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  1. Chad
  2. His name was Chad. 32, 6'2, 180, blue eyes, short brown hair, slim but nice build, hairy, Italian type, extremely good looking face. One of those guys that's cute and handsome at the same time. Married, kids, suburban life, etc.. He definitely liked girls (cheated on his wife without too much discretion). Manly (like sports, farted a lot, etc.), but he had a soft side too. I was attracted to him from the first time I saw him. I usually just dreamed about him and jacked-off thinking about him. Never thought it could be anything more.
  4. He made several strange comments throughout the time I knew him that made me wonder if he'd had some experience with guys in his fraternity days. He was also OBSESSED with anal sex. However, the comments were never direct and he seemed so straight otherwise.
  6. One day, this seemingly totally straight guy commented on a friend's ass (Jared) when the guy bent over. He accidentally stared and then he said what a nice ass he had and that he bet his ass was hot and sweaty under his pants. The guy looked back at him with a confused look and we all pretended it was a really bad joke and kept walking. Another time, at a party, one of Jared's friends jokingly walked out with a wash cloth covering his dick. Chad, not even knowing the guy, made a semi-gay remark as the guy turned around to walk off (Ken had a nice, white, smooth ass). Again... all the guys stopped talking for a minute but moved on (Chad definitely turned a little red). Of course all of these comments made me think about him more and more. I would have done anything he wanted me to do without even questioning it. But still, he seemed so straight in day-to-day life.
  8. After a while we stopped hanging out. I hadn't seen him in several years. Then, one night I saw a friend of his on-line (Eric). Although I wasn't sure, I thought I recognized him. We started chatting, and he confirmed he was one of Chad's friends. This guy was decent looking, but not in perfect shape and starting to bald (about 5'10, 175, blond, smooth). Still, he was a decent looking guy and one of Chad's best friends.
  10. After chatting for a while, I asked him about Chad and if they'd ever been together. He said no, and that this was one of the first times he had ever even been on a gay site. He had never done anything with a guy. He did confirm that Chad was obsessed with anal sex and it was something he brought up a lot when drunk (although he assumed he was only talking about with girls). He said he would see Chad at a party that weekend and would try to press the topic. We exchanged emails, but I never really expected to hear from him again.
  12. The next week I got an email from Eric. We met on yahoo and began to chat. He said he wanted to meet up with me and "experiment". Of course I would need to host. Although not 100% my type, I was intrigued and agreed. We decided on a Thursday night so he could be "working late". He wanted it to be discreet, so I agreed to leave the door unlocked and have him find me in bed. When he arrived, I instantly knew he wasn't alone.
  14. When they came in my room, I saw 5 guys. Chad, Eric, Jared, Ken, and another one of Chad's friends (Doug -- nice looking tall guy I'd met once before). I was scared as hell at first. I didn't know what was going on. Jared talked first (by the way, he is married too, but also obsessed with anal sex). I hadn't seen him in a while, but knew him the best out of the group. He said to relax and not to worry. Just do what they said and we'd all have fun. Btw, I'm 5'7, 160, avg. build, cute guy. I was still completely freaked out and really embarrassed. I wasn't out at all, so I was sure they were there to make fun of me.
  16. Jared came closer, and with his deep, soothing voice (with a slight chuckle) and again said not to worry and to relax. He came up to me and said I was going to do what they told me, do it well, and not say a word. I was so freaked out I just shook my head. He unbuttoned his pants and slowly slid them down with an awkward/embarrassed giggle. Then he looked at me and told me to suck it. I didn't know what to do, and then he said it again, and told me not to delay anymore. Although I knew him, I was still scared with all of them there, so I took his cock in my mouth. At that point they all starting laughing and calling me a fag. I kept sucking and Jared stopped laughing and started moaning. Then he softly pushed my head back and said he wanted me to clean his ass. I definitely wasn't expecting this. Jared was not a polite guy... he farted constantly and always made remarks about it. Even though he was a decent looking guy, I really didn't want to lick his hole. It wasn't much of an option though. He slowly pushed me back on the bed, got over the top of me and sat down on my face. It smelled as bad as I feared. Although I am gay, and like to rim, his ass had an intense musk. Still, I began to lick his hole and he immediately began to moan. The others were really laughing now, but he was in a different world. I kept eating his hole for at least 5 minutes until Chad told him to get off.
