Animal Crossing: New Leaf FAQ

Jul 26th, 2013
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  2. -Created By Lonk-
  5. =====================
  6. Quick Little Note
  7. =====================
  8. There is tons of stuff in this game. TONS. Writing this thing
  9. has made me realize that. Jeez.
  13. ========================
  14. Starting Questions
  15. =========================
  16. Questions for those just starting.
  20. What's this game even about?
  21. --------------------------------
  22. It's a game about doing whatever you wanna do. You can make this game about whatever you want. Whether it's making your town the best it can be, making your villagers happy, making your house amazing, or just sitting by the river and fishing for no reason at all.
  24. How do I win?
  25. ------------------------
  26. Well... first you need the ultra rare cube of...You can't win this game. This game has no end. You play it for as long as you want.
  28. How do I get comfy?
  29. --------------------
  30. However you want. Whether it's by making your house a comfy log cabin, sitting on a tree stump in the moonlight, or even repeatedly hitting villagers with your net, if you're into that...
  32. Do I have to play the previous games to get this game?
  33. ----------------------------------------------------------
  34. Nope. There's no real storyline. Anything that you don't know from previous games you pretty much pick up in this game.
  36. How many towns can I make on one card?
  37. ----------------------------------------
  38. One. But you can make up to 4 characters in it. Only the first will be mayor though.
  40. Why is this cat giving me the biz?
  41. ------------------------------------
  42. He's the character creator cat... or better yet, Rover. The questions he asks determine what your character looks like. Here's a face guide for your character: http://acwiki3ds.wikispaces.com/Face+Guide
  43. Also, Rover will ask you the Town name... it can be anything, as long as it fits. If you want to name your town Buttville or Penisland you can... but I don't think that's the best idea. Rover will also pull up a map. The place you choose will be your town, so pick a good layout. He starts recycling through them after a few maps so you don't have too many choices
  45. How come my fruit/Town Hall/Train station is different from other people?
  46. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. It's random. You can always get fruit from other towns and plant it in your town if you want. The colors of the Town Hall and Train Station are permanent though...
  49. Where should I place this House/PWP/Tree/Etc?
  50. -------------------------------------------------
  51. Be creative. It's your town, not ours. The people here are always ready to give criticism (Sometimes a little too ready) but it's always the best idea to go with your heart... or gut?
  53. I'm in a Tent. What's up with that?
  54. -------------------------------------
  55. You honestly think you have what it takes to live in a house tentboy? Nah, but seriously though you start in a tent and get a real house once you pay your down payment.
  57. I just got off the train. It's night though. What should I do?
  58. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  59. Go get 500 bells from shaking trees. (Beware of bees). Then go get your picture taken on main street for an I.D. This will allow you to travel to other towns or let people into your town.
  61. I just got off the train. It's morning. What should I do?
  62. ----------------------------------------------------------
  63. You are gonna need some money. A quick place to start is picking some fruit and selling it for some quick dough. Sell at Retail and not Nookling Junction for a better deal. Once you have a good amount, go to Nookling Junction on Main Street and see if they have a rod or bug net. They should. Buy it and go catch some fish or bugs. Sell those for money. Also, as stated above, you should also go get an I.D. picture for 500 bells.
  65. It's 3:00 in the morning and everything is dead. What do?
  66. -----------------------------------------------------------
  67. The game functions like real life. Shops close at night. Villagers gotta sleep. Later on in the game you'll be able to use Ordinances. One of them, Night Owl, allows villagers to stay awake longer and shops stay open longer. Until then... shake some trees (Beware of bees), or just chill. If you have a net or rod, go fish or bug hunt.
  69. When can I do mayor stuff?
  70. -----------------------------
  71. First you got to get your house built. Then you have to get an 100% Mayoral Approval Rating. The permit will take a day or two to arrive. So be patient.
  73. How do I get a real house?
  74. ---------------------------------
  75. Pay off your down payment.
  77. How do I pay off my down payment.
  78. ----------------------------------------
  79. Catch some bugs or fish. Sell some fossils if you have to. Then go to Tom Nook's and pay it off.
  81. How do I get my approval rating up to 100%?
  82. ----------------------------------------------
  83. This guide right here lists the things you can do and how many points that will give you:
  84. ________________________________________________________
  85. Change the town tune = 3 points (one time only)
  86. Put something up for sale at Re-tail = 3 points (one time only)
  87. Change the town flag = 3 points (one time only)
  88. Post something on the bulletin board next to the station = 3 points (one time only)
  89. Donate a fish, bug, fossil, or artwork to the museum = 3 points (one time only)
  90. Pull weeds = 1 point each
  91. Water flowers = 1 point per day
  92. Remove trash from the water by fishing = 1 point each
  93. Introduce yourself to all of your villagers = 1 point each
  94. Send a letter = 1 point each
  95. Play each day = up to 3 points each day
  96. ____________________________________________________
  97. It can take a day or two to get to 100%.
  99. The Museum?
  100. ------------------------------------------------
  101. It's on Main Street. You can't miss it. Talk to Blathers, the owl, inside. You can either have him access a fossil, or donate an already accessed fossile, bug, fish, or if you have one, work of art.
