Giantree Dream Diary Collection: 2010-2012

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  1. April 5, 2010
  2. [17:48] <@Giantree> additionally you are one creepy fuck
  3. [17:48] <@Giantree> even stalking me in my dreams now
  4. [17:49] <@Giantree> But it's okay because it was all about spoiling endings to things.
  5. [17:51] <Sylian|TH125> rofl
  6. [17:51] <Sylian|TH125> that's you
  7. [17:51] <@Giantree> I met you at some party and apparently you said you were like watching Outlaw Star of something.
  8. [17:52] <@Giantree> So I asked you to make a guess about who dies in the end
  9. [17:52] <@Giantree> and you were like "oh, I already know"
  10. [17:52] <@Giantree> "it's REID"
  11. [17:52] <@Giantree> it was pretty dumb
  13. June 4, 2010
  14. [15:17] <@Giantree> yeah, the for realz worked, thanks
  15. [15:17] <SDD> it better work
  16. [15:19] <@Giantree> it did give me a weirdass dream though
  17. [15:19] <@Giantree> Like, so weird that it was completely apart from the weird ones I usually have; felt like I was watching Kanon or something.
  19. June 5, 2010
  20. [19:12] <@Giantree> funny story though
  21. [19:12] <@Giantree> I did have a dream while I was napping, about this working for no reason
  22. [19:12] <@Giantree> it was just like a flash then I woke up
  23. [19:13] <@Giantree> but I recognized the screen
  24. [19:13] <@Giantree> yeah no it still doesn't work
  26. August 6, 2010
  27. [16:21] <Giantree> It was hella weird since I just took a nap while a bunch of dorks played children's card games; I'd have moments where I'd half-wake up and it felt like I was the other player since I could hear one of them declaring what they were doing, so I'd tap my blue mana in response and play spell pierce or something
  28. [16:21] <Giantree> with the blue deck I'd just made earlier that day
  29. [16:21] <Giantree> then suddenly I'd be asleep again because it didn't actually happen
  30. [16:21] <Giantree> So it's like the whole "dream that you're getting up and doing morning activities then realize you're still asleep" thing but weirder and more in-depth.
  31. [16:22] <Giantree> felt crazy, man
  32. [16:22] <AnKaze> yeah I did that in the morning
  33. [16:22] <AnKaze> wake up go do stuff then wake up to realize I didn't do anything
  34. [16:22] <Giantree> Actually it wasn't spell pierce, I think it was negate.
  35. [16:22] <Giantree> spell pierce is worthless
  37. August 27, 2010
  38. [09:42] <~Ragenite> funny story I actually did have a dream about new 2d castlevania
  39. [09:42] <~Ragenite> the other day
  41. October 1, 2010
  42. [23:42] <Giantree> actually speaking of dreams I think I had another nightmare about Sylian earlier today
  43. [23:42] <Giantree> after I woke up with a massive headache and threw up a few times
  44. [23:42] <Giantree> or maybe it was before
  45. [23:42] <Giantree> either sounds pretty accurate
  46. [23:42] <Giantree> story for another time though
  47. [23:43] <Remilia-Scarlet> nightmare?
  48. [23:43] <Remilia-Scarlet> how can you dream about Sylian?
  49. [23:43] <Giantree> Well, all I remember is that somebody representing Sylian was in it.
  50. [23:43] <Remilia-Scarlet> you know what Sylian looks like?
  51. [23:43] <Giantree> so that's enough for me to call it a nightmare
  52. [23:43] <Giantree> my dreams shift all the time anyway, nothing actually looks like what it really is anyway
  53. [23:43] <Bunnyyy> What does Sylian look like
  54. [23:43] <Bunnyyy> I imagine him to be fat.
  55. [23:44] <Giantree> I'll dream about, like, something that everyone claims is a bear, acts like a bear, feels like a bear when getting mauled by, etc etc etc but when I look at it I see a chair.
  56. [23:44] <Giantree> But I still think it's a bear because I don't put in effort to have lucid dreams while sleeping.
  57. [23:44] <Giantree> just wanna take it easy
  59. December 14, 2010
  60. [17:26] <Dragonbear> The one fig I have cost me $20, and we couldn't be happier together.
  61. [17:27] <Dragonbear> <3 you Len
  62. [17:27] <megamanac> which len?
  63. [17:27] <Dragonbear> not the one you're thinking of, the other one
  64. [17:27] <megamanac> specifics pics go
  65. [17:28] <Dragonbear> well, I could probably find the one I got online somewhere
  66. [17:28] <Dragonbear> brb google
  67. [17:30] <Dragonbear> oh yeah, first result on google
  68. [17:30] <Dragonbear>
  69. [17:30] <Dragonbear> I actually had a dream this morning
  70. [17:30] <Dragonbear> that her cake came off
  71. [17:30] <Dragonbear> and when it did she magically changed to be in a different pose
  72. [17:30] <Dragonbear> with her arms at her sides
  73. [17:30] <megamanac> ;_;
  74. [17:30] <Dragonbear> and legs stretched out
  75. [17:30] <Dragonbear> it was terrifying
  77. December 26, 2010
  78. [17:22] <Giantree> Oh by the way #Sig, what are awakening quests anyway?
  79. [17:22] <Giantree> been bothering me because last night I had this dream about it
  80. [17:22] <Giantree> the whole quest was just to clear relic on expert 5 times
  81. [17:22] <Giantree> and I was like "oh, that's not too bad"
  82. [17:22] <Giantree> and hired a goldbuyer
  83. [17:22] <Giantree> then after that it was just a bunch of cubes
  85. January 17, 2011
  86. [03:19] <Giantree> funny story, yesterday I had a dream about being on irc
  87. [03:19] <Giantree> and when I looked at the status window, Magister invited me to #Magister
  88. [03:19] <Giantree> then I woke up
  89. [03:20] <Giantree> well that was only the last few seconds of it, I forgot what the rest was about
  91. February 12, 2011
  92. [19:54:32] <@Giantree> I did dream last nigh- well today that I got Mahvel a few days early
  93. [19:54:41] <@Giantree> but in order to play it you had to download patches
  94. [19:54:53] <@Giantree> so I started downloading the patch that went like 1% per 5 minutes
  95. [19:54:58] <@Giantree> and decided to go to sleep instead
  96. [19:55:15] <@Kazeko> so you went to sleep in your dream?
  97. [19:55:25] <@Giantree> and suddenly I was awakened by some noises or something and saw a hot air balloon with a clown on it outside my window
  98. [19:55:34] <@Giantree> or maybe a clown was in it, not sure
  99. [19:55:37] <@Giantree> I just know it was big and red
  100. [19:55:55] <@Kazeko> charlotte, except red
  101. [19:55:55] <@Giantree> Actually it wasn't the window at all, from my bed if I turn to my left there's a long hallway with a door at the end
  102. [19:56:02] <@Giantree> and it's one of those doors with a window on it
  103. [19:56:08] <@Giantree> so I could barely see it through out there
  104. [19:56:19] <@Giantree> and instead of going down to see if the mahvel patch was finished I woke up
  105. [19:56:24] <@Giantree> and realized I didn't have mahvel at all
  106. [19:56:26] <@Giantree> felt terrible
  108. February 13, 2011
  109. [20:00:38] <Giantree> I was busy having a dream about a dream inside a dream inside a dream
  111. February 18, 2011
  112. [12:07:25] <Giantree> Doubt it sucks as much as being in a state of having thought you were dreaming for hours but were actually awake the whole time or vice versa.  Like, I spent the whole past two days seeing health bars and characters tagging in whenever I closed my eyes, felt super weird man
  113. [12:08:19] <Giantree> The whole roleplaying thing was pretty bad too, I think there was some dream about being a GM and my players were actually playing Mahvel so I'd instruct them to switch characters and such, what the fuck
  114. [12:16:02] <@megamanac> weird
  115. [12:18:23] <Giantree> Wasn't as weird as what it actually felt like, because it's more or less impossible to explain in words what was actually happening; basically, everybody was switching out the same character and doing this one move while I was explaining what was happening in a room and... She-Hulk combos kept repeating in my head even though that wasn't who they were playing.  Weird as balls.
  117. February 23, 2011
  118. [11:43:19] <@Giantree> every dream I have that I can't remember is a JRPG
  119. [11:44:05] <@Giantree> I can vaguely remember the fact that there were multiple characters interacting with one another and I remember the things I felt in relation to the direcction the plot was taken, sense of dread when the character were in danger, etc etc, but never what actually happened or who any of the characters were.
  120. [11:45:14] <@Giantree> Even scarier I can vividly remember the locations a lot of them took place in, but not which dream was what or anything- like there's this wooden room that looks like a school gym or something and I can see every square inch of the room right now but I can't remember what dream I had that happened in it or if I even actually had a dream in it at all.
  121. [11:45:35] <@megamanac> dreams do that
  122. [11:45:53] <@Giantree> never heard of anybody else having them like that before, but then again I don't hear people talk about them much
  123. [11:45:57] <@megamanac> many of my dreams involve me entering this same bar, or starting in it
  124. [11:46:49] <@Giantree> Well, my example was just one that I remembered from once, I'm pretty sure it's not recurring nor are any of them recurring.  Every time I'm in "my room" the layout is always different but in my dream I remember it as though I've always lived there and don't notice anything's wrong until I wake up.
  125. [11:47:38] <@megamanac> huh
  126. [11:48:29] <@Giantree> The sense of familiarity is recurring, but the actual physical appearance of things isn't.
  127. [11:48:59] <@Giantree> There's the rare occasion where I'd have gone to places like my grandparents' house and it looked the same, then other times when I'd go to the same places and they'd be totally different.  Hella weird.
  129. March 11, 2011
  130. [01:18:27] <@Giantree> MEGA
  131. [01:18:46] <@Giantree> Just woke up a few seconds ago, fucking dreamtime, most infuriating thing ever just happened
  132. [01:19:01] <@Giantree> I just dreamed the entire series of Meduka.
  133. [01:19:32] <@Giantree> My subconscious created an extended universe where that one series was totally different and made 100% without being stupid or exaggeratedly DEEP or anything.  Everything was perfect in that world.
  134. [01:20:05] <@Giantree> I had a role of watching it and complaining about it like everything I do now, but of COURSE upon waking up every actual detail is gone.
  135. [01:21:09] <@Giantree> The only part I remember in detail is where I was at my LGS and a bunch of giggling teenagers came in asking how they'd play it on a PnP - think they wanted to do D&D specifically - and I explained them a bunch of homebrew systems as well as spent hours discussing the non-stupid things that happened in the series.  Because there were no stupid things.
  136. [01:21:13] <@Giantree> holy fuck I am angry
  138. [01:38:09] <Giantree> wow, why did I have to suddenly wake up
  139. [01:38:35] <Giantree> Though, the dream I had was probably prophetic, it was about a universe where the only single thing that was different was the way Madoka was written.
  140. [01:39:26] <Giantree> It had a happy ending, the character development was a lot better, and it was generally just GOOD.  Like, not hipster kiddie DEEP or anything but genuinely well-written and nobody was able to dislike it.
  141. [01:40:08] <Giantree> Last part before waking up, I was in a LGS where a bunch of giggling teenagers came in and asked the bro at the counter how to run a PnP setting based on it, and instead I jumped in and suggested homebrews and talked about the series for hours.
  142. [01:40:23] <Giantree> Then, after waking up, all the actual information is gone and all I can remember is that it was good.  Fff.
  145. March 18, 2011
  146. [18:28:26] <Giantree> jesus christ I should stop asking for highlight alarms though
  147. [18:28:30] <ThatRockGuy> AWW YEAH
  148. [18:28:31] <ThatRockGuy> IT ON
  149. [18:28:40] <Giantree> because a bunch of idiot faggots spammed them on accident anyway
  150. [18:28:49] <Giantree> then upon actually getting to sleep I had a dream
  151. [18:28:52] <Giantree> about asking for highlight alarms
  152. [18:28:59] <Giantree> then had another dream about the same thing in that dream
  154. April 12, 2011
  155. [19:32:50] <Lita> oh, I just realized I dreamed about spiders crawling on my arms
  157. April 14, 2011
  158. [20:24:02] <Giantree> so funny story
  159. [20:24:11] <Skye_Lyon> Ooo~kay
  160. [20:24:12] <Giantree> apparently there's a big tornado coming 'round these parts tonight
  161. [20:24:26] <Giantree> and also planning on having 7ko be in tonight hopefully
  162. [20:24:41] <Giantree> so in a brief experience of waking up to get coffee halway through asking
  163. [20:24:50] <Giantree> I was asked, "Ready for the tornado tonight?"
