Ogre Blackmail Lewd

Sep 9th, 2016
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  1. >Walking down the street
  2. >Heading to a bar downtown
  3. >Got a call from an old college friend
  4. >Said she was in the area and wanted to catch up
  5. >Also said she had something really important
  6. >Kept saying something about bringing your A game, whatever that means
  7. >Walk into the bar
  8. >The low buzz of TV, conversations and drinks hitting the table greet you
  9. >Along with a yell coming from the back
  10. >It's your friend
  11. >She's in a booth alone
  12. >Wearing her usual white button up and skirt
  13. >A tie loose around her collar
  14. >She greets you with a slap on the back and a drink pushed in front of you
  15. >She's just like you remember her
  16. >The night is filled with conversation and laughs, the empty glasses slowly covering the table up
  17. >She begins to look at you with an almost predatory smile
  18. >You knew Ogres were a little on the crazy side, but she never really acted like this around you
  19. >She moves closer to you
  20. >She's right next to you now as opposed to opposite you
  21. >She pulls out her phone while you sip another drink
  22. >On it she scrolls through her gallery of photos and videos
  23. >And settles on one from a few years back
  24. >She sets it on the table in front of you, muting the audio
  25. >The video begins, it's rather hard to make out what's happening
  26. >Slowly you begin to recognize the scene
  27. >She's filming you through the crack of a just barely open door
  28. >You're laying on her bed in her college dorm
  29. >Your heart sinks and you begin to blush as the video continues
  30. >You're jerking off with a pair of her panties
  31. >You look at her in horror, she looks at you with glee
  32. >"Thought I never knew how much of a perv you are?"
  33. >She grins at you
  34. >"You know those were my favorite pair too. All these years and you never made amends for it"
  35. >She pushes you into the corner of the booth
  36. >"I think now is the time"
  37. >She's staring right at you
  38. >Her hands move and she opens up one of the buttons on her shirt
  39. >It's easy to see now that her wardrobe is lacking a bra
  40. >Her chest moves up and down rhythmically, her nipples straining at the fabric
  41. >She puts a hand under your chin, moving your gaze back to her face
  42. >"Unzip. Now"
  43. >You hesitate, swallowing as you look at the other patrons in the bar
  44. >She grabs your collar, pushing the phone into your face, her finger hovering over the volume
  45. >"Now, before we make this a more public affair."
  46. >Your heart sinks lower
  47. >Your hands move at a glacial pace and she scowls at you, pushing you against the back of the booth
  48. >"Guess I'll do it myself"
  49. >Her hands move roughly, undoing your fly and yanking down your pants, underwear and all
  50. >Showing care you didn't expect, she takes your length into her hand, and lovingly begins to move her hand up and down, painfully slow
  51. >You glance around the bar in a panic, looking at the other patrons, praying no one looks at the corner you two occupy
  52. >Her hand once more caresses your face as she pulls your gaze back to her
  53. >"Eyes on me now perv"
  54. >She licks her lips as she pumps your member with one hand, undoing more of her shirt with the other
  55. >Her breasts are in plain view for you to see
  56. >Easily D's her nipples perk up in the air
  57. >She grins at your expression, taking one of your hands and lifting it to her left breast
  58. >Her skin is soft and smooth, her nipple pushing against your palm
  59. >"You're supposed to squeeze moron"
  60. >You look at her incredulously, the feeling of her hand on your length clouding your thoughts
  61. >"I said squeeze dumbass"
  62. >She moves another hand to your groin, gently running her palm over the top of your tip
  63. >The feeling is almost too good
  64. >You squeeze more out of reflex than her suggestion
  65. >Her breath hitches in her throat before she laughs heartily
  66. >"Finally! I've been waiting years for that."
  67. >Her hands leave your length, leaving you throbbing painfully, release so close
  68. >She grins at you, her hands moving under her skirt and then down to her ankles
  69. >The panties she was wearing are now in her hands, a dark spot over the crotch
  70. >The predatory grin returns to her face
  71. >"Time for the first finale"
  72. >She moves the fabric over your length, the heat from her body still noticeable
  73. >Her hands moves more aggressive than before
  74. >Each pump bringing you closer to finishing
  75. >She grabs one of your hands, pushing it onto her groin
  76. >You slip two fingers insider her, her walls immediately tightening around them
  77. >"Nnf, I've been waiting years for that too."
  78. >She pushes a hand over your mouth, pumping her other faster
  79. >You move your fingers in response, her hand muffling your moan as you finish into her panties
  80. >Your mind is pure bliss
  81. >The only thing that pulls you from it, is her moving away from you, your fingers slipping out
  82. >She's grinning even harder, as she moves her hands to her feet and back to her waist, slipping her panties back on
  83. >"Can't leave them in the booth, and letting all that drip off would be a waste."
  84. >She grins, and pushes you back against the wall as you try to pull your pants up
  85. >"I didn't say we were going yet did I? You still haven't made up for all this lust I've been keeping pent up for years."
