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  3. TITLE: 運命ですか/Is it fate?
  4. BASIC PLOT: The MC is a hiki whose parents died, and had been living off his inheritance. He wasted most of his youth and money just browsing the internet and sleeping the days away. In his late 20s, he realize he is starting to run out of money and he was eventually kicked out of his house. Wandering around the streets like a hobo, he was close to planning on killing himself. Luckily, a church girl spotted him, and takes him to a homeless shelter (warehouse) where he meets other homeless people. Initially, he is a moocher, but as he interacts with other characters, he begins to change and help "work" for his meals.
  5. CHARACTERS: MC, Artistic Girl, Church/Volunteer Girl, Various Homeless People,
  6. ROUTES: Artisitic Girl, Church Girl, Harem (?)
  7. ENDS: Artisitc (Good), Church (Good), Harem (Good), Bad end (?)
  9. Notes:
  10. -Obviously this should be kept as simple as possible, because we know the track record on /jp/ projects is usually slim. Hopefully with a few of us writing it should at least go somewhere. This means the selection choice should be simple, one possible way to divide the routes could be to make the choices obvious to which girl they belong to. To make it easier on everyone there should probably only be about 3 – 4 crossroads. If the choice for once girl outweighs the other, it would go to that girls route. If the choices were split between the two, BADEND or maybe FRIENDZONE’d harem?
  12. -Assuming this keeps up for longer than a few days, once a program is decided on I’ll go back and edit the text to make it easier to import.
  13. -I’m also shitty at writing with no education whatsoever so bare with me ;_;
  14. -But I seriously enjoyed writing, so I’ll keep going and even do most of the script if people want. I have nothing else to do.
  17. START:
  18. The room was dark, the windows of the room were blocked off with old sheets to prevent the sunlight creeping in on the rare occasion that I was awake during the day. The only source of light in the room was my computer.
  19. *Click click click*
  21. The scrolling of the mouse made its familiar noise as I browsed though the threads. The same old material, the same awkward posters, the same bird cooking some kind of pasta.
  22. I do the same thing every day, posting on '@chan' with a bunch of people who have nothing better to do. Although I sometimes wonder if everyone I talk with on this board is devoid of life and motivation as I am?
  23. The only other things I do with my time besides sleeping though the daylight is watch anime and spend my money on figures or other weird useless crap that is shunned and rejected by society.
  24. I’ve never had a job, I haven’t been to school since high school and I really haven’t had to worry about much since I got left a large sum of money after my parents died in a car crash.
  25. It happened about a month after graduation, my parents went on a second honeymoon sort of thing a few towns over. On the way there the accident happened, I didn’t even hear about it till a few weeks after the crash.
  26. NOTE: Obviously this is fairly brief, if someone can make this sound a bit more tragic or something it would probably be for the better, I’ll probably go back to it in the future.
  27. I’m an only child and I was fairly spoiled. I was close to my parents and with this tragic incident I pretty much lost all motivation or dream for my life.
  28. The inheritance money went directly to me since oddly enough; neither of my parents had siblings. Since then I’ve been living in this one bedroom apartment.
  29. I’ve been living here for about 6 years now, mooching off the money that my parents left me. That money completely drained two months ago. I’ve pretty much given up on life so it really doesn't phase me one bit. Being completely alone for this long will do that to you…
  30. *TITLE - 運命ですか/Is it fate?*
  31. 9am
  32. *taptaptap*
  33. I tense up as soon as I hear footsteps down the hallway. I look at the time on my monitor. 6:38 in the morning. It’s unusual for someone to be walking around this early in morning. And to think I was about to head off to bed. How troublesome.
  34. *taptaptap*
  35. By the volume of the footsteps, I presume it's more than one person. Probably not for me then. I breath a sigh of relief and go back to my mindless browsing.
  37. *Knock knock knock*
  39. "Ah!"
  40. I jump up out of my chair and make a pathetic cry when I hear someone knocking on my door.
  41. I remain perfectly still and hope that whoever knocked on my door didn't hear me.
  42. Please just leave me in peace...
  43. I hear a hoarse voice. Luckily it's a familiar voice. The landlord.
  44. “MC, I know you’re in there. Open the damn door already.”
  45. Shit.
  46. *Knock knock*
  47. He begins pounding on the door. It seems my sleazy lifestyle has finally pissed him off.
  48. “You’re behind on the rent. I've had enough of this. You’re out of here!”
  49. The landlord has actually been pretty considerate with me, never hassling me too much at all in the 6 years I've lived here. He seems to kinda understand the situation I'm in. He's only started getting rough me with these past few weeks when I started slacking on the payments.
  50. He’s yelling now,
  51. “Calm down, sir.”
  52. It sounds like he brought reinforcements as well. Judging by 'sir', I'd hazard a guess at the police. Just when I thought my life couldn't get any worse.
  53. *Clickclickclick*
  54. Seems like he’s going to use his own keys to get in. That's me boned.
  55. I grab the figure that sits next to me, bringing it close to my face. The light from the monitor illuminates her plastic face.
  56. *Swoosh*
  57. The door swings open.
  58. “Good bye my wife, this may be our last moment together”
  59. I sob over the very thought of losing my peaceful sanctuary.
  60. The police were armed with nightsticks. As soon as I saw the crude bludgeoning weapon, I gave my undivided attention to the intruders.
