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Valkyrie Crusade Beginners Guide

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  1. Valkyrie Crusade is a card collecting/mini kingdom mobile game for Android/ios.
  2. You can play it on your PC using bluestacks or similar programs.
  3. You can also play it on both your PC/mobile phone with the same account, just not at the same time.
  6. This is a BEGINNERS GUIDE. I will not explain how to oneshot FAWs or how to rank in the top 10.
  7. If you want to build an AW/FAW deck, see the deck building guide over at
  8. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:GenericUser987350135/Archwitch_Deck_Guide
  10. I'll give some advice on the cards to use for the current event, but it's up to you to read about debuffer/beat-down/blitz decks on your own from that link since I'd just be regurgitating what's already there.
  12. I'm busy moving atm, so don't expect any updates on this guide for a while.
  14. Quick list of abbreviations/terms:
  15. N        = Normal card. AKA Slime and arcana fodder. Useless for anything else. Don't level. Don't touch. Just sacrifice to slimes.
  16. HN       = Fully evolved N card. Don't ever evolve N cards unless you want them for your collection
  17. R        = Rare card. Exchange them for medals EXCEPT for R healers, R debuffers, and Metal Slimes.
  18. HR       = Fully evolved R card.
  19. SR       = Super Rare card. Some are good. Most are terrible, sadly.
  20. HSR      = Fully evolved SR card.
  21. UR       = Ultra Rare card. You'll never get one of these anyways. They're only available through summons (Except the FS summons).
  22. HUR      = Fully evolved UR card.
  23. AW       = Archwitch.
  24. FAW      = Fantasy Archwitch.
  25. FAWK/AWK = Fantasy Archwitch/Archwitch Killer. These are the elite players who have undergone intense training and sleepless nights that are able to kill FAWs/AWs for you. Don't forget your honorifics when addressing these divine beings.
  26. FAWT     = Fantasy Archwitch Trader. People who trade their FAWs with other people so they can get more rewards/ranking points.
  27. proc     = Skill activation.
  28. AOE      = Area of Effect. A skill that hits all enemies.
  29. AD/AB    = Alliance Duels/Alliance Battles. Not covered in this guide.
  30. FSP      = Friendship Points
  31. Critter  = A card with the Critical Hit skill. These are skills that deal over 1000% damage.
  32. Debuffer = A card with "reduce enemies atk by x %" skill. "Reduce enemies def" is useless, so I will refer to atk debuffers.
  33. Buffer   = A card with the "raise atk by %" skill. Can be self/single/group. Group buff is one of the best skills in the game.
  34. Maxing   = Maxing the attack or defense of a card using arcanas.
  35. Field    = The AW/FAWs skill that cancels all debuffs/buffs. This is only used if YOUR team is buffed OR debuffed.
  36. Wave     = The FAW skill that does AOE damage. Pretty much instant kill.
  39. Some players indicate their status by putting a "@", "★", "♪", "<3", or simply a space after their names.
  40. List of common tags used by players:
  41. Name@FAWK - Means they're willing to kill FAWs for you. Nice ones will also send some of theirs for you to poke for a chance at rewards.
  42. Name@FAWT - Means they're looking for people to "trade" their FAWs. Send them FAWs, they'll send some back.
  43. Name@TRD  - Same as above.
  44. Name@BOX  - They're sorting their reward screen/present box/other stuff. Will probably still kill your F/AWs if given time.
  45. Name@MAXN  - They're upgrading one of their cards to max atk/def.
  46. Name@OFF  - Means they're offline obviously.
  47. Name@ON   - ...
  48. Name@Zzz  - Shhh! They're sleeping~
  49. Name@Rest - They're resting...
  52. I can't list all of them, but they should be pretty obvious.
  55. I.      Vitality
  56. II.     Soldier Count
  57. III.    Cards
  58. IV.     Beginners Dungeon
  59. V.      Main Campaign
  60. VI.     War Trophies
  61. VII.    Quests
  62. VIII.   Buildings
  63. IX.     Comrades
  64. X.      Archwitches/Fantasy Archwitches
  65. XI.     Leveling & Maxing a Card
  66. XII.    Evolution/Amalgation
  67. XIII.   Elements
  68. XIV.    Yuujou
  69. XV.     Gems
  70. XVI.    Medals
  71. XVII.   Duels
  72. XVIII.  SNS Account
  73. XIX.    Current Event
  74. XX.     Other/FAQ
  76. ******************************************************I. VITALITY************************************************************
  77. IMPORTANT: When you begin the game, you will be given 24 hours of infinite vitality. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO
  78. GET AS FAR AS YOU CAN IN THE MAIN CAMPAIGN. Certain buildings cannot be created until you beat certain areas.
  79. If you get extremely lucky and end up with a good UR card in the beginning, RUSH TO 8-6. You will be able to build a very useful building.
  81. If you've played games with stamina systems from most korean/japanese/chinese games, then this should be familiar.
  82. You're only allowed to move as much as your vitality allows. Vitality heals slowly over time and restores
  83. completely upon leveling up. Areas further into the campaign require more vitality per movement.
  84. You can increase your maximum vitality by leveling and building Great Temples.
  86. You start with around ~20 vitality. Every step takes 2 or more vitality. Later stages take a lot more than this. This is why you want to use this time to progress in the main campaign. Your maximum vitality grows very slowly.