  103. But I'm low on cash, I don't want to Donate.
  104. -------------------------------------------------------
  105. Donate. Trust me. There's other ways to make money. Besides, once you donate one of that type of fossil/fish/bug, you can sell all the others you catch guilt free. It's better to do it this way.
  107. Trash?
  108. --------------------
  109. Sometimes you'll fish an old tire, or a can, or a boot out of the water. Don't toss it on the ground, take it to retail and pay to get rid of it. It's costly, but it's the right thing to do.
  111. Is there a free way to get rid of trash?
  112. ---------------------------------------------
  113. Well you can drop it all off in a friend's town, but that's just wrong.
  115. I already have 10,000 bells just from catching a couple bugs or fish. This is so easy.
  116. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  117. 10,000 bells won't get ya far. It may seem like alot, but in a game where loans are up to 600k a piece and Public Works Projects can cost a couple hundred thousand bells, it's not. It's a good start though. You can go hunt for some more if you want.
  119. What can I buy with all this money?
  120. ------------------------------------
  121. Alot. A good place to start is by getting some new clothes. Go to the Able Sisters on Main Street and see if anything sticks out. You can also make a pro design. (Talk to the blue one) These include long sleeved shirts, shortsleeve shirts, sleeveless shirts, hats, dresses, that kinda stuff. No pants. Be glad you even have those. You can also head over to Nookling Junction or Retail and see if they have any good furniture for sale. Also you can buy some writing paper or wrapping paper from Nooklings, and a net, rod or shovel if they're there. Later on you'll be able to pay for Public Works Projects, House Expantions, shoes, haircuts, coffee and more. So, like I said. You can buy alot.
  123. Why are all my neighbors animals?
  124. ----------------------------------
  125. Conspiracies. They're all around you. Don't touch the Gyroids maaan.
  127. This mole just popped up when I was loading. What's up with this?
  128. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  129. Ah Resetti. He used to be the grumpiest NonResetting Policy Enforcer around. But apparently he scared too many girls and is out of a job. Just tell him what happened, and he'll go. You won't see him again unless you fund the Reset Center.
  131. ==========================
  132. Mayor Questions
  133. ==========================
  135. What can I do as mayor?
  136. --------------------------
  137. Build Public Works Projects, Choose an Ordinance, change town tune, change town flag check citizen satisfaction, and more.
  139. Public Works Projects?
  140. -----------------------
  141. PWP. These are the things you can make in your town. Most are self explanatory. There's stuff like benches, streetlights, signs, cutouts, and more.
  143. Are there more Public Works Projects?
  144. ----------------------------------------
  145. Yes. There are tons. A few can only be unlocked at a certain point. Most of them have to be suggested by villagers.
  147. Ordinances?
  148. -----------------
  149. The laws of your town. There are four. You can get them by sitting in the big mayor chair and selecting Ordinances.
  150. -Early Bird: Stores and Villagers are up Earlier
  151. -Night Owl: Stores and Villagers are up Later
  152. -Beautiful Town: Weeds don't show up as often, Flowers don't need to be watered as often.
  153. -Bell Boom: You get more money for selling things.
  155. There's also a small fee of about 20k to enact one of these.
  157. Citizen Satisfaction?
  158. -------------------------
  159. Ask Isabelle about this over the counter to see how your citizens are feeling about the town. If Isabelle tells you the town needs more plants, PWP's, Or needs to be cleaned, you should follow that advice. If she tells you it's perfect, good job. A Flower Clock PWP should be unlocked as well as a Town Hall Renovation.
  161. Perfect Town?
  162. --------------
  163. To get this, follow the advice of your secretary, Isabelle when asking about Citizen Satisfaction. Usually, you need these things:
  165. Cleanliness:
  167. less than 10 weeds
  168. less than 10 items on the ground (not counting sea shells, fruit, mushrooms, flowers, buried fossils, buried gyroids, buried Pitfall Seeds)
  169. no garbage (Empty Can, Boot, Old Tire, Spoiled Turnips)
  170. no Rafflesia (The worst weed)
  172. Abundant Nature:
  174. Trees between 110 and 200
  175. Flowers over 50
  176. High Nature Points from Public Works Projects
  177. Good: Flower Clock, Flower Bed, Flower Arch, Wisteria Pergola, Straw Fence, topiaries, Solar Panels, Wind Power Generator, Windmill
  178. Bad: Garbage Can, Jumbo Monitor, Oil Excavator, Tire Play Equipment, Picnic Sheet, Traffic Light, illumination items, Tower
  180. Abundant Living:
  182. High Living Points from Public Works Projects
  183. Best: Campground
  184. Good: bridges, benches, outside lights, Garden Chair, Hot Spring, Fire Hydrant, Stadium Lights, Solar Panels, Lighthouse
  185. OK: almost everything else including Water Well, Fountain, clocks, Signboard, Face Board, signs, art, monuments, etc.