  164. [20:25:06] <Giantree> And I repled "Oh, I'm more than ready"
  165. [20:25:16] <Giantree> actually I think it was more like "I'm ready for more than one"
  166. [20:25:20] <Giantree> but then fell back asleep
  167. [20:25:27] <Skye_Lyon> You're silly
  168. [20:25:33] <Giantree> who knows, might've dreamt the whole thing
  170. April 16, 2011
  171. [09:45:00] <Feli> After playing this for like 6-8 hours straight yesterday then being pushed to MAXIMUM SLEEPINESS POTENTIAL and dozing off (before the session even finished but that's a story for another time) I had a series of dreams related to this group, waking up in a cold sweat each time.  4 of htem, in fact.
  172. [09:45:08] <Feli> They were all about drama or someone leaving or something
  173. [09:45:18] <Feli> I think there were a few that were just arguments
  174. [09:45:35] <Skye_Lyon> Did I kill myself in one?
  175. [09:46:15] <Feli> Anyway, the best one was the last one where I'd woken up this morning and came in indicating that I was awake without reading backlogs for some reason - which is weird because I always read backlogs - and like the second after I did Charm posted some logpost of Skye killing herself.
  176. [09:46:24] <Feli> then I scrolled up and read in OOC that you hated my scheduling and wanted to quit
  177. [09:46:30] <Feli> woke up in a cold sweat again
  178. [09:46:35] <Feli> but then I started giggling uncontrollably
  179. [09:46:38] <Feli> and still haven't stopped
  180. [09:46:45] <Charm> Dude. That's creepy as fuck
  181. [09:47:11] <Feli> That I'm so paranoid that I have literally multiple dreams in a row about you guys hating me and such?  ... It really is, yeah.
  182. [09:47:30] <Skye_Lyon> u insecure bro
  183. [09:47:34] <Feli> most people with any logic to them would keep it to themselves but the last one was SO HILARIOUS
  184. [09:47:37] <Feli> just has to be shared
  186. May 15, 2011
  187. [15:28:26] <Vivienne> it's sort of like when you partially wake up and have dreams about getting up only to find out you didn't actually get up
  188. [15:28:33] <SheV0> false awakening hurr
  189. [15:28:40] <Vivienne> yeah, I just had like 5 or 6 of those in a row
  190. [15:29:14] <Rayna_Collins> the worst is going through a full morning routine
  191. [15:29:18] <Rayna_Collins> multiple times
  192. [15:29:33] <Vivienne> oh god fuck that
  193. [15:29:38] <Rayna_Collins> only good part is 5 times the oatz
  194. [15:29:45] <Vivienne> fatty
  196. May 17, 2011
  197. [15:46:14] <@Elise> So yeah anyway, I'm not sure about the setting and whatnot, but I had this dream from Elise's perspective
  198. [15:46:33] <@Elise> And the whole premise of it was that I had this feeling or something and somehow knew I was going to die the next day.
  200. June 1, 2011
  201. [20:02:32] <@Giantree> GOT IT
  202. [20:02:35] <@Giantree> what I was going to do
  203. [20:02:38] <@Giantree> was remember this dream that I had
  204. [20:02:48] <@Giantree> can't remember any details except that Burst was involved someone
  205. [20:02:51] <@Giantree> someone was playing it
  206. [20:02:56] <@Giantree> and at some point someone rolled, like
  207. [20:03:03] <@Giantree> 6,1,1,1
  208. [20:03:04] <@Giantree> 6
  209. [20:03:05] <@Giantree> 6
  210. [20:03:05] <@Giantree> 6
  211. [20:03:06] <@Giantree> 6
  212. [20:03:07] <@Giantree> 1
  213. [20:03:10] <Charm> Lol
  214. [20:03:13] <Solitaire> ...
  215. [20:03:15] <@Giantree> that's all I can remember though
  217. June 8, 2011
  218. [09:01:57] <@Giantree> That said, while I usually wouldn't be up at this hour, FUCKING POWER OUTAGES gave me a prophetic dream or something through which I was in some alternative situation where there was a loud sound and my computer turned off, even though I was like fighting or something.
  219. [09:02:09] <@Giantree> I promptly woke up, fell back asleep, and woke up two hours later anyway.
  221. June 10, 2011
  222. [20:04:13] <Giantree> Did I ever tell you
  223. [20:04:16] <Giantree> of that dream I had
  224. [20:04:22] <Giantree> where you came down to Springfield MO
  225. [20:04:29] <Giantree> and I told you to meet in a place
  226. [20:04:31] <Giantree> then we did
  227. [20:04:35] <Giantree> and just hung out for like 5 minutes
  228. [20:04:39] <Giantree> and went back to the internet
  229. [20:04:42] <Giantree> it was really boring
  230. [20:05:18] <Lyric> no, you didn't
  231. [20:05:35] <Giantree> oh
  232. [20:05:38] <Giantree> well now I did
  233. [20:05:42] <Giantree> because that was all it was
  235. June 11, 2011
  236. [14:22:21] <Giantree> I think I was having a dream about trying to get to sleep
  237. [14:22:29] <Giantree> and I couldn't sleep in it
  238. [14:22:31] <Giantree> so I woke up
  239. [14:22:39] <Giantree> only to not realize I had actually been sleeping
  240. [14:22:45] <Giantree> for a few minutes/seconds/whatever
  242. June 16, 2011
  243. [12:20:48] <Giantree> dude, I had a dream
  244. [12:20:51] <Giantree> a few weeks ago
  245. [12:20:52] <Giantree> months?
  246. [12:20:58] <Giantree> that we were like playing something
  247. [12:21:03] <Giantree> think it was charmland
  248. [12:21:08] <Giantree> and the GM called for all the players
  249. [12:21:10] <Giantree> to play osu
  250. [12:21:15] <Giantree> to represent their characters having a dance-off
  251. [12:21:19] <Giantree> it was weird as fuck
  253. June 20, 2011
  254. [14:12:04] <Giantree> but no by the way, I just remembered that I actually did have the dream that you apparently didn't last night
  255. [14:13:09] <Giantree> I think it was in response to you saying 4 was fetishy or something.  In it there was a 'shrink' spell that had the same reach as sleep and when used it not only provoked a dialogue window from units complaining about it but greatly reduced chances of them being hit, but on hit it was 100% instant death and the animation showed them being stomped on.
  256. [14:13:28] <Giantree> I had, like, a cavalier or something get critted with that used and then instantly woke up
  258. June 24, 2011
  259. [01:06:50] <Giantree> Light the campfire, I will storytime.
  260. [01:08:08] <Giantree> Last night I was thinking intently on this concept while struggling to sleep and I ended up dreaming about three pegasus knight sisters while trying to come up with names based on letter-- I ended up with Nova, Nona, and Nora, in ascending age order, where Nova is the youngest sister and is a hyperactive albino.  The other two have black and silver hair because that's how it works.
  261. [01:08:18] <Giantree> I planned on them to be NPCs or something, because I just really wanted to write pegs up
  262. [01:08:34] <Lyric> and I refuse to not play Nova
  263. [01:08:37] <Giantree> But, Nova got taken a shine to- yeah
  264. [01:08:48] <Giantree> she IS a pretty cute concept, I'll admit
  265. [01:08:50] <Lyric> 1,1She was based off our conversation that night anyway
  266. [01:08:56] <Giantree> was
  267. [01:09:10] <Giantree> Though I still hold I was half-asleep when coming up with them
  268. [01:09:55] <Giantree> Anyway, I invited Charm in and he whined about playing premades, which wasn't really the intent anyway, so I shrugged it off.  Apparently the two of them are still sisters though, and at least he's letting his little girl's name start with N.
  270. July 3, 2011
  271. [17:44:57] <Giantree> in the 'telier channel I had apparently scrolled up and forgot to scroll down before going to nap
  272. [17:45:19] <Giantree> and you know how mIRC does that thing where it beeps the same beep as if someone's PMing by default if something new gets posted- no hold on
  273. [17:45:31] <Giantree> every time a new line showed up there it made the beep while I was lying down
  274. [17:45:38] <Giantree> and I thought it was you PMing me or something
  275. [17:45:43] <Giantree> the thing is
  276. [17:45:48] <Giantree> they said 'tree' every other line
  277. [17:45:53] <Giantree> because they were talking about class trees
  278. [17:45:59] <Livia> haw
  279. [17:46:06] <Giantree> and here's the BEST part
  280. [17:46:11] <Giantree> I was 95% asleep
  281. [17:46:13] <Giantree> as this happened
  282. [17:46:18] <Giantree> so I ended up having multiple dreams
  283. [17:46:28] <Giantree> all conversations with me getting up and finding out what you were PMing me
  284. [17:46:33] <Livia> how many times did lolime off herself?
  285. [17:46:37] <Giantree> each one was a different conversation
  286. [17:46:39] <Giantree> NO IDEA
  287. [17:46:43] <Giantree> BECAUSE I FORGOT THEM ALL
  289. July 8, 2011
  290. [10:25:21] <Giantree> I'm actually thankful you did that because I had a dream about it being 2 PM
  291. [10:25:24] <Giantree> fuck when that happens
  293. July 10, 2011
  294. [13:13:56] <Giantree> Also, I just realized
  295. [13:13:58] <Giantree> that I had a dream
  296. [13:14:03] <Giantree> where EVERYBODY in #mans talked to him
  297. [13:14:07] <Giantree> about how stupid 'Trainer X' sounded
  298. [13:14:11] <Lyric> ha
  299. [13:14:12] <Giantree> and he changed his name to 'Trainer N'
  301. July 20, 2011
  302. [13:46:04] <Giantree> RIGHT, whoa jesus christ, that's balls weird
  303. [13:46:14] <Giantree> I just had a dream that Kesh came into one of the channels I was in
  304. [13:46:20] <Giantree> and started spewing insults
  305. [13:46:31] <Giantree> but I didn't have op in there so I just shrugged it off
  306. [13:46:39] <Giantree> then woke up
  308. July 25 2011
  309. [18:04:36] <@Giantree> know my power
  310. [18:04:42] <Livia> k
  311. [18:04:46] <@Giantree> and hear my tale
  312. [18:04:51] <Livia> k
  313. [18:04:55] <@Giantree> as I tell stories about how I had ~7 dreams in a row
  314. [18:05:03] <@Giantree> about this scenario, for this particular upcoming session
  315. [18:05:03] <Livia> will do
  316. [18:05:09] <@Giantree> However, I only remember one of them
  317. [18:05:12] <Livia> am waiting
  318. [18:05:13] <@Giantree> and that's where I woke up late
  319. [18:05:30] <@Giantree> only to find out Aelos invited Anise and Happymancer to play guest characters
  320. [18:05:35] <@Giantree> at the last second
  321. [18:05:43] <@Giantree> and started an entire new season of it or something
  322. [18:05:55] <~Aeros> what.
  323. [18:05:57] <@Giantree> But I also derped so hard that I stood there waiting for everybody to start in-character for 20 minutes
  324. [18:05:59] <@Giantree> (I counted)
  325. [18:06:06] <@Giantree> before realizing I forgot to join the IC channel
  326. [18:06:11] <@Giantree> It was a really fucking weird dream.