  88. Note: Between 10pm-11pm (your phones time), a red shoe will appear over your castle (as long as it's not undergoing construction) which completely restores your vitality.
  90. ******************************************************II. SOLDIER COUNT******************************************************
  91. Soldier Count is essentially a cards health. However, it is different from traditional HP because it also affects the damage dealt by  the card. The higher the soldier count, the harder your card will hit. This makes cards with high maximum soldier counts very desirable.
  93. You can recruit (or "heal") anytime you're not in battle. However, it is not recommended to spend resources on recruiting soldiers early into the game as your economy will be very lacking. Resource buildings and Castle upgrades should always take priority over recruiting soldiers.
  95. Soldiers DO NOT heal naturally in any way. Every time you lose soldiers in any battle (this includes duels and castle defenses), it is permanent until you spend resources to recover them. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ARCHWITCHES. Any soldiers lost in a battle against an AW or FAW WILL be restored to their original amount after the battle, so it's safe to go in and poke witches with your strongest cards before calling for reinforcements.
  97. Healers are only able to heal as much soldiers as there were when the battle started. You can't start with 1 soldier and expect it to be healed to full.
  99. The ONLY way to increase your maximum soldier count is through evolution/amalgation. However, not all evolutions or amalgations of a card will have the same maximum number of soldiers. If you fail to evolve/amalgate your card properly, she will end up with a lower maximum soldier count. You should see the Evolution/Amalgation section to learn how to maximize soldier count.
  101. ******************************************************III. CARDS*************************************************************
  102. You start out with one R card (Rose Knight, Aqua Knight, or Snow Mage) and will get more copies of that card as you play through the campaign. These and the other cards you obtain in the campaign are shit. No exception. Your Snow Mage isn't going to cut it endgame no matter how cute she is. The only thing you should use on your starter cards are slimes for leveling and arcana for the +5% stats upon evolution. And this only if you get an unlucky free SR. Don't waste atk/def arcana on her. Don't level her skills.
  104. Your only hope of starting out with a good card is the premium summon tickets you get in early areas of the main campaign and
  105. the Guaranteed SR ticket at the end of the Beginners Dungeon. If you get as unlucky as I did (High Priest is so shit), then you're stuck with just whatever Rare card you started with for a long time. From my experience, you can get to at least area 5 on the main campaign without much trouble with a Snow Mage. Just make sure to evolve her correctly (see the evolution section) every time you get another copy of her card. You get another copy in some of the castle rewards.
  107. If you end up with a shitty SR from your Guaranteed SR Ticket, you can always just "reroll" for a good card. There are a few ways to do this, but I'll have to add that part later. Sorry.
  108. This is completely optional. You can still make an AW team in about 2 weeks and a FAW team in around 2 months depending on how lucky you get. If you really want a good head-start, then by all means reroll to your hearts content. Rerolling and getting a UR buffer kind of breaks the early game though.
  109. Be aware that a Guaranteed SR Ticket will ONLY get you an SR. If you're going to spend time rerolling, do it until you get a UR card.
  111. Note: Uninstalling the game doesn't delete your account.
  115. Keep ALL Wizard, Summoner, Enchanter, and Mechanic cards.
  116. Amalgate Wizard+Summoner for a R card worth 100 medals.
  117. Amalgate Enchanter+Mechanic for a R card worth 25 medals.
  120. Any "All allies recover 30%" These are extremely useful because they can be used an infinite number of times in one battle.
  121. Any "All enemies atk down 25%" These cards are necessary if you want to build a debuffer team against AWs. Debuffer teams are the easiest F/AW teams to make since it doesn't require much luck to obtain the necessary cards.
  122. Don't just get one healer or one debuffer, you want different elements for different events. You don't want a Light healer to be taking
  123. extra damage from a Dark AW.
  124. Remember that a 4* evolution card is better than a single evolution. For example HR White Mage >>> HR Angel
  125. Evolve the above cards properly to maximize their soldier count.
  128. If she has the Critical hit with at least 2 procs, then she's good. If infinite, then she's great. 1 proc=shit.
  129. If she has any skill regarding buffing the teams atk, she's one of the best.
  130. If she has a skill that buffs a single target, then she's decent, unless you're talking about Lilim who is OP.
  131. If she has a skill that buffs her own atk, then she's good.
  132. If she has a healing skill that procs infinitely, then she's good.
  133. If she has a debuff atk skill, then she's good.
  134. If she has a 3-turn skip skill, then she's good.
  135. If she has a soul suck skill, then she's just barely passable and only good in debuff teams.
  136. Anything else (revive/aoe/exp/autoskill/etc/debuff def/buff def) is medal fodder.
  137. Keep in mind though: If any of the above skills are "At battle start" or "Near defeat", then she's too inconsistent to be used in a real team.
  140. As long as she isn't Lugh, she's amazing unless her skill only has 2 fucking procs like Kiyohime/Pup.
  141. Soul Suck, AOE, Crit, whatever the hell she has is good since most are infinite procs, and it'll hurt like HELL with 29999 atk.
  142. Throw in a buffer and you got a FAW team. UR healers have 3-5 procs, so they should work on any non-debuffer team.
  144. When in doubt, ask in the thread.
  146. NOTE: R Healers tend to be better than most SR healers because they have infinite procs and sometimes have 15% chance instead of 10%, which is more important than healing 100% of HP. A 4* HR healer has ~8000 soldiers and decent defense, so they can actually take more hits than a SR card that hasn't been evolved.