  186. Bad: Garbage Can
  188. Once you have a Perfect Town, you can construct the new PWP's mentioned above. You will also start getting Jacobs Ladders growing in town. Maintain this rating for 15 days to get the Gold Watering Can.
  190. Town Flag?
  191. ------------
  192. Talk to Isabelle over the counter. You can choose a design from your designs tab to make as your town flag. This will be the flag that hangs outside Town Hall and in the Train Station.
  194. Town Tune?
  195. --------------
  196. Talk to Isabelle over the counter. You can make your own tune by changing the notes until you get something good. Alternatively, you can recreate an already existing tune. You can check the web for a good town tune if you want. This tune will be sung by villagers around town. It will also be played in bell form every hour. Once you get Club LOL, it will be played there as well, remixed.
  198. Complaining about citizens?
  199. -------------------------------
  200. Talk to Isabelle and select this if you want to reset a villager's nickname, catchphrase, or clothing. This DOES NOT evict a villager. THIS DOES NOT EVICT A VILLAGER.
  202. ===================
  203. Mail and Presents
  204. ===================
  206. Delivery Items?
  207. --------------------
  208. These are items that can be used to give to someone, either through the post office or for a present on birthdays. They are wrapping paper and writing paper.
  210. Wrapping Paper?
  211. ----------------
  212. Available at Timmy and Tommy's (Junction and up, not Tom Nooks). You can wrap an item and make it into a present. Useful a parties.
  214. Writing Paper?
  215. ----------------
  216. Available at Timmy and Tommy's. Write a letter with this. You can mail it to your future self or a villager at the post office. You can also attach and item to it. There are many types of stationary. They are all catalogable.
  218. ================
  219. Stores
  220. ================
  222. Stores?
  223. -------------
  224. Off the start there is:
  225. Nookling Junction: Sells various tools, furniture, and fortune cookies.
  226. Able Sisters: Sells clothing and makes clothing on the left side. Sells accessories on the right side.
  227. Post Office: Send Letters here. You can also receive downloadable presents here and use the ATM in the corner.
  228. Tom Nook's Homes: Expand your house here or pay for remodels. Your loans here can be paid at the Post Office ATM.
  229. Museum: You can have Blathers access Fossils here. You can also donate bugs/fish/art/fossils to the museum, but you won't receive a single penny from him
  231. Notice the empty spaces? There's more stores too:
  232. Kicks: Sells shoes.
  233. Happy Flower Shop: Buy flowers, axes, or tree starts.
  234. Shampoodles: You can get new hair styles here. You can also get some makeup here.
  235. Club LOL: Night club. KK will DJ every day except sundays, where he plays live. On Sundays you can get a free song from him to put in your sterio. Also in the daytime you can give Shrunk (The owner) some food and he'll tell you a joke which will get you a emotion that you can use anywhere. There's alot of these. Come back everyday for them all.
  236. Dream Suite: Upload you dream town, or visit other dream towns.
  237. Fortune Teller Shop: Get your fortune told.
  238. Museum Second Floor: A giftshop and an extra exhibit space for your own use.
  240. ATM?
  241. ------------------------
  242. Use it to:
  243. Repay Loans
  244. Deposit
  245. Withdrawl
  247. It's best to have a good amount of money in your savings. Also if you have enough saved up, you'll get rewards!
  248. -Tissue Box
  249. -Piggy Bank
  250. -Letter Set
  251. -Safe
  252. -ATM
  254. =============
  255. Starter Items
  256. =============
  258. Equipable Items?
  259. -------------------
  260. Go into your inventory and select them to equip them. Alternatively you can press -> on your + Control Pad to toggle between equips. (Does not work with Wetsuits.) You can press (DOWN) on your + Control Pad to put the equip away. Equipable items include Nets, Rods, Shovels, Axes, Wetsuits, and more.
  262. Net?
  263. ---------------
  264. Available at Timmy and Tommy's. Use it to catch the many bugs around town and sell/donate them. Press A to swing it. Some bugs require you to sneak. To do this, Hold A and gently walk towards said bug. Release A to catch it. Also, hitting a villager with this 3 times will make them angry. So be careful.
  266. Rod?
  267. ------------
  268. Available at T and T's. Use it to catch the river or ocean fish and sell/donate them. Press A when next to water to cast. When a fish comes towards it, it will probably bump it. Don't press A again until the fish tugs it down. (It will make a "BLOOP" sound. If everything went well, congrats, you caught a fish. Now try for the Coelcalanth.... Coelcelanth?... The C fish.
  270. Shovel?
  271. -------------
  272. Available at T and T's. Use it to dig up buried items (Those X marks around town). Or use it to bury items. You can also use it to plant trees as well. The cool thing about the shovel is the rocks you hit with it. Anyways, it's simple like the others. Press A when on dirt or sand to dig. Press A when near a rock to hit it. Once you've made a hole, go into your inventory (X) and choose what you want to plant or bury. Tap it. Select Bury/Plant. You will then do what you chose automatically. Press A again to dig it up if you need to.