  61. “Christ, look at this mess...”
  62. One of the cops makes this remarks, sure my room is full of empty ramen cups, beer cans and various other trash goods. But I find it gives the room its unique 'I’ve given up on life’ look. But I guess they doesn't agree with my interior designing.
  63. “See? And he hasn’t paid his rent in weeks! I want him gone, now!”
  64. I sit there, with no comprehension for the situation that is unfolding around me.
  67. Eventually I lose sight of what’s going on around me, the police grab my arms and proceed to drag me out by force. The figure drops from my hand as I close my eyes as if to play dead. I won’t need her where I’m going.
  68. Moments later I’m laying on the cold pavement with nothing but the clothes on my back and my wafer-thin wallet. I doubt that was even legal, but I don’t really care now. It's not like I could have brought myself to resist law enforcers.
  69. I raise myself from the asphalt and walk out of the alleyway onto the busting street. It was an unsightly neighbourhood. Pretty much the slums of the city. Not exactly a place filled with homeless people, but regardless, it was still a complete shithole. I’m lucky I was even able to get internet in a place like this. I look out to the distance. The long bridge that separates this place from the city spans out across the harbor. It seems like a fitting end for me.
  70. How amusing of me to be able to make split-second decisions on whether I live, or die.
  71. I’ve been thinking of ending it all for quite some time now and really the only reason I haven’t was out of sheer laziness. I mean, I'd have to actually leave my room to kill myself.
  72. I have friends, no family, no job and most importantly, no money. I'm worthless.
  73. I begin walking down the street. I can actually smell my own body odour among the fresh outdoors. I'd grown used the smell of my own waste seeing as I live only in my room. I haven’t bathed in about two weeks. The people I pass by turn their heads at me and give me this look like I’m some kind of freak. Someone as worthless as me doesn't even deserve to be looked upon by these normal, hard-working people.
  74. As I pass by a park an older women was giving some kind of religious speak, while a younger girl gave out pamphlets I pay no attention to it.
  75. “Everyone deserves a second chance to be saved. To cherish their lives!” (Can’t think of anything decent to go by right now, doesn’t matter but I’ll make it sound better in the future.)
  76. As I pass by the younger girl she holds out some kind of paper.
  77. “Will you please take one?” (Can't think of anything else, but needs changed to something else.)
  78. (Description of Church Girl character here not going to bother until we figure out what they look like)
  79. I pay her no heed. I have a goal for the first time in my life. Although it might be taking my own life, I want to something that is partially productive by my own free will before I die.
  80. “Please sir! I really think you can benefit from this!” (Needs changed.)
  81. I hear her raise my voice behind me. She seems like she actually has good intentions. I think I'll give her a chance. I turn to face her, without making eye contact.
  82. “Oh... Really now? Why’s that?”
  83. One of my first human interactions in a while. My voice is deep with a morbid tone.
  84. “That’s right; you look don't look like you're very well off. That’s why you should invite God into your life and become a good person to help your community!” (Needs changed, sound stupid.)
  85. I’m rather annoyed at this point; I don’t even know why I’m entertaining the possibility of a teenage girl being able to change my life for the better. I start pacing towards my final destination.
  86. She keeps following... what a stubborn girl.
  87. “Can’t we talk for a moment please? I only ask for you to give me a chance...”
  88. I blurt out what my intentions are. Nothing to lose, I suppose.
  89. “I’m going to jump off that bridge.”
  90. A shriek comes out of this small girl’s mouth. It seems I surprised her with my bluntness.
  91. I keep walking.
  92. “What? Why on earth would you do such a thing?”
  93. I’m about to end my life after years of nothing but a monotonous cycle. But I feel like justifying why I am doing this one last time.
  94. “I have no job, family, friends, money, and now I’m homeless. So I really have no reason to live.”
  95. As I get close to the path that leads towards the bridge her hands wrap around my arm in an attempt to stop me. The first interaction with a girl I've had since my mother passed away. What a lowly thought.
  96. “But there is always hope! You can start anew with God in your life!”
  97. “Then what do you suppose I do? Do you have any idea how hard it is for someone like me?”
  98. I snap back coldly. She doesn't know how I feel.
  99. “I can be your friend! I can take you to a shelter! Please...”
  100. Her incandescent begging is seriously starting to get irritating now.
  101. I turn my head towards the bridge. A cold, watery fate awaits me below.
  102. “Not interested.”
  103. “As a follower of God, I cannot just sit by and watch you throw your life away! I’ll drag you there if I have to.” (Needs changed.)
  104. Turning back to her, I give her one final look. Something so beautiful trying to help a pathetic creep like me is so moving...
  105. She looks like she's close to tears now. Why does she care about me...?
  106. “Please, come with me He can help you change.”
  107. Can I really be saved?
  108. I chortle lightly to myself at the very thought of being able to escape the pathetic life I've been living. I don't know what to do. End it now, or give life a final chance.
  109. The girl then smiles and grabs my hand, pressing it against her chest. She looks serious now.
  110. “My name is –CHURCHGIRLNAMEHERE- , and I’ll be your savior!”
  112. Note: I think this is to be continued by your first decision - Follow her (1), Ignore her (2). If you follow her, you'll end up in the shelter/warehouse. If you ignore her, you'll jump off the bridge and get first BAD END.
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