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  3. Name:
  4. • Andrew Alexander Carter
  5. • Nevva "Carter"
  6. • Huxley "Summers"
  8. Original Universes:
  9. • Andrew and Nevva: Fallout
  10. As for a date, 4 - 5 years before Fallout New Vegas begins.
  11. • Huxley: Custom
  13. Faction and Rank:
  14. • Andrew and Nevva: Due to their time in the multiverse, all Fallout relations are meaningless to them. their only real faction is the Interworld Council, which isn't present.
  15. • Huxley: None, really
  17. Species or Race:
  18. • Human; Caucasion
  19. • Eyebot (Currently just an AI in Andrew's pipboy)
  20. • Robot (Currently just an AI in Andrew's pipboy)
  22. Age:
  23. • Andrew: 25 years
  24. (12/29/2252, 29 years before the Courier awakes)
  25. • Nevva: 1 1/2 years
  26. (2/17/2278, 4 years before the Courier awakes, but is 20 mentally)
  27. • Huxley: 20
  28. (9/21/1975)
  30. Sex:
  31. • Male
  32. • Female
  33. • Male
  35. Weights:
  36. • Andrew: 184 lbs
  37. • Other two are N/A until rebuilt
  39. Heights:
  40. • 6'4.1
  41. • Other two are N/A until rebuilt
  43. Descriptions:
  44. • Andrew:
  45. A tall man, standing at 6'4 with a lean stature, weighing 184 pounds. He stands straight and seems to constantly have a grin on his face, looking joyful. He has strong features, but isn't broad or wide, simply well defined in the body. He could be described as having a "swimmers body," thin but muscular. His is fair, looking unscathed but with deep laugh lines, but also very visible stress. His brown hair is a raggled mess, often curling in front of his brown eyes in a cute superman-like style and sticking up everywhere, but without looking greasy or dirty. His jaw is heavily stubbled and broad, drawing into a rounded chin. As for clothes, he has a large selection that will be seen.
  47. Over his heart is four bullet holes in a deformed square with a jagged stab would narrowly missing it. His left pec has a long cut going from the nipple down his side and ending somewhere on the outside of his thigh, which she can't see because of the pants. On his right pec is what looks like another gunshot wound, and just below it is a load of shrapnel and small, scattered burn marks. On his abs are a war of cuts, holes and general scaring. On his back would only be more, with stabs, bullets, shrapnel, etc.  for his legs, e mostly has a knife slash to the side of his calf going up, what looks like a cut going along the top of his big toe, and both knees have markings and spots from old injuries. Only thing on his upper thighs was where the slash on his left went down, ending just before his boxers did and a jagged stab wound on the inside of his thigh, narrowly missing his dingdong.
  49.  [If eyebot is present (Please Ask)] A round floating robot is at the man's side. The bot is off-white, but has a clean red paint around the faceplate and welds. Their antenna is huge, with several smaller antennas sticking out of the back and sides. Under them are eight small, soundless thrusters that kick up some dirt.
  51. https://imgur.com/a/69mgk9m
  53. Voice References:
  54. • Andrew:
  55. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOlTGxbR9xU  100% sounds like Felix.
  57. • Nevva:
  58. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT_Ll-3KobA  Sounds like Stimpak, but more peppy and emotional in everything they say.
  60. • Huxley:
  61. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KJD4aP90YQ  Sounds like Jack Black here, sort of soft and quieter.
  63. Moral Alignment:
  64. • Andrew -
  65. Neutral Good "Benefactor"
  67. • Nevva -
  68. Chaotic Good "Rebel"
  70. • Huxley -
  71. Neutral Good "Benefactor"
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