  148. ******************************************************IV. BEGINNERS DUNGEON**************************************************
  149. You'll have around 72 hours to complete it, but you'll want to finish it ASAP since you get a guaranteed SR ticket at the end of it. Enemies here are extremely weak and you should have no trouble. Leave all of your cards except your main attacker at 1 soldier. Try not to waste any resources on soldiers here.  There is no vitality cost here, so you can just keep sending in cards to die until your skill finally procs.
  151. ******************************************************V. MAIN CAMPAIGN*******************************************************
  152. In the beginning resources will be scarce, so don't waste resources on soldiers unless you really have to. Upgrade your buildings instead of wasting resources, again unless you really have to.
  155. Get 3 cards at 1 soldier count with skills that do a good % of damage. Run in and hope it procs. Repeat until you get lucky.
  157. Method 2 (Works better, but uses resources):
  158. Get 1 strong card and get a good amount of soldiers for her and have the rest of slots be healers at 1 soldier count.
  159. If the healer dies, you lose nothing. If your strong card gets hit, there's a chance that you can heal her back to full soldier count. If your free time is still not over and you're having trouble advancing to at least area 5 with method 1, then it actually might be worth it to spend the resources on your main cards soldier count. You'll get the resources back eventually. Again, only do this if you absolutely can't progress to at least area 5 using method 1.
  161. If you have no R healers, then just use Cleric or similar N cards. Don't use ones like Priest since "near defeat" is unreliable.
  162. You can get these easily by normal FSP summoning. You can probably also find cleric as a war trophy in the beginners dungeon (I THINK, hope someone can confirm).
  164. REMEMBER THAT HEALERS ONLY HEAL AS MUCH SOLDIERS AS YOU HAD WHEN YOU STARTED A BATTLE. You can't start a battle with 1 soldier and have it healed to max.
  166. Once your free time is up OR you reach area 5, I would recommend just ignoring the campaign except when you have excess vitality and no BP left. You'll want to use all of your vitality for hunting archwitches to get better cards.
  168. Again, do NOT waste resources on recruiting soldiers for method 2 unless you haven't reached area 5 with your infinite vitality.
  169. Even with just your starter R card, you should be able to make it to area 5.
  170. Remember: You get multiple copies of your R card every few castles. Have you evolved her properly and got her to max level? (See evolution and leveling section)
  171. Your starter card can evolve up to 4 times! However, just 1 evolution should be enough. Evolving resets solider count (not max soldiers) to 100, so keep this in mind before evolving since you might have to re-recruit a few thousand soldiers.
  172. If you still have infinite vitality, just keep cheesing the bosses by hoping for a skill to proc. Even a 1 soldier skill
  173. If you don't have infinite vitality and are having trouble progressing with your fully evolved R card, then you're probably already
  174. pretty far into the campaign. If you're at least at area 4+, you should be fine with buildings for awhile. The only real reason to progress is to be able to build higher level castles and the building you get at 8-6. Don't bother going past area 6 for awhile unless you manage to get a UR or something.
  175. For now, just go farm AWs/FAWs for the current event.
  177. ******************************************************VI. WAR TROPHIES*******************************************************
  178. Fuck them. They're useless. Don't bother collecting them.
  180. "But the Oracle said you get a gift for collecting all of them"
  181. She's a liar and the second biggest whore after Lilim. Deal with it.
  182. Don't forget that she's that kuso onna who makes you waste gems in the tutorial to instantly build something that takes 10 fucking seconds to build.
  183. Not to mention her "Ascendant" form is literally used by everyone who was around when she gave her body away a few months back.
  184. At least Lilim tries her best to keep number of masters at a minimum (and does a very good job of it).
  185. [THIS STATEMENT HAS BEEN RETRACTED. We apologize for any inconveniences to the Oracle and all of her followers and wish them the best of luck.]
  186. [Please be patient, we're having difficulties removing this statement as the owner was recently threatened to NOT remove the statement]
  188. You'll undoubtedly collect some sacred relics. They're useless because you can just cheese duels to get them anyways.
  189. Upon completion of a set of relics, you get an R card.
  190. The second completion of a set nets you a Metal Slime. Fuse her with Gold Girl to get Medal Girl and trade her in for 1500 easy medals.
  191. The third completion of a set gets you another copy of the R card for evolution.
  193. ******************************************************VII. QUESTS************************************************************
  194. Once you complete a quest, you can go to the details screen and collect your reward.
  195. I recommend not collecting rewards that give big exp immediately since you can use them to level up and restore your vitality/bp when needed.
  197. ******************************************************VIII. BUILDINGS********************************************************
  198. Always focus on your resource buildings in the beginning.
  199. I'd recommend upgrading each of them uniformly. Don't level up one of your farms to level 4 while you still have a level 2 farm since it takes a lot of time to upgrade for nearly identical gain. The same applies for other buildings (with the exception of storehouses). Don't level up your level 4 Temple while you still have another level 2 Temple.
  201. Don't forget to level up your storehouses.
  202. Use the Castle upgrade cost as a guideline for what level storehouse you should have at the time.
  203. If the next castle upgrade costs 20000 and your maximum storage is at 35000, you should probably spend more resources on your gathering buildings instead.