  18. Chad then looked me in the face and told me to start fucking sucking his cock. I should probably mention that Chad and I don't get along. I could tell this made it even better for him. I resisted, but they all immediately stopped any laughing and told me to do it or else they would show me what pain felt like. I didn't know some of them and they all looked very serious, so I slowly began undoing Chad's jeans. As soon as I began pulling them down I smelled an overwhelming musk. It didn't stink, but it was still a strong smell. He began moaning even before I began licking his cock. It wasn't long before he put his hands on my head and started to force my face on his cock. Several minutes later he said he was going to cum, took his dick out of my mouth and told me to keep it open. He began shooting his load in my mouth and told me to swallow every drop, which I did. He looked down on me and smirked. Then he told me to lay back and he then sat on my face. That's when I knew how bad an ass could smell. Even though he's a hot guy, the smell and my dislike for him really made it hard for me to handle. I first refused and started to struggle, then I felt several hands on my arms and legs and Chad said I wasn't going anywhere and I better fucking start eating his hole. After a few seconds, I took my first lick. It tasted awful and there was so much hair I felt like I was flossing. He began to laugh and telling me to lick it good. Then he told me to suck on his ass lips and dig deep in his ass. At that point I felt and tasted shit. I think he knew it and laughed even harder. He was enjoying my humiliation more than the actual rimming. Then, without warning, he farted in my face. It was rancid, but he told me to keep licking and I felt the hands on my arms and legs tighten. I was completely humiliated.
  20. By now, Jared was really horny. I hadn't sucked him to completion earlier. Because he had one of the smaller dicks (prob. 6.5c and avg. thickness), Chad said it would be OK for him to have first dibs on my ass, but it wasn't that simply. Chad wanted me to suck him again while he took a shit and while Jared fucked my ass. They led me to the bathroom and Chad sat down on the toilet with his legs spread wide apart. He told me to bend over and put his cock in my mouth. His cock wasn't completely hard again yet. Then he told me to spread my legs. That's when I felt the lube on my ass and Jared's finger pushing through. He fingered me for a while and then I heard him jacking his cock. After a minute, I felt him press at my hole. Chad told me to open my ass. I tried to relax. Jared kept pushing slowly, moaning the entire time. I had been fucked before, but it still hurt because I was nervous and couldn't fully relax. Finally I felt his pubes against my ass cheeks and he let out a sigh and began pressing harder against my ass. Chad was laughing and then I heard him fart, followed quickly by a plop. Jared picked up the pace and Chad let out a few more turds. After about a minute, Chad told Jared to stop, got up, and told me to go lay on the bed on my back. He then climbed on top of me and squatted over my face, lowering his ass slowly. It wasn't overly dirty, but you could see traces of shit and the smell was overwhelming. Within seconds he was sitting on my face, holding my legs in the air so Jared to start his fucking again. Although I was repulsed and humiliated, I began cleaning Chad's ass as Jared was fucking my hole. This went on for about 5 minutes until felt Jared's pace quicken and then felt him cum in my ass. Chad thought this was fucking hilarious and did everything he could to fart in my face, but he couldn't get anything out.
  22. Jared kept his dick in me a minute longer, then slowly pulled out. He put his mouth to my ear (Chad still sitting on my face) and said thanks for letting him use my hole. Chad didn't move, so I kept licking and sucking his now clean hole. Finally, he told the other guys I must really love to eat ass because I had cleaned his so well. Then he suggested they set up a buffet line and let me sample all of their asses. He got off my face, forcefully pulled me from the bed and onto my knees. He then told them to lie on the bed on their back with their legs in the air, spreading there ass cheeks. He told me to smell each ass first, then lick them all for a few minutes and tell him which one tasted best. I did as I was told. Jared's ass wasn't too bad because I had already rimmed him earlier. Ken's had a musk odor and was sweaty, but not too bad because it was so smooth. Eric's ass was smooth too and was fairly clean. Doug, a smooth, tall guy (6'3+) with a nice build, had a fair sized ass. It was smooth, but you could tell it hadn't been wash since that morning. When I was done, Chad asked which ass I liked best (including his own). I said Eric's (it was the cleanest). He just chuckled.
