[TLH/SinKid] Loan breaks a vase

Sep 10th, 2018
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  1. "Who broke this?!"
  2. Loan, 5, cowed at her mother's harsh tone. Her elder sister, Rosalina, was holding firm though.
  3. Loan had been playing with Rose earlier, mostly chasing each other. Loan had turned a corner too fast and had run into a small table, knocking a delicate crystalline vase off and shattering it.
  4. Loan was guilty, but she didn't want to admit it. Lori was a harsh mother, and punished her sevetely. Sometimes it was being locked in the bathroom for a few hours, but if she broke something she was usually made to clean it up by hand as well, the small cuts caused by sharp edges a reminder to be careful around the house.
  5. She still had bandages on from last time.
  6. "Well?" Their mother crossed her arms. "If none of you are going to tell me, then I'll just punish both of you, and you'll *both* have to clean this up by hand."
  7. Loan felt herself on the verge of tears. She didn't want to be the bad girl again, but she knew that she had to tell the truth.
  8. Even if her mother hated her for it.
  9. "It was me."
  10. Loan paused. She turned to face her sister, looking down at the floor with a guilty look.
  11. "I ran too fast and hit the table."
  12. Their mother looked... surprised. And a little concerned. "Are you hurt?" Loan rubbed her sore shoulder from the impact.
  13. "No, I'm fine, mom." Rose replied.
  14. Lori sighed. "Rose, what did I tell you about running around the house?"
  15. "You told me to be careful or not to do it."
  16. "Well, I hope this has been a lesson for you." She reached into the cupboard and pulled out a dustpan and brush, and handed it to Rose. "Clean this mess up, and you're not getting desert tonight."
  17. "Aww, dang it." Rose bemoaned as her mother walked away. She began her cleaning with a huff.
  18. Loan leant down and passed her a large piece. "Why'd you do that?"
  19. "I know Mom doesn't let you off like she does with me, which is dumb."
  20. "B-but you're gonna miss out on desert."
  21. "I'd rather miss out on desert than miss out on playing with you."
  22. "Lemme help you at least."
  23. Rose smiled. "Okay."
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