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  1. (Eliminate God)
  2. You are the Demi-fiend, a human-demon hybrid. You have one goal in your new life: to punch God in the dick. Your quest will not be easy, but your demon powers are formidable. Every mythological creature imaginable stands in your way
  4. You are Dave, the angriest wizard to have ever lived. The source of your anger is before you
  6. (Modern, Weaboo, Strategy)
  7. You are the Daimyo Shizuka, lord of the Texas province of Neo-Japan. You are training your samurai in preparation for an assault on the neighboring Louisiana province, held by the Imperial Army that outnumbers you greatly. Your couriers suddenly bring you a dire message that says
  9. (Original, Space)
  10. You are James McAllister, a solo space pilot. It is the year 2341. You own a beat up Fighter class spaceship stocked with a scanner, hyperdrive and weapons. You live in a galaxy full of pirates, war, trade routes, systems to explore and Credits to be made. Your ship has an on board AI which can control every aspect of your ship. You have just left United Earth Federation space stocked with hyperdrive fuel, and are now exploring outside of charted territory.
  12. (Original, Silly)
  14. It is 2010, you are Benjamin miller, a newly minted CIA agent ordered to kill Dumbledore, the head of hogwarts. In addition, you are to interrogate and covertly eliminate any public practitioners of magic you can find. You have a .44 revolver, cyanide pills, and a few bullets. You are standing just outside the closed front gate of the castle, when
  16. (Original, 40k)
  18. You are Magos calix sano, an older tech priest among your caste, but a well respected one. It is the 40th millennium, you are one of the billions of adeptus mechanicus tech priests charged with the responsibility to keep the war machine of the imperium of man in working order both literally and figuratively. All of the imperium's machines run on old and strange technologies, half recovered from salvaged STCs found across the universe. It is with this in mind that you find yourself attached to an astra militarum void ship, orbiting around a sickly looking deathworld called slaan, when a commissar enters the room
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