  24. Chad then asked his friends if they wanted to up the stakes. He wanted to dick their asses a couple of times to let me experience their full flavor (I guess lot checking oil in a car). They first said no, but he swore he'd only go as far as they could take and would stop when they asked. Somewhat unwillingly, they agreed. He moved to Jared's ass first, told me to get his hole wet while he spit on his own cock. He then began slowly pushing in. Jared grimaced and groaned loudly, but Chad kept pushing. After about 10 seconds, Chad was in. Jared was in obvious pain, but he didn't stop him. Chad pushed in and out a few times, then stuck his dick in my face and told me to clean it off. You could smell the shit, but I did as I was told. Chad then moved onto the others and proceeded to dip his cock in their ass and have me clean anything that came off on his dick.
  26. At this point you could tell his bud Doug was so horny he was getting frustrated. His dick was the biggest though, so Chad didn't want him loosening up my hole. Chad and Doug began communicating strangely with their eyes and Chad moved back to his friend Eric. Within seconds, Chad was sitting on his friend's face, while Doug jumped in front of Eric's ass. Chad held Eric's legs in the air while Doug began pushing his cock in Eric's ass. Eric was struggling as hard as he could and verbally protesting into Chad's hole, but they continued. Doug raped Eric's hole while Chad continued sitting on his face, encouraging Doug. Jared and Ken were as stunned as I was, but still turned on by what was happening. Doug relentlessly pounded Eric's ass. Eric was still struggling and screaming the best he could. After at least ten minutes, Doug's pace quickened and he finally came inside Eric's ass. Doug pulled out and told me to lick his dick clean. He then told me to suck his cum from Eric's now abused hole, which I did. Chad, still holding his friend down, asked Jared and Ken if they wanted a turn. They eagerly said yes. Eric put fourth another effort to free himself, but Chad held him down until Ken took Chad's position. Once Ken was sitting on Eric's face and had a good hold on his legs, Jared stepped up to Eric's hole and slowly entered.
  28. As bad as I felt for Eric, I was somewhat relieved. I thought he might be the bottom for the rest of the night. I was wrong though. Soon, Chad told me to lay on the bed next to Eric and lift me legs. He didn't need any more lube thanks to Jared's cum that was still in my hole. While stroking his cock and looking down at my face with an arrogant grin, he told me to ask him to fuck me. That was pure humiliation. At first I refused, but Doug quickly reminded me it was going to happen with or without a few punches to my stomach. Looking in Chad's eyes, I asked him to fuck me. With a smirk on his face, he started to slowly push his cock in my ass until his pubes were scratching my ass. He leaned his face over mine and asked if I liked his cock in my ass while he moved it around, trying to get it as deep as possible. Then he told me to open my mouth and he spit inside. He then started fucking me with long, hard strokes. As he started to pick up the speed, he told Doug to sit on my face. As Doug lowered his ass, I could smell the stench. It was even worse than before. Chad's dick must have caused his ass juices to begin leaking from his hole. By now Chad was fucking me so hard my mouth was wide open, so I had no chance to avoid tasting Doug's hole. Doug was into the scene and enjoyed wiping his ass all over my face while I licked. While all of this was happening to me, Eric was still being raped by Jared.
  30. After 10 or so minutes, Chad told Doug to get off my face. He then told me to stand up and bend over the side of the bed and began fucking me from behind. First with long strokes while holding my hips, then he leaned over me holding my head and began short, quick thrusts. He had his mouth in my ear asking how I licked his cock in me and if I wanted his seed in my ass. He finally starting fucking very fast and tensed his body, then I felt the shots of hot cum hit the insides of my ass. He lay on top of me for a while longer, continuing to grind his cock in me and repeatedly calling me a fag.
  32. By this time Jared had already shot his load in Eric's ass and Ken was now taking his turn while Doug verbally abused Eric. Jared seemed to feel a little bad about participating in the rape, but still had a satisfied expression. Chad then told Ken that my ass needed more use and to stop fucking Eric and start fucking me. When he pulled his hard cock out of Eric, you could hear the sloppy sound from the cum and ass juice in his hole. Ken then stuck his dirty dick in my ass and immediately started pounding me. Jared moved over and asked if I would rim him some more. I didn't answer, but he quickly positioned his ass in my face and a got to work on it. He told me to stick my finger in his ass, so I did. After a bit of fingering, his ass juices began to seep out. Although Jared was a fairly good looking guy, I wasn't attracted to him, so this made the rimming even more difficult. I must admit though that I was really enjoying Ken's dick by now and it was nice to see such a satisfied look on Jared's face.