  274. Money/Gem Rocks?
  275. --------------
  276. Find these around town and hit them with your shovel. They'll either give you a gem. Or some money. If it's the second option, keep hitting it for more and more money.
  278. Axe?
  279. -----------------
  280. Available at Happy Flower Shop. No it's not for killing a bad villager. It's for chopping down trees. Press A when near tree to chop. Takes a few good swings.
  282. Fortune Cookies?
  283. ---------------------
  284. There's one (or two if Nookling Junction has upgraded atleast once) a day. Pay for these with playcoins, the things you get from shaking your er.... taking lovely walks with your 3ds in your pocket. Eat them and give the fortune to Timmy (Or Tommy if he's working today) and he'll give you a prize. It's a Nintendo themed item! Either that, or you lost and you got a loser prize. Better than nothing. Anyways, these amazing Nintendo themed items are mostly furniture that can be placed in your house. They're based off of the many Nintendo games: Zelda, Metroid, Mario (tons and tons of Mario), Pikmin, and more.
  286. Jokes?
  287. ----------
  288. Only available once you unlock club LOL. When Shrunk tells you these, they are placed into a joke book for you to use. It's the tab on the lower screen with a cat face. These are basically emoticons. Collect them all and test them out around town!
  290. =====================
  291. Villager Questions
  292. =====================
  294. There's only like 4 people in my town. Can I get more?
  295. -------------------------------------------------------
  296. Yes. You should get some people moving in in the next couple of days on their own.
  298. How many villagers can I get?
  299. -------------------------------
  300. 9 normally. You can get a 10th from the campsite (PWP), streetpass(Apparently), and other people's towns.
  302. How do I get this... campsite?
  303. --------------------------------
  304. Once you have a Mayors Permit, go sit in the big black chair in Town Hall and Talk to Isabelle. Select Public Works Projects and scroll down to Campsite. Go outside with Isabelle, pick a spot for it. Fund it! Then you will occasionally see a tent there every now and then.
  306. What do Campers Do?
  307. ---------------------
  308. You can play games with them for furniture. You can also convince them to move in as a 10th villager if you don't have one already.
  310. I have XXX in my campsite and I WANT HIM. But I already have 10 villagers. Can I still get him?
  311. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  312. No. Whenever I see the tent and I already have 10 villagers, I just walk by so I don't feel disappointed. The game will do this to you alot.
  314. Can I get a villager from someone else's Campsite?
  315. ----------------------------------------------------
  316. No. They'll only mention how much they like the town they're in.
  318. How do I get a villager from Streetpass?
  319. --------------------------------------------
  320. If you have a spot open and streetpass someone with a villager moving out, you might get them.
  322. How do I get a villager from wifi?
  323. --------------------------------------
  324. Go to a town with a villager moving out. (Not in camp, you can't get campers.) and talk to them. Eventually they'll say they'll move to your town. They have to be all packed up for this to work.
  326. A villager just plopped it's house on my garden/in a bad spot.
  327. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  328. Tough luck. You can avoid this by using the House Trick. (I'll explain it later.)
  330. This villager sucks. How do I evict it?
  331. ----------------------------------------
  332. You can't evict villagers. They can move out though.
  335. Ok. How do I make one move out?
  336. ----------------------------------
  337. That's basically evicting one, which I said you can't do. The villagers that move out are random. You can't do anything to make them want to leave. They'll run up to you and tell you that they want to move. Who comes up to you and when is pretty much random, so be careful of losing your favorite neighbor. Anything you do to a villager won't make it run up to you and scream "I'm Moving!". Nettings, Pitfalls, and pushing have no effect on them. They won't even hate you for those things, they'll think you two are still best buds. You can do the diving trick to try and get one to move out, but it doesn't always work. (I'll explain the diving trick later)
  339. Why is this villager so ugly?
  340. -------------------------------
  341. I didn't design them. Also, that's your opinion pal. Who you find ugly may be the most wonderful villager ever to someone else. This is a fact. I know there are many Elise and Sylvia lovers out there.
  343. Does Netting Make Villagers Hate me?
  344. --------------------------------------
  345. Hitting Villagers with a net repeatedly does nothing except make them stomp around mad. There are no long term effects of this. It's basically pointless.
  347. Why does this guy keep saying bloop after every sentence?
  348. --------------------------------------------------------
  349. That's his catchprase. It is changeable.
  351. Can I change a villager's catchprase?
  352. -------------------------------------
  353. If you want to reset it, talk to Isabelle and complain about what they're saying. If you want to customize it. Wait until they run up to you and ask you about it. Then you can type something in. This is why we have some villages full of villagers who frequently say lewd or inappropriate things. Oh well.
  355. This guy is wearing something dumb. Can I change it?
  356. -------------------------------------------------------
  357. Send him a letter saying something along the lines of "Wear this" with an attatched shirt (or dress). You can also complain to Isabelle that they're wearing something bad.
