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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. Achieving: doesn'
  4. Achieving: doesnt matter what lead i get doesnt matter how i play
  5. Achieving: team is dogshit
  6. Achieving: we will lose
  7. Achieving: regardless
  8. Achieving: cant help it
  9. Achieving: im getting triple kills
  10. Achieving: i go 6/3/30
  11. Achieving: still lose
  12. Achieving: fucking awful
  13. Achieving: diamond
  14. Achieving: permastuck
  15. Achieving: for eternity
  16. Achieving: players
  17. Achieving: eternity
  18. Achieving: literal
  19. Achieving: forever
  20. Achieving: until the end of time
  21. Achieving: diamonds are forever
  22. Achieving: its never gonna change
  23. Achieving: ur permastuck
  24. In-Game
  25. Achieving: my team is literal fuckin dogshit every single game lord christ have mercy
  26. Achieving: never gonna get to challenger where i belogn cause im stuck getting griefed by diamonds
  27. Achieving: nice!
  28. Achieving: i am a victim
  29. Achieving: i'm 1v3 bot
  30. Achieving: no adc
  31. Achieving: fun
  32. Achieving: as always
  33. Achieving: im tilted
  34. Achieving: team are awful diamond players with no future
  35. Achieving: thats why
  36. Achieving: doomed
  37. Achieving: mf is inting
  38. Achieving: catching every morg q
  39. Achieving: 15?
  40. Achieving: why are u intingbot
  41. Achieving: u didnt hover
  42. Achieving: just ff
  43. Achieving: im 75% wr
  44. Achieving: ur 50%
  45. Achieving: ahrdstuck diamond
  46. Achieving: u sure it's me bud
  47. Achieving: mf
  48. Achieving: ping me again
  49. Achieving: ill run it down
  50. Achieving: nah
  51. Achieving: i just know u dont care
  52. Achieving: because ur permanently sytuck
  53. Achieving: you're permanently stuck diamond so u genuoinely dont care about the outcome
  54. Achieving: the outcome genuinely doesnt  make a diff to u
  55. Achieving: theres no chance of u ever escaping dia
  56. Achieving: lol
  57. Achieving: u played 1000 games
  58. Achieving: 8 years
  59. Achieving: to peak d2
  60. Achieving: 1000 games
  61. Achieving: d2
  62. Achieving: need i say more
  63. Achieving: it shows your intellectual capacity
  64. Achieving: as a person
  65. Achieving: ur playing better than me at my worst
  66. Achieving: nice
  67. Achieving: 50% winrate 1000 games d2 player
  68. Achieving: muted
  69. Achieving: your intellectual capacity allowed u to peak dia after 9 years and 7000 hours of gameplay
  70. Achieving: thats how high your iq is
  71. Achieving: youre such a bright individual
  72. Achieving: u peaked diamond after 9 YEARS and 7000 HOURS of gameplay
  73. Achieving: LMFAO
  74. Achieving: yea
  75. Achieving: its still
  76. Achieving: pretty mind boggling
  77. Achieving: to me
  78. Achieving: cant get over it
  79. Post-Game
  80. Achieving: mf
  81. Achieving: can u remind me
  82. Achieving: how long u've been playing this game
  83. Achieving: and what rank you peaked
  84. Achieving: i forgot
  85. Game 2
  86. Pre-Game
  87. Achieving: anything but Ezreal
  88. Achieving: na i hate the champ
  89. Achieving: il tilt
  90. In-Game
  91. Achieving: dont path tri
  92. Achieving: engage
  93. Achieving: sej
  94. Achieving: sivir
  95. Achieving: youre not very good
  96. Achieving: u need to position backline
  97. Achieving: and u need to auto attack more
  98. Achieving: my team
  99. Achieving: just throws
  100. Achieving: every lead i generate
  101. Achieving: ff
  102. Achieving: sej
  103. Achieving: engage
  104. Achieving: frontline
  105. Achieving: animal
  106. Achieving: players
  107. Achieving: i pinged dragon
  108. Achieving: yea
  109. Achieving: i can't tell u to do anything
  110. Achieving: because none of u
  111. Achieving: can play the game
  112. Achieving: period
  113. Achieving: at all
  114. Achieving: u don't know what to do
  115. Achieving: clueless
  116. Achieving: u don't know how to teamfight
  117. Achieving: and dodge abilities
  118. Achieving: just ff
  119. Achieving: permastuck diamond players
  120. Achieving: for eternity
  121. Achieving: ujncarriable
  122. Achieving: nice one sivir
  123. Post-Game
  124. Achieving: x9 Sivir
  125. Achieving: there's no shotcalling to be made
  126. Achieving: all dogshit players
  127. Achieving: LOL
  128. Achieving: yes
  129. Achieving: Draven is better
  130. Game 3
  131. In-Game
  132. Achieving: gank top or bot
  133. Achieving: u baited me
  134. Achieving: tpold me t go in
  135. Achieving: u literally told me to go
  136. Achieving: perma muted
  137. Achieving: sucks having no adc
  138. Achieving: took tp
  139. Achieving: played ezreal
  140. Achieving: draven has heal
  141. Achieving: and played draven
  142. Achieving: so no adc vs real adc
  143. Achieving: who will win
  144. Achieving: i wonder
  145. Achieving: tp was sure more useful
  146. Achieving: than heal
  147. Achieving: sure came in handy
  148. Achieving: their jg can afk and still win
  149. Achieving: thats how good we are
  150. Achieving: btw
  151. Achieving: we genuinely
  152. Achieving: have no adc
  153. Achieving: idk what u expect from me
  154. Achieving: lol
  155. Achieving: cannon minion bot
  156. Achieving: have u ever played
  157. Achieving: with ezreal
  158. Achieving: laned
  159. Achieving: in ur life
  160. Post-Game
  161. Achieving: playing Ezreal
  162. Achieving: with TP
  163. Achieving: XD
  164. Achieving: ok
  165. Achieving: pretty sure that's reportabler
  166. Achieving: he's asking for report on me
  167. Achieving: yet he's the one
  168. Achieving: getting penalized
  169. Achieving: for this game
  170. Achieving: for what he said
  171. Achieving: lol
  172. Achieving: u know how i bait him
  173. Achieving: i wait
  174. Achieving: i dont report
  175. Achieving: until hes finished
  176. Achieving: flaming
  177. Achieving: all the words are out
  178. Achieving: key toxic words
  179. Achieving: LOL
  180. Achieving: im a genius
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