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  1. [13:11] <@MCBStracci> enable debugging on the server.log
  2. [13:11] <@MCBStracci> and get the exact error.
  3. [13:18] <moparx> http://pastebin.com/Bd6bJzBe
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  6. [13:24] <MCBFirestar> moparx
  7. [13:24] <MCBFirestar> try now
  8. [13:25] <moparx> The error is gone. :)
  9. [13:25] <NlNJ4> Firestar: any chance I could ask you about my ban you were investigating a while back? :3
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  11. [13:28] <MCBFirestar> ./topic
  12. [13:28] <NlNJ4> I submitted a ticket, I spoke to you on IRC and you said you'd get back to me via ticket
  13. [13:29] <NlNJ4> I'm back because that last bit didn't happen for quite some time
  14. [13:29] <@MCBStracci> NlNJ4: Please read the topic.
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  16. [13:30] <NlNJ4> Then can I just request that Firestar get back to me regarding a ticket he said he'd respond to, but hasn't for several weeks?
  17. [13:30] <moparx> Also, on an unrelated note whenever I attempt to use the 3.7 Premium control panel plugin it spits out NPEs. http://pastebin.com/Q0PzgRbq
  18. [13:30] <NlNJ4> I'm honestly not trying to break the rules
  19. [13:30] <NlNJ4> but I'm kind of out of options here
  20. [13:31] <@MCBStracci> We do not discuss any type of ban dispute in this room. Those are handled at help.mcbans.com.
  21. [13:31] <@MCBStracci> If you have a ticket open, you need to wait there.
  22. [13:32] <NlNJ4> I don't have a ticket open, you closed it Stracci
  23. [13:32] <NlNJ4> Firestar said he'd take a look personally
  24. [13:33] <@MCBStracci> Ban decisions usually are not over rode by other admins.
  25. [13:34] <NlNJ4> Well to be fair, A) he did say that and B) The server that banned me has been thrown off MCBans
  26. [13:34] <NlNJ4> but I'm still banned
  27. [13:34] <@MCBStracci> Theres no way the "server could be thrown off mcbans" and you still be banned.
  28. [13:34] <@MCBStracci> Its not possible, if the server is disabled.
  29. [13:35] <NlNJ4> you wanna bet? <_<
  30. [13:35] <NlNJ4> I was given 0/10 by mcbans when I was banned from sacredlabyrinth
  31. [13:35] <NlNJ4> that server has since been thrown off mcbans, but mcbans never lifted my 0/10
  32. [13:36] <@MCBStracci> What is your minecraft username?
  33. [13:36] <NlNJ4> NINJ4
  34. [13:37] <@MCBStracci> You were perm banned by MCBans..... (specifically myself)
  35. [13:37] <@MCBStracci> permabanned: Malicious Activities [UMS-371-56322]
  36. [13:37] <@MCBStracci> That ticket number is on our old system, so we cannot pull it up.
  37. [13:37] <NlNJ4> I know, but you never specified what "malicious activities" means even during my ticket appeal
  38. [13:38] <@MCBStracci> Why are you opening a dispute more than 30 days after the fact of the ban?
  39. [13:38] <NlNJ4> I wasn't playing minecraft for QUITE a long time
  40. [13:39] <NlNJ4> my original ban was back in April/May last year, but I quit for a long time, then appealed
  41. [13:39] <@MCBStracci> As I believe we have already closed the perm-ban dispute, we wont be lifting it.
  42. [13:39] <NlNJ4> Why?
  43. [13:39] <@MCBStracci> And please read the channel topic.
  44. [13:39] <@MCBStracci> Bans put in place by MCBans Admin's are thoroughly investigated before they are issued.
  45. [13:40] <NlNJ4> Firestar investigated for my appeal
  46. [13:40] <NlNJ4> he just never got back to me :\
  47. [13:41] <@MCBStracci> I'm telling you that it wont be lifted.
  48. [13:43] <NlNJ4> can I ask for a why, then? I don't feel very satisifed with "malicious activities"
  49. [13:43] <@MCBStracci> Look through your emails back on 2012-02-15 13:56:57
  50. [13:43] <@MCBStracci> You would have been notified with a reason.
  51. [13:43] <NlNJ4> The only reason I got was "Malicious Activities"
  52. [13:43] <NlNJ4> same as on my page
  53. [13:43] <@MCBStracci> Considering that case closed on the subject, I'm not discussing your ban further here.