  359. ==================
  360. Retail FAQ
  361. ==================
  363. What's this pink building? Retail? What is it?
  364. ------------------------------
  365. It's Retail! This shop is not on mainstreet and is marked as a pink recycling sign. You can sell items here or you can put them up on display for villagers to buy for more than sale price. Villagers will also sometimes have items up for sale. Once Cyrus wakes up. You can customize furniture here.
  367. Why won't Cyrus wake up?!
  368. -----------------------------
  369. It takes one week for him to wake up.
  371. Can Visitors put things up for sale?
  372. ---------------------------------------
  373. No. Thank god. Would you want people putting 1 Million Bell Apples all over your retail?
  375. Can Visitors buy my items?
  376. -------------------------------
  377. Yes. The money goes into your savings account at the post office.
  379. ==================
  380. Turnips FAQ
  381. ==================
  383. What are Turnips/What's the Stalk Market?
  384. ----------------------------
  385. Turnips are basically profit makers. On Sunday mornings before noon Joan the hog(?) will be walking around with a basket full of Turnips. Talk to her to buy some. Now wait until the weekdays. Each day (AM AND PM, it changes) ask Reese (Pink Lady at Retail) about Turnip Prices. All you have to do is sell for more than what you paid. Boom! Big Profit.
  387. How many should I buy?
  388. -------------------------------
  389. As many as you feel comfortable paying for.
  391. How do I get 600+ sale prices?
  392. -------------------------------
  393. You wait. But you can always look on /acg/ for good prices!
  395. My prices keep going down!
  396. --------------------------
  397. Either sell immediately to avoid total loss or find someone on /acg/ with good prices. Take what you can get!
  399. When do Turnips Spoil?
  400. --------------------------
  401. 1 week. Sunday 6 AM.
  403. My Turnips spoiled! It's only Monday!
  404. --------------------------------------
  405. If you TT'd backwards you spoiled them. So sorry.
  407. What's a good time to sell before?
  408. -----------------------------------
  409. Technically Sunday but it's better to sell before Saturday. Don't take too many risks.
  411. I waited for 600+ prices on /acg/ but they never came!
  412. -------------------------------------------------------
  413. Don't take too many risks. Find a profit sales price or sell at a lost before you get a total loss!
  415. =====================
  416. Island FAQ
  417. =====================
  419. What's the dock for?
  420. -------------------------
  421. Once you unlock the Island, Kapp'n and his boat will be docked here to take you to it.
  423. How do I unlock the island?
  424. ------------------------------
  425. Pay off your house and wait a few days. When you load up your game, Tortimer should appear. Talk to him at the docks. The next day your island should be unlocked.
  427. What's there to do at the island?
  428. -------------------------------------
  429. You can do tours (Minigames) for medals that can be spent on the items for sale there. You can also go out back and collect many bugs and fish and put them back in the basket inside to be taken home with you. This is a good way to make money because at night beetles worth up to 12k bells will spawn here. The rare Whaleshark will also only spawn here, as well as the hermit crab.
  431. How do I pay for these things at the Island?
  432. ------------------------------------------------
  433. With Medals. Medals can be won by completing tours.
  435. Tours?
  436. --------------------
  437. To go on a tour, talk to the desk lady and select which one you want to do. The harder they are, the more medals you get.
  439. Rewards?
  440. ----------------------
  441. There are things like a wet suit, silver axe, hammer, mermaid set, and club tortimer application that can only be bought here.
  443. Where's all my stuff at the island?
  444. -----------------------------------
  445. Back home. You'll get it when you return.
  447. This basket?
  448. ----------------------
  449. Use it to take anything you wanna bring home with you back home. Beware, if you leave something in your pocket when you leave the island, they'll pay you for it, but not very well.
  451. How do I fish/bug catch here then?
  452. -------------------------------------
  453. Talk to Lloid outside, he'll loan you the tools.
  455. I chopped down all the trees! Yay!
  456. -------------------------------------
  457. No. Bad. You want those if you want the delicious beetles!
  459. Oh... then what do I do?
  460. ------------------------------
  461. Go on a tour, but take some fruit with ya to plant back on the island. Make you sure you plant those palm and regular trees back. It will take a couple days for them to grow.
  463. So... tell me about these beetles?
  464. -----------------------------------
  465. Ok. After about 9PM some amazing beetles will start spawning on the island. To take advantage of this, dig up those bushes and get rid of the flowers. Leave the middle trees for the Giant Stags and Rainbow Stags. Walk around until you see a beetle, sneak up on it, catch it. Rinse and repeat until you fill your basket. Now go home and sell those at retail!
  467. Wet Suit?
  468. ---------------------
  469. Wear it and press A to go into the ocean. Press Y to dive. Look for shadows and press Y. When your shadow overlaps the other shadow, you should get a catch.