  328. July 31, 2011
  329. [13:22:22] <Giantree> OH
  330. [13:22:23] <Giantree> SHIT
  331. [13:22:23] <Giantree> RIGHT
  332. [13:22:26] <Giantree> ALMOST FORGOT
  333. [13:22:32] <Giantree> so I had a dream
  334. [13:22:36] <Giantree> that goron commercial
  335. [13:22:40] <Giantree> was sued by some jap
  336. [13:22:46] <Giantree> because it scared her kids
  337. [13:22:47] <Giantree> or something
  338. [13:22:52] <Giantree> and we found out about it
  339. [13:22:57] <Giantree> and decided to travel together to japan
  340. [13:22:59] <Giantree> to save gorons
  341. [13:23:01] <Giantree> the end
  342. [14:42:39] <@ThatRockGuy> >implying we wouldnt go that far to save gorons
  343. [14:46:37] <@ThatRockGuy> saving chas
  344. [14:46:42] <@ThatRockGuy> now that takes special measures
  345. [14:49:02] <@ThatRockGuy> we steal a helicopter
  346. [14:49:04] <@ThatRockGuy> to save chas
  347. [15:19:05] <@SDD> i have to say
  348. [15:19:13] <@SDD> i probably would not get into a helicopter
  349. [15:19:16] <@SDD> piloted by one of you
  350. [15:19:17] <@SDD> or by me
  351. [15:19:19] <@SDD> just saying
  352. [15:19:41] <@SDD> i think i would have to pull a mr t
  353. [15:21:36] <@ThatRockGuy> fair enough
  354. [15:21:46] <@ThatRockGuy> we won't save chas then
  355. [15:21:53] <@ThatRockGuy> your beloved chas
  356. [15:24:20] <@SDD> i would be fine
  357. [15:24:21] <@SDD> with a boat
  358. [15:24:27] <@SDD> helicopter though
  359. [15:24:29] <@SDD> i don't know man
  360. [15:24:46] <@SDD> jet maybe
  361. [15:24:54] <@SDD> cause jets at least have ejector seats
  362. [15:24:57] <@SDD> so we don't have to land
  363. [15:25:08] <@SDD> and crash
  364. [15:25:24] <@ThatRockGuy> new plan
  365. [15:25:27] <@ThatRockGuy> we buy backgans
  366. [15:25:36] <@ThatRockGuy> fly there on the backgans
  367. [15:27:48] <@SDD> this seems safer
  368. [15:27:50] <@SDD> and more awesome
  369. [20:31:27] <Giantree> The issue with going on a helicopter rescue mission to save chas is that chas didn't do anything, they were just taken off and put on again later because of the shows they were merchandising; we can easily just believe in chas from the bottom of our hearts and they'll come back.  But what made that dream fucking amazing was the detail of the lawsuit articles and videos about some jap lady whining that her children were deathly afraid of these dancing triangle goron CGI images and we all agreed that it was total bullshit that they'd pull it off the air for one complaint like that, but they did it because they were Japan.  Japan wouldn't listen to a "hey, we liked this, bring it back" in chas' case, but for gorons it had to be done because with pulling something so lovable for such a dumb reason, it was ON.
  370. [20:31:51] <Giantree> I mean fuck, I'D totally fly cross-country to battle such injustice
  371. [21:49:16] <@ThatRockGuy> hahaha
  372. [21:50:38] <@ThatRockGuy> how could anyone be deathly afraid of those gorons
  373. [21:50:45] <@ThatRockGuy> other than they seem to like
  374. [21:50:52] <@ThatRockGuy> totally take up all room in the house
  375. [21:51:01] <@ThatRockGuy> and seem to more or less box in the kid
  376. [21:51:20] <@ThatRockGuy> and force him to listen to the- actually it is more than a little scary
  378. August 4, 2011
  379. [14:17:35] <~Giantree> I had a prophetic dream that Taco Palace was hiring
  380. [14:17:43] <~Giantree> so I went there and asked if they were hiring
  381. [14:17:46] <~Giantree> and then I woke up
  382. [14:17:54] <~Giantree> unfortunately I already gave them my application
  383. [14:17:57] <~Giantree> and they weren't hiring
  384. [14:18:05] <~Giantree> maybe I should ask anyway
  385. [14:18:09] <~Giantree> but no I'd just been hungry for tacos
  386. [14:18:12] <~Giantree> since having a dream
  387. [14:18:13] <~Giantree> about tacos
  388. [14:18:21] <~Giantree> actually I'm not sure if I even ordered a taco
  389. [14:18:23] <~Giantree> in the dream
  390. [14:18:25] <~Giantree> if I didn't I should've
  392. August 11, 2011
  393. [11:51:14] <Giantree> >set alarm for one hour early
  394. [11:51:16] <Giantree> OH ME, SO MOE
  395. [11:51:39] <Giantree> actually I just had a dream about waking up and finding out it was 3 PM, too
  396. [11:51:45] <Giantree> shit, hapn, etc
  398. August 19, 2011
  399. [11:26:48] <Giantree> it was one of the more amazing dreams
  400. [11:26:59] <Giantree> because there was this song, I think it was a soft singing or humming, stuck in my head
  401. [11:27:04] <Giantree> and it was only a few repeating notes
  402. [11:27:23] <Giantree> and while I remember it wasn't something that sounded special or new, it was ridiculously soothing and I wanted to keep listening to it forever
  403. [11:27:44] <Lotte> And you forgot it?
  404. [11:27:48] <Giantree> but I lost it and no matter how hard I try to remember what it sounded like, it's impossible and for some reason I'm aware that it's impossible because that sound doesn't exist, it's impossible for ears to hear it
  405. [11:27:53] <Giantree> it's like sounds that don't exist on Earth
  406. [11:27:58] <Giantree> and it's the most fucking bizarre feeling
  407. [11:28:31] <Lotte> Huh
  408. [11:28:51] <Lotte> Your brain has to be able to simulate sounds that your ears can't pick up, I imagine
  409. [11:29:25] <Giantree> yeah
  410. [11:29:28] <Giantree> and it's weird as fuck
  411. [11:30:01] <Lotte> Or maybe it wasn't even the sound so much as your brain's symbolic representation for something else
  412. [11:30:25] <Lotte> like a 1,1good pillow
  413. [11:30:43] <Giantree> no, it's weird to explain
  414. [11:30:57] <Giantree> I can understand the feeling and I can hear myself hearing it
  415. [11:31:01] <Giantree> I know it was sound
  416. [11:31:09] <Giantree> but I can't hear the exact melody or even the pitch
  417. [11:31:39] <Giantree> when I try to recall it I just recall how I felt in the dream where I was hearing it and during the next few minutes when I was groggily walking up the stairs
  418. [11:32:16] <Lotte> That's weird
  419. [11:33:37] <Giantree> yeah, but it was an amazing feeling
  421. August 23, 2011
  422. [04:49:48] <Ulphia> I know I had this weirdass dream where, like, apparently I was playing as Ulphie in this weirdass 2D side-scroller metroidvania clone or something, where I entered a room to the left and suddenly this harmless-looking wall turned into a giant 1,1tentacle monster.  I guess it was, like, representing Gents screwing her over or something.
  423. [04:50:58] <@Adel> maybe you should uh
  424. [04:51:01] <@Adel> drink less
  425. [04:51:02] <Ulphia> At least it was kind of cool because her movelist was ported straight over from this mediocre C80 donjon, which included basic thrusts paired with launchers and air-to-ground dives.  Also free dashes that cancel from normals/specials.
  426. [04:51:18] <Ulphia> no fuck that was slightly okay
  427. [04:51:23] <Ulphia> compared to the regular dreams I have
  428. [04:54:30] <Ulphia> Actually, you know what, now that I think about it, the dungeon I was dreaming about was some kinda lava cave, I think it was the one from Ys 3 only with, you know, walls with rooms past them.
  430. August 27, 2011
  431. [15:27:51] <Giantree> SORRY about that.  The yumi that I'd heard about is actually cute enough as a weapon on its own anyway; cute as in, I have fond memories of playing NetHack as a samurai and having all bows and arrows renamed to yumi and ya.  That said, I just had a dream of waking up and apologizing then having literally a half-hour's worth of conversation stemming from that apology, so actually waking up and apologizing feels ridiculously weird, I'm not even sure if I actually AM awake yet.
  433. September 6, 2011
  434. [01:10:49] <@Giantree> also >pass out
  435. [01:10:56] <@Giantree> >have lengthy, satisfying dreams
  436. [01:11:00] <@Giantree> >wake up, it's only been an hour
  437. [01:11:03] <@Giantree> okay.mp4
  439. September 15, 2011
  440. [00:34:57] <Giantree> yeoh god
  441. [00:34:58] <Giantree> jesus
  442. [00:34:58] <Giantree> fuck
  443. [00:35:00] <Giantree> dude
  444. [00:35:00] <Giantree> okay
  445. [00:35:02] <Giantree> hold on
  446. [00:35:04] <Giantree> deep breaths here
  447. [00:35:06] <Giantree> I just realized this
  448. [00:35:11] <Giantree> but I had a dream about squall yesterday
  449. [00:35:23] <Giantree> like, I'm not even sure
  450. [00:35:43] <Giantree> I remember it was something about a final boss, and I was some party member comforting squall before he went in to fight it alone
  451. [00:36:03] <Giantree> and I vividly remember stopping him as he was about to walk away with a "Squall."
  452. [00:36:13] <Giantree> and he turned around with a "Yeah?" or a "Hm?" or something
  453. [00:36:19] <Giantree> and very dramatically, I was like "Don't lose."
  454. [00:36:24] <Giantree> and he was like "Yeah."
  455. [00:36:26] <Giantree> and then suddenly
  456. [00:36:34] <Giantree> I realized I was holding a bowl of guacamole
  457. [00:36:36] <Giantree> but he was empty
  458. [00:36:39] <Giantree> it was empty, I mean
  459. [00:36:41] <castfromhp> Wasn't Squall, he didn't say 'whatever'.
  460. [00:36:50] <Giantree> he was also holding an empty bowl of guacamole- I'M GETTING THERE
  461. [00:37:03] <Giantree> and so I told him to wait again
  462. [00:37:08] <Giantree> before going to fight the final boss
  463. [00:37:16] <Giantree> that I wanted him to give me his empty bowl of guacamole
  464. [00:37:19] <Giantree> so I could wash it
  465. [00:37:21] <Giantree> and he did
  466. [00:37:28] <Giantree> and then in a really dramatic way I told him to stop again
  467. [00:37:34] <Giantree> because there was a lime in my bowl
  468. [00:37:43] <Giantree> so I picked the lime up and dropped it on the ground
  469. [00:37:48] <Giantree> then was like "now do it"
  470. [00:37:50] <Giantree> and he did
  471. [00:37:59] <Giantree> I'm I'm pretty sure that's when he said "Whatever" before walking away
  472. [00:38:08] <Giantree> ... It was really fucking strange.
  474. September 21, 2011
  475. [01:10:34] <&Giantree> I also woke up all sweaty because I forgot to turn my fan on, but also because I was dreaming of playing some weirdass campaign of something
  476. [01:10:40] <Lonoxtop> hahaha
  477. [01:10:43] <Lonoxtop> awesome
  478. [01:10:54] <&Giantree> all I remember is that I was playing some supperrich... uh, what's the term for that again
  479. [01:11:00] <&Giantree> snobby little girl?
  480. [01:11:22] <&Giantree> The strangest thing is I remember NOTHING else of that except for her name.  And I never remember names.
  481. [01:11:50] <&Giantree> How to spell it?  No clue.  I think it was 'Vendel,' might've been 'Vendelle?'  Vyndelle?
  482. [01:12:00] <&Giantree> god damn that was bifuckingzarro
  483. [01:12:14] <Lonoxtop> was it textmodo
  484. [01:12:19] <Lonoxtop> or graphical
  485. [01:12:30] <&Giantree> well, it was implied that it was being played on irc
  486. [01:12:32] <&Giantree> but I could see it
  487. [01:12:38] <Lonoxtop> nice~
  488. [01:12:40] <&Giantree> but I'm pretty sure it took place in like a wasteland or something
  489. [01:12:43] <Lonoxtop> just like i do with words!
