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  1. on load:
  2.     set {_stone} to "stoniarka"
  3.     new Recipe {_stone};
  4.     {_stone}.Recipe.setIngredient{1, 1 redstone};
  5.     {_stone}.Recipe.setIngredient{2, 1 Iron Ingot};
  6.     {_stone}.Recipe.setIngredient{3, 1 redstone};
  7.     {_stone}.Recipe.setIngredient{4, 1 Iron Ingot};
  8.     {_stone}.Recipe.setIngredient{5, 1 stone};
  9.     {_stone}.Recipe.setIngredient{6, 1 Iron Ingot};
  10.     {_stone}.Recipe.setIngredient{7, 1 redstone};
  11.     {_stone}.Recipe.setIngredient{8, 1 stone};
  12.     {_stone}.Recipe.setIngredient{9, 1 redstone};
  13.     {_stone}.Recipe.setResult{1 end stone named "&6&lStoniarka"};
  14.     {_stone}.Recipe.register{};
  16. on place end stone block:
  17.     if name of player's tool is "&6&lStoniarka":
  18.         if block above event-block is air:
  19. #            add location of block to {stoniarka::*}
  20.             add location of block above block to {stone::*}
  21.             set block above block to stone
  22.             send "&6&lStoniarka&4 zostala postawiona" to player
  23.         else:
  24.             cancel event
  25.             send "&cStoniarka nie moze byc stawiana pod blokami, postaw ja tam gdzie bedzie miec powietrze nad soba" to player
  26. on break end stone:
  27.     loop {stoniarka::*}:
  28.         if loop-value is location of block:
  29.             remove location of block from {stoniarka::*}
  30.             remove location of block above from {stone::*}
  31.             cancel event
  32.             set block to air
  33.             drop end stone named "&6&lStoniarka"
  34.             send "&6&lStoniarka&4 zostala usunieta" to player
  35. on break stone:
  36.     if block under event-block is end stone:
  37.         set {_loc} to location of block below event-block
  38.         if {stoniarka::*} contains {_loc}:
  39.             wait 5 seconds
  40.             set event-block to stone
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