  471. What the heck?!? This little girl is ripping me off.
  472. ----------------------------------------------------
  473. Don't sell to her. Take your stuff home with you in the basket.
  475. Going Home?
  476. --------------------
  477. Talk to the desk lady, and select go home. See ya.
  479. Can I skip Kappn's singing?
  480. ------------------------------
  481. Tap A repeatedly. Buzzkill.
  483. ==============================================
  484. Unlocking Stores/What they do after unlocked
  485. ==============================================
  487. How do I unlock certain stores/buildings?
  488. ---------------------------------
  489. You have to meet a certain requirement to unlock each place.
  491. T and T Upgrades?
  492. -------------------
  493. Nookling Junction upgrades quite a few times. To unlock the next upgrade some time has to pass and you have to spend a certain amount of money.
  495. T and T Mart Upgrade
  496. -------------------------
  497. -7 days passed since becoming mayor
  498. -Upgrade tent to a house
  499. -Spend a total of 12,000 bells, or bought 15 items
  501. Super T and T Upgrade
  502. -------------------------
  503. -10 days passed since opening of T&T Mart
  504. -10 days passed since opening of Garden Store
  505. -Spend a total of 25,000 bells
  507. T.I.Y Upgrade
  508. -----------------
  509. -21 days passed since opening of Super T&T
  510. -Spend a total of 50,000 bells
  512. T&T Emporium
  513. ------------------------
  514. -30 days passed since opening of T.I.Y
  515. -Pass four of Gracie’s fashion checks
  516. -Spend a total of 100,000 bells
  518. How Do I unlock Kicks?
  519. -----------------------------
  520. -It has to have been 10 days since you started living in the village
  521. -You have to Spend 8,000 bells at Able Sisters
  523. How do I unlock Club Lol?
  524. ------------------------------
  525. This one requires a little work.
  526. -First you have to have Unlocked T&T Mart
  527. -One day Shrunk will appear outside you house and ask you to gather signatures
  528. -Get the required amount of signatures from your villagers
  529. -Go meet Shrunk on Main Street, He'll be outside next to the abandoned buildings.
  530. -Talk to him
  531. -Wait 5 days and there should be Club LOL.
  533. How do I unlock the dream mansion?
  534. -------------------------------------
  535. -Speak to Isabelle around a week after becoming mayor (she should be sleeping)
  536. -You should have Built at least one Public Works Project
  537. -You should have Connected to the Internet in game at least once
  538. -Isabelle will wake up and tell you about the dream mansion PWP
  539. -She'll add it to your PWP list
  540. -Select it and build it
  541. -Lloid will be in the trainstation
  542. -Pay it off
  543. -It will be there in the old abandoned center building
  545. You'll be able to visit dream towns and upload your dream town now. She'll give you 5k when you do.
  547. How do I unlock Fortune Shop?
  548. -------------------------------
  549. -Have Katrina tell 20 fortunes in your town. Doesn't have to be 20 different people. Just 20 different fortunes.
  551. How do I unlock the Happy Flower Shop?
  552. ----------------------------------------
  553. This is easy.
  554. -5 days should have passed since you started
  555. -Trees and flower planted/weeds pulled needs to have exceeded 30.
  557. How do I unlock Shampoodle?
  558. ------------------------------
  559. -Wait 7 days after Kicks’ has opened
  560. -Spend 10,000 bells at Shoe Shank/Able Sisters
  562. How do I get Contacts at Shampoodle's?
  563. ---------------------------------------------------
  564. Contacts become available after Shampoodle has been open for 14 days, and you have had at least one hair cut.
  566. How do I unlock the Museum 2nd Floor?
  567. --------------------------------------
  568. -Make 20 donations to museum (at least 1 to each category: Bug, Fish, Fossil, Art)
  569. -Talk to Blathers when he is thinking (Cloud with ...)
  570. -You've been mayor for 2 weeks
  572. How do I get art?
  573. ------------------------------------------
  574. Sometimes you'll see a green tent in your plaza. This is Redd. He has 4 works of art. But beware!
  575. 3 are fakes and only one is real. Here's a quick guide to determining fakes and real ones:
  576. http://bidoofcrossing.tumblr.com/post/40664617166/crazy-redd
  578. What's on the Museum 2nd Floor?
  579. -------------------------------------
  580. A gift shop that will sell display cases, museum chairs, frames, museum walls and floors and also silver shovels, rods and nets.
  582. Silver Shovel?
  583. ------------------------------
  584. Hit a rock with these to get more gems/money! Good replacement for the old shovel.
  586. Silver net?
  587. -----------------------------
  588. It's basically a net but with a longer handle for catching bugs! Good replacement for the old one.
  590. Silver Rod?
  591. -----------------------------
  592. It's basically the original rod but it has a higher lure radius than the original tool, making it easier to catch the attention of more fish. Also, once the fish bites the Silver Rod's bait, it stays on the bait for a little bit longer than the original rod. It's a good replacement for your old rod.
  594. How do I unlock Brewsters?
  595. -----------------------------
  596. -Have Seven days pass since opening of the museum’s second floor
  597. -Make atleast 50 donations to museum
  598. -Talk to Blathers again and he'll tell you about an old friend of his
  599. -You'll get Brewster's as a PWP
  600. -Go select it at town hall
  601. -Pick a place to build it, it's big.