  490. [01:12:45] <&Giantree> post-apocalyptic I guess
  492. [17:13:05] <&Giantree> I've been having creepy-ass dreams
  493. [17:13:07] <&Giantree> about little girls
  494. [17:13:20] <&Giantree> one of them was what would happen if Botherer ran Oran
  495. [17:13:27] <&Giantree> and now I'm very glad he doesn't
  497. September 25, 2011
  498. [10:44:06] <Giantree> okay
  499. [10:44:08] <Giantree> this was good
  500. [10:44:10] <Giantree> this was beautiful
  501. [10:44:13] <Giantree> I cried
  502. [10:44:22] <Giantree> also I just realized
  503. [10:44:28] <Giantree> I had a dream where all tears were acid
  504. [10:44:37] <Giantree> and there was some, like, boxing match going on
  505. [10:44:45] <Giantree> where the losers died because they cried and it killed them
  506. [10:44:59] <Giantree> and I was like "oh shit, I can't watch this because I cry at everything"
  507. [10:45:01] <Giantree> then I woke up
  508. [10:45:02] <Adviceowl> Sounds awesome
  509. [10:45:07] <Giantree> it was weird
  510. [10:45:10] <Adviceowl> >You cry at everything
  511. [10:45:18] * Adviceowl inhales
  514. October 24, 2011
  515. [18:23:00] <Giantree> I had a dream
  516. [18:23:02] <Giantree> while I was
  517. [18:23:03] <Giantree> you know
  518. [18:23:03] <Giantree> asleep
  519. [18:23:16] <Lilo> having a dream while awake is a black person thing
  520. [18:23:18] <Giantree> and in it, some campaign started running, Charm was GMing it I think
  521. [18:23:21] <Lilo> so continue
  522. [18:23:34] <Giantree> but Genshuku and I
  523. [18:23:40] <Giantree> wrote up a pair of timid girl twins
  524. [18:23:49] <Lilo> haha, okay
  525. [18:23:50] <Giantree> now, I'm not sure if it was mahou shoujo or what the fuck it was
  526. [18:23:56] <Giantree> but they had a special ability or power of some kind
  527. [18:24:03] <Lilo> you and I had the timid girl and stoner girl twins before
  528. [18:24:04] <Giantree> and that special power was the power to punch people in the mouth
  529. [18:24:07] <Giantree> I know
  530. [18:24:11] <Giantree> but they weren't THIS great
  531. [18:24:23] <Giantree> they were both blonde, wore ponytails, and extremely timid
  532. [18:24:37] <Giantree> for some reason I vividly remember both of us describing their hairstyles as 'fluffy'
  533. [18:25:06] <Giantree> anyway, so Charm flaked out and they didn't get to play a single session
  534. [18:25:09] <Giantree> This was not acceptable.
  535. [18:25:21] <Giantree> We treaded into the den of the angry Karaks and bitched and bitched
  536. [18:25:32] <Giantree> for help in someone picking up this dropped campaign so we could play in it
  537. [18:25:37] <Giantree> and Botherer was like "sure"
  538. [18:25:49] <Giantree> we were hype as fuck, so timeskip later and he started running
  539. [18:26:03] <Giantree> but when he did, he hammered out paragraphs and wordswordswords at a fuckridiculous pace
  540. [18:26:11] <Giantree> and he just didn't shut up
  541. [18:26:14] <Giantree> so we tried to do things
  542. [18:26:18] <Giantree> and he totally ignored them
  543. [18:26:20] <Giantree> and just kept typing
  544. [18:26:27] <Giantree> then he introduced fucktons of DMPCs
  545. [18:26:45] <Giantree> and he ignored our shit so much that he just literally made up his own actions that our characters did
  546. [18:26:51] <Giantree> and went on playing with ourselves
  547. [18:27:07] <Giantree> and shookoo and I had a moment where we practically stared at each other over the internet like "what"
  548. [18:27:10] <Giantree> then I woke up
  549. [18:27:11] <Giantree> end
  551. November 9, 2011
  552. [13:02:35] <&Giantree> anyway, since that 'tree' woke me up
  553. [13:02:41] <&Giantree> the dream I had is now fresh in my memory
  554. [13:02:51] <&Giantree> So, I dreamt that I ran a oneshot in #mans
  555. [13:03:02] <&Giantree> actually, I think I intended for it to be a full campaign
  556. [13:03:23] <&Giantree> so I ran in #mans, as in, I used the actual channel to play it
  557. [13:03:29] <&Giantree> and for some reason PEOPLE WERE OKAY WITH THIS
  558. [13:03:41] <&Giantree> but, Plutonis rerolled Grant
  559. [13:03:49] <&Giantree> and he had an unown named CHARM
  560. [13:03:52] <&Giantree> for realz
  561. [13:04:01] <@Charm> Pffft
  562. [13:04:04] <&Giantree> I woke up before it did anything though
  564. [13:12:20] <Plutonis> what was the campaign
  565. [13:12:25] <Plutonis> so you can actually do it
  566. [13:12:26] <&Giantree> it's in the topic
  567. [13:12:34] <Plutonis> no, not that one
  568. [13:12:38] <Plutonis> the one on your dream
  569. [13:12:43] <&Giantree> oh, it was, uh
  570. [13:12:43] <Plutonis> do that one instead
  571. [13:12:52] <&Giantree> I don't really remember anything about it except that there was, like
  572. [13:12:55] <&Giantree> a city?
  573. [13:12:59] <&Giantree> and there was some guy in a city
  574. [13:13:02] <&Giantree> making an announcement
  575. [13:13:11] <&Giantree> and the PCs were people in a crowd asking him questions
  576. [13:13:26] <&Giantree> and it went well at first then it slowed down to literally one post every 10 minutes
  577. [13:13:40] <&Giantree> and when new people came into the channel they were like "why are you using quotations/acting in-character/etc"
  578. [13:13:50] <&Giantree> because the game was so overrun by #mans chatter
  579. [13:13:52] <&Giantree> then I woke up
  581. November 18, 2011
  582. [05:13:10] <Giantree> AUGH
  583. [05:13:17] <Giantree> GODDAMNIT SUBCONSCIOUS
  584. [05:13:35] <Giantree> I dreamt that I kept running from the point that I went to sleep at
  585. [05:13:52] <Giantree> Or I dunno, that people kept putting in combinations and I kept updating them or something
  586. [05:14:32] <Giantree> and it kind or spiraled into being a dream where like, I was on some website... like a social networking thing or something I dunno, but apparently my mother had an account there too
  587. [05:14:55] <Giantree> but Francesca was in my house and plugged into a laptop, which was in the laundry room for some reason
  588. [05:15:45] <Giantree> And I opened this image that seemed really weird, but felt like it was probably a screamer so instead of looking at it I just did things in a different room
  589. [05:16:06] <Giantree> until my mother came home and got on her own account or whatever, only to see that thing that was up, and I heard it making a loud screaming noise
  590. [05:16:11] <Giantree> BUT NOPE, TURNED OUT IT WAS A VIRUS
  591. [05:16:39] <Giantree> and so somehow I saw the robot's stats changing themselves around to be the worst ones and she started cackling and talking about taking over the world
  592. [05:16:49] <Giantree> and since I immediately woke up I can only guess she took over the world.
  593. [05:16:53] <Giantree> what the fuck
  595. November 19, 2011
  596. [10:22:21] <&Giantree> WELL, mine was basically... it's hard to explain how it started, but I was on some kind of HTML-based website with an asston of drop-down menus.
  597. [10:24:21] <&Giantree> And on it, there were pseudo-diary entries as well as detail of a character's clothing, friends, daily activities, etc; I know in the case of the one I was watching she dyed her hair every day and there was this screen that would pop up explaining how said character's hairstyle changed, and it was always ridiculous colors like white and silver.  But no, what was important was that clothing and actual decisions were always grayed-out on the drop-down menus, and the only things I could actually actively change were things she didn't know about, such as the maximum height she'll grow to become, things that happen to her on 'accident' or 'coincidence,' etc.
  598. [10:24:57] <&Giantree> And there was a whole network of people who could do stuff like this but no matter what they couldn't influence the choices of the people they 'controlled,' just the things that happened to them and what they themselves weren't able to influence.
  599. [10:25:44] <&Giantree> So I happily toiled along on this every day setting up new things and having an enjoyable time, then it didn't hit me until the EXACT moment I woke up, but when I did I realized that in the dream I was actually controlling the life of a living person.
  600. [10:25:56] <&Giantree> and it was horrifying as fuck to realize that
  601. [10:27:35] <&Giantree> What it actually was, apparently, was a network advertised as being for entertainment purposes but actually existed solely to make events happen in people's lives and control the environment of the world; the people 'controlling' could read snippets and thoughts from the people themselves and even tone up their emotions.  And the fact that there was such a BIG following doing this but everybody thought it was a game was extremely, extremely creepy.
  602. [10:28:24] <@Hamsterling> Tree, this is getting a little creepy.
  603. [10:28:28] <Firespitter> damn
  604. [10:28:38] <&Giantree> That's all of it.
  605. [10:28:51] <&Giantree> It WAS creepy though, that's why I woke up and was like "Holy shit I have to write this down"
  607. November 20, 2011
  608. [22:02:12] <&Giantree> also for #mans people just to have reference I had this weirdfuck dream about Mons joining this for some reason
  609. [22:02:21] <&Giantree> as like
  610. [22:02:25] <&Giantree> a dragon made of dreams or something
  611. [22:02:27] <&Giantree> what the fuck
  613. November 21, 2011
  614. [20:13:05] <Giantree> yeah, I had a dream about somebody doing something
  615. [20:13:09] <Giantree> and I reacted in a way to it
  616. [20:13:15] <Giantree> and was going to tell everyone about it
  617. [20:13:17] <Giantree> but it's gone
  619. November 27, 2011
  620. [07:56:48] <&Giantree> god damn
  621. [07:56:59] <&Giantree> I had a dream that these jerks were still playing until 5 AM
  622. [07:57:02] <&Giantree> ONE HOUR OFF
  624. December 29, 2011
  625. [17:38:33] <TerritorialOak> Well, I just wanted to let you know, thanks to you I had a dream about Corpse Party last n- er, this morning.
  626. [17:38:34] <TerritorialOak> Kind of.
  627. [17:39:17] <TerritorialOak> It was a bunch of jap highschoolers in a horror scenario, anyway, only instead of in a school the place they were in was like a big mansion with its own library or something.  And there was a massive group that all died constantly, so every time somebody died they'd bury them under the library.
  628. [17:39:26] <Shy> ( ;_; ) fffff, and it's ok happened to me too
  629. [17:39:53] <TerritorialOak> The LAST thing I remember about it was that there was a bear in the group, and it did battle with a bunch of like, zombie-bears or something by itself.  So they all went to bury the bear corpses under the library and I woke up.
  630. [17:39:56] <TerritorialOak> it was pretty "wat"
  631. [18:06:18] <Shy> That sounds unbearable tree
  632. [18:06:30] <TerritorialOak> oh u
  634. January 4, 2012
  635. [14:13:52] <&Giantree> I was considering explaining this weirdass dream I had
  636. [14:13:59] <&Giantree> but I'm already slowly losing bits and pieces of it
  637. [14:14:20] <`maki`> I hate that
  638. [14:14:38] <&Giantree> It was like, pseudo-Gantz where people were teleported to places during dreams and forced to work together to... fight something or somesuch.
  639. [14:15:05] <&Giantree> Only, I THINK instead of killing aliens the goal was just to survive, and even if you died you were revived and scored for points after it
  640. [14:16:02] <&Giantree> But instead of how Gantz let you be free with enough points, everyone was trapped forever in this, so the ones who were there for years and years would always, like, brag about it, and there was this real sinking, depressing feeling when I heard about it because it was my first day and everyone was like "Oh, yeah, we're never getting out, but no big"
  642. January 12, 2012
  643. [20:50:37] <Giantree> by the way blacks my dream was that I slept in during one of your sessions, much like the one going on now
  644. [20:50:49] <Giantree> and you decided to pretty much impulsively have hannabel become the BBEG
  645. [20:51:02] <Giantree> and then, like, did it
  646. [20:51:19] <Giantree> and I think you did a TPK or something when I woke up
  648. January 17, 2012 - THE 1 DEX NINJA SAGA -
  649. [11:55:21] <Giantree> by the way I should probably tell you I had a dream about you last night
  650. [11:56:27] <Giantree> It was like... you impulsively decided to stop knocking on Mons and wanted to join Academy, and instead of your usual shotacon thing you joined the harem just fine, I was reading your sheet.  But you were like... a Ninja or something with 1 DEX.
  651. [11:57:03] <Giantree> So I scrolled down, and there was this 20+ paragraph backstory on how the character wore cursed mittens that made whoever wore them clumsy and couldn't be removed, so she was a ninja going to the academy to learn magic so she could take the cursed mittens off.
