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  1. Black and White isn't much harder than DPPT, or in some people's opinion harder at all. The reason for this is that B/W doesn't start with amazing Pokemon right off the bat like DPPT does. Once you get to desert route it get a lot easier, but until then your star Pokemon are usually your starter + Lillypup. If you want to minimize grinding time I highly suggest doing a Nuzlocke with this generation due to the advent of Audino, which is a great plus. If you don't know what I mean by this look elsewhere, but I highly suggest looking into it. The Black and White starters are fairly meh: Wotter is one of the few Water-type Pokemon in the game, while Tepig really helps against the Normal Gym and is quite bulky to boot. Reusable TMs also make it extremely easy to train boxed Pokemon in BW. If you are playing Pokemon Black, don't forget about the trade Petilil if you can catch a Cotonee for it. The advent of Evoilite also helps quite a bit in the earlier stages of the game. Finally, if you find yourself without many Pokemon when you get to Victory Road, Durant can nearly solo the entirety of the Elite Four.
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