  204. Storehouse storage increases exponentially as it levels up unlike other buildings, so it's usually better to level just one of them at a time.
  206. You should also upgrade your castle ASAP as it will allow you to build more resource gathering buildings.
  207. The castle should almost always be under construction.
  208. An arena should also be built quickly so you get an extra slot in your attacking unit.
  210. One last tip: Don't bother building or upgrading your fort. Sacred Relics aren't worth defending. You're going to get slaughtered by
  211. level 100 players anyways.
  213. ******************************************************IX. COMRADES***********************************************************
  214. Early on, add as much comrades as you can. You can do this easily by going to comrades and selecting "autocomrade" under the search button. This is so that you can get friendship points by greeting them and visiting their kingdoms daily to boost their building production which nets you 30FP with each boost.
  215. With friendship points, you can summon a bunch of useless N cards, but will occasionally get useful Slime or Gold Girls. If you're really lucky, you might pick up an SR card this way. However the SRs you get here aren't that great and usually only good for medals.
  217. But before you begin randomly adding a bunch of random nips and coreans, you will probably want to add some people that can kill Archwitches for you (explained why in the next section).
  219. Either add random high ranking players, or just add people from the doc list in the OP who are Archwitch Killers (check under column E "AW Killer/Sender" to see if they can kill AWs. "Killer" or AWK/FAWK means yes.). Note that your maximum number of comrades is limited by the amount of requests you've sent even if they haven't accepted your request yet. You can check and cancel pending requests by hitting the "Requesting" button.
  221. When searching for a specific player, remember to search for their ID, not their name. People are allowed to have the same names.
  223. ******************************************************X. AWs/FAWs************************************************************
  224. This is where you will obtain the cards you need to build your team, however you won't be able to kill them until much later.
  226. Here's how it works: You enter the event stage and will occasionally run into an Archwitch. To fight them, you have to spend a Battle Point. She will start out very weak, but will become stronger each time you subjugate her.
  227. Eventually she'll be one-shotting your entire team. This is where your AWK comrades come in. After your inevitable defeat, hit the blue reinforcement button. You can choose up to 5 people to reinforce you per battlepoint.  Now spend a minute or two admiring your beautiful kingdom that you worked so hard to decorate. Eventually you'll receive a notice about a reward. Go and collect your hard earned treasure box.
  229. Never spend more than 1bp on an AW. Just go in, die, and then call for reinforcements.
  231. Every time you kill an Archwitch, there is a chance that a Fantasy Archwitch will appear. Thankfully, she always costs no battlepoints on your first attempt.
  233. Repeat the previous procedure: Hit autobattle, get slaughtered, call for reinforcements, stare at your kingdom, and then collect your rewards.
  235. Occasionally, you will be requested by other people to kill their FAWs. They don't actually expect you to contribute, but are giving you a chance to go and poke the FAW for a chance at the rewards. It doesn't matter how much damage you deal, you will always get a reward once she is killed.
  237. Like I said, this is where you will be getting cards that you'll actually use.
  238. FAWs/AWs have a chance at R cards. If you're lucky, you might be able to get an SR every once in a while.
  239. The SR will usually be the card of the defeated AW. The AW/FAW changes with each event, so this is your only chance at getting their cards.
  241. When farming for AWs, remember that you should always choose the location that costs the least amount of vitality. Don't go searching for AWs in an area that requires 8 vitality when you can just go to the 2 vitality area.  AWs appearance rate isn't affected by the area as long as you're actually in the event stage.
  243. Note: Although FAWs are always free on their first attempt even for your comrades, regular AWs still cost 1bp for them.
  244. You also receive 2 rewards for every one of your F/AWs, while receiving only 1 reward for assisting other peoples F/AWs.
  246. FAWs escape after 100 turns
  248. *****************************************************XI. LEVELING & MAXING A CARD********************************************
  249. The campaign gives shit exp and you will have a HELL of a time with the entire game if you rely on them.
  250. Don't be a dumbass and grind the beginners area for 30 hours straight to get a level 40 Snow Mage like I did.
  251. Follow this guide
  252. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Upgrade#Using_Slime_for_Fusion
  253. You get slimes from summoning using friendship points, so don't forget to visit your comrades daily for easy FS points.
  255. You can max a cards atk or def stat by buying arcanas using the medals you obtain through trading R or higher cards.
  256. The max atk/def of a UR/HUR card is 29999. Every other card (SR/R/N) caps at 19999.
  257. To do this, go to the upgrade screen and select the card you want to max. Now upgrade it using 1 N card and use the desired arcana.
  258. Repeat this process until the card reaches the desired stat (it MUST be done 1 arcana at a time, so you'll need a lot of N cards).
  260. However, because maxing a card requires you to upgrade the card, you should max the card at level 1 to save A LOT of gold.
  261. You can calculate the number of arcanas needed to max a card at level 1 by going on the wiki and finding the max atk of the card.
  262. You then subtract the max atk from the atk you actually want the card at. Now divide by 50. Multiply by 180 to get medals needed.
  263. Take HUR Kiyohime for example:
  264. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Kiyohime
  266. Max atk 14336, so 29999-14336 = 15663. 15663/50 = 313.26 -> 314 Arcanas.
  267. It might be a pain to remember what number arcana you're on since you can only hold 99 arcanas at once, so I recommend upgrading like this:
  268. The closest integer divisor of 314 by 99 is 3. 99*3 = 297
  269. 314-297 = 17.