  652. [11:57:15] <Botherer> That... Honestly sounds like something I would do, 1 DEX ninja
  653. [11:57:21] <Botherer> And wordswordswordsing my backstory into oblivion
  654. [11:57:29] <Giantree> Also the mittens were really cute and there was all kinda of Botherer-y "d'awwwwww" stuff over htem
  655. [11:57:49] <Giantree> no though, that wasn't a backstory
  656. [11:57:53] <Giantree> that was just the item description
  657. [11:57:54] <Giantree> in inventory
  658. [11:57:56] <Giantree> alone
  659. [11:58:03] <Botherer> ( Seriously, the backstory I wrote for the character I WANTED to use for that had like a 15 paragra-- . ..  )
  660. [11:58:15] <Giantree> AND THEN the backstory was separate and probably also that long
  662. (later)
  663. [16:12:01] <&Giantree> well, blacks, the joke there
  664. [16:12:07] <&Giantree> is that I actually had a dream like a week ago
  665. [16:12:16] <&Giantree> about one of the #mans guys who didn't want to join that game joining it
  666. [16:12:26] <&Giantree> as a ninja with mittens that were cursed to make her clumsy
  667. [16:12:44] <&Giantree> and it's funny because that's something the player would probably do; except for the being a high school girl part of course
  668. [16:12:53] <&Giantree> because he only plays <14-year-old boys
  670. [18:09:03] <Giantree> I'm pretty sure the joke is that botherer only plays little boys
  671. [18:09:14] <Giantree> though I totally had a dream about him playing a little girl once
  672. [18:09:18] <Giantree> the ninja with 1 DEX
  674. [11:08:34] <@Giantree> I would do Botherer's 1 dex ninja, but honestly, in the dream I had the portrait Botherer used for the 1 dex ninja was actually freakishly similar to Bella's
  675. [11:10:44] <&Botherer> So... You're implying I played a female?
  676. [11:11:12] <@Giantree> yes
  677. [11:11:15] <@Giantree> in that dream you did
  678. [11:11:22] <@Giantree> she was actually cute as fuck too, like
  679. [11:11:24] <@BlendedSolosis>  that's how it works too, m-mons-chan
  680. [11:11:38] <@Giantree> ohhhh, I wish I knew who to compare her to
  681. [11:11:40] <@Giantree> WAIT I DO
  682. [11:11:45] <@Giantree> oh god what was her name
  683. [11:12:51] <@Giantree> fuck it's impossible to find a good portrayal without forcing you to read the whole mango
  684. [11:12:54] <@Giantree> well, on the right
  685. [11:13:21] <@Giantree> But instead of twintails her hair was just long and red
  686. [11:13:34] <@Giantree> and she looked really clumsy and derpy
  687. [11:13:37] <@BlendedSolosis> hm, i got a clumsy but strong motherfucker, and happymancer are not cool
  688. [11:13:37] <@Giantree> it was SO cute
  689. (this was months after the fact)
  691. January 23, 2012
  692. [14:41:11] <&Giantree> Also I had a dream about Charm.
  693. [14:41:23] <&Giantree> the dream was making fun of him obviously
  694. [14:42:45] <&Giantree> It was like, uh, okay, let's see here, I was running a campaign and he joined it, I think it was Treasure for some reason, instead of you know, one of the ones he's actually in; anyway, it got popular and ran every day instead of scheduled days but he missed every single one even though we told him, so one day he just comes on and one of the other players in it asks if he's coming because it's going on now and he's like "It's over, man, it's done.  Tree's never here to be running it."
  695. [14:42:51] <&Giantree> while I was there
  696. [14:42:53] <&Giantree> and running it
  697. [14:43:06] <&Giantree> I woke up and was like haha wow that's so accurate
  699. [14:47:51] <&Giantree> .. Incidentally, I had one AFTER that that actually did involve being in a movie, yeah.
  700. [14:48:29] <&Giantree> Like I was literally watching a preview for a movie about a redneck riding an elephant-sized dog with music that was REALLY similar to the CatDog theme playing in the background.
  701. [14:48:45] <Celeste> >catdog theme
  702. [14:48:52] <Celeste> dream of the year all years
  703. [14:48:56] <&Giantree> And then I was the character in the movie and it actually wasn't a preview for a movie anymore
  704. [14:49:09] <&Giantree> And then it turned out I was writing that character on paper
  705. [14:49:10] <&Giantree> again
  706. [14:49:57] <&Giantree> But I was actually with my old PnP buddies who played SWd20 and stuff, and one of them is this really intrusive prick, so I asked him a question about a stat or something and he took out a highlighter and wrote THE WHOLE CHARACTER FOR ME even though I told him not to
  707. [14:50:35] <&Giantree> and then suddenly it turned out everything was on IRC all along, but it was on a client where beside every channel's name was a flag showing the country of the registered nick who made the channel
  708. [14:50:52] <&Giantree> and this one was some weirdass yellow/white flag I'd never seen before, but apparently I knew what it was
  709. [14:50:53] <&Giantree> in the dream
  710. [14:50:55] <Celeste> ...Haha
  711. [14:51:00] <&Giantree> I think it was supposed to be Brazil or something
  713. January 24, 2012
  714. [12:10:18] <Giantree> man, I had a dream about something
  715. [12:10:28] <Giantree> but I forgot all of it except for the part at the end where I ate a waffle
  716. [12:10:34] <Giantree> I ate a waffle immediately after getting up
  717. [12:10:41] <Giantree> I haven't eaten a waffle in ten years
  718. [12:13:31] <Valene> Was it good
  719. [12:14:14] <Giantree> no, it was undercooked because I forgot how
  721. February 8, 2012
  722. [08:04:41] <Giantree> Well, that was fucking strange.
  723. [08:07:37] <Giantree> So I like, dreamt of the first few sessions of this campaign and the pedocatches in it; in 4, I think, I already got like 6 mons or something, but the part at the end that I remember is that there was some Arbok that got in a fight with other wilds and was poisoning and for some reason paralyzing the fuck out of everything, but I gavenofucks and healed it anyway.  Then it turned into a busty, blonde gijinka and volunteered to come with as long as there wasn't a pokéball involved.
  724. [08:08:41] <Giantree> So somehow I went into metagame mode and asked Mons about starting 'balls anyway, and it turned out he was a young adult woman who was like... I dunno, she looked like a faculty member or something, and 'she' was like "Oh, no, everybody starts with 6 pokéballs for free"
  725. [08:08:50] <Giantree> but then I just carred the arbok around anyway
  726. [08:09:00] <Giantree> for the record she called herself 'Rebecca'
  727. [08:09:07] <Giantree> but that was weird as shit
  728. [08:31:49] <Giantree> I only remember 2 of the other PCs from it, by the way, and none of them were female if that says anything about the bizarreness of it.  One of them was, uh, a samurai with an incredibly japanese name, and the other was some supercharismatic dude named 'Sieghart.'  Apparently we'd just had a meeting about striking back at some villains or something but nope, pedocaught an arbok anyway.
  729. [08:41:06] <Giantree> Sieghart was SUPER bro, I think I remember shipping myself with him multiple times.  Also I apparently had a Teddiursa and a Hoppip that was like, criticized by everybody everywhere for having the worst nature/ability/stats ever.  Actually it was so bad I think it had NO ability, but I gave it some affectionate nickname and used it anyway.
  730. [08:41:32] <Giantree> So I woke up like "holy shit that is going to end up being so terrifyingly accurate"
  732. February 9, 2012
  733. [08:31:42] <Giantree> whoa
  734. [08:31:46] <Giantree> I just had a dream about cats
  735. [08:31:54] <Giantree> not like "about cats" in general
  736. [08:31:58] <Giantree> but about those cats
  737. [08:32:06] <Giantree> ... unfortunately I forgot everything about it
  738. [08:32:16] <Giantree> except for the fact that cats were involved at one point
  739. [08:32:37] <Giantree> because I was getting on keyhole to turn cats on and it turned out nearly every channel had those smileys that the cats channel has
  740. [08:32:41] <Giantree> on their titles
  741. [08:32:54] <Giantree> so I ended up watching yu-gi-oh or something when I was trying to watch cats
  742. [08:33:06] <Giantree> and I THINK cats ended up actually doing anything at the end
  743. [08:33:08] <Giantree> but yeah lost it all
  744. [12:26:32] <@SDD> fkn cats
  746. February 16, 2012
  747. [18:19:57] <&Giantree> so I had a dream that shuku made people fight ashera
  748. [18:20:14] <Maeva> I wouldn't be far from the idea
  749. [18:20:20] <Maeva> what
  750. [18:20:46] <&Giantree> exactly
  751. [18:20:50] <&Giantree> that's why it felt so real
  753. February 27, 2012
  754. [12:04:15] <Giantree> Looking at Alexarak, I now recall a dream I had
  755. [12:04:33] <Giantree> wherein I was talking to somebody, like, I think it was at a party or something, about scoots and I brought up Alexei
  756. [12:04:47] <Giantree> and they told me that I was pronouncing it wrong and it was supposed to be "Alex-EYE"
  757. [12:04:51] <Giantree> then I woke up
  759. February 28, 2012
  760. [20:39:03] * Plutonis (Plutonis@7B5B3990.475178F6.B65C4779.IP) Quit (Quit: <Plutonis> you're an faggot! your an faggot fuck you cumface!!! fuck fuk fukc!)
  761. [20:39:22] <~Mons> i never get tired of that quit message
  762. [20:39:54] <Giantree> I will never forget how I actually had a dream
  763. [20:40:00] <Giantree> where I screamed that in his face
  764. [20:40:03] <Giantree> word-for-word
  766. April 2, 2012
  767. [21:29:31] <Giantree> but, while I was drifting off on accident, I had a dream
  768. [21:29:36] <Ramiel> Uh-oh. . .
  769. [21:29:38] <Giantree> and it was of Mons GMing
  770. [21:30:02] <Giantree> Ogoun did something, and literally the entire dream was, bolded and capslocked
  771. [21:30:13] <Giantree> "OGOUN EVOLVES INTO REGIAURA."
  772. [21:30:45] <Giantree> obviously with some added imagery of that happening or something, and I was "what" while it happened to the degree of realizing that that could ACTUALLY happen
  773. [21:30:47] <Giantree> it's nothing
  774. [21:31:02] <Giantree> but people make up regis all the time
  775. [21:31:13] <Giantree> so in my dream it was a giant robot that shot laser beams
  776. [21:31:16] <Giantree> HUGE SURPRISE, HUH?
  778. April 5, 2012
  779. [06:03:00] <Giantree> eventually the shittalk hub is going to be like, bigger than #mans
  780. [06:08:31] <Giantree> anyway hey cast I believe you should know that I had a dream about us as our acads together in some kind of... art contest or something
  781. [06:09:39] <Giantree> Apparently there was some dude we both knew a few seats away who was like in his 30s+ and super autistic, so much so that he had 6 kids that had all contracted autism and there was a blog written by people who knew him that was making fun of how autistic each one was and giving them all mean nicknames
  782. [06:10:08] <Giantree> but even I found it funny instead of being offended so no idea where that came from
  784. April 27, 2012
  785. [14:01:23] <Oxford> Hey man. Let me know when you want to go.
  786. [14:38:33] <Giantree> KNEW that was going to happen- I just had two dreams about missing this in a row, god that was weird
  787. [14:38:50] <Oxford> hahmm yea?
  788. [14:39:23] <Giantree> Yeah, I slept through it, don't be afraid to highlight me because I had my alarm-speakers on.
  789. [14:39:41] <Giantree> Anyway let me get some coffee or something then I'll be ready whenever
  790. [14:39:58] <Oxford> okay, cool.
  791. [14:43:24] <Giantree> Storytime though: In the first dream I had, I slept through SO MUCH that you called in everybody in #MB to play random schoolgirls in a POP QUIZ and challenged them all to a totally OOC trivia contest... but in-character.  Like, castfromhp and Plutonis were there, one of them was /nicked as 'Sam' and I found that weird because one of the #pokeymans people plays a Sam.  On Fridays.
  792. [14:43:59] <Giantree> So at the end you declared all the points everybody won with 'GIANTREE: 1 POINT' at the top of the list, which woke me up and I was like "WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T SOMEBODY HIGHLIGHT ME EARLIER FOR THIS"
  793. [14:44:02] <Giantree> It was really, really silly.
  794. [14:44:45] <Oxford> haha aw man, that would be amusing.
