Contact Form 7 Example

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  1. <div id="contactForm">
  2. <h2>Send us an email...</h2>
  3.   <ul>
  4.     <li>
  5.       <label for="senderName">Your Name</label>[text* senderName /40 id:senderName class:contactForm "Please type your name"]
  6.     </li>
  7.     <li>
  8.       <label for="awesome">Are you awesome?</label>[select awesome id:awesome include_blank class:contactForm "Hell yes!" "Sometimes" "Nope"]
  9.     </li>
  10.     <li>
  11.       <div class="hide" id="hide1">
  12.       <label for="not-awesome">Tell us why not</label>[text not-awesome /50 id:not-awesome class:contactForm "Tell us why you aren't awesome"]
  13.        </div>
  14.     </li>
  15.     <li>
  16.       <label for="senderEmail">Your Email Address</label>[email* senderEmail /50 id:senderEmail class:contactForm "Please type your email address"]
  17.     </li>
  18.     <li>
  19.       <label for="message" style="padding-top: .5em;">Your Message</label>[textarea* message 80x10 id:message class:contactForm "Please type your message"]
  20.     </li>
  21.   </ul>
  22.   <div id="formButtons">[submit id:sendMessage class:contactForm "Send Email"]
  23.   </div>
  24. </div>
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