  270. So, Begin by buying 17 arcanas and using them all up. Now, just buy 99 arcanas and upgrade 99 times normally 3 times in a row and you're done!
  272. When you go on the wiki, there might be 4 different max atk numbers, which should you use?
  273. If you evolve your cards properly, you should always use the number furthest on the right. (Proper evolution explained in the next section).
  274. Even if you use the wrong number, the only difference would be wasting a few arcanas, no big deal.
  277. *****************************************************XII. EVOLUTION/AMALAGATION**********************************************
  278. If you plan on actually using the card, don't just blindly evolve/amalgate them.
  279. Read
  280. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Evolution_%26_Amalgamation_Guide_to_get_better_stats
  281. tl;dr Max BOTH cards levels before amalgating and evolving. Use an arcane succession if evolving for the extra 5% boost.
  283. Also note that soldier count WILL RESET upon evolution/amalgation to 100 soldiers.
  284. The highest skill level and friendship level carry over during evolution, but not during amalgation.
  286. *****************************************************XIII. ELEMENTS**********************************************************
  287. Passion and Cool deal bonus damage to each other.
  288. Dark and Light deal bonus damage to each other.
  289. The bonus is about 30%.
  290. That's as deep as it gets.
  292. *****************************************************XIV. FRIENDSHIP*********************************************************
  293. Cards gain friendship through battle, upgrading, or randomly during your daily login.
  294. There is a good chance of increasing friendship whenever you kill a boss, so grinding area 1-1 is your best bet.
  295. Upgrading a card can also increase friendship, so if you plan on maxing a cards atk/def, you might max FS by the time you finish.
  296. Upon reaching max friendship (level 30), the card will confess its undying love to you and gain +5% on its stats.
  297. You can re-watch this "event" by going to your card collection (not the one on display) and finding your card.
  299. *****************************************************XV. GEMS****************************************************************
  300. NEVER waste gems on tickets or anything stupid like area expansion or summons unless you're willing to fork out cash.
  301. Buy things in this order: Magic School and level it up to level 3, then buy 3 yggdrasil trees.
  302. Don't think you need the extra BP? You will; trust me.
  303. You might also consider buying another workshop somewhere in between since eventually you will have to go 10+ days with only 1 workshop while your castle upgrades.
  305. *****************************************************XVI. MEDALS*************************************************************
  306. You get medals by exchanging rare or better cards. These can be used to buy arcana. Some arcana boosts atk/def permanently, so you will want to collect as much medals as you can so you can max out the first good card you get.
  307. Never spend an atk/def arcana on a useless card or a card that hasn't evolved yet.
  308. This is because although you can get max atk/def on the non-evolved card, it will not have as much soldiers as the evolved version. The stats upon evolution will not be at max just because one of the cards was maxxed.
  309. Always focus on maxing the attack of your primary damage dealing cards. Defense should come later (MUCH LATER).
  311. 19999/29999(UR/HUR) is the stat cap depending on the card. It takes about 36000 medals to hit max atk or def of an SR card.
  312. UR cards take about 54000-72000 medals because their cap is a lot higher.
  314. Medals are also used for leveling up skills. Don't waste medals on a card unless you know you'll be using her for a long time and against witches.
  316. *****************************************************XVII. DUELS*************************************************************
  317. tl;dr Get 3 AOE 1 unit cards and find other players with 1 unit cards and hope your aoe procs.
  318. You get a shot every 5 minutes and there's no downside to losing.
  320. Defense:
  321. When you get attacked, you actually aren't notified about it until the results come in. It will either say defeat or victory.
  322. You don't actually participate in these battles, it's all handled by your defense unit.
  323. Basically, the other players go in and face your CPU controlled cards and that's it. Don't worry about it. Ever.
  325. *****************************************************XVIII. SNS ACCOUNTS*****************************************************
  326. It is recommended to make fake facebook/twitter account for extra benefits.
  327. I know it'll be painful, but it should only take a minute so just hang in there.
  328. Linking to facebook gets you 300 free gems.
  329. When you run out of vitality/bp, you will be given the option to post on twitter.
  330. Doing so will restore your vitality/bp. The default message will NOT work because twitter is smart enough to realize that it's just spam. Erase all of the message EXCEPT for last part which includes the link and #valkyriecrusade tag.
  331. You can do this once a day for both vitality/BP.
  333. Also, you can link it to that account to save your profile in case you lose access to it.
  334. If you don't, you could lose access to your account like I did.
  335. You can do this by going to the nubee option in the menu and hitting "Connect to SNS" and choosing FB/twitter.
  337. Do NOT hit "transfer data" on the phone that already has your account in it. Likewise, DON'T "LINK" ON THE PHONE WITH NO DATA.
  338. If you're confused about this step, please ask. I don't want anyone repeating the same mistake I made.
  339. POSTING TO FACEBOOK/TWITTER DOES NOT LINK YOUR ACCOUNT. You have to actually go and hit link in the nubee menu.
  341. ******************************************************XIX. CURRENT EVENT*****************************************************
  342. The current event features a progression point system that gives rewards based on the number of points you accumulate.
  343. You gain points by battling the areas monsters (AW/FAWs do not count towards point progression).
  344. It's actually VERY worth it to try and get and get as much points as you can because some of the rewards include Premium/Ultimate Summon tickets.