  86. >She keeps a strong hand on your chest, moving her face next to yours, whispering in your ear
  87. >"I can't wait to see how you taste"
  88. >She slowly moves under the table, pushing your member down into her throat
  89. >She moans around you, her deep voice vibrating your length
  90. >With one hand on your chest, her other moves to your balls, rolling them between her fingers
  91. >She begins to move her head, going from tip to base as slowly as she can manage, her tongue greedily licking up any pre-cum
  92. >She gradually picks up speed, moaning all the while
  93. >As you near finishing she stops her movements, leaving only the tip in her mouth
  94. >She begins to move her tongue from around, circling the tip over and over as she uses the hand not on your chest to jerk you off
  95. >The her fingers tighten and loosen with each pump, your length slick with her saliva
  96. >Your hands instinctively grab her hair as you finish into her throat, greedy slurping sounds emanating from below the table
  97. >She gulps down every drop before sultrily moving up to face you, grinning even wider than before
  98. >"Take me home playboy."
  99. >The two of you walk out of the bar
  100. >Your entire body feels hot, the wind itself is caressing your skin
  101. >All you can think about is how she smells
  102. >So enticing, the mixture of sweat, light perfume and her feminine scent
  103. >Each inhalation makes your head spin
  104. >"You're breathing so loudly. Do you want me you perv?"
  105. >She grabs your hand, pulling you off the street and into a park on the other side of the road
  106. >You're pushed down onto the bench, your member still hard
  107. >She grins as she pulls down her panties and skirt while standing in front of you
  108. >"I used to masturbate myself ragged every night thinking of you"
  109. >She move up to you, undoing her shirt and shedding it, her naked form silhouetted by the streetlamp as you look up at her
  110. >"And now"
  111. >She pulls down your pants, allowing your length to free itself
  112. >"I get to fuck you ragged"
  113. >She straddles you, grinning down at you before impaling herself on your cock
  114. >Her insides are slick, tight, and impossibly hot
  115. >Her moan is taken by the wind, the beautiful noise filling your head
  116. >You need to hear more of it
  117. >You grab onto her hips, and roughly begin to bounce her up and down along your length
  118. >Each thrust in sets her moaning again, louder and more frequently
  119. >Her walls tighten against you, gripping your cock as if her life depends on it
  120. >Her hands move to your shoulders, her nails digging in as she bounces in rhythm with you
  121. >"Finish inside me, fuck me ragged and finish inside."
  122. >She moans as if to punctuate her sentence, both your movements becoming faster and more frantic
  123. >You dig your hands into her supple hips and slam her down onto you, pushing as far into her as you can
  124. >You coat her insides white with your seed, her head thrown back into a long drawn out moan as she pants and shudders
  125. >The two of you bask in the afterglow for what seems like forever
  126. >Her insides repeatedly tighten and loosen, as if trying to milk every drop from you
  127. >She lays her head into the crook of your neck, her breathe tickling your skin as she pants
  128. >You move one of your hands to her hair, gently scratching her head as you use your other to squeeze her supple ass
  129. >You manage to elicit another moan from her with this, followed by a heavy laugh
  130. >"Still ready for more darling?"
  131. >The word she uses to refer to you is followed by a kiss on the lips
  132. >She conveys her passion through her tongue in your mouth, her hips grinding in slow circles
  133. >Her face pulls from yours, her mouth forming a surprised O as your length hardens inside her
  134. >This expression is quickly followed by a grin, her eyes lighting up
  135. > She lifts herself off from you, the comfort of her body leaving you craving more
  136. >She stands in front of you, running her hands over her breasts and hips
  137. >She grins more as you move to grab her, pushing you back onto the bench
  138. >"Hands off perv, I'll do the work on this one."
  139. >She turns around, wagging her finger at you as you once more try to pull her close
  140. >Her grin turns into a lustful gaze as she looks over her shoulder back at you, using one hand to spread the lips between her legs and the other to guide your cock in
  141. >She sits down on you, her back arching as you plunge all the way into her, her head thrown back in a moan
  142. >Your hand moves to her side, and she smacks it away
  143. >"I said hands off"
  144. >You do as you're told, watching as she places her hands on either of your legs for support, bouncing her rear up and down
  145. >She looks at you from over her shoulder, her face twisting in pleasure
  146. >Each movement of her body makes her flesh jiggle
  147. >Her supple rear makes a soft smacking noise as she continues moving, the lewd noises from lower down growing louder as she grows wetter and wetter
  148. >You can no longer restrain yourself, and slap her rear end roughly, a high pitched cry of pleasure filling the air
  149. >Each smack of your hand sends her into another moan, each moan making her move faster
  150. >Her back arches as you finish together, and you pull her back into you by her breasts squeezing them together
  151. >She looks at you lazily, her eyes barely open and a thin trickle of drool coming from her mouth
  152. >"This better get me pregnant...perv."
  153. >Her smile is so heartfelt you nearly tear up
  154. >Years later
  155. >At a park downtown sitting on a bench
  156. >Your daughter is out on the playground, your wife next to you, a sizeable roundness to her stomach
  157. >Your daughter runs up to you two, looking up wide eyed
  158. >"So this is where you guys decided to get married? Why did that happen?"
  159. >Your wife grins as she fishes for her phone and begins to tell the story
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