  795. [14:45:14] <Oxford> 'Final Exams' session: the most stressful of all
  797. May 11, 2012 ~Drama Shit~
  798. [05:09:41] <@Giantree> I actually just had a long dream about how I stayed up and watched instead of leaving and saw everybody going along without me and having infinitely more fun than they usually did, and that's really symbolic enough to get the message as far as I care.
  799. [05:26:35] <@Giantree> The few hours BEFORE that were sleeping, yes.  Actually the second dream I had was of Touhoufag coming to my house and giving a long, autistic explanation over how my knife isn't sharp enough to kill myself with.
  801. May 12, 2012
  802. [01:54:41] <@Giantree> woke up to have a bowel movement, just realized that I had been having a dream the entire time wherein Botherer had actually written a script to generate poop jokes
  803. [01:54:50] <@Giantree> and the commands were literally !greaterpoop, !minorpoop, etc
  805. June 5, 2012
  806. [12:33:00] <@Giantree> mmm nmmmm I was just about to pop up and say I had a dream about crossdressing nuns
  807. 01[12:33:25] <@Giantree> oh, no, I was a little girl nun and plutonis was a crossdressing nun, that's what it was
  808. [12:42:56] <@Giantree> In more detail, mine was... uh there was a bunch but I lost it all, I just remember at the end it was plutonis playing as a crossdresser who went to a catholic school and became a perverted nun or something, and I'm actually STILL in a groggy state where I can vividly recall him actually having played this before
  809. 01[12:43:03] <@Giantree> because I mean come on, can't you see it?
  810. [12:46:15] <@Giantree> I had my memory slightly jogged on what happened before the nun thing by looking at a picture of a cat, so I think animals were involved
  812. June 10, 2012
  813. [16:31:25] <Giantree> So Bothy, I want you to know that I just had a dream where I was playing this - as in actually playing it - but you were treating me like Docks treats Jin and showering me with high-level legendaries and ridiculously good nonsense I didn't even ask for, letting me be higher level than everyone else, running me secret sessions in PM constantly that nobody else ever gets to see, etc etc
  814. [16:31:57] <Giantree> In the dream I was given some ridiculous world-destroying mary-sue god-king that was... some kind of blob or something and I felt so bad about it that I asked if you could make it level 5 instead, but it still steamrolled everything
  815. [16:32:07] <Giantree> oh my god please don't ever ever ever ever actually do something like that
  816. [17:21:54] <Botherer> 1,1 Hi Sylpimon!
  818. June 14, 2012
  819. [20:45:07] <Satsuki> my goodness
  820. [20:45:10] <Satsuki> thf's latest thing
  821. [20:45:11] <Satsuki> neopets
  822. [20:45:13] <Satsuki> discuss
  823. [20:45:17] <Giantree> why
  824. [20:45:17] <Giantree> why
  825. [20:45:18] <Giantree> why
  826. [20:45:20] <Giantree> holy
  827. [20:45:21] <Giantree> shit
  828. [20:45:22] <Satsuki> beats me bro
  829. [20:45:22] <Giantree> I
  830. [20:45:24] <Giantree> aaaaaaaa
  831. [20:45:29] <Giantree> I just had a dream about neopets last night
  832. [20:45:33] <Giantree> and had no idea why
  833. [20:45:38] <Giantree> I am an accidental clairvoyant help
  835. June 16, 2012
  836. [18:06:20] <Giantree> OH
  837. [18:06:24] <Giantree> I JUST REALIZED
  838. [18:06:28] <Giantree> I HAD A DREAM A FEW HOURS AGO
  839. [18:06:32] <Giantree> ABOUT BEING A CENTIPEDE
  840. [18:06:42] <Giantree> and I was a giant, like, 2-foot-long centipede
  841. [18:06:44] <Giantree> cast was too
  842. [18:06:52] <Giantree> and we were just centipede bros chillin'
  843. [18:07:09] <~castfromhp> Was Bard there?
  844. [18:07:10] <Giantree> I don't remember much else
  845. [18:07:13] <Giantree> I THINK Bard was there
  846. [18:07:19] <Giantree> and we were like "hey let's go scare this loser"
  847. [18:07:27] <Giantree> don't remember other details though
  849. June 19, 2012
  850. [06:45:28] <Giantree> BEFORE I FORGET, YOU FAGGOSEXUALS
  851. [06:45:34] <Giantree> GET A STORY ABOUT THE DREAM I JUST HAD
  852. [06:46:09] <Giantree> although I already forgot about most of it, it was about this campaign only suddenly something we were chasing (or that was chasing us(?)) turned out to not be what we thought it was
  853. [06:46:16] <Giantree> but rather, it was actually two shaymins
  854. [06:46:30] <Giantree> and gradually it became revealed that the magic plot was bringing pokémon into earth
  855. [06:46:41] <Giantree> and we started actually fighting shittons of pokeymans
  856. [06:46:50] <Giantree> and that's all I remember goodnight
  858. July 12, 2012
  859. [15:20:33] <Giantree> I think I had a dream about Kuji musclemen.
  860. [15:20:40] <Giantree> s-someone hold me
  862. July 22, 2012
  863. [11:39:09] <Giantree> I was dreaming pleasantly until suddenly it turned into a dream about tsunderes
  864. [11:39:19] <Giantree> and that was when my subconscious said "fuck that" and woke me up apparently
  865. [11:39:21] <Giantree> fuck tsunderes
  867. [14:16:30] <Natalie> I had a dream about tsunderes
  868. [14:16:32] <Natalie> fuck tsunderes
  870. July 23, 2012
  871. [19:41:29] <Giantree> dfgdfL:FJSEESLR:KESr
  872. [19:41:31] <Giantree> OH DICKS
  873. [19:41:34] <Giantree> I NEED TO WRITE IT DOWN
  874. [19:41:38] <Giantree> BEFORE I FORGET AGAIN
  875. [19:41:41] <Giantree> I JUST REMEMBERED
  876. [19:41:46] <Giantree> I HAD A DREAM ABOUT FLORIAN THIS MORNING
  877. [19:41:58] <Giantree> god fuck I can't remember what happened in it
  878. [19:42:23] <Giantree> but it was some over-the-top ridiculous adventure and for some reason I remember fondly that I was going to tell THF about it because something happened that would make him flip his shit
  879. [19:42:54] <Giantree> I think it was like... Florian became a  real person and asked me to help him kill THF for having created him?
  880. [19:43:18] <Giantree> and so I travelled to the Philippines with a catboy
  881. [19:43:21] <Giantree> to become an assassin
  882. [19:43:35] <Giantree> ... I feel like there was some major detail I'm leaving out though
  884. [05:24:26] <Giantree> I just realized, Bob was in the dream I had about Florian yesterday
  885. [05:24:34] <Giantree> forgot exactly how, I just had a flash of memory
  887. July 26, 2012
  888. [12:10:09] <Giantree> man, I just had a dream about dragons
  890. [16:03:21] <Giantree> god what the fuck you woke me up while I was in the middle of a dream about lolis becoming pirates
  891. [16:03:31] <Giantree> that's all I remember about it though
  892. [16:04:13] <Giantree> wait I lied it's coming back
  893. [16:04:23] <Giantree> it had to do with someone's daughter being kidnapped
  894. [16:04:44] <Giantree> by this pirate who was old and burly but somehow he still had really pretty hair
  895. [16:04:51] <Giantree> and it was like, golden flowing locks
  896. [16:04:53] <Giantree> to his knees
  897. [16:05:00] <Giantree> even though he wore an eyepatch and had huge muscles
  898. [16:08:57] <Giantree> oh btw mons there was a song playing during the entire dream
  899. [16:09:00] <Giantree> that's still stuck in my head
  900. [16:09:05] <Giantree> and I'm 99% sure it's from moe pirates
  901. [16:10:18] <@Mons> what's the 1%
  902. [16:10:42] <~Mikaela> LoGH of course.
  903. [16:10:50] <~Mikaela> The loli pirates were making semicircles.
  904. [16:14:43] <Giantree> actually, I had the shits upon waking up, so after taking a huge dump I started to remember more
  905. [16:15:04] <Giantree> apparently during earlier parts of it I was playing something on ZSNES and loading/saving a shitton of savestates for whatever reason
  906. [16:15:19] <Protagonist> was it dvorak's new world symphony movt. 4 allegro con fuoco in e minor/major
  907. [16:15:21] <Giantree> but I was getting really disoriented and forgetting which button I was hitting between f2 and f4
  908. [16:15:31] <Giantree> oh wait that was about the other thing
  909. [16:15:42] <Giantree> The other 1% is that I think it might be from Fairy Tail for some reason
  910. [16:15:45] <Giantree> because of the instruments used
  911. [16:15:51] <Protagonist> oh then it's not cool
  912. [16:15:52] <Giantree> and its composer being pretty boss
  913. [16:16:02] <Giantree> have you heard that soundtrack?
  914. [16:16:06] <Giantree> it's a fucking wonderful soundtrack
  915. [16:16:26] <Giantree> going to have to check moe pirates' soundtrack later though, it's very piratey-sounding
  916. [16:16:49] <Giantree> anyway though, so I kept saving over states when I wanted to load them and shit
  917. [16:16:51] <Giantree> and was getting mad
  918. [16:17:06] <Giantree> what I was playing was apparently some kind of Fire Emblem with Romancing SaGa graphics
  919. [16:17:21] <Giantree> and it involved fighting tigers inside of a mine
  920. [16:17:29] <Giantree> for some reason I think there were ghosts too?
  921. [16:17:31] <Giantree> ghost tigers
  922. [16:18:33] <Giantree> and somehow, once I finally stopped getting mad and got past that part, it turned into some animu or something, as all dreams do, with the pretty-yet-buff pirate giving a speech about how it isn't his fault he has to kidnap a loli
  923. [16:18:48] <Giantree> but it's the parents' fault - this was to her parents btw - for doing such an ass job of protecting their kid
  924. [16:18:54] <Giantree> and he said this while laughing
  925. [16:19:00] <Giantree> and that's all I remember
  926. [16:20:12] <Giantree> but now that I have the shits I can't get back to sleep
  928. July 30, 2012
  929. [08:25:52] <@Giantree> I think I made download mad by having weirdass sleeping patterns but eh, what can you do
  930. [08:26:06] <@Giantree> well, no, that wasn't a pattern
  931. [08:26:15] <@Mons> just weirdass sleeping?
  932. [08:26:16] <@Giantree> I literally fell asleep without warning from even myself
  933. [08:26:20] <@Giantree> like
  934. [08:26:25] <@Giantree> actual narcolepsy for real almost
  935. [08:26:38] <@Giantree> only I can't remember if that's ever happened before
  936. [08:26:50] <@Giantree> the weirdest thing, and I don't think I'd tell him this (good thing he never reads this channel)
  937. [08:26:59] <@Giantree> was that I had a dream about him running sessions for me
  938. [08:27:05] <@Giantree> and I actually played through all of them
  939. [08:27:06] <@Giantree> in the dreams
  940. [08:27:11] <@Giantree> they were entire things that happened
  941. [08:27:17] <@Giantree> and then I woke up satisfied
  942. [08:27:25] <@Giantree> only to realize I didn't actually do anything it was all a dream
  943. [08:27:28] <@Giantree> and it felt horrible
  945. July 31, 2012
  946. [16:49:10] <Agata> Onee-san, I had awoken from a dream involving someone singing:
  947. [16:49:23] <Agata> "All you need is 12gay love~"
  948. [16:49:25] <Agata> "12Gay loooove~"
  949. [20:06:05] <Giantree> Whoa, I just awoke from a dream about fighting off wild boars to see that; I used to think my dreams were pretty weird, too.