  34. Meanwhile, Doug had his ass back on Eric's face and Chad had stepped between his legs. Since he had just gotten off in me, he wasn't hard, but Chad really wanted to humiliate Eric for some reason and began fingering his hole. He began using 2 and 3 fingers to scoop the mixture of cum and ass juice and then either place his fingers in my mouth or wipe it on Jared's ass so I had to lick it off. Chad kept asking Eric how his cunt felt and if he was going to be his cum slut from now on. All Eric could do by this point was cry. He didn't try to struggle or yell anymore. He just laid there while his long-time buddy humiliated him.
  36. Doug yelled at Ken and told him to hurry the fuck up because was ready to pound my ass. Soon, Ken was Cumming in my ass. There was no delay between his dick being pulled from my ass and Doug's pushing in. Doug fucked hard. He had zero concern for my feelings; it was all about his satisfaction. He fucked for a long-time too, and even though my ass was loosened up by now, his cock was huge, so I felt every thrust. If I winced or grunted, he fucked harder. Chad loved watching me get used so hard. He told Eric to roll over on his stomach and Ken to sit on Eric's back (didn't take much to hold Eric done now). Chad then pushed Jared out of the way, laid on his back, and positioned his smelly ass in my face. I began rimming and fingering him as he moaned with pleasure. As much as I hated satisfying Chad, it did take my mind off the hard pounding my ass was taking. But then, Chad began farting in my face. They really didn't smell bad because he'd taken a shit not long ago, but it was definitely humiliating. All the guys (except Eric who was in a daze) thought it was hilarious. Doug then spread his legs more and let out a huge fart while he was still fucking me. I didn't think they'd stop laughing. Doug was a machine. It seemed like Doug fucked me for an hour before he announced we was going to cum. He pulled out pulled me down to my knees, told me to open my mouth and emptied huge streams of cum into my mouth. I knew I had to swallow, even if it meant choking it down. He then pushed my face into Eric's ass and told me to clean his sloppy hole good. When I was done cleaning Eric's hole, I thought for sure it was over, but it wasn't.
  38. Chad told me to kneel in the bathtub and open my mouth. At first I didn't understand the significance of the bathtub that is until he began pissing in my mouth. I spit it out at first, but he told me I better swallow any he put in my mouth. The others began pissing on me too (except Eric, who was now trying to dress himself). It was a terrible taste and smell. These weren't beer pisses (I hear that helps). This was regular, even a little dehydrated kind of piss. It still wasn't enough though. Chad bent me over and stuck his pissing dick in my ass and continued to piss until he was done. The others followed.
  40. When they were done, I wiped myself off with a towel and went back in the room. Eric was dressed and standing near the door. His eyes were red from crying so much. Oddly enough, I think this may have been the most humiliating point for him... he realized he had ridden with Chad, which meant he couldn't leave until they were ready. Chad realized this immediately and it turned him on. He told Eric if he wanted to go home, then he had to bend over the bed, pull his pants down, spread his legs and let him fuck him one more time. Eric began to sob a little and told Chad to fuck himself. Chad replied by saying "that's what your ass is for". Doug was blocking the door now, and Chad told Eric to do what he said or they would all fuck him again and take pictures with their phones. Eric began to plead, but Chad cut him off and said he now had two choices and that choice number one did not include crying or pleading. Eric pleaded one more time with his eyes, but Chad had no sympathy. He told him he had 5 seconds to do what he was told or they were all going to start tag teaming his ass (I think Doug was hoping he wouldn't obey). He did though. Eric slowly moved toward the bed, bent over it, unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, then pulled them down, and spread his legs. Chad then said he wanted to hear him ask for it. Eric, completely broken, obeyed. Chad then began to fuck Eric as hard as possible, saying he should get used to it. Eric just buried his face in the bed, holding back screams from the pain and humiliation of the assault. When he was done, Chad slapped Eric's ass and said good boy. Doug moved toward Eric, but Chad said no... he had obeyed. I don't think I'd even looked up before Doug threw me over the bed and began raping me again.
  42. That was my last fuck for the night, but before he left, Chad pulled me close and said "next time there will be 15 of us and you will do everything you did tonight for everyone of them and more. Now give me a fucking key to your house"
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