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Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. Key: Hunts Alone
  3. Name: ???
  5. Race: Half Demon
  7. Age: ???
  9. Rank/Skills/Ic Knowledge Applying For: Half Demon
  11. Rank/Skills/Ic Knowledge Previously Applied For: N/A
  13. Intent With Rank/Skills/Knowledge: Contribute to the RP.
  15. RP:
  17. In the vast lands of Earth, a young boy was born into a life he could never expect. His parents came from vastly different backgrounds, his Father was a Demon King from the depths of Hell and his mother was a lowly human who had never amounted to much. The details of his birth were things that can't be repeated aloud though it's safe to say his mother hates the father with a living passion. His whole life he had been shielded off from the likes of his origin until his Father decided to pay him a visit.
  19. He materialized out of thin air, a dark crimson cloud of smoke coming from his arrival. The Half-Demon was shocked beyond belief at what had just happened. Magic was commonplace within this world but this being that stood in front of him was far greater than anything the boy had ever seen. He had a small grasp with sensing power but his Father's might enveloped him, suffocating him and causing the boy to keel over. The events that happened afterward could only be remembered in a violent flash as the Half-Demon was given a gift by his Father. Nothing physical that he could hold but something that would haunt him in life. Though luckily, it was being saved until he needed it. Until then he'd live his life in fear of what was to come.
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