  346. The best way to get gather points is by encountering an AW and letting her live. While she's alive, you won't encounter other AW and so have a higher  chance to encounter regular enemies which do give points. The area you will want to grind is 1-2 for the best point per vitality possible.
  349. But do remember to reach at least area 5 in the campaign before you spam 1-2.
  351. Here's a quick AW Bicorn team as a beginner:
  352. Get 2 R debuffers, Airavata, 2 Max ATK Qilin. Done.
  353. Or 3 R debuffers, Airavata, 1 Max ATK Qilin. Done.
  354. Or 2 R debuffers, Airavata + 1 other R healer, 1 Max ATK Qilin. Done.
  356. Whenever you kill AW Bicorn(level 50+), there is a chance that the FAW Qilin will appear.
  358. How to Qilin as a complete newbie:
  359. Pshh.. hahaha... no.
  360. Not happening.
  361. You COULD do a debuffer team, but it won't be fast enough to kill the FAW in 100 turns unless you have a UR or 2 max atk infinite proc damage HSR cards. A single infinite proc HSR critter works too.
  363. Cards this event:
  364. Tsuchinoko(UR): Ranking reward. Skill: Cool Allies ATK UP 250%. Single proc.
  365. UR cards are amazing by default. Actually, you probably don't have a chance in HELL of getting her so I'm just stopping here.
  366. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Tsuchinoko
  368. Qilin (SR): FAW drop. Skill: Critical Hit. Two procs.
  369. A good beginners card since she has the Critical Hit skill. Definitely try to get at least 2 HSRs of her.
  370. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Qilin
  372. Bicorn(SR): AW drop. Skill: 250%/350% Passion AOE. Infinite procs.
  373. Fucking useless. Medal her instantly. No, she's not good in AD either because even if she survives an AOE, she's fucking dead next turn since the rest of your team is dead.
  374. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Bicorn
  376. Afanc(SR): Limited Enemy (Areas 4/5 of Event Campaign). Skill: Critical Hit. 1 proc.
  377. Shit. 1 proc is horrible. Just get Qilin who has 2 procs.
  378. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Afanc
  380. Furry(R): Limited Enemy (Areas 2/3 of Event Campaign). Skill: Own atk 200% up.
  381. Medal fodder.
  382. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Furry
  384. Airavata(R): Area Clear/Progression Points rewards. Skill: AOE heal
  385. The best Cool R healer available right now. Definitely get her to 4*.
  386. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Airavata
  388. Otanukisama(SR): Jewel Summon. Skill: AOE damage & 10x(SR)/15x(HSR) against witches (current event). Inf procs.
  389. Great for this event, not so good afterwards
  390. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Otanukisama
  392. Bird-of-Paradise(R): Jewel Summon. Skill: 1-Turn skip & 5x(R)/7x(HR) against witches (current event only). 1 proc.
  393. Extra damage to witches, but nothing special. Just another shitty R card after the event ends.
  394. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Bird-of-Paradise
  396. Barong (R): Sacred Treasure reward. Skill: Fucking shit.
  397. Waste of time.
  398. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Barong
  401. The event ends on August 22nd, 11:59 AM JST or August 21st, 7:59 PM PST. (Hell if I know what time it is for the yuros)
  403. ******************************************************XX. OTHER/FAQ**********************************************************
  405. Q: I lost my data, help!
  406. A: Send an email to support@nubee.com
  407. If you want to make the recovery as quick as possible, see
  408. http://pastebin.com/0ZgB5SMT
  410. Q: Should I reroll?
  411. A: Probably not. It's not necessary and honestly kind of kills the game in the beginning. You'll never have the satisfaction of getting your first team buffer or infinite critter. Still, it might be your only chance at a UR for a long time.
  413. Q: I feel kind of bad sending my AWs/FAWs to other people.
  414. A: Don't. They WANT your FAWs. AWs take a little more effort since it costs them a BP and lesser rewards, but most FAWKs/AWKs have stockpiles of Valkyrie Swords to recover their BP that they're trying to get rid of. Seriously, some people have hundreds of swords stocked into their presents screen. Not to mention they probably did the same when they started. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  416. Q: How should I spend my maiden tickets?
  417. A: Your choice of a US ticket or shoes/sword depends on how you play.
  418. If you don't plan on playing much, choose the ticket. If you like grinding witches, get the shoes/swords.
  420. Q: How do I know if someone is online before requesting reinforcements from them?
  421. A: You don't. This a shitty Japanese game made by incompetent nips who still use internet explorer and windows XP.
  422. You take a guess as to who is online and who isn't. I usually request reinforcements if it says "logged in within an hour."
  423. This is also why it's important to relog every hour, that way people know you're online.
  424. Some people have useful tags in their names like "Autist OFF" or "Austist@Away" to indicate their status.
  425. Not everyone does this though, so that person who "logged in 3 hours ago" might still be online.
  427. Q: I want to add myself to the /jp/ comrade doc list but I don't understand what any of the columns mean?
  428. A: Find where your name should be in alphabetical order. Click on any part of the row you want to be at.  Hit "Insert" at the top and then "Row Above/Below" depending on whether you want your name above or below the current row.