  950. [20:06:09] <Giantree> You win this day
  952. August 3, 2012
  953. [11:38:22] <Giantree> funny story, what woke me up was actually that apparently I scrolled up in #mans hours ago and forgot about it
  954. [11:38:26] <Giantree> so I was hearing BEEP BEEP BEEP
  955. [11:38:43] <Giantree> and finally I woke up and shouted at my screen "shut the fuck up touhoufag I'm trying to sleep"
  956. [11:38:44] <Eara> I was imagining you felt the drama and came to beat it up with a broom before leaving
  957. [11:38:46] <Giantree> and got up to fix it
  958. [11:38:59] <Giantree> yeah if I were thinking more I would've pretended that was the case
  959. [11:39:11] <Giantree> in actuality, though, I was having a dream about cosplaying as kirby
  960. [11:39:30] <Giantree> and that the costume was inflated so it was really heavy and I had to cling to walls to keep from falling over
  961. [11:39:44] <Giantree> I met somebody who was cosplaying a solosis (or maybe it was a metroid?) going through the exact same troubles
  962. [11:39:50] <Giantree> and fell in love with them
  963. [11:40:01] <Giantree> waking up happened AFTER the credits roll
  964. [11:40:06] <Giantree> that was definitely pretty strange
  966. August 3, 2012
  967. [13:54:40] <Giantree> I had a dream where my dog died the other day
  968. [13:54:43] <Giantree> and I woke up critical sad
  969. [13:54:56] <Giantree> but then he woke up too, and I took him for a walk
  971. August 31, 2012
  972. [02:47:09] <Giantree> oh ass waffles on fire I just remembered I had a dream
  973. [02:47:14] <Giantree> that I should post before I forget it
  974. [02:47:20] <Giantree> bbbbut most of it's all gone already
  975. [02:48:00] <Giantree> I know I joined some casual vidya-playing group because I heard they played some HARDCORE things I was into on occasion, and it turned out Botherer was part of that group all along
  976. [02:49:09] <Giantree> so I played one of their casual things and it turned out to be this ridiculous bullshit with cranked-up difficulty where you get like, a plastic bowl and a plastic... bull or something?  Some animal, but it's really small, and it's party game-esque stuff where you have to feed pudding to the bull through the plastic bowl which is ACTUALLY empty so you have to watch the screen.
  977. [02:49:55] <Giantree> and if somebody fails to feed their bull the right way everybody gets a game over and nobody sees the results they all got- I fucked up HARD and everybody glared at me even though I'd claimed to be HARDCORE AS FUCK and it felt sad
  978. [02:50:20] <Giantree> Then there was like... a whole life-story, it was one of those dreams that pretty much spanned an entire lifetime and I knew it did but obviously it only took like a few hours
  980. September 7, 2012
  981. [20:01:00] <Giantree> I had a dream that there was a finding nemo fighting game
  982. [20:01:02] <Giantree> called like
  983. [20:01:05] <Giantree> "Finding Nemo EDGE"
  984. [20:01:08] <@SumDumD00d> YESSSSS
  985. [20:01:09] <@ThatRockGuy> YES
  986. [20:01:10] <Giantree> and Darcius tourneyYESSSSSSSSS
  987. [20:01:16] <Giantree> fagged it and never shut up
  988. [20:01:20] <Giantree> about this fighting game about fish
  990. September 12, 2012
  991. [20:15:33] <Giantree> oh, speaking of dogs
  992. [20:15:39] <Giantree> I had a dream earlier about giant flesh-eating worms
  993. [20:15:45] <@Niki> maggots
  994. [20:15:50] <Giantree> that eventually grew up to look like dogs
  995. [20:15:54] <Giantree> like they grew fur and legs
  996. [20:15:58] <Giantree> just out of the blue one day
  997. [20:16:02] <Giantree> but they still had no eyes
  998. [20:16:05] <@Niki> that's a nightmare
  999. [20:16:09] <Giantree> it was really fucking eerie
  1000. [20:16:13] <Giantree> nah, I dreamt about having one as a pet
  1001. [20:16:21] <@Niki> you're weird
  1002. [20:16:26] <Giantree> I remember being stranded on an island after an airplane bombing or something
  1003. [20:16:30] <Giantree> that was full of those worms
  1004. [20:16:33] <Giantree> they were like giant mealworms btw
  1005. [20:16:36] <Giantree> that's what they looked like
  1006. [20:16:41] <Giantree> and I saw a statue of shiva
  1007. [20:17:00] <Giantree> and prayed to it by saying something like "Shiva, I don't ask for much, but could you do something?  Pretty please?"
  1008. [20:17:09] <Giantree> and then suddenly one of those giant-ass worms was in my pocket
  1009. [20:17:17] <Giantree> and I somehow got home and raised it
  1010. [20:17:22] <Giantree> and it turned into a doglike thing
  1011. [20:17:29] <Giantree> so I looked up what I was supposed to feed it on google
  1012. [20:17:38] <Giantree> and google said to but "meat chunks at the assassin's store"
  1013. [20:17:47] <Giantree> and I woke up like "what the fuck was that about"
  1014. [20:17:57] <Morty> "I-it's not like I wanted to give you a horrorterror for a pet"
  1015. [20:18:01] <Morty> tsundere shiva
  1016. [20:18:08] <Giantree> it was the actual hindu shiva btw
  1018. September 16, 2012
  1019. [09:31:30] <Giantree> so I had the most "yo dawg" dream I've had in a longass time
  1020. [09:31:49] <Anise> oh?
  1021. [09:31:52] <Giantree> in that I had a dream that it was 11-something so I got prepped until it was 12
  1022. [09:32:06] <Giantree> and then suddenly, as soon as it was 12, I woke up and it was 9-something
  1023. [09:32:23] <Giantree> so I got up and got on irc to find out that all the other players except kainy had the same dream
  1024. [09:32:28] <Giantree> and they all thought it was 12
  1025. [09:32:30] <Giantree> but it wasn't
  1026. [09:32:38] <Giantree> so I went back to sleep
  1027. [09:32:52] <Giantree> and then nisey woke me up for real and the curse was broken
  1028. [09:33:07] <Anise> sorry tree ;_;
  1029. [09:34:21] <Giantree> I'm actually legitimately thankful
  1030. [09:34:27] <Giantree> because I fucking hate those dreams
  1032. September 17, 2012
  1033. [06:30:12] <Giantree> Holy shit waffle, I just had a sequence of dreams that were all unfailingly about last night's particular group of touhous doing cute things and solving incidents.
  1034. [06:30:15] <Giantree> What.
  1036. September 19, 2012
  1037. [08:35:53] <Giantree> welllllp just had a dream about shuku being my little sister
  1038. [08:35:57] <Giantree> why did I
  1039. [08:35:58] <Giantree> ever
  1040. [08:35:59] <Giantree> wake
  1041. [08:36:00] <Giantree> up
  1042. [08:36:51] <Anise`> because you love us
  1043. [08:36:54] <Anise`> and want to be with us
  1044. [08:37:10] <Giantree> and make believe with you
  1045. [08:37:16] <Giantree> and live in harmony harmony oh love
  1046. [08:38:03] <Anise`> yes that too
  1047. [08:38:08] * Anise` bursts into friendship
  1049. [17:46:39] <Giantree> Actually I spent most of the time napping, I had a dream about shuku being a slave
  1050. [17:46:49] <Giantree> who I tried to rescue or something
  1051. [17:46:49] <Anise> stop dreaming about shuku
  1052. [17:46:53] <Anise> oh
  1053. [17:46:54] <Giantree> it was pretty fucking weird
  1055. [10:33:55] <Giantree> it was really sweet and cute, not even going to lie
  1056. [10:34:04] <Giantree> I don't remember the details but you were the best imouto
  1057. [10:34:08] <Botherer> ... Also, don't you mean "little brother"?
  1058. [10:34:11] <Giantree> no
  1059. [10:34:15] <Giantree> shuku was actually my little sister
  1060. [10:42:56] <Botherer> Still, details?
  1061. [10:45:34] <Giantree> I just remember being in a house, living out a peaceful everyday life, and Genshuku was my little sister
  1062. [10:45:37] <Giantree> I don't even remember who I was
  1064. September 24, 2012
  1065. [20:05:27] <Giantree> dsfjkljsadlASDKASDKLSD:
  1066. [20:05:32] <Giantree> I TOLD KAIN BUT I DIDN'T TELL YOU
  1067. [20:05:37] <Giantree> I HAD THIS WEIRDASS DREAM THIS MORNING
  1068. [20:05:44] <Giantree> where I got on /tg/
  1069. [20:05:52] <Giantree> and the very first thread was a post with no replies about this game
  1070. [20:05:56] <Giantree> that was like big massive paragraphs
  1071. [20:06:11] <Giantree> and the final sentence was something like "Apparently Carbuncle is involved with all this somehow, but nobody knows exactly how."
  1072. [20:06:15] <Giantree> so after reading that
  1073. [20:06:18] <Giantree> I got on irc
  1074. [20:06:21] <Giantree> and said "Sup Anise"
  1075. [20:06:23] <Giantree> then I woke up
  1077. October 9, 2012
  1078. [15:07:04] <Giantree> also hey fordy I had a phophetic dream about being in #WorldWarBurst for some reason
  1079. [15:07:15] <Giantree> clearly that means you should do Caitlin's epilogue sometime this year
  1080. [15:07:20] <Lonoxmont> irc text dream or actually there dream?
  1081. [15:07:38] <Giantree> former, though I DO have the latter often
  1082. [15:07:50] <Giantree> no I mean the dream was about mirc being open to #WorldWarBurst
  1083. [15:09:00] <Giantree> I think someone was talking to someone there
  1084. [15:09:08] <Giantree> and I was like "oh near, is this cait finale finally?"
  1085. [15:09:10] <Giantree> it wasn't
  1087. [15:31:38] <Firespitter> what did you say bout wwb?
  1088. [15:31:52] <Giantree> oh you missed it too huh
  1089. [15:31:59] <Giantree> I was telling oxford (though I don't think he was around)
  1090. [15:32:05] <Giantree> that I had one of my usual prophetic dreams
  1091. [15:32:09] <Firespitter> Haha
  1092. [15:32:14] <Giantree> this time wherein I had mIRC open
  1093. [15:32:19] <Giantree> and was in #WorldWarBurst for some reason
  1094. [15:32:34] <Giantree> and I saw it and was like "oh cool activity in here, is it caitlin's finale?"
  1095. [15:32:42] <Giantree> and then it was just like autismont blogging or something
  1097. October 14, 2012
  1098. [19:29:11] <Giantree> u-um excuse me a-are you here
  1099. [19:29:17] <castfromhp> Yes
  1100. [19:29:18] <Giantree> I need you to hold me
  1101. [19:29:40] <Giantree> I just... I just had a detailed dream about Nammy being able to conceive children together
  1102. [19:29:45] <Giantree> like
  1103. [19:29:50] <Giantree> they hatched from eggs
  1104. [19:30:04] <Giantree> but still what the unholy fck
  1105. [19:30:06] <castfromhp> No.
  1106. [19:30:06] <castfromhp> Bad.
  1107. [19:30:07] <castfromhp> No.
  1108. [19:30:07] <Giantree> +u
  1109. [19:30:21] <Giantree> seriously oh my god
  1110. [19:30:26] <Giantree> it was terrifying
  1111. [19:31:06] <castfromhp> No.
  1112. [19:31:21] <Giantree> hold me ;____;
  1113. [19:31:53] <Giantree> I woke up when they hatched and they were deciding on names for them
  1114. [19:32:08] * castfromhp holds
  1115. [19:32:14] <castfromhp> No no no no no
  1116. [19:32:36] <Giantree> I am so permanent jackiechan.jpg
  1118. [21:56:49] <Giantree> I was going to mention that I just had a dream that I was a plantgirl - an Alraune specifically, apparently that's what they were all called in the setting - in disguise as an actor
  1119. [21:56:55] <Giantree> playing in a Wizard of Oz play as the Tin Man
  1120. [21:57:13] <Giantree> and much like Octodad, nobody realized that I was not only a plantgirl but apparently they thought I was a man too
  1121. [21:57:33] <Giantree> they didn't notice my spiked vines or my massive leaves
  1122. [21:57:45] <Aori_Radidjiu> Alraunes are hot.
  1123. [21:57:47] <Giantree> or the fact that I didn't actually know ANY of the lines
  1124. [21:57:49] <Firespitter> so you dreamt you were a reverse trap
  1125. [21:57:50] <Giantree> and was just bullshitting it all
  1126. [21:57:58] <Giantree> no it's like
  1127. [21:58:01] <Giantree> I wasn't even in a costume
  1128. [21:58:10] <Giantree> I was just a blatant plantgirl out on a stage
  1129. [21:58:19] <Giantree> and for some reason everybody was convinced I was a dude painted silver
  1130. [21:58:22] <Giantree> even though I wasn't
  1131. [21:58:26] <Firespitter> haha
  1132. [21:58:33] <Aori_Radidjiu> Bluff and Acting skills up at max
  1133. [21:58:36] <Aori_Radidjiu> ~
  1134. [21:58:54] <Celeste> "Oh no, I, Tin Man, have fallen into a plantgirl paint bucket!"