  54. [13:43] <@MCBStracci> That is not the point of this channel.
  55. [13:44] <NlNJ4> Can I make a ticket and ask for a reason there and get one?
  56. [13:44] <NlNJ4> or will you just send me there to get denied again
  57. [13:44] <@MCBStracci> No, read what I just said.
  58. [13:45] <NlNJ4> The case is closed, but am I not entitled to a reason? Is the reason really just "we have a reason, therefore it must be good?"
  59. [13:45] <@MCBStracci> 11:43 AM <MCBStracci> Look through your emails back on 2012-02-15 13:56:57
  60. [13:45] <@MCBStracci> 11:43 AM <MCBStracci> You would have been notified with a reason.
  61. [13:45] <@MCBStracci> end of conversation about the ban.
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  63. [13:46] <NlNJ4> what email would this have been sent to?
  64. [13:46] <NlNJ4> the one I registered on the ticket system?
  65. [13:47] <NlNJ4> I have no email from that day from MCBans of any sort :\
  66. [13:48] <@MCBStracci> It would have been sent to the email associated with your mcbans account.
  67. [13:48] <NlNJ4> I don't think I have an MCBans account
  68. [13:48] <@MCBStracci> 1 sec
  69. [13:49] <@MCBStracci> Its the one associated with your account on help.mcbans.com
  70. [13:49] <NlNJ4> I only had an account with the old ticket system, has my account migrated to the new system?
  71. [13:50] <@MCBStracci> account, yes
  72. [13:50] <@MCBStracci> tickets, no
  73. [13:53] <NlNJ4> I had an account with support.mcbans.com, but the login that worked there does not work for me on help.mcbans.com
  74. [13:53] <NlNJ4> and either way, the email address is the same
  75. [13:53] <NlNJ4> and I have no email from MCBans from that day
  76. [13:53] <@MCBStracci> Use the password reset, I'm not sure.
  77. [13:53] <NlNJ4> +/- day
  78. [13:53] <NlNJ4> +/- 1 day*
  79. [13:54] <@MCBStracci> I know I sent it to you when I issued the ban, and as I have suggested, this channel is not for discussing bans.
  80. [13:54] <NlNJ4> is there any way you could retrieve that sent email?
  81. [13:54] <@MCBStracci> no
  82. [13:54] <@MCBStracci> We dont have access to that ticket system anymore.
  83. [13:55] <NlNJ4> Can I open a ticket requesting a reason?
  84. [13:55] <@MCBStracci> no, as I have already told you our decision.
  85. [13:55] <NlNJ4> so as far as you are concerned, the reason for my being banned is that I'm currently banned?
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  89. [13:55] * Topic is 'MCBans Support Center [Twitter: @MCBansOfficial] | In order to speak in this channel, you need to be identified to nickserv. | Notice: If you are having problems please contact staff ( @ / + ). | We do not discuss any type of ban dispute in this room. Those are handled at help.mcbans.com.'
  90. [13:55] * Set by MCBStracci!u5104@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-hpcgwqwpvyatiwlk on Tue Mar 20 23:01:37
  91. [13:55] -ChanServ- [#mcbans] Welcome to the #mcbans official support channel. If you require assistance, please state your question and await a response. If there are no OPs (@), Voices (+) or users available to help you, submit a ticket at http://support.mcbans.com. Please change your nick by using /nick [name]
  92. [13:55] #mcbans url is http://mcbans.com
  93. [13:55] <@MCBStracci> That is your warning.
  94. [13:56] <NlNJ4> I'm sorry, I'm just unclear as to where I am allowed to talk about bans :\
  95. [13:56] <NlNJ4> whoa, wrong alt code
  96. [13:56] <NlNJ4> sorry
  97. [13:56] <@MCBStracci> You dont talk about bans once a decision has been made.
  98. [13:56] <@MCBStracci> It is final
  99. [13:57] <NlNJ4> and I'm not allowed to know why the decision was made, yes?
  100. [13:57] <@MCBStracci> Check your email on the specified date. The email was sent.
  101. [13:57] <NlNJ4> assume my email was purged by a hacker, could I find out the reason then?
  102. [13:58] <NlNJ4> (not discussing bans, just ban ettiquitte)
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