  429. IGN: Your In Game Name
  430. ID: Your in game ID (see next question)
  431. Timezone: ...
  432. Alliance: Alliance you are currently in
  433. AW Killer/Sender: Put "Sender" here. Sender means you're only capable of sending AWs/FAWs to other players.
  434. Killer means you're both able and willing to kill both AWs/FAWs for other players.
  435. Add anyone who seems nice and has Killer in this column until you think you have enough AWK/FAWK comrades. You can always add people who aren't Killers that just seem nice.
  436. New /jp/ Alliance?: Leave it blank. There's no use for it anymore.
  437. If you're new and really want to stand out, put your name at the very bottom. Someone will fix it in the right place anyways.
  439. Q: Someone sent me a FAW that I can't kill. What do I do?
  440. A: They're probably doing it to be nice. Just go in and poke her to get a chance at her reward. FAWs take no BP on their first attempt. Don't waste any BP on her afterwards.
  442. Q: How do I check my ID?
  443. A: Go to your profile in the menu screen.
  445. Q: Why are my notifications always 5 minutes late?
  446. A: Japanese developer.
  448. Q: How do I turn off the annoying notifications?
  449. A: Go to your settings and check under notifications.
  451. Q: How do I talk to other players?
  452. A: You can't. Why? Japanese developers. You share the game with the great nipponese, how dare you even think of speaking with them.
  453. You can chat in alliances though.
  455. Q: What is that orange "Bonus" button in the edit card screen?
  456. A: See
  457. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Unit_Bonuses
  458. Bonuses apply to ALL cards on that team, not just the ones that activate it.
  460. Q: Do presents disappear?
  461. A: No, but the presents screen only displays the latest 100 presents.
  463. Q: Is there a time limit to collecting the rewards from Archwitches in the Finish screen?
  464. Q: They disappear after 2 weeks. Other than that, there's no limit to how many you can have there.
  466. Q: What is an evolution accident and how do I make one occur?
  467. A: See
  468. http://valkyriecrusade.wikia.com/wiki/Evolution_Accident
  470. Q: How do I get lots of N cards to level my slimes?
  471. A: Make lots of comrades and visit their towns for the FS points to summon more cards.
  472. You can also just kill more AWs since they can drop these.
  474. Q: How do I get more medals?
  475. A: Kill more FAWs/AWs and trade in the R cards for medals.
  476. Remember that you can get 1500 medals each time you complete a sacred relic for the second time by amalgating Metal Slime/Gold Girl.
  478. Q: How do I get *random card*
  479. A: Check the wiki.
  481. Q: Is there any way to get previous event cards?
  482. A: Nope, you're shit out of luck. You will never be able to get Oracle Ascendant unless you buy another persons account.
  484. Q: Is X a good card?
  485. A: Check the cards section. If you're still unsure, just ask in the thread.
  487. Q: I got a Lilim, is she any good?
  488. A: Fuck you.
  490. Q: What does "Near defeat" mean?
  491. A: This is when you have less than half your remaining soldier count from the START of the battle. You're "near defeat" when the life bar is red.
  493. Q: What's a critical hit?
  494. A: The card will deal 1000% damage.
  495. Well not exactly, because as I mentioned earlier the people who made this game are retarded. It actually deals more than 1000%.
  497. Q: What is a multiproc?
  498. A: Some skills are only allowed to activate a certain number of times per battle. You can check the number of procs on the wiki.
  499. For example, Eros can stop an enemy moving for 3 turns only twice in one battle. The higher the better.
  501. Q: Do "Enemy cannot move for x turns" skills stack?
  502. A: Yes. The turns the enemies do not move will add up, so use them as soon as they proc if you want.
  504. Q: I heard that Android is a good card, should I make her?
  505. A: That guide is so fucking outdated. Android isn't going to do shit for you. Her skill is shit and she so is she.
  506. Snow Mage at 1 star outclasses her.
  507. The only use for Android now is to exchange her for medals, but she sucks at that too since she only gives a measly
  508. 25 medals while every other R card gives 100. Even the game doesn't want her.
  510. Q: What does that little crown in the AW result screen mean?
  511. A: That indicates the player that did the most damage to the archwitch. This player is called the "Ace."
  512. Aces have a better chance at SR cards for rewards.
  514. Q: What is overkill?
  515. A: It is a blessing given to only the most autistic of players that have played this game long enough to actually be able to kill archwitches. This is a beginners guide, you won't be doing any overkills for awhile. Basically, it's for ranking. More damage dealt = more points.
  517. Q: How long will it take me to kill an AW/FAW?
  518. A: It depends on how lucky you get.  It took me over 2 weeks to be able to kill AWs with a slow debuffer team at level 37.
  519. A FAW took me about a month and a half at level ~55.
  520. I've seen people as low as level 40 killing FAWs, but I've also seen people at level 100+ that still can't even ace a FAW.
  521. If you want to be cheap as hell and want to stroke your dick, reroll until you get a UR buffer with the same element as the current witch with Critical hit/AOE. Then run the buffer + 2 of those witches and you can kill FAWs at like level 20.
  523. Q: What should I put for my defense unit?
  524. A: Anything you want. You're going to get destroyed by high level players anyways. Don't bother recruiting soldiers for them, you will lose all your soldiers the next time Pinky@FAWK decides he wants to pick on a weakling.
  525. If you really want to hold on to your sacred relics, just place 3 cards with AOE. A lot of players just send cards with 1 soldier, so a single AOE will wipe them all out.