  1135. [21:59:37] <Giantree> it was the weirdest shit
  1137. alt retelling elsewhere:
  1138. [22:36:14] <Giantree> and then I had this
  1139. [22:36:15] <Giantree> really
  1140. [22:36:16] <Giantree> fucking
  1141. [22:36:17] <Giantree> weird
  1142. [22:36:18] <Giantree> dream
  1143. [22:36:23] <Giantree> in that I was a plantgirl
  1144. [22:36:28] <Giantree> or an alraune more specifically
  1145. [22:36:37] <Giantree> and I was onstage, in a Wizard of Oz play
  1146. [22:36:39] <Giantree> as the Tin Man
  1147. [22:36:40] <Giantree> but
  1148. [22:36:45] <Giantree> I wasn't even in costume or anything
  1149. [22:36:57] <Giantree> everybody thought I was a dude painted silver when I actually wasn't
  1150. [22:37:13] <Giantree> I was just a woman with a bottom half made of vines and flowers and shit
  1151. [22:37:14] <Giantree> in plain sight
  1152. [22:37:18] <Giantree> and nobody thought it was strange
  1153. [22:37:36] <Giantree> and I actually didn't know ANY of the lines or cues in the play
  1154. [22:37:40] <Giantree> so I just bullshitted the entire thing
  1155. [22:37:48] <Giantree> but nobody noticed anything weird
  1156. [22:37:50] <Giantree> it was kind of awesome
  1157. [22:37:53] <Giantree> but also kind of "what"
  1158. [22:44:49] <@SumDumD00d> yeah my response to that
  1159. [22:44:51] <@SumDumD00d> is what
  1160. [22:44:57] <@SumDumD00d> that's a weird one
  1162. November 6, 2012
  1163. [21:14:43] <Giantree> whoah I had a fucking bizarre-ass dream
  1164. [21:15:08] <Harkin> Romney wins California?
  1165. [21:15:13] <Giantree> something about... power rangers... swimming pools...
  1166. [21:15:19] <Giantree> mexican pringles...
  1167. [21:15:27] <Kokoro> my bro told me the other day
  1168. [21:15:28] <Kokoro> he had a dream
  1169. [21:15:30] <Kokoro> where I had an afro
  1170. [21:16:37] <Giantree> yeah okay that is pretty fucking weird
  1171. [21:16:51] <Aki> Mexican pringles?
  1172. [21:16:59] <Aki> What's the difference between normal Pringles.
  1173. [21:17:37] <Giantree> pretty much
  1174. [21:17:40] <Giantree> you know those uh
  1175. [21:17:52] <Giantree> god what was that brand of little breadstick things with cheese dip
  1176. [21:18:07] <Giantree> apparently the company that made pringles made those and marketed them with the same mascot
  1177. [21:18:22] <Giantree> so there was the curleh mustache face advertising some of those
  1178. [21:18:28] <Giantree> with big text all in spanish
  1180. November 14, 2012
  1181. [18:15:09] <Giantree> Oh watching Autismont be autistic reminded me I was having a dream about playing a JRPG and it was one of those cool dreams I accused Kain of having earlier where sounds I heard on the outside were converted into dream-things, so, you were in my party and every time you sent me a PM ping you'd attack in the dream even though I didn't wake up.  Shiiiiiiiit that was weird.
  1182. [18:29:47] <Giantree> Oh, also, the dream I had took place in FF9 world but hundreds/thousands of years into the future where everything was high-tech and people had laser guns and shit
  1183. [18:38:59] <Giantree> Oh, right, I didn't finish my explanation- it was FUTURISTIC DARK CITIES and shit probably because I just marathoned sol trigger I guess that that's what it was all about
  1184. [18:39:43] <Giantree> In fact I think you were a Sophie clone with a giant laser machinegun, and since apparently I somehow knew it was FF9 world...
  1185. [18:39:47] <Giantree> Yeah what the fuck
  1186. [18:39:49] <Giantree> that was bizarro
  1188. November 16, 2012
  1189. [17:40:29] <@Giantree> I just had a dream that I was presenting the AMAZING REALIZATION that Lenore's surname was an anagram of 'Degenerate,' and even though it was spelled the same in dreamworld everybody actually thought that was true
  1191. November 21, 2012
  1192. [13:31:38] <Giantree> also I had a dream
  1193. [13:31:45] <Giantree> that I was reading through his plot notes
  1194. [13:31:54] <Giantree> and the Glutton was Lich
  1195. [13:32:03] <Giantree> like, of the four fiends
  1196. [13:32:14] <Giantree> and I was like "huh"
  1198. November 22, 2012
  1199. [08:44:28] <@Giantree> Man, that reminds me, for some reason I just had a dream about being back in high school and just walking out of the building during a class
  1200. [08:44:32] <@Giantree> that was weird
  1202. November 23, 2012
  1203. [05:11:41] <Giantree> I had a really really really silly dream after I knocked out after all of it and was going to save it because Shookie was in it, but he's not around elsewhere so
  1204. [05:12:30] <Giantree> It involved being at this MASSIVE-ASS arcade (that was apparently a fancy expensive restaurant and had its own buffet or something?) and everything they had there was ridiculous but apparently that was normal in the setting
  1205. [05:12:55] <Giantree> My BFF Shookie was just timid and following me around the whole time and I found a Final Fantasy XIV cabinet
  1206. [05:13:19] <Giantree> only it wasn't FF14 at all, even though it looked like it at first; it was actually a 90s-era sidescroller where I played as a fish
  1207. [05:13:30] <Giantree> ... yeah that's all the part that matters
  1209. December 1, 2012
  1210. [12:02:03] <@Giantree> Well that was a fucking silly dream
  1211. [12:04:05] <Botherer> Ooh, dreamtime? :D
  1212. [12:04:17] * Botherer prepares popcorn for breakfast.
  1213. [12:04:20] <@Giantree> Yeah, I don't remember ALL of it, but basically
  1214. [12:05:02] <@Giantree> I met up with a) a dude I used to hang out with, part of the meatspace nerd group I had, but I haven't spoken with him in a while because he's a gigantic douchebag (he's a huge weeaboo though) and b) furry weeaboo.  THE furry weeaboo.
  1215. [12:05:44] <@Giantree> I don't remember why but we were traveling together and having idle conversation while doing an apparent real-life platforming puzzle or something, because a and I were climbing stairs and like, jumping a lot.
  1216. [12:05:58] <@Giantree> Furry weeaboo just watched while we did, even though he still followed us around for some reason
  1217. [12:06:25] <@Giantree> The part I DO remember though is that the former talked to me and somehow a tsundere joke came up
  1218. [12:06:28] <Botherer> >Furry Weeaboo
  1220. [12:06:41] <@Giantree> And he was like "It's not like I like you or anything," just deadpan
  1221. [12:06:56] <@Giantree> while I said the same line with stutters included, I think my voice cracked a bit or something
  1222. [12:07:08] <@Giantree> Then instantly, simultaneously, in the exact same tone of voice and everything
  1223. [12:07:15] <@Giantree> we both said to each other "You need to get better at stuttering."
  1224. [12:07:34] <@Giantree> and then we both cracked up because obviously we didn't know it was a dream
  1225. [12:07:43] <@Giantree> but it was kind of hilarious I guess
  1226. [12:07:50] <Kain> I had a dream about eating ice cream and clearing spiders off of a pirate ship in a rail shooting minigame as a ghost\
  1227. [12:07:58] <@Giantree> that is fucking badass
  1228. [12:08:15] <Botherer> ^
  1229. [12:08:32] <@Giantree> Finally, furry weeaboo was telling me
  1230. [12:08:46] <@Giantree> (by the way this is clearly Aori's fault for inviting me to watch his freeform group yesterday)
  1231. [12:08:55] <@Giantree> he was telling me about how his myspace freeforms were going
  1232. [12:09:14] <@Giantree> and how in every game he played like 50 characters that were SO diverse he eventually started giving them names that were literally just random letters
  1233. [12:09:20] <@Giantree> or syllables that made no sense together
  1234. [12:09:30] <@Giantree> and the last one he told me was "Adoranore"
  1235. [12:09:58] <@Giantree> and as I begun to tell him "Oh hey, that's the name of a total lesbo in something I've been in, who happens to be adorable" I woke up because apparently that was 2real4me
  1236. [12:10:02] <@Giantree> er
  1237. [12:10:05] <@Giantree> close to the name of
  1238. [12:11:05] <@Giantree> Fortunately I don't think the facts told to me in that dream were true because apparently he only plays wolf-people with japanese names or like, dudes who turn into Renomon or something.
  1240. December 11, 2012
  1241. [16:09:24] <Giantree> I just had a dream
  1242. [16:09:38] <Giantree> where I was taking a walk outside and suddenly cops showed up to chase a guy
  1243. [16:09:39] <Giantree> on foot
  1244. [16:09:42] <Giantree> a japanese guy
  1245. [16:09:48] <Giantree> so they were shouting japanese at him
  1246. [16:09:57] <Giantree> and he ran in my direction so I tried to help or something
  1247. [16:10:14] <Giantree> but suddenly I was grabbing the cop instead of the guy they were chasing
  1248. [16:10:29] <Giantree> so I let go and went into my house after shouting "Ganbatte!" at them
  1249. [16:10:31] <Giantree> unironically
  1251. [16:54:27] <Giantree> Anyway yo castie I'm too scared to say this with kainy around, but I had a weirdass dream where I became essentially THF
  1252. [16:55:00] <Giantree> And got so obsessed with cats with reflect powers that I wrote characters who were secretly Carbuncle in EVERY FFd6 campaign being run across the entire internet, seeking them all out and joining them
  1253. [16:55:17] <castfromphone> That's horrible.
  1254. [16:55:58] <Giantree> The dream focused on a particular one of them that had like, 3 That Guys in it, and all of us thought it was ridiculous that people this bad to play together with existed
  1255. [16:56:03] <Giantree> you were in it too
  1256. [16:56:06] <Giantree> playing as Aku
  1257. [16:56:11] <Giantree> Just... flat-out Samurai Jack Aku.
  1258. [16:56:17] <Giantree> I don't even know how that worked
  1259. [16:56:25] <castfromphone> What
  1260. [16:56:29] <Giantree> yeah seriously
  1261. [16:57:32] <Giantree> By the way the 3 That Guys, though I don't remember details of them, were pretty much the level of the ones THF had been describing lately
  1262. [16:57:47] <Giantree> With the DMPCs, high-heeled dimensional-traveling slave girls, etc etc.
  1263. [16:58:06] <Giantree> I think they were all edgy and wore trenchcoats too, may have been vampires
  1264. [16:58:14] <castfromphone> Pfft
  1265. [16:58:17] <Giantree> So we were just like "Let's troll the shit out of this campaign"
  1266. [16:58:29] <Giantree> But in the meanwhile everyone was giving me weird looks over the internet for becoming THF
  1267. [16:58:33] <Giantree> it was discomforting
  1269. December 15, 2012
  1270. [21:08:52] <Giantree> I'm upset because I had dreams about the obscene amounts of highlights you did
  1271. [21:08:55] <Giantree> but couldn't get up
  1272. [21:09:17] <@SumDumD00d> wonder how many i did
  1273. [21:09:25] <Giantree> a lot
  1274. [21:09:29] <@SumDumD00d> 9
  1275. [21:09:40] <@SumDumD00d> i was gonna do more
  1276. [21:09:43] <@SumDumD00d> but then i was like
  1277. [21:09:50] <@SumDumD00d> 'well if he can't hear it, then why am i doing it'
  1278. [21:10:31] <Giantree> yeah I actually heard all of them
  1279. [21:10:34] <Giantree> but there was some
  1280. [21:10:34] <Giantree> like
  1281. [21:10:41] <Giantree> sleep paralysis or something I don't know
  1282. [21:10:51] <@SumDumD00d> i've had that
  1283. [21:10:52] <Giantree> I couldn't actually act on hearing them or move
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