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Mar 31st, 2022
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  1. In today's session, let's talk about (basic) social media branding. I've gone through social media of (most) people posted in the thread, and this could be useful for some of you.
  3. MissFushi's twitter is a VERY good twitter, and you guys should be emulating it. Here's why:
  5. 1 - Name
  6. Name includes emoji/Oshi Mark (OM going forward), "vtuber", and also what she is. Makes it clear whenever she comments on something, potential for more views, but also solid branding.
  8. 2 - Bio
  9. OM reused instead of linebreak, validates interest (Partnered on TWO platforms). Fanart tag, and as it's not included here, confirms not interested in NSFW art. Art reference linked for fanart, PFP sourced (twitter users sometimes go mad over this). All nice, clean, and short sentences. Well put together.(1)
  11. 3 - External links
  12. Location is an email, which is a neat way of getting around twitter's "one link" rule. Linked to Twitch/Main Stream page, which is very important - minimise clicks to locate your other site.
  14. 4 - Pinned tweet
  15. Schedule, which is often a good idea, as it lets people know what the plans are for the week, so they know which streams they're going to turn up to.
  16. Uses vtuber tag. This should pretty much be used in everything you tweet ever.
  17. Link to Twitch is useful, and youtube isn't just VODs, which is great. Lots of YT-only content, but then the VODs are all into playlists (glad to see someone else doing it), although it's weird to see a vtuber have their face on show all the time, but I guess I've just not seen many streamers become vtubers.
  18. Again, usage of ArtTag, which in this case, I'd suggest not. It means looking up the art tags pulls old schedules, which isn't what people browsing the tag want.
  19. HOWEVER, browsing the tag means I saw the older post that says NSFW okay, so I'd definitely add 'NSFushiW' to bio, or possibly add in "+NSFW" to the "Art+NSFW tag".
  20. Schedule is clear, easy to read. Times are clear, content is clear, days off are clear.
  22. 5 - Just touching on the "twitch about me" section
  23. This is great. Links to discord/youtube/twitter/tiktok, contact email, and very short bio.
  25. Improvements:
  26. - Make mention of the NSFW art thing. Possibly commission one piece so that the tag isn't empty.
  27. - Tiktok isn't linked, but is on twitch => consider setting up a Carrd?
  28. - *possibly* increase size of words on schedule. It's fine as is, but could be small on a small screen?
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