  602. -Pay it off
  603. -Congrats. You have the comfiest place around.
  605. The pigeon just got all upset. What'd I do?!
  606. ------------------------------------------------
  607. You let it cool... didn't you?
  609. How do I get to go coffee?
  610. ----------------------------
  611. Order coffee for a few days, one day he'll tell you he'll have to go coffee tomorrow.
  613. How do I work there.
  614. ----------------------------
  615. Order coffee for a week, never let it cool. Drink it right away. Eventually Brewster will tell you that you get him and will ask you to work with him. You start tomorrow. See him during the daytime.
  617. How do I do this coffee job?! They won't tell me what they want!
  618. ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  619. They'll give you constructive criticism each order. Make a note of it to get it right... alternatively, here's a guide:
  620. http://www.thonky.com/animal-crossing-new-leaf/the-roost-cafe/
  622. This guy just walked into my cafe. He doesn't even live here!
  623. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  624. You're popular. Good for you. Visitors from out of town will now visit you. Keeps you on your toes.
  626. What does Brewster pay me anyways?
  627. ------------------------------------------
  628. 0 bells. He'll give you coffee beans. The type depends on how you did. You can also get rare gyroids and furniture from him.
  630. How do I get the reset center?
  631. ---------------------------------
  632. Quit the game without saving once. It should be a PWP now.
  634. How do I get into the reset center?
  635. ---------------------------------------
  636. After it rains for a day and you have a clear day, it should be open.
  638. How do I get the Police Station?
  639. ---------------------------------------
  640. It's randomly suggested by villagers.
  642. What?! I can't have both Booker and Copper?
  643. ------------------------------------------------
  644. Yeah... you have to choose. Sorry.
  646. Classic or Modern?!?
  647. ----------------------------
  648. Your choice.
  650. How do I upgrade Town Hall?
  651. ------------------------------
  652. Get a Perfect Town Rating
  654. How do I upgrade the Train Station?
  655. ------------------------------------
  656. Have 100 visitors. (Doesn't have to be different visitors... just 100)
  658. Where's Gracie?!
  659. -------------------------
  660. Get T.I.Y. She'll eventually appear underneath the plaza tree. Pass her fashion exam 4 times to
  661. unlock her shop in T&T Emporium.
  663. ===========================
  664. Villager Friendships
  665. ===========================
  666. Villagers can develop friendships with you. This will lead you to get a picture of them.
  668. Can I date villagers in this game?
  669. --------------------------------------
  670. No.... sadly. Heh.
  672. Can I make love to villagers in this game?
  673. ---------------------------------------------
  674. In your mind...
  676. How do I get a villager's pic?
  677. ------------------------------------
  678. They'll give them to you for doing a hard job or randomly when sending them things. Just wait, you'll get one.
  680. XXX is moving out and I said yes! I meant to say no! Help me?!
  681. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  682. Find him inside their house and talk to him. If he brings up moving, tell him "Don't go!".
  683. He'll then stay.
  685. XXX is moving out and I said "Ok bye" but she told me she's staying! I don't want her to!
  686. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  687. They'll do that sometimes. They won't leave unless they're good friends with you apparently (and ironically).
  689. A villager told me XXX is moving out and I don't want him to go! How do I convince him not to?
  690. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  691. Find them when they're inside their house. Talk to them. If they bring up moving tell them to stay.
  693. A villager told me XXX is moving out and I want them to go. Should I talk to them?
  694. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  695. Not really. Then you risk the chance of having them suddenly say "I'm Staying!". Just wait for them to go.
  697. Why does everyone wanna move out?
  698. --------------------------------------
  699. Someone wants to every week it seems. Who it is is totally random though.
  701. Do people move out even with a Perfect Town?
  702. -------------------------------------------------
  703. Yes. They still will.
  705. =================================
  706. Questions about town plant life
  707. =================================
  709. What are these dirt patches?
  710. -----------------------------
  711. Patches of dead grass. This game has grass deterioration.
  713. How do I stop grass deterioration?
  714. --------------------------------------
  715. Don't run on it. Don't walk on it if you can. Rain and snow helps it stay put.
  717. I just got off the train and there's dirt patches everywhere??
  718. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  719. You'll have a couple starting patches. They'll go away eventually.
  721. Can I turn off grass deterioration?
  722. --------------------------------------
  723. No.
  725. How do I breed flowers?
  726. -----------------------------
  727. Put them diagonal to eachother.
  729. What's with this gray flower? Is it dead?
  730. --------------------------------------------
  731. It will be if you don't water it.
  733. How many times should I water a flower?
  734. ------------------------------------------
  735. Once per flower. It should sparkle.
  737. I didn't water this flower but it's sparkling. What happened?
  738. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  739. Your villagers will sometimes water them for you, but don't count on this.
  741. These flowers are breeding like rabbits! What do I do?
  742. -----------------------------------------------------------
  743. Find a place to place them all or sell them if you prefer.
  745. How do I make hybrid flowers?
  746. ----------------------------------
  747. You have to breed certain flowers. Here's a guide:
  748. http://www.thonky.com/animal-crossing-new-leaf/flowers-hybrids/
  750. It will explain it better than I can with words.
  752. How do I get a Red Carnation?
  753. ---------------------------------
  754. Through the mail on Father's day.
  756. What are these blades of grass?
  757. --------------------------------------
  758. Weeds. Press A to pluck them.
  760. Ooh! There's a big red flower next to the weeds!
  761. ------------------------------------------------------
  762. It's a Rafflesia. That means your town is severely weedy and needs to be cleaned.
  764. What are these leaf pile things?
  765. ------------------------------------
  766. Clovers. Pluck them. Sometimes you will get a lucky clover. But it's rare.
  768. What's this White flower? It looks different from the other flowers.
  769. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  770. Jacobs Ladder. It only appears if you have a perfect town rating.
  772. If I have a perfect town do I have to water flowers still?
  773. -------------------------------------------------------------
  774. Yes. Even the Jacobs Ladder.
  776. Do I have to water saplings?
  777. ---------------------------------
  778. No.
  780. Can I get out of watering flowers?
  781. ------------------------------------
  782. Well... yes. If it rains or snows you can. You can also use the Beautiful Town Ordinance.
  784. Do I still get weeds with the Beautiful Town Ordinance?
  785. -----------------------------------------------------------
  786. Yes. They are rarer though.
  788. Do I still have to water flowers with the Beautiful Town Ordinance?
  789. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  790. Yes. Every now and then.
  792. I don't even have a watering can?
  793. ------------------------------------
  794. Talk to Isabelle and keep asking for advice. She'll give you one. Or you can wait for Leif's to open up and buy one there.
  796. How do I get foreign fruit?
  797. -------------------------------
  798. From visiting other peoples town.
  800. How do I get tropical fruit.
  801. -------------------------------
  802. Visit the island and take the fruit home with you.
  804. Why can't I plant this coconut/banana tree by my house?
  805. -------------------------------------------------------
  806. It has to be planted on the beach.
  808. My tree died!
  809. ----------------------
  810. It can't be too close to a fence, river, house, or other tree.
  812. How do I get bushes?
  813. -------------------------
  814. Leif. The island also has Hibiscus starts.
  816. How the heck did people get roads?
  817. ----------------------------------------
  818. Custom Design Tiles. You make them in the tab with a pencil.
  820. ====================
  821. My character questions
  822. ====================
  824. How do I decide my face/starter clothes?
  825. -------------------------------------------
  826. Your answers to Rover's questions make this up.
  828. How do I prevent tan?
  829. -------------------------
  830. Stay out of the sun, or wear/use one of these:
  832. 1-Up Cap Fi Mask Outback Hat Stagehand Hat
  833. Alpinist Hat Fireman's Hat Paperboy Cap Star Cap
  834. Baby's Hat Floppy Hat Pilot's Hat Straw Boater
  835. Balloon Hat Football Helmet Pink-Zap Helmet Straw Hat
  836. Batter's Helmet Ghost Mask Plain Black Cap Straw Umbrella Hat
  837. Big Bro's Hat Grandpa Hat Police Cap Student Cap
  838. Birthday Hat Green Cap Puffy Hat Top Hat
  839. Black Veil Green New Year's Hat Pumpkin Head Tulip Hat
  840. Blue Cap Green-Pumpkin Head Purple Cap Wario Hat
  841. Blue New Year's Hat Green-Zap Helmet Purple-Pumpkin Head White Cap
  842. Blue Ogre Mask Hero's Cap Racing Helmet White Team Hat
  843. Blue Plaid Fedora Hunter's Cap Red Cap Witch's Hat
  844. Blue-Zap Helmet Jockey's Helmet Red New Year's Hat Wrestling Mask
  845. Bug Mask King Tut Mask Red Ogre Mask Y. New Year's Hat
  846. Captain's Hat Knight's Helmet Red Team Hat Yellow Cap
  847. Catcher's Mask Light-Blue Cap Red-Pumpkin Head Yellow-Pumpkin Hd
  848. Cavalier Hat Li'l Bro's Hat Red-Zap Helmet Cucumber Pack
  849. Cloche Hat Lion-Dance Mask Retro Helmet Facial Mask
  850. Conical Straw Hat Mailman's Hat Roman Helmet Gas Mask
  851. Dandy Hat Majora's Mask Safety Helmet Hockey Mask
  852. Detective Hat Makar's Mask Samus Mask Jester's Mask
  853. Diving Mask Midna's Mask School Hat Lemon Pack
  854. Elegant Hat Monster Mask Ski Mask Masquerade Mask
  855. Explorer's Hat Motocross Helmet Sombrero All 36 Umbrellas
  856. Fencing Mask Mummy Mask Space Helmet
  858. Credit goes to the creator of http://pastebin.com/3ppYSi75. Thanks.
  860. That's it for now. I'll add more later.
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