  527. Q: How do I increase my maximum number of cards without spending jewels?
  528. A: You can increase them by beating certain zones in the campaign. For example, the final area of the first campaign gives you +15.
  530. Q: How do I get better at this game?
  531. A: You don't. This game is about collecting the strongest (and cutest) cards you can get. There is no skill involved, just RNG.
  533. Q: Why isn't there an Alliance Section?
  534. A: Maybe later.
  536. Q: Wat is /jp/?
  537. /jp/, also known as Just Pedos, is an international group focused on finding and seducing underage cartoon girls. We've had no luck in our endeavors so far, but we will ganbatte. If you aren't a member of our association or don't agree with our goals/views, then what are you doing here silly?
  539. Q: Can I join the /jp/ alliance?
  540. A: Ask in the thread.
  542. Q: Can I add you?
  543. A: I'm pretty full on comrades at the moment. You wouldn't want a loser nerd like me anyways. I'm not even that active anymore.
  545. Q: I'm running out of card space! What should I do?
  546. A: Ask your mom for 3 dollars and buy 300 gems to increase your limit card limit by 10.
  547. Alternatively, you can throw cards into your collection for a whopping 10 extra card space
  549. Q: I don't want to spend money...
  550. A: Tough shit. Either stop hoarding all those shitty cards you'll never use, or snatch your mothers purse.
  552. Q: B-but she's so kawaii ;_____;
  553. A: I know, I know.
  555. Q: Why did you bother making this shitty guide?
  556. A: Because I was locked out of my account and literally had nothing else better to do, so I decided to write a guide that could possibly help the 2 other people that ever read this.
  558. Q: But there are already other beginner guides out there, why make another one?
  559. A: Because they're all outdated and just confused the hell out of me when I started. They also lack other information about the game.
  562. That's it for now. Please let me know if you see any errors or would like to see some information added. Thanks!
  563. You can tell me either in the thread or by email at
  564. magnetVC@cock.li
  565. Yes, that's a real email.
  568. Revision 06/29/14:
  569.         First release.
  571. Revision 06/30/14:
  572.         Added rerolling in the Cards section.
  573.         Added account recovery, Main Campaign, AW/FAW questions and more in FAQ.
  574.         Added a Soldier Count section.
  575.         Added a (empty) Current Event section.
  576.         Fixed a very derogatory insult towards Lilim in the War Trophies section (Sorry about that!).
  577.         Fixed an error where I accidentally referred to the Oracle as a female dog. Whoops!
  578.         Fixed some of the Spelling/grammar errors, and run-on sentences~
  580. Revision 07/01/14:
  581.         Accidentally deleted the old pastebin. Reupped.
  582.         Updated the Event section
  583.         Added more questions to the FAQ
  584.         Added information on good SR/UR cards
  586. Revision 07/07/14:
  587.         Added a short list of cards to keep in the Cards section.
  588.         Added a short list of common status indicators in the intro.
  589.         Added a short sentence explaining Defenses in the Duel section.
  590.         Added another short sentence in the Buildings section telling people not to bother with building a shitty fort.
  591.         Probably threw in some more spelling/grammar errors.
  592.         That's it. I don't even know why I'm still bothering with this guide.
  594. Revision 07/15/14:
  595.         Updated for the Dreamy Destination Event
  596.         Edited the War Trophy section that was missing some super critical information concerning a certain someone. (´・ω `)
  597.         More spelling/grammar mistakes!
  598.         Fixed my player ID. Thanks to the anon who pointed it out!
  600. Revision 07/17/14:
  601.         Added a short part in the Cards section to determine if your SR card is any good.
  602.         Removed misinformation regarding rerolling a new account.
  603.         Retracted the statement regarding the wonderful Oracle.
  605. Revision 07/17/14:
  606.         Added more abbreviations.
  607.         Changed the Leveling section to Leveling & Maxing a Card which mentions the benefits of maxing at level 1.
  608.         Made changes to the campaign section and included what I believe to be the best team composition early game.
  609.         Added credits section.
  610.         Tried to clear up "near defeat" conditions.
  612. Revision 07/30/14:
  613.         Updated for the current event.
  615. Latest Revision 08/15/14:
  616.         Updated for the current event.
  617.         Edited the Cards section that should answer most questions about whether or not a card is any good.
  618.         Fixed/added some other stuff.
  620. Credits: TCGapp, the VC wiki, and all of it's contributors.
  621.         Nubee for locking me out of my account which gave me the incentive to write the guide.
  622.         B, Ch, D, G, K, R, W and all the F/AWKs who helped when I first started, without them I may have quit before writing this.
  623.         (Especially those who used BP for my AWs!)
  624.         Vi for letting me know I wrote the wrong ID at first and adding the part about of maxing cards at lvl 1 to save LOTS of gold.
  625.         All anons who keeping pointing out errors that I've made in the guide or that made suggestions.
  626.         All anons who ask questions. Please continue to ask questions in the threads, it's very helpful to me and others!
  627.         If you want your full name in the credits, let me know! I left them as abbreviations because it might embarrass some people.
  630. TODO:   Add a Bluestacks section if anyone actually asks for one.
  631.         Add a Skills section.
  632.         Merge some sections if possible because 20 sections is way too much (advice pls).
  633.         Get a team buffer. DONE.
  634.         Get myself 2 Spinners~ DONE.
  635.         Finish moving.
  638. -Magnet
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