Monster Campaign details.

May 26th, 2018
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  1. > No aasimar, dwarves, elves, halflings, genasi, gnomes, goliaths, Yuan-ti, or half breeds of the previously listed races.
  3. >Evidence these races existed does exist, and no one knows why they don't now.
  5. >Orcs are more pig like, and goblins are never peach tone.
  7. >Some of the removed races will be recycled into monster people such as slime people or Lamias because muh Snakes.
  9. >All spells and powers that resurect from the dead do not work! There are records of such magic existing in tales, but only in the form of mysterious items.
  11. >The entire school of Necromancy is gone. No one has ever been known to have used necromancy outside of fairy tales, but despite that people do actively wonder why it can't be done for reasons that should be clear by the end of this list.
  13. >No one knows for sure if god/gods exist. All the religion based classes exist, and work based on faith as usual, but no credible person has claimed to have spoken to or seen one. There is debate on whether the faith itself is magic, or if a god bistows you with the magic because of loyalty.
  15. >The world as you know it is not so much a world as much as it is a continuously moving mass of bodies. A yet to be determined number of titan sized creatures act as the "Land" beneath your feet, walking or swiming in an orbit around a massive ivory tree. The "ocean" they wade through is a horrific animated mass of pure white skeletons always clawing and thrashing at the sides of the titans beneath you, but never making any progress against their hard flesh.
  17. >No one has ever been known to get to the Ivory Tree, it's generally accepted as impossible to reach. Some still try, but no one has ever returned.
  19. >The Titans have names, and seem friendly. Life grows on them perfectly fine, crops are generally healthy, and some even have towns or cities inside of them instead of on top.
  20. -----------------------------------------------------------
  21. Added races:
  23. -Slimes (Generic)
  24. >Humanoid shape
  25. >+1 Con & +2 Dex
  26. >Starting Language is common.
  27. >Weak against magic, resistant to physical attacks.
  28. >Crystal core that is (optionally) invisible while in the slime, size of a baseball. Slime can slip through any opening bigger than a baseball provided it isn't carrying anything. Physical attacks that hurt the slime are actually hitting this core.
  29. >Slime cannot grapple or be grappled.
  30. >Slimes can sense like humans do, and manipulate objects, but can only wear light or no armor.
  31. >Slimes bodies are magically infused with oxygen, this means while you can't suffocate your enemies inside your body you CAN safely carry anything in you without needing a bag, including living things. You can carry up to your light carry weight this way, exceeding this weight will cause the newly added item to be rejected. Items carried inside the slime are generally just as safe or slightly safer than when in an external bag even when the slime is under attack.
  33. -Insectoids
  34. >Monsterous Humanoid
  35. >+1 Dex & strength
  36. >Starting Language is common and can talk to bugs. (Mostly just flavor)
  37. >Reach maturity at 9 years old, live to about 50
  38. >Size is either small or medium with respective edits to stats.
  39. >+1 Natural Armor
  40. >Social Camouflage: Insectoid carapaces naturally resemble clothing, thus they don't need to bother wearing any. They are however able to wear any appropriately sized humanoid clothes or armor.
  41. >Ants Strength: Insectoids are better at carrying weight than other races. Their carrying capacity is strength score multiplied by 20, and they are proficient with light and medium armor.
  43. -Holstaurs
  44. >Monstrous humanoid
  45. >+2 Con & Either +1 strength OR Charisma
  46. >Starting Language is common
  47. >Age same as humans
  48. >Size is medium
  49. >Speed is 30 feet
  50. >Herbavore heritage: While you can eat meat, your body is designed for greens. You can survive off common grass and water without any problems.
  51. >Magic Realm shit: Females produce milk at a constant rate per day. Many Holstaurs keep this as private as any other bodily function, but others take pride in it and some even sell it for spare cash. One bottle of Holstaur Milk has the nutritional equivalent of a full meal, and restores one hit point. This hit point cannot be applied at 0 however.
  52. >Female Holstaurs are usually, but not exclusively, busty. Their bodies are designed to carry heavy breasts unlike humans, but their are Holstaurs in all cup sizes including flat as a board.
  53. >Dual Bred: Holstaurs can be strong workers, or kind caretakers. Choose either strength or Charisma and add an additional point. (This means you can have 2 and 2, or 2, 1, and 1.)
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