Pon-E Bust 2

Jun 12th, 2013
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  1. Thump. Thump. Thump.
  3. The haze shrouding your mind is only penetrated by a few regular thumps. Other than that, your head hurts too much to process anything.
  5. Thump. Thump. Thump.
  7. Horses dance before your eyes. One of them leans down, taking up your entire field of vision and whispers… “Locally grown butter lettuce.”
  9. Thump. Thump. Thump.
  11. An echo digs its way through the haze and taps you on the nose. Your nose… your nose feels funny. What happened?
  13. Pete…
  15. What the hell had Pete gotten you into? That was the last time you blindly followed him into the ring of madness. Urgh, the ringing in your head…
  17. Thump. Thump. Thump.
  19. “Sweetie, are you all right in there? It’s been 20 minutes, most are finished by now.”
  21. You slowly open your eyes. Someone is knocking on the door. From your viewpoint on the floor, you notice that the door has a little pet door installed in the bottom. Interesting. You reach your hand up to lift yourself up and—
  23. Where are your fingers.
  25. You bring your other hand up to your face. It’s not a hand. Your fingers are gone. They’ve been replaced with a flat, hard disc. You try to stretch your fingers. You can’t. You just can’t. They don’t exist anymore. Your brain desperately searches for the muscles to tug upon, but it just can’t find them. The feeling that your fingers are trying to push their way out from behind the solid disks overwhelms you.
  27. You’re going to vomit.
  29. “Sweetie?”
  31. The door in front of you opens, and you are momentarily blinded by the much brighter light coming in from the adjacent room.
  33. “Oh, you poor thing, you look terrified!” A young woman stands in the doorway, her face full of concern. “I’m guessing this is your first trip?”
  35. You nod weakly, and the woman bends over to pick you up. Before you even have time to be astonished that you are small enough to be picked up by this woman, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Your jaw drops.
  37. The creature looking back at you from the mirror can’t possibly be you.
  39. Two massive, purple eyes stare back at you, twinkling even in the dim light of the room. Your mouth and nose have pulled out into a snout, and your ears seem to have travelled up your head, elongating and pointing themselves upward. Your hair… You have long blue hair that travels down your strangely long neck. Your arms and legs are long and spindly, topped with dark, flat discs… hooves. You’re entirely covered in orange fur.
  41. You’re a pony.
  43. You’re not just a pony, though, you note, as your eyes inch downward to the one area you were almost afraid to check.
  45. You’re a stallion.
  47. * * *
  49. You shiver in the girl’s arms as she carries you into an open room. You’d managed to curl yourself into a ball, hiding your muzzle in between your forelegs, but at the sound of voices you peek your eyes out. The room is filled with Technicolor ponies. Ponies playing with humans. Ponies playing with each other. Just… being… ponies….
  51. You stare in confusion at the scene in front of you, but are jerked out of your trance by the most amazing sensation you have ever felt. A whinny escapes your pouted lips despite yourself before you are even able to tell what’s going on. The girl is running her fingers through your hair… through your… mane… down your neck….
  53. With an intense amount of effort, you turn your head and look into the girl’s eyes. She’s smiling at you, clearly knowing what effect her fingers are having on you.
  55. “Please… please,” you whisper. “Please stop… Please tell me what’s going on…”
  57. She frowns. “What’s wrong, sweetie? Doesn’t it feel good?”
  59. “Where… where are my hands?” you whimper, starting to tear up a bit. “What’s… going… on?”
  61. “I’m guessing you didn’t quite know what you were getting yourself into, now, did you sweetie?” the girl asks.
  63. You shake your head fervently, your long ears flopping into your face.
  65. “It’s okay precious, I’ll explain it to you.” The girl sits down in the corner, sets you in her lap, and starts stroking your mane again. The sensation of her fingers sliding off the back of your head and down your neck is ecstasy. You unconsciously start to rub your head into the girl’s hand, before realizing what you’re doing and retracting your head.
  67. “Th-that’s amazing,” you whicker, looking down at your forehooves in shame. “Better than weed.”
  69. “Mmm, you think that’s nice?” the girl laughs. “How about this?”
  71. She takes her hand off your mane and starts to scratch behind your right ear. It sends a shiver down your spine.
  73. “Ohhh…” you moan.
  75. The girl giggles. “It’s alright to enjoy it. That’s what Pon-E is about. It turns you into a cute little pony for 12 whole hours, during which all of your senses are magnified and every petting and every scratchy feels like heaven.”
  77. “It… it d-does…” you stutter after she stops scratching your ear. You look up into the girl’s smiling eyes, and your lips start to tremble. You look down again and start to whimper.
  79. “Sweetie, it’s alright, it really is,” the girl says, squeezing you tight in a hug. “This is a drug trip, remember? Who cares about dignity? You’re just here to have fun, and nobody here is going to blame you.”
  81. You can’t help but smile at this, and you lift your head back up to face the girl. “T-thanks,” you say. “I guess you’re right. Pete was right. This is… this is amazing. More than anything I could’ve expected. And… and… I’m a stallion?”
  83. The girl sticks her tongue out. “I’m guessing you weren’t male before you took the pill?”
  85. You shake your head, and the girl starts rubbing softly behind one of your ears.
  87. “Depending on the user, the effects of Pon-E can sometimes also consist of a gender-swap,” the girl explains amidst your soft moans. “Would it be fair of me to assume that you may not have necessarily been very happy being female?”
  89. You stop moaning, emit a little “eep,” and hide your head beneath your forelegs. The girl softly squeezes you again. “I’m not judging you, honey. It’s just something we’ve seen a lot of here.”
  91. “N-no…” you mumble, face still hidden under your forelegs. From your vantage point, you have a direct line of sight toward the most different body part this trip has granted you, and your face cracks into a little bit of a smile.
  93. “No, no I really wasn’t,” you say, lifting your head up and looking at the girl. “I’ve… I’ve always felt like a boy on the inside. And… and now I sort of am one….”
  95. The girl holds your chin and stares into your eyes. “You are a very handsome stallion, mister, and if that makes you happy, then just remember: we’re here for you. Pon-E is here for you.”
  97. For the first time in a very, very long while, you break out into a smile.
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