle> so i intentionally put the pressure on you then of all times for funnies
  57. [19:05:48] <Tielle> Nah that's it, I just wanted to see how you'd react to being given that scene
  58. [19:05:57] <Tielle> i guess consider it a suppo if you want
  59. [19:05:58] <Claire-chan> nice
  60. [19:06:14] <Tielle> but Tielle-chan doesn't wake up until a while later, with an intact hymen and a MAJOR hangover
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