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  1. >>183770922
  2. You literally don't even try to hide the fact it's never anyone but you shitposting like this. You know the mod (Troid) won't actually do anything real against you, and so long as you shitpost on more than one IP he won't actually clear all your posts.
  4. It's fucking asinine how someone who so openly admits to trying to ruin threads and attack people gets constant dedicated protection from the mod. It's even more funny how it's obviously no one but Troid doing this to protect you. Because he cleared posts on /a/ and /u/ at this same time. Congratulations, !Akemi. You literally have your own pocketed mentally ill mod to protect you whenever you want to act badly on purpose to cope with your own shit life.
  6. >>183746378
  7. >>183746135
  8. >>183737003
  9. All of these posts are made by the same person. And he has intense mental disorders. Literally fucking insane levels of fucked up. His whole life revolves around trying to harass what he thinks is a single person.
  11. And of course, like always, the mod Troid is protecting ban evader who she is shipping cancer and attacking people.
  13. >>183769909
  14. >>183737003
  15. These two posts are made by the same person. He is an insane shitposting ban evader who is CONSUMED with shitposting and trying to harass people. He is literally obsessed with trying to make people mad because his real life is so shit the only way he can cope is by deluding himself into thinking he's an "epic troll" over the internet. He's also of course ban evading, but the odds of a real mod showing up is very low these days.
  17. The two characters he's posting literally never interacted even once in the series.
  19. >>183769924
  20. >>183770199
  21. And here's another post by the same person. He's just trying to "upvote